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I Always Knew

That day was like any other, except for that silly row
I ring you; try to sort things out but your phone's off now
Bitterly drinking coffee, thinking back to what was said
My stomach twists in knots, an impending sense of dread

Then people screaming that we're going to be hit by a plane
I almost want to laugh this world's gone insane
An explosive crash I'm thrown to the floor and then...
I suddenly realise I'm never going to see you again

Pain fills me a colleague next to me dying on the floor
Gasping I love you to his wife before breathing no more
Why do we live our lives on mute, leave things to chance?
Skate past what we really feel too afraid to dance

People jump from windows if I had the strength I would
I remember how it felt to hold you if only I still could
I'm sorry I slammed the door I left in such haste
Why didn't I turn round, take one last look at your face?

I'm sorry we race through life never thinking of what matters
Never appreciating our existence until that second, life shatters
This pain will end soon that's a blessing people are told
Is it a blessing that you and I will never grow old?

I'm not poet but my feelings could turn Shakespeare's sonnets to dust
When I get mad at you it's because I love you so much
I see your face now smiling as my lungs succumb to smoke
You'll only ever be the one for me, I slowly begin to choke

Love can't be broken by one silly row, two clashes of pride
Like these towers once were we remain forever side by side
I hear my mobile ringing, I know instantly it's you
I can't answer but know you love me, really I always knew

Rebecca Burke


by Savannah J Kroupa

The world came to an end,
the world had its full stop.
The world shattered the hearts,
the world took away a part of their souls,
the World took a part of every soul,
the world witnessed a part taking in giving away of souls of
    loved ones due to the false and worthless humans.
The world is nothing to what they meant to these people,
the world witnessed the false in reality,
the world played a role in the sin of the sinful,
but most of all the world today sits to think about the loved ones
    we lost in the cause of the September 11, 2001,
the day that reality of a book turned into reality of
    the hatred and dim hearted.

by Yadhushan Mahendran


On the Manhattan skyline, something is amiss.
The statue of liberty, stands back in shock,
as an explosion tears through the morning sky.
Flames break out, at the top of the north tower,
leaving a jagged hole, floors wide, in its side
where the plane came slamming to a grinding halt.
With falling glass and debris everywhere.

People are heard screaming in terror.
As they try, some in vain, to find a way down from danger.
For a millisecond, onlookers gasp in disbelief,
before, to their courage, run into ground zero
to help the stunned and injured.
Then from above, another deafening fireball erupts,
and a hauntingly identical crisis unfolds, in the south tower.

After struggling, stubbornly to stay vertical,
The south, then eventually, the north ... falls.
Sending plumes of smoke and dust into the air,
forming a dark, choking smog, pushing forward.
Leaving grey-faced people, some blood-streaked,
to scramble out of its path, as it heads in all directions
away from the devastation.

All that's left is a mangled wreck of twisted iron,
shattered glass and huge pieces of concrete.
Intermingled with bodies, crushed, as they both came down
on those trying to help, and on those being rescued.
Then miracle, after disaster,
firemen come out of the heart of the ruin itself.

The bravery of a few, helps save many.
Now it is a place of remembrance,
not just a crater in the ground,
Where death and violence, with hands of destruction,
tried to break a city ... of hope.
But courage, and strong good-willed Samaritans,
every one of them, would not let them.


As americans we should take a stand,
and replenish what has been taken from our home land.
We saw this happen before our eyes,
all because of terrorists in disguise.
we never thought we'd see the day,
the twin towers would perish away.
That day they did and so many more,
and we never even thought they'd collapse to the floor.
Well, we were wrong, but now we have our turn,
to rebuild our lives, these terrorists will learn.
To this day, 9/11 has been a solemn time,
as nobody could believe why anyone would commit this crime.
From here on out we will remember this day,
and never let the thoughts of our heroes slip away.
As americans we will never forget, we will remember,
yeah we will remember forever.

Unreturned Phone Call

"I'll call you later", I said,
busy was I that morning;
I thought we had time ahead
but death came without warning.

To call you back was my choice,
never will I hear your hello,
gone is the sound of your voice,
why you called, I'll never know.

"I'll call you later", I said,
just before two plane crashes;
soon after that you were dead,
your body reduced to ashes.

My eyes saw the awful crime,
the Towers in their deadly fall;
my friend, I did not have time
to return your final call.

"I'll call you later", I said,
that was September eleven;
I will pray for you instead
since I can't call you in Heaven.


Sending on 9-11-07

I am sending, sending
  pushing forth a message
  words tapped out
  like swatting gnats
  ending the irritation
  rubbing til hurts subside
I am bending, bending
  not unlike the willow
  swooshes it's limbs
  as the winds blow
  rustling dry leaves
  in late summer
Not so the dying of a season
  which lingers long and sultry
  denying the arrival of
  early autumn rains
  old leaves combed out quick
  like tangled hair in a sharp twist
Not so the crying without reason
  unfettered flags as they unfurl
  heralding the day of grey death
  the date 9-11 returning again
  like a comet's tail splayed
  burning in us a permanent hole
So sanction it without constraint
  the celebration of hope reborn
  while puppies whine for a dead mother
  comes a sudden glint in the storm's eye
  to wash away tears as yet uncried
Beware of the day's legends
  remember trials we still bear
  the trails of memories borne aloft
  like a weary moth fluttering alone
  drifting out beyond her limits
  carried forever on the sun's still air

By Rosemary Cadena Najar

About 9/11 I could not believe
the cowardess attack the people received
The odasity to use american made planes
But through it all God's love still reigns
Every time we continue to be thankful
and use the time left to be helpful
This may have occurred on American Soil
Everywhere now it seems even more a Goal
To bless the memory of those who willingly did their part
I am a Canadian whose September 11 neighbours are on my heart.
So taking their example I will help whenever I can
by being of service to my fellowman.
Then even though death comes in haste
the memory of the "finest" will not be a waste.

By Julie Savard

she saw pain
the horror on my eyes.
she was a hero who did stand and fight,
simply 'cause it is right

my sheltered life is now shattered
but I bare no regret
she did not do much for me
but hero she was still

she gave her dying breath for me
and died so I could live
the sadness I feel still
shall never go a way
for the sranger I had just met
was the greatest friend I had

By Sonia

pulling away the rubble hoping to find you
fighting with my tears tring too save you
or at least a memory of you
I couldnt give up because saving you would mean saving me in return

some times I cry out your name
without realization of why sometimes
I cry even when I am having a good day
sometimes the memory of you is so strong
and other times it cease to exist

i miss you I really do

the thought of you never walking through the door scares me
it scares me that I can no longer find you or see you
but I can feel in my heart and I know you are watching over me night and day
I love and I miss you so very much


Way back when I was ten
The world seemed to be the end
Watching the TV.
I cried
Not knowing if my father survived.

Before this I was in school
I was such a fool
To not see that something was wrong
Not knowing the world trade centers were gone.

At home I screamed in horror!!

Seeing bloody faces
In un-happy places
I called my mom to see if she knew
The next few minutes flew
As she told me the story

She called my dad many times
My dad not knowing the crime
Was shocked
Although he was fine...
On the day the world trade centers died…
I feel the sun never did shine

By: Katie

September 11, 2001,
the sky was so blue, the warmth of the sun.
The phone it was ringing, rang off the wall,
turn on the tv, you won't believe it all.
What an error, the plane just went off,
left its course a malfunction, Oh no, lives are lost.
Minutes just later, while still seeing the news,
another plane hits, now we're confused.
It wasn't an accident 2 more planes just crashed,
I held my breath, how long will this last.
The building then crumbled, one floor at a time,
No we're not seeing...I'm losing my mind.
People are running, the sky then turns black,
the firemen,and policemen who had to run back.
Hell on that clear day had opened its pit,
the rescuers don't care, and refuse to quit.
Almost 2 thousand I think at this time,
will not go home for xmas or thanksgiving time.
Those people didn't perish, by the will of God,
it wasn't their time, thats just a ficad.
They were all murdered,while living unaware,
the world will be grieving, not what we need to share.

(My daughter just came home from Army basic training that day, we saw the second plane hit. My son also in the military was calling, Mom we're at defcon this, then that, my daughter cried her eyes out for what seemed like hours till finally passing out in the chair. That sat. we had to send her on a plane to her duty station, not able to even walk her to the gate. 2 elderly ladies walked up to her and said thank you, she had no idea why they did that, but I do. That day I will never forget, I wrote this that day...Still freaks me out....

By: Sandy

Attack on the World

Tori can't see New York.
Neither can I -
not through the charcoal balls that
billow like swirling whales
from the top of the world.

But I do see some guy running.
Actually, everyone is running.
Masses are running,
and screaming,
and crying,
and bleeding.

"All circuits are busy,"
is all a cell phone transmits.
The world is disconnecting,
breaking down.
And yet all tongues scream in unison
and cry
and bleed
and run
through a blizzard
of metal and concrete

Is it December already?
It's so black amid the white.
And it smells of hickory-smoked - no,
more like charred, meat.
And it's everywhere.
It's all coming from

Duane Reade gives out masks,
cries out,
Oh, say! Can you see?
No, I don't see nuttin, Duane.
I've just gotta get ta that bridge.
Just gotta walk ova the watta
before hell freezes ova.

Mom, what's going on?
We’re under attack, my dear.
Is it Judgment Day?
What kind of dummy alien
would fly into our World?

Have we been aliens
to the world beyond the World?

By: Jennifer A. Hudson

I Love New York

Only been there wunce, never seen the twin tyres
drove strait up the middle... the drive seemed lyke eyres
why Park Avenue was longer than my state... tip to tip
Turned wrong into Harlem - would I regret this trip?

Naaawww... I wadn't skeered - I felt almost at home
...tho there weren't much places for cows to roam
but sumpth'n was warm, and all the people I met
treated me NO differn't in my boots and my hat

Well, that was my furst taste of the New Yorker 'tude
and I was grateful, at how they'd treated this "dude"
Then September Levn'th was upon us all BLACK...
and the Red, White and Blue were under attack!

I watched on the tube with my tear swolled eyes
whils't my brothers and sisters all stared at the skyes
My heart broke in half, now part of me's gone!
I feel their losses like they're my own

Now, I'd never been prouder than on that day...
to stand with my family, declare proudly dare say
"I'm so proud to be Texan, 'cause that's just me
Butchya mess with New York and yer messin' with me!"

Remeber the Alamo! - 9/11! - We Will NEVER Forget...
Her's my new cry and on it sure bet!
That I ain't jokin'round and I mean whut I say
I loved New York then and I love it TODAY

I LOVE New York!

By: Paul Holtzclaw III


Thousands of us lost a loved one, family member or friend
And at that moment some of us felt it was the end.
I've lost loved ones before so I know the pain you feel
At first you feel like you're in shock
And none of this is real.
You sit and try to think of the last words that you said
Memories of times both good and bad go flashing in your head.

If there were a warning it would be easier to bear
But in just an instant, dust clouds filled the air.
Mounds of rubble came crashing down; piles of concrete and glass
City streets once full of life were now impossible to pass.

In days to come we searched for survivors
Praying some were found.
The debris of 200 stories was removed slowly
Pound by pound.

Instantly people began to search for family and friends
Photos of loved ones covered the streets of the city
From end to end.
Some gave numbers and addresses others told a story of life.
Of what these people meant to their
Mother, brother or wife.

It's a hard time to get through realizing they're gone
Together we can move past this and see that

Written By Norman J. Dove III

you couldnt pick the day,
there were no signs,
and somewhre along the line a smile broke in time,
at 8.48 a crashing sound,
an accident that was the wrong way around,
then another at 9.06 was this deliberate,
yes we picked it,
a terrorist had blown the towers and hurt the powers of a nation that stands so tall thats grown so strong,
now the silence is broken and wrong,
a million lives
a billion tears
infanity crying lives of fear,
it cant be taken back
what happened that day,
none deserves to lose their lives and loved ones in such a tragic way,
it affected everyone in some kinda way
whoever did this deserves to leave
to go away and realise
what they took, took that day
phone calls were made saying goodbye, i love remeber always to smile.
one of the darkest days is remembered every day in 9/11 you cant forget it,
they should regret it and now tears fall fall where the builings used to stand so tall
never forgotten.
always loved.
never replaced.
stay strong rise above.

[[to all the victims and firefighters, police and ambulances that lost their lives in september 11 in my heart you are heroes and I have so much strength and faith that your sprits wil live on forever, you lost your lives to save others that is truly amazing and takes strengh and a life that will NEVER be forgotten ..bless you. stay strong.]]

I open my eyes to see no one.
My daddy is not here but where.
So I leave and look into the sun.
Thats not the sun just a big firey glare.
Where are the twins I see each morning.
I see no towers just the ones on the ground burning.
My daddy is a firefighter I know that
I remember him so clearly his name was matt.
Tall and bald and so shiny to see a speckle
nothing on his face but some freckles.
Always a smile big on his face
you could see it from miles just from one place.
He still loves my I can see
for I pray to him every night when he is not with me.
I wish my daddy was here with me today.
I would tell how much I loved it when we used to play.

By: Mitchell


Who got hurt the most?
Who was most courageous?
Who cried the most?
Who suffered?
How many were hurt?

We ask all these questions
But what we don't realise as the sun rises
For another child
Without their
How is it for them?

The Thoughts rush into their heads
Why daddy?
Why mummy?
They don't realise
They just want their family

On that bright morning of September 11, 2001,
The day had started normal, like every other one,
Little did we know by day's end,
We would lose family and friend,
How could this happen in the land of the free,
Attacking our nation who could this be,
As the tears run from our eyes,
We look up to the heavens and ask why,
Our hearts heavy with grief and sorrow,
Not knowing if we can make it till tomorrow,
Strangers hugging and crying, how it hurt my heart,
To know the families this has torn apart,
The ones we love, gone or missing,
Let this be a dream we are wishing,
To watch the flag fly and hear the song,
We cry for those who have gone,
It is heaven we know they are in,
Just a matter of time before we meet again,
Military, Reserves, and civilians waiting for the call,
Never before have I seen this nation stand so tall,
All races coming together as one,
Never before like anything we've done,
Showing these bastards a little American pride,
There will be no place for them to hide
To see the red, white, and blue waving in the wind,
Knowing that freedom will always win,
So America stand tall and be proud,
Singing "God Bless America" ever so loud.
By: Greg Wolfe

A Day Spent At Ground Zero
Cameras flash, peddlers hawk their souvenirs
Fatherless children cry water colored tears
Stored up for them in their painted heavens
Soaking hearts and stick figures of private 9-11's
Falling from empty eyes questioning why
Miss you dad and I love you's never running dry

People Falling,the Eagle Cries

9/11 Post Impact
The jumpers are in doubt
Learn to fly...or leave this world
Paradigm Decision
And hand in hand they leave
Bleeding hearts
Missing their last requiem
Only emptyness remains
And I'm still waiting
Has it been five years?
(of) Watching the world burn
Longing to see the White House overturn
Break out!
What if I turned back all thes clocks?
Would there be time enough?
Will we ever wake up?
Our hands are soakin' in the blood of angels
On broken wings...they collapse
Betrayed, deranged, into oblivion
Poisoned by the hand that feeds
Six feet under
Left behind enemy lines
Grim Reaper why are you harvesting the souls of the innocent?
Reflections of fear absolute
Wanna witness some blue blood bleed red
The words power, death and destorted truth
Are read between the lines of the red, white and blue
How Martin's dream became Rodney's worst nightmare
Countdown... to the very end
O help us thrive O Mighty One
Share with us your gospel
Make the weak man mighty
Make the mighty man fall
You are the eyes for the blind
You are the legs for the lame
I haven't cried in five years
There has not been an answer to my cries in five years
I'm getting out
There's no heroes left
One last tear I shed
Drippings from our past...
The Eagle cries

-the Revenant

That Fateful Day

People look at me, my parents, my family.
And they all wonder the same thing.
Why is there no real sparkle in there eyes?
And every guess is the same.

One fateful year
One fateful day
One fateful time
Changed all of our lives.
September 11, 2001

8:45 a.m.
The first plane hit
The first building
9:03 a.m.
The second plane hit
The second building.

As my parents, grandparents and family watched the T.V.
They saw The Twin Towers
The World Trade Centre
Be hit and collapse.

The radio had breaking news that day
"The Twin Towers have been hit."

President Bush had said,
"Thousands of lives were suddenly ended through evil despicable acts of terror."
He vowed to find those resposible and bring them to justice.
Although I may not like him,
For this subject
His words explain how my heart feels.

On the 98th floor stood my Uncle.
At least we think.
We're not shure as on that day
That fateful day
My uncle died.
I will never forget that day.

Five years later
I still don't forgive
What they did to my uncle,
To my family,
And to many other lives
Many other families.
It was unforgivable.
No matter what anyone says.
My mind is set
My choice has been made
There's no turning back time
To warn him.

This poem is dedicated to you, Uncle.
This poem is my life.
My past,
My present,
My future.
At least I have the memories of my uncle still with me
And no one can take that away.

BY: Marissa

i lie here thinking of that day
what happened to those people that went away
i will never forget the people we lost in that tragic event
they will always stay in our hearts no matter what
we feel the pain for others that lost friends and family
but just remember if you have got a family out there, always love them and care for them
because you never know what will happen in life.

By: kayli and fateha

From where I stood I could see your tears
I knew that you were crying
The look on your face told a story like a circus clown
My heart ran away to come a comfort you
Cos so many of you were dieing
All I could do is watch as your world fell down

As the dust settled there was a dark and eary feeling
September rains will come and wash away your tiers
But there’s still gonna be a cold and empty feeling
That will stay until the end of time

We watched as you ran for sanctuary
While hell closed in around you
The brave made a stand for humanity and died
I never thought I would see
Such catastrophe
Had nothing to say as we watch your world fall down

Twin Shadows

Dual lights to the sky,
infinite paths she beamed.
To all that knew her,
she was endless it seemed.
Twin Towers, her name,
from the Apple's warm heart,
brought beauty and diversity
to a world once apart.
The balance of time,
the sharing of love,
the congregations of many
inside her above.
She has always stood tall
for all to remember,
she's there for us now,
even after that September.
One's soul still searches,
for the fallen heroes that day.
One can hear their whispers,
One can feel them today.
They sacrificed everything,
they gave her their all.
Her presence can be seen
even after her fall.
One owes everything to our heroes,
whom have paved the way.
They have united us once more,
and to you, we say:
"We reflect, she reflects,
we'll see you again."
For the innocent stricken, the Father has a plan.
To the heartless that destroyed her,
Your time is coming,
just as fast as it can.
For the power of Father, through the power of man,
ultimately speaks with a righteous hand.
Twin Sisters, Twin Sisters
I want to touch you once more...
I can see you...I can still see you...
We shall carry on,
you shall endure.

Copyright © Tom Docherty 2002

We're all different, we're all told,
Some have pennies, some have gold.
Our country was changed by the crash of a plane,
And one man's evil plot to cause damage and pain.
The effect on us was the loss of life,
And many heroes who were sacrificed.
But this helped us to unite,
And kept the light of liberty shining bright.

by: Rikki K

The Ultimate Sacrifice

He started the day a little behind,
kissing the kids as he rushed out the door.
Another day older, and the weather grew colder.
Was it really worth it, he just wasn't sure.
But when the bells rang, there's no time to question,
he always knew that was the price.
Yet each time he left In the back of his mind
I'm sure that he wondered what he'd sacrifice.

And we look back and wonder what went through their mind,
Did they ever falter, as the smoke made them blind.
Their courage unquestioned, they were caught in a vice
But they came ready to pay
the Ultimate Sacrifice.
Yea they came ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice...

Well the time passes quickly, seems like just yesterday.
And the momma sit sadly as her children all play.
Was it really worth it, she's not really sure.
Cause daddy ain't ever walking back through that door.
But just then she catches a glimpse of his face,
The smile and the lines she almost can trace.
His sacrifice made, so others could live.
The man that she loved, gave all he could give.

And we no longer wonder what when through their minds.
Its those fiery places, that courage defines.
Their lives like an ointment a savory spice,
Poured out on that day,
The ultimate sacrifice,
Yea poured out that day, the ultimate sacrifice.

Jack Martin © 2003

As I'm leaving
A change comes on my eyes
These streets persuading me
With mumbled strange goodbyes

Through the water
Through the rain
To the soul of everything
Throw my heart out on the stones
And I'm almost gone

There's no meaning
In clothes and coffee cups
Cheap hotel furniture
Where silence never stops

Through the water
Through the rain
To the soul of everything
Throw my memories to the wind
And I'm almost gone

And now I'm dreaming
I'm staring at the walls
Cars are frozen now
In late night waterfalls

Through the water
Through the rain
To the soul of everything
Throw my heart out on the stones
And I'm almost
Through the water
Through the rain
To the soul of everything
Wash my heart out on the stones
And I'm almost gone

By: Adam Pallett

Eternity without you my love is still so difficult
Vile are those that still scar you
Living their lives without remorse

May they see what they have caused
Righteous they try to make others believe; they go unpunished

Just as you believed it could happen
Real...beyond their own walls of hatred

Lucy Aita
fiance/spouse of the late Paul W. Innella

a loving happy man
and beutiful children

ash and smoke
building falling around him

what he saw i dont want to know
i just want him to come home

my heart still aches in sadness
secret tears still flow

what it ment to loose my father
no one will ever know...XoX

i love him and miss him

I'm an American

I'm an American
And proud to be
I'm an American
As you can see
I'm an American
If anyone wants to know
I'm an American
And that is so
I'm and American
And all I've got to say
Is it's fun to live
In the USA!!

written by: Tiffany Rivers
September 13, 2001


An act of a COWARD
who can't face it.
An act of pure hate,
but in the end WE are the WINNERS.

It was a day of pain,
All around the world
people with tears of sadness
Feelings crushed
Not knowing about a loved one.

A day of sorrow.
Loved ones in chaos.
Heroes who gave all to
help out a stranger.

UNITED we will always stand
That's the AMERICAN way.
We will rebuild.
And pay respect to all.

I was 24 hours away in a office when I heard that New York was hit. My heart stopped. My body was numbed. Tears just rolled down my check. A tingling sensation of pain rolled all over my body.




The two towers collapsed before my eyes,
as american fath and hope dies.

They crubbled in slow motion to the floor,
they once stood there in that place but now no more.

as the dust settled in front of me,
i thought to myself how could this be?

My tears were hot running down my face,
i felt so empty in a crouded space.

My body felt heavy it was hard to move,
what were the terrorists trying to prove
Still four years have now past,
but the memories still last.

on 9-11 the world comes to a holt,
and my hart gives a tiny jolt.

I remember what i felt and what i saw,
the towers on the ground which once stood so tall.

the time has past and i must be strong,
even though my father is now gone.

Written By Grace Gavin

The Broken Chain

We little knew that morning ,that God
was going to call you name
In life we loved you dearly,
In death we do the same.
It broke our heart to lose you,
you did not go alone;
for part of us went with you ,
the day god called you home.
You left us peaceful memories,
your love is still our guide;
and though we cannot see you,
you are always at our side.
Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same,
but as god calls us one bye one,
the chain will link again.

Unkown author

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