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Yet more poems by visitors inspired by the tragical events of 9-11-2001.
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9-11 by Lois

My whole world is falling down
Nine one one, nine one one.
In smoke and debris our loved ones drown
Nine one one, we say.

Husbands, brothers, sons, and dads
Nine one one, nine one one,
Wives and sisters, daughters, moms,
All come to help that day.

Senseless deaths from hate and war,
Nine one one, nine one one,
In our homeland or yonder shore,
When will it go away?

Our children need us to be there,
Nine one, one, nine one, one,
To give them tender love and care
that drives their fears away.


Tribute in light
Photo courtesy of
Paul Scharff Photography

United We Stand!

This is a story of a historic event,
And this is the way that it went.

An airplane crashed thru building one,
Next thing people know two was done.

Now both buildings down of the twin towers,
While people wait for hours and hours.

They watch the police and firefighters strive,
And see if their loved ones are still alive.

Now there are two lights where the towers once stood,
And they shine very bright thru the neighborhood.

This event did not break apart the U.S.A.,
Because we are closer and closer to each other everyday.

Jen S.



SPECIAL GARDEN (A Child cry to his Daddy)

In my garden, I will plant some of Daddy's things

garden The hat he wears for his favorite baseball team.
His special notes he wrote to me.
His favorite songs he likes to sing.
His special collect cars he bought last spring.

His favorite tie that has grease stains.
His favorite fishing pole, even though he has never caught anything.

And I'm going to plant some of my tears, these come from me.
Every night before I go to sleep, I will go out to my special garden
and pray over Daddy's things.

(c)copyright Natasha Flowers 2002


A TRIBUTE TO THE FALLEN (343 Firefighters September 11, 2001)

coffee cup

Tip your hats in Honor.
Have a seat in Pride.
Pour a cup of Dignity.
Pour in sugar with Love.
Add cream for Security.
Stir for Unity and Peace.

(c) copyright Natasha Flowers 2002

Photos courtesy of

The author of these poems has made a book "9/11 E-mail To Heaven" with emotional and heartfelt poems for our nation. This book will be enjoyable and also memorial through a lifetime of generation after generation. If you are interested in her book, please e-mail her at


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