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Ten years after 9-11: The Memorial Lives On!

In Memory to all those who gave their lives on 9-11-2001

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This website is a memorial tribute to the heroes of 9-11-2001, remembering the events of that September day and the innocent victims of the whole matter, and especially keeping us reminded of the unselfishness and compassion with which the rescuers, firefighters, nurses, and other helpers took on to their task to SAVE lives that very day, not minding their own life.  We all need to have to same attitudes and willingness to help our fellow humans.  These people are truly the heroes of 9-11!

To those who died when the towers crashed down

A deep memorial in our hearts,
of pain, of shame, of love, of blame,
In these mixed feelings we must admit.
Thou know none who's gone in vain.
Though people think they died in vain,
yet their legacy still lives today.
Of valour, of peace, of love, of courage,
These men gave their lives to serve and save.

Posted on 9-11heroes.US site by Anonymous

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Did anything good come out of 9-11?

According to Pew Internet Project survey, the 9/11 attack affected people's Internet use in many ways.  One thing that happened was that after September 11, 19 million Americans sent emails to family members, friends, former colleagues and others that they had not contacted in years!  Of these people who renewed old contacts, 83% had maintained those relationships at the time of the first anniversary of the attack.

If 19 million Americans sent an email, that means that 19 million Americans received an email that was renewing an old contact, maybe sharing concern for those who were affected at the actual attack sites, maybe reconciling friends, maybe telling "I appreciate your friendship, could we see each other again?"

There were many, many people who suffered because of the terrorist attacks, and thousands who still do (and they need our continuing support).  But the fact that millions received a note from someone, and as of a year after that were still keeping contact, shows that even though the terrorists were able to create much grief and sorrow, indirectly it has also created unity, harmony, and love amongst those who were left behind!

The shaking events of September 11 shook some people up to remember that life can not be taken for granted, and that we should say "I love you" to our loved ones when they are still alive today.  You can do the same, even today.  Let your friends know how much you appreciate them TODAY.  Remember to tell your spouse and children how much you love them TODAY.  Thank your parents for all they have done for you TODAY, because though we wish nothing like this will ever happen, we never know when life ends - yours, mine, or theirs.


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