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This poem is dedicated to all those World Trade Center victims who were never found.

At First You Were Missing

I've been at this job
For over six months now
But on this day
I'm back where I was
So many years ago
Great memories
Stay with me
In the back of my mind
My second family
Lived in this building
And you were part of it

The late day hot sun
Turns into dark
Ominous clouds
A hard rain falls
That now means
No ballgame tonight
No matter really
Tomorrow should be
Just another day
At first when I wake
All I can feel
Throughout my body
Is a numbing pain
My eyes don't believe
What my TV shows me
I've stepped into
A surreal world
But I can't shake the feeling
That the worst
Is yet to come
Astronomical numbers
Are what I hear
And see and feel
For the next two days
Sleep won't come to me
Yet I can't awake
From this nightmare
The real dividing line
Will finally be crossed
A point of no return
From the opening
Of a simple e-mail
Five days crawl on by
The wait goes on
The word that reaches me
Is nothing but silence
That numbing feeling again
Covers me like a blanket
Your smiling face
And wonderful laugh
Have left my world
As all hope
Disappears into the night
A solitary stretcher
Covered by the Stars and Stripes
Climbs up a solemn ramp
As millions of tears
Explode from my soul
At first you were missing
But now
I just miss you.

John Brian Quinn
June 17, 2002


Brave warriors in suits of armor yellow and black,
Answering a call for help without question they go on the attack.

Mounting their powerful steeds of gleaming gold and red,
Of their fears and worries nothing is said.

They race to the battle, an unforgiving demon to slay,
Until the task is complete not one will stray.

Working to exhaustion as their chest's pound,
Into the lair of the beast, insane as it may sound.

To snatch a person from death is the goal and greatest reward,
It's what all the preparation and self sacrifice is geared toward.

They love their country and all their neighbors the same,
It's a vocation that provides little financial profit or gain.

Their mission is simple the American dream to defend,
A life to save, a home to protect, to this they will tend.



We never know what is coming,
We have never thought to think,
About the things that happen,
When someone does not care.

No one has the time,
To think about the crime,
That someone may committ.

If everyone would care,
We would not have to stare,
Death into the face.

Many have lost the ones they care about,
Other have lost the ones that cared about them.

Nothing would have happened,
If we all would just care,
About the things that matter,
To everyone in this world.

Next time stop to think,
Of how you can help, make someone's life better,
Even just to stop a tear.

reading to sick child

giving a gift

Images courtesy of


Darling Don't You Cry

And when the rains washed on down
What did I see?
But a million tears in the sky.

And what did I leave to you?
A memory
Of a love that would never die.

Darling Don't you cry
Our Love will never die
When I looked in your eyes
I never compromised
Darling Don't you cry
Our Love will never die
And when the smoke went away
What did I see?
But the weight of the world before my eyes
And what should I say to you?
What should I tell?
But the truth o'er a thousand years rushed by.
Darling Don't you Cry
Our Love will never die
When I looked in your eyes
I never Compromised
Darlin don't you cry
Our Love will never die
And take my heart my love
You know what it can tell
And take my memory forever now
And keep it well.

Written by: Richard Onorato
Copyright: Grown Men Songs 2005


We taught them by Eljay

Outrageous! Discraceful!
The deed was so distasteful.
It stole our peace,
it stole our joy.
It stole the dad of my baby boy!
It made us armies to deploy
to kill fathers and son.

Photo courtesy of Free-Stock-Photos.com
Alarming! Regretful!
We'll never be forgetful!
Of all the wrongs,
of all the sin,
of hateful deeds by evil men!
Broadcast the news again, again,
Senseless killing has begun.

Foreboding! Imploding!
While tempers are exploding!
A gun is shot!
He's killed a lot!
Can't be, but wait, it's the graduate
Your child or mine who's been taught to hate
and family values shun.


America's victims

This is the end of Americas' innocence, and a loss in all of our hearts.
With all of our grievings this is where the war starts.
The whole world stopped on the 11th of september.
With all of americas' victims we always shall remember.
We are a whole nation that is in mourning.
Those who took part in this deplorable act should heed our warning.
We always will remember what happened to the world trade towers.
Those who perpertrated this horror messed with the strongest world powers.
We will not go quietly into that good night.
As for all of us Americans we have to unite.
We can not be pulled apart by our petty differences any longer.
We have to pull together and then that will make us stronger.

I wrote this on the 14th of september 2001.
We still have to unite now more than ever.

Richard Guignard


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