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Disclaimer: the ideas and feelings expressed in the poems are not necessarily those of this website's webmaster or sponsors. These peoms are submitted to this site by other individuals, and we are just giving them opportunity to get them published online. We do not promise to publish any particular poem, nor to keep them online indefinitely.


What happened to the world in which we live
Dishing out more pain than one should give
Not letting others live in peace
When will this madness finally cease.

We see planes flown into buildings
People die before our eyes
We see all the truth in front of us
Yet we only prefer lies

Instead of creating peace
We make it reasons to start more wars
We say were doing it to stop terrorism
but is that really what its for

We guilt those who brought it upon us
We never take the blame
We admit to their wrong doings
So why can't we admit to our shame

We help many rich countries
So why is it them we can't help
We're not being force to fight
But anger is all that has been felt

We need to be the bigger man
And stop all the violence while we can
Before things just get too far out of hand
And theres no man left to stand.

By: Bon Hernandez

On a bright sad morning
The planes were hijacked at once
The sky was filled with misery
Our hopes were stolen by the dunce
But as we realized we were America
And we fought
We fought for the liberty and freedom
We once lost

America is grateful
For the president we have
We stood together and lawful
And we helped each other hand in hand
The babies cried at their mothers’ breast
And lives were lost in one long breath
But America was not weak
And together we stood strong
Like a boundary of bravery
We looked to our savior for help

911 has not made us weak at all
We had heart and time to stop these people from breaking down our wall
But we stood strong and together we were brave
And no one can stop us at all with their pitiful charades
For we are America
And we can still recover
Together 911 was fought
Was fought for our brothers’
The dogs are still helping us find our lost ones
But we still were America
In tact and in one

The ruins will still be here
In the future of our kids
And the lives that we lost
Will be very dear
But America can stand strong
And together we can tack up our lives
We are America and can fight back like a million knives
America has soldiers fighting in Iraq
But some of those people will not be coming back
9/11 has torn us down
But we will build back up
For we are America, a bold, strong country

An older brother my best friend knew
Was killed in the shadow of a million and two
A family was spilt in half
The child cries instead of laughs
But together we are strong
And together
We can glue these broken pieces
We will fight for our country
For freedom for our souls
And with the presidents help
We can be right and bold
Because we are America
As we are told

By Lyla Mills


Does the date 9-11 ring a bell?
The day the twin towers went and fell.
Can you believe how many hours
every one cried tear like showers.
It's very hard to say
how many we lost that day
but for the ones that have stayed
we should pray evey day
so that they are here
for the next fire that is near.

By sara


As the planes hit the towers
the sirens turned the corner.
Our officers acted so quickly
with a keen sense of honor.

These heroes reacted without fear,
as they searched and climbed the stairs.
Our firefighters, officers, and volunteers,
helped shape a nation that cares.

Without men and women with such character,
our future as a country is bleak.
But with citizens of strength and courage,
America will never be weak.

It came so fast, nobody knew
What to say and what to do
Waiting for an answer took too long
As friends and families tried to stay strong
The towers fell as did our tears
We all dealt with our biggest fears
Losing friends and family
Someone who was so close to me
If my uncle was here he would say don't cry
If only I had a chance to say goodbye
I love him so much and will remember this day
To end this off I have to say
september 11th will stay with us forever
and you will see them again, so never say never.

By dana mantello

One morning was all it took
2 Buildings stood high and mighty alone
So much pride and so much looks
No one ever thought to see random bones

2 fueled planes
Screaming, fearful souls
Never followed the lane
Such a hot day but hearts were meanly cold

Focusing on work that would never make it through
Never gave it a thought
All she saw through the window was a plane coming to
Pushes and shoves was experienced alot

They had no warning voice
They had no time
All they had was a choice
From that line

To jump or stay
They die
Either way
There was no lie

People fled out
Before it would fall
Others went in
and never came out at all

Loved ones prayed
Hoping they were safe
Tears fell everyday
Never to know the dangers of what lay awake

As the last breathes were taken
Fears were met
The Buildings fell to Earth shaken
Souls were lost and never laid to rest

It was a nightmare counting down from Ten
Americans' gathered to what lay below
Clearing had to begin
Some never knew, some will never know

By Aundrea Mueller

Distant Towers
Reflections on a National Tragedy never seen on America's shores

Two far and distant striking towers stood tall on America's shore
world symbols of a people free, fell infamously into country's Lore.
Came crashing down that September morn and darkened once bright skies
only the sounds of chaos heard amid the quiet sobs and mourning cries

Profane and desolate the rubble lay where twisted steel marked the spot
while police and firefighter tried in vain, to find life in a smoke filled lot.
When tragedy struck a faraway place on the land of Big Bend and Eiffel,
here shock and horror yes was felt, but monuments bore no people to stifle.

Two by two they came a running, just patriots from far and wide
to search the scene, for a friend or lover, to quietly help, or just abide
A day ago it happened here, in a way people could not understand
beat the drums slowly and play the pipes lowly, tis time for a burial band.

Our countrymen have been maimed at home and our lands been violated
like our mother raped by a zealot band hurt goes deep and l nere be sated.
The death toll rises in quiet dismay, as charred bodies turn slowly into dust
Americans are shocked, now dastardly wounded by an insane zealots lust

Silent moans of our departed shall not vanish as once was thought
America's Eagle will rise up screaming and will search till all are caught.
>From steppes to mountain watch the zealot run, on earth he'll find no peace
in cowards rags he'll flee afar, a shroud, a shadow no desert sand to lease.

To those who harbor this wretched band of filth, no human in the lot
beware and troubled as you sleep, your glee will ultimately be naught.
America's reckoning comes on resolute wings, her eagle will never stop
she'll rain down thunder and you'll rue the day, you aided Bin Laden's plot

By Joseph S. Bonpensiero
Lt. Colonel, USAF (Ret)


Tomorrow's running towards me
The day the music died is almost here
And I cannot bear to see that Tuesday dawn
But still it creeps and it draws near
I know I will never see the blue sky the same again
I will never see the horizon through innocent eyes
I can't see a plane cut through the clouds any more
Without hearing three thousand goodbyes
What do you tell yourself when each day's over
And your mind keeps saying it can't be so
What do you say to soothe yourself
When your heart just will not let go
And tomorrow's racing towards me
The day the music died is drawing near
As Monday reaches a false, serene twilight
That hateful dawn is almost here
And in each haze of twilight
I see you slowly walking to me
At least that's what I pretend inside
Because you're the one I want to see
What can I tell myself when each day's over
And my mind is certain it can't be so
What can I say to soothe myself
When this heart just cannot let you go
That clear, perfect blue sky will never be perfect again
That horizon is forever corrupted in my eyes
Every plane that cuts through the clouds
Screams three thousand goodbyes
And tomorrow is bearing down the tracks
The day the music died is almost here
As Monday blazes a peaceful, lying twilight
That mournful dawn keeps drawing near
And in that haze of the tenth's twilight
I can still see you here with me
Even if it's just a beautiful lie, just pretend
Because you're the only one I want to see
Can I still reach you after six long years
Can I still see your eyes so bright
Can I hold your hand just one last time
Just one time, can I lose this fight
So I can still feel your heart beat in rhythm with mine
And you can see me once more, just one more time
In this twilight

By Cade Duel Gullickson

Princess of providence
Daughter of Divine
Wrought in fury
Wrest from rift
Framed for freedom

Paradise of prospectors:
pioneers and patriots,
profiteers and pimps

O spring of freedom,
may you never go dry
O river of prosperity,
may your tide never ebb

You, who seek her,
see her as you ought;
a mirror of virtue and truth,
no whore to waltz

Enter her gates,
you, who yearn for freedom,
her bosom awaits your embrace

Drink from her fountain,
wayfarers are welcome,
sojourners are safe

For the freedom she offers,
fidelity she requires
So love her or leave her

By Oliver Okoli

I am Strong

Flying planes crashing everywhere,
Crashing into buildings, fields, and army bases,
But I will survive, for I am Strong

Missiles, bombs, dynamite, exploding cars
Death everywhere, everyday
Death is sanctuary when you have nothing else,
when you are fighting for your existence
But I will survive, for I am Strong

People in the middle of the night telling you to get up,
Line up against the wall,
Are they friend or are they foe?
Machine guns chatter, and you will never know
they control your fate,
But I will survive,for I am Strong

On the horizon comes your only chance
The ones combating the evil that lurks within our walls
Friends fighting foes all for our sake
They believe in their causes and so do I,
Many will die in the fight for freedom,
But I will survive, for I am Strong

Nuclear threats,
Radical leaders hating all that we do
Turning former friends into foes
encouraging them to hurt us when all we want is peace,
All this fighting is bad and we all know it,
But if this is the price for freedom and peace, so be it,
Our existence is threatened,
But I will survive, for I am Strong

Together we stand hand in hand
This is our fight
We will take the hardships together
We shall weather the storm
Follow any twists and turns this perilous road throws at us,
We are not going to stray from our mission.
We will be true to ourselves and do what we must,
We are the United States of America,
And we will survive for we are strong

By: John Carl Gibbons

If I knew it was the last time we would all would be together...
If I knew it was the last time for the smiles and the laughter...
If I knew it was the last time to look into your eyes...
If I knew it wat the last time to stand by your side..

I would have talked longer, smiled wider, laughed louder,
looked deeper and held you for an eternity.

(Alex's birthday, Sept 3rd, 2001)

Love Joni

By Joan Brady


We remember the shock
We remember the pain
We remember it all
The towers, the planes
We remember our anger
Our need to lash out
We all wanted justice
Without any doubt
We remember the hope
That more would be found
Buried in the wreckage
Where those buildings came down
We remember the people
Referred to as heroes
All the ones who saved lives
Or died at ground zero
We will never forget
We will always remember
When america changed
That day in september

By Richard J. Beck
Roanoke, VA

What Happened Five Years Ago on Sept. 11th?

Five years ago today,
On a regular weekday morning.
Everyone rushing to get to work,
Nothing to be expecting.

Watching the news on the television,
Or listening to the radio.
Everyone heard what happened in New York.
A rush of Sorrow and Shock.

All tuned in and turned up the sound,
reporters tried not to cry.
Announcing the Twin Towners were coming down.
All the people that did die.

Everyone continued on to work and school,
Emotions flowed around,
Children at recess
Did not make a sound.

And now, we still remember
What happened on this dreaded day.
Now to tell the next generations
why we mourn on this way.

We all know that we'll never forget
The day of the smoking sun
When the Twin Towers crumbled and fell
On SEPTEMBER 11, 2000 and ONE


September 11th, 2001, a day we will never forget.
A day that terrorists, will one day regret.
For AMERICA was hit, and hit by surprise.
she was hit by terrorists In her skies.
Thousands of lives lost, Thousands of lives gone.
But to their loved ones we say, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
For It Is times like these, we stand HAND In HAND.

Copyright 2002 Michael D.Loftin

As We Watch...

As we watch people scream in fear
childen are near the horror sight
as ashes fall slowly from burning the building top to bottom
people wish to be with their family.

As we watch people jump out of buildings
no way to get out the hot burning torture
no way to help them get out the nightmare

As we watched the planes crash
we are frightened for our loved ones
to get out of that nightmare

As we watch everyone on the news cry
for this tragity never to happen.

Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

The Earth froze on its axis
Sound was no more
New Yorkers looked up
Two sable shadows swept across the sky
Obscuring vision for those brief seconds
Nothing will ever be the same

Suddenly everything was too clear
The sound system stared back up
A boom, crash, and thousands of united screams
Phone lines tied up
Goodbye calls to loved ones
Pleads to helpless Emergency operators
Nothing will ever be the same

The cameras showed up
Programming stopped
TVs simultaneously flipped on
The day's worked stopped
Realization clicked on, blurred by emotions
Nothing will ever be the same

A morose haze erupted from the billowing chimneys
The smoke cloaked the sky like ink
Concealing the disheartening scene from view
The ground shook once more
Tower #2 collapsed into a pile of rubble
Debris spewed forth like oceanic waves
Nothing will ever be the same

The North tower fell like vertical dominoes
More lives were gone
Radicals' goals accomplished
The Twin Towers were no more
No majestic symbols of prosperity
No bustling business goers
Nothing will ever be the same

As we remember, we grow stronger
Uniting again for one cause
Fifty states, one country
A lesson well learned
We will overcome
Nothing will be the same

It can be better.

By: Emma Hoppe

Minha família Americana.

Meu coração está partido, não consigo segurar as lágrimas.
A emoção toma conta, e me sinto um irmão de cada família.
Um sentimento muito bom, de solidariedade, de amor.
Vou até o jardim e sinto o perfume de uma flor.

Aí então percebo que a vida se renova a cada dia.
O sol a cada amanhecer proporciona um espetáculo único.
Parece que o sol está a me dizer: levante e lute.
Por isso não posso temer o amanhã.

Meus heróis e irmãos estão em meu coração e em minha mente.
Estes heróis em atos de bravura, plantaram uma semente.
Para que esta semente germine, todos devemos cultivá-la.
LIBERDADE será o fruto desta árvore, agora e para sempre.

Our past, Present and Future
By Jenette Nelson

Written in memory of our only daughter, Ann Nicole Nelson,
who was on the 104th story of the North tower on 9-11.

Our past is the stage upon which we walk
It colors every thing we do
The way we think and talk.

Our present is but a moment
That we have caught in time.
Without our past and future,
It has no pattern, no reason, nor no rhyme.

Our future is but a dream about a better day
When our past and present will be merged
And our grief and sorrows will be cast away.
A time when the blinders
Will fall helpless from our eyes
Once more we'll see the spirits of our past
Once more their presence will be fully realized.
A time when the people of this earth
Will live in peace and love
Finally we will be governed by
Laws from God above.

The spirits of our past are here
Among us on this special day
They listen as we speak and play
And guide us on our way
They love that we remember
They wish for us the best
They are glad to be a part of us
They pray that we'll be blessed.

Soon our present will be our past
And our future will be real
It will be what we have built today
That will be our stage of steele.


I almost laid my torch down
as I brushed away the dust
from my gown
I almost removed my crown
from my pedestal
I almost came down

But something Greater even than me
said "Almost does not make for Liberty"
Taking a deep breath and my torch
I returned to my station
To guide all who need me
Into this great nation

In sadness stood I
as the towers came down
watching all around me
and not making a sound

A New Beginning
is about to unfold
There will be new stories
To be told
About the way it was, IS
and shall Be
There is something Greater than you
and Me

I intend to stay put
Lighting the way for all to see
Be it by land, air or sea
For YOU I shall be all that
I can be

I will give you all of me.

So peaceful that morning
No warning
Oh that beautiful morning
Before I saw
What I saw
And before
I felt 
And knelt
In fear
Of fear

That day that introduced me
To a fear and uncertainty
Panic, wide eyed
Grief for those that died
Thousands, I saw them
I saw them die, all of them
I felt somehow, I was next in line
Every plane a little too low was mine
Oh those posters,smiling faces
Taking up wall spaces
Heart spaces
Every nightmare ever invented
Every horror wrapped, and presented
To my very sensitive core
Tearing and tugging 

Everything upside down
What on earth?
My comforters from birth
Instinctively reaching for a voice
Shaky fingers..head dizzy
All I hear is..all circuits are busy..


Where are they?
My youth
My New York
My world

By: Michael

Where were you on September 11, 2001

Please take a moment today to remember the heroes, and the loved ones that lost their lives 5 yrs ago today. What does the Twin Towers mean to you? T – Terrific W – Wonderful I – Innocent N – Nice People lost their lives. What did they ever do to deserve to die? T – Terrific O – Openhearted W – Wide Eyed E – Energetic R – Remarkable S – Silence These were a wonderful pair of history. Also let’s not forget about the heroes that were on the planes. All these people should be remembered for their bravery. Please take a moment out of your day for a moment of silence for the heroes and loved ones that people lost. By Karla Kuhn 9/11/06

Five Years Ago

Five years ago today, tragedy afflicted American lives. Evil ripped away our innocence; Terror dispensed because freedom in our country thrives...

Hatred of what we stand for swelled in the belly of some; A plot to weaken this powerful nation was carried out on 9/11...

The morning started as any other, people going about their routine task. But before the sun even reached its high point, a cowardly deed unveiled its vile mask...

Debilitated and dazed with horror as we watched those towers fall; burned eternally in our minds, a sorrowful memory for us all...

Multitudes of fearless heroes worked hard to save those they could; but the efforts cost several their lives, as they tried to do some good...

So many deprived of a life they deserved; cut short by an irrational act. Speaking with loved ones or holding them close, no longer remains intact...

Evil wanted us to crumble, implode within and grow weak; but America never faltered, liberty didn't lie down and become meek...

Now soldiers are dispatched abroad, along with the ones keeping us safe at home; but the price for our wonderful freedom, means some families are left alone...

9/11 forever changed things. Our way of life can never be brought back. We now are persistently on alert, continually conscious about the threat of attack...

While we commemorate the events that happened five years ago; it should serve as a great reminder to tell others what they need to know...

Hug the child that tried so hard, and brought a B home with such pride; cherish the one with whom you share life, express abundant joy that they're by your side...

Say "I Love you" just because you want someone to be aware; and welcome each chance life has to offer, to devote time with those for whom you care.

By: Laura Arnold


We, who can only watch and pray.
We, who will live another day.
Pay tribute to those whose lives were lost.

We, who cannot understand the reason why,
Those innocent victims had to die,
Pay tribute to those brave souls now gone.

We who remain, promise this to you.
That.. whatever else we do,
We'll keep you alive in our hearts.

Wherever we are, whatever we do,
We'll stop for a moment and think of you.
And you'll live again through us.

By: J Chettle, UK - September 13, 2001

Sitting around the station,
They joked and they laughed.
Talked about the day,
And what might lie ahead.
When the tone dropped,
They knew it was time to go.
Time to take care of business,
To answer a stranger's call.
Today was different,
This horror they did not know.

They arrived on the scene,
And looked up towards the sky.
This couldn't be happening,
No time to wonder why.
It seemed like just a bad dream,
Something completely unreal.
Their instincts kicked in,
Into the towers they went.
They gave up their lives,
So that others might live.

They put it all on the line,
And gave everything they had to give.
True heroes without a doubt,
Their memories will always live.

You will never be forgotten - the heroes of September 11th

By: Jennifer Chadwick (San Antonio Fire Department)

Terror and Fear; Freedom and Inspiration

The day of rubble and destruction, falling from the sky,
That was done by the hands of their foolish pride.
The scene of terror; horrifying and brutal.
That hour of peace... Shattered and twisted.
The day when Lady Liberty cried.
That moment the sleeping Dragon awoke.

By: Tyler Boock

Paper Aeroplanes

paper aeroplanes
and became lilies
smoked on the sidewalk

delicate stems
twined; bent
towards sunlight

tiny white petals
rested on concrete
that of headstones
and rubble

and they were

in a mess of
tangled metal

where sunlight
was too far
to reach

By: Nat Scroggie

(To those who lost their lives
on September the eleventh
in the collapse
of the world trade centre).

tv America - September 11, 2001

"Breaking news: America under attack.
Hijacked planes have hit the Twin Towers.
Debris falling like snow on white and black.
Casualties unknown for hours and hours.

Hijacked planes have hit the Twin Towers.
Terror has scarred the Land of the Free.
Casualties unknown for hours and hours.
A stain on the Statue of Liberty.

Terror has scarred the Land of the Free.
All States on maximum alert.
A stain on the Statue of Liberty.
The dead, the dying, the pain and the dirt.

All States on maximum alert.
The President declares it an act of war.
The dead, the dying, the pain and the dirt.
Nothing like this has happened before.

The President declares it an act of war.
Debris falling like snow on white and black.
Nothing like this has happened before.
Breaking news: America under attack.

By: Jean Pestell

The attack occurs on the way to school
When enlightened of the current state
The center sparked with terror
Thoughts of years previous
Ahead they went on with
The chance of a photo...

Enter the classroom
As the plane beat the tower
Heads entered low in the classroom
Saying nothing and everything
Clasped hands landed on desks
Under the attack...

Choose a book for the children
Not knowing what to make
with nobody to say what to make
What to do and feel and hope
No one can rush in to save
What can never die...

Sit there and continue
Compelled to read further
To hold esteem with the children
The time shared is measured by pulse
Detonating from the singing screen
Seven minutes pass...

Nobody does a thing.

By: Bennie Kemp


Dedicated to 9/11 victims

looking at lifes, fizzling out.
helpless civilians groan in pains,
crying for help,from above.
Runing helter-shelter through the pride edifice,
that unify the world in trade.

Blood spills, like milk on the surface of the earth.
moon and star retrieved their lustre,
Gloominess and darkness covers the the great city.

Terrorists penetrated the great wall of America air defence;
leaving an indelible mark on the pragmatic Minds.

My feeling transcend from mere emotion to heart felt sympathy,
to the departed ones and America community at large

By: Caleb Oyebode Wuraola

The Day To Remember

As I awake and realize
with all the life's and hurt
with what ant a dream, it's a shame with what people seen
as for being so scared and seeing such a scene
everybody watching t.v so ever shocked with what was gone and lost

No one would of ever imagined something so terrible
the help and the strength it took was rough and hard
the people was so alarmed and just doing whatever to get strong
with feelings and crying going trough with what happened so fast
it was a hard memory to put in our past.

With all the wars that it put on
we still have our hearts out for the hurt one's
as for forsaking the wrong
with what we all lost it's a memory that will never be gone.

By: Billy Bentley


What a sad day.. We walk through life not knowing what that day will bring.
You wake up in your every day routine..
For many people the 11th day of September terror would come on a wing..
So much sorrow to them it would bring.
As everyone went on their way it seemed just like another part of our routine..
When our peace was disturbed to our dismay..
It wouldn't be just another day ...
As fear was struck in us all.
We never knew the towers would fall..
As they scrambled in fear to get away..
They never knew that morning it would be their last day..
Their thoughts went out to their families and friends.
Not knowing that they would never see them again.
We all watched as our families were slain.
We might not have known of anyone that was taken way..
but we will always cherish the lives that were lost that day..
For all the dreams and lives that came to an end..
We add all the ones that were lost to our list.
loved ones and friends that no longer exist.
We will love you all my anonymous friends..
We are so sorry it had to come to such an end...

By: Dan Jeffries Jr

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