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Tears and cries filled the air,
as we heard that my uncle was no longer there.
He left that day,
but I didn't get to say,
As we heard the bad news,
I kicked off my shoes,
and cried.
That day was a nightmare,
families crying everywhere,
but I know, my dear uncle,
you will always be near.

by Tatiana

Remembering 9/11

It's been nearly a decade, since the Semptember attacks,
that changed all our lives, now we always look back.

That late Summer day, is still clear in our minds,
The people we lost, and the ones left behind.

It seemed like an instant, one second in time,
That triggered the heartbreak, of a nation that pined.

All these years later, we still never forget,
The U.S stands stronger, in 9/11's sunset.

Copyright: Shelly @ Twinpossible 2010

Part of All of Us Died

O my heart breaks when I look to the sky
And I think of the times that have all passed by
And I think of the lives and all that have died
And of that one moment part of all of us died.

O the days will move on and the months will pass by
Seasons come and go, flowers bloom and die
Our minds turn away — we try to get by
From that one moment part of all of us died.

We remember our century — time passes by
Titanic, Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust — we ask why?
President Kennedy gone — still we ask why?
Yet I'll never forget when part of all of us died.

A year has now passed — time goes by
This is the way — we find solace — yes we try
To remember the dead — still we cry
For in that one moment part of all of us died.

Tom Baker © 2002


I was confused
I didn't know
that today I would lose everything I love
my heart sank
as I saw the plane
I'd never see my daddy again
my eyes stung
I couldn't breathe
one last hug was all I'd need
to let him go
on that sad day
but he's still here
in my heart he'll stay

By Michelle

Anything but Normal

I woke up, thinking it was another normal day.
I got ready for school and told my dad to enjoy his business flight.
He kissed my cheek and then drove away.
I stood at the door, waving goodbye until he was out of sight.

I went to school, still thinking it was another normal day.
However, I soon found out it wasn't normal after all.
My teacher turned on the tv, and what I saw took my breath away.
I watched in horror as the first World Trade Center building began to fall.

People were screaming and debris was flying everywhere.
The news station said terrorists were hijacking several planes.
I tried convincing myself it wasn't your plane, that it was just a nightmare.
But I knew it was all real when I could no longer fight my tears and pain.

I still remember every detail about that morning they put you in the ground.
It was a cold, rainy morning; one I never wanted to experience.
I put your favorite picture of Mom on your coffin as everyone stood around.
I walked away crying, asking myself if it would ever make sense.

So here I am Dad, six years later, still wondering why.
I hope you and Mom can see now I'm doing okay.
Although I still regret that I never got to tell you a final goodbye.
All because of that anything but normal September day.

By: Jennifer Wooten

Planes fly over
They come and go
But none have ever flown so low
This planes was not destined to come and go
The pilot was ordered to fly so low

Two planes were stolen to use as weapons
Not against soldiers
But civilians

People watch and stared in terror
Thinking is this fault or error
But this was neither fault nor error
This was plain and simple; TERROR

By Matt Hellier

On that September day.

On that September day
Walking into my classroom and seeing my teacher weeping
I had no clue what was going on.
The first image I saw was the towers blazing with flames.
In the heart of Manhattan.
The question is will our country ever be the same?

On that September day
Even though I was only in the fifth grade I was confused.
But I was glad that our country stood strong.
I believed it was a terrible sight for the young and the old to see.
It was pitiful to see all the sorrow.
Whether you knew someone that died or not everybody was affected.

On that September day
Many lives were lost that can't be replaced.
Moms and dads and sisters and brothers only a picture can bring back their memory.
They won't ever be forgotten.
They are the heroes.

Looking back on that September day the more I grow up, the more I see how big the impact was on our nation.
But I still haven't realized why?
Why us?

By Natalie Wiseman


The Brigade

The brigade breached the edifice with sheer brawn.
Go! Go! They festinated expeditiosly.
They fought,
They sought,
Through the scorching flames of misery,
Letting their flesh singe to succor the unprotected.
The brigade had saved a many.
Although many couldn't for themselves.
Nonetheless, they will be honored.
Honored forever more...

By Daniel J. Gilligan



The weight of the world on your shoulders,
What more can you say?
A city that stood tall and bold,
Fell on a dark September day.
As the engulfing grey smog vanishes,
You know it is the time.
To recover all the loved ones,
Who left the world behind.

To the men and women who worked so hard,
They filled us all with hope.
People who we can call our everyday heroes,
Are still trying to cope.

With the weight of the world on your shoulders,
No one can see your tears.
Hang your head in sorrow,
Flush away your fears.

by: Candice Luff - Australia


to the firefighters and the ones who have died
thanks to all people who saved you and cried
to the ambulance and the peolple who saved
thanks to all people who cried on that day
to you we are all thankful and sad
but we will overcome that sad, sad day
to you we are very happy and saved









By: Lavina Burgess


Got a picture of you I carry in my heart
Close my eyes to see it when the world gets dark
Got a memory of you I carry in my soul
I wrap it close around me when the nights get cold
If you asked me how I'm doin' I'd say just fine
But the truth is baby, if you could read my mind

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you
After all this time you're still with me it's true
Somehow you remain locked so deep inside
Baby, not a day goes by

I still wait for the phone in the middle of the night
Thinkin' you might call me if your dreams don't turn out right
And it still amazes me that I lie here in the dark
Wishin' you were next to me, your head against my heart
If you asked me how I'm doing I'd say just fine
But the truth is baby, if you could read my mind

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you
After all this time you're still with me it's true
Somehow you remain locked so deep inside
Baby, not a day goes by

Minutes turn to hours, and the hours to days
Seems it's been forever that I've felt this way

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you
After all this time you're still with me it's true
Somehow you remain locked so deep inside
Baby, not a day goes by

By lonestar


i try to forget about that horrible day,
but its impossible,their's no way,

how could people be so careless,
no one watched the horrible act fearless,

no one thought that this was gonna go down,
we had to worry about in our little town,

but we shed tears for the ones in the towers,
we couldn't stop crying for hours,

some kids come home to no families that day,
to kids like that what do you say,

this war will end one day,
i just wish it was today.

By felicia handley


One day I heard my teacher say,
The day she feared was today-
I felt my heart sink,
I knew not what was happening,
But from her face I could see-
The pain the sadness and the sea,
of thoughts.

I finally grasped the news,
And really I couldn't believe the hues
of the sky, the towers, the smoke-
He blasted away what mother nature could have never took.

As we commerate that very day,
which shook the world in many ways-
We look back and wish
One day the world will unite
and will bring us another reason to hope
for peace.

By Krix


"The United States is under attack" was all I could hear
On the radio and TV, now the nation was in fear.
The bystanders looking pointing above their heads
Family members calling in hopes loved ones weren't dead.
Sirens started blaring, cries were certainly heard
"Oh my God" was the consensus of American words.
Tears started pouring as the television showed the world
The second plane hitting, more like it hurled.

Terrorist attacked in hopes to put us in despair
Pearl Harbor is the only attack for US to compare
The tragedy, the lives lost with no remorse.
Al-Quida received our attention from using blunt force.
After what seemed like forever, the towers started to fall.
People started running, the cameras caught it all.
I remember desperate acts of people falling to their death
I sat in my living room crying, just holding my breath.

"How could this happen, I don't understand
Who could be bold enough to touch on our land?"
I couldn't conceive of the actions taking place
I couldn't imagine the people that were lost that couldn't be replaced.
I thought of our Navy and armed forces making things right
But death could reach my life in their retaliating fight.

The city was covered in dust and smoke
It was so bad you could hear the reporters even choke.
The blanket filled the air and Ground Zero slowly emerged
Those that were inside and heroes that went in were now submerged
Under the drywall, concrete, office supplies and parts of planes
Many will have death of a parent and loved one to explain
To children that were left behind on September 11, 2001
The rebuilding of our Nation has now begun.

Family members gathered, loved ones soon came
To Ground Zero wishing to some how reclaim
That morning, that afternoon, all those days to follow
All the events of America were very hard to swallow.
But we got together and lit a candle, strength in the flame
We stood together with one thing to proclaim
The US isn't falling, we will stand our ground
And when you awoke the next morning patriotism was found.

Flags were flying high on houses across the states
In cars, on buses, on clothes, on anything we could create.
The building may have fallen, but the foundation didn't break
Those that attacked us soon found that mistake.
We as a nation stood as one on that tragic day
And that is how we as a Nation should stay.

To the families, loved ones, and lost... your memory will never depart.
You touched the Nation, and will remain in our hearts.

By Rachel L. Cobb


Friday at 7

I got a call today from heaven
It was a freind of mind
Said come over Friday at 7
He had something to ask me
I told him to ask me on the phone
But he said "no"
Friday at 7

He was calling from home
A place and time no longer there
A house of dreams and memories
Of a boy and a girl with different hair
He said be there Friday at 7

I hadn't seen him in a long, long while
Unless you count that movie by those French guys
He was standing in the lobby,
Like a knight in chain mail
Looking up at the people flooding down,
The paper peeling all around
A knowing look on his face
Then he was gone without a trace

You can imagine my surprise when he called me from heaven
It was good to see him smile on the phone
And I said I would see him Friday at 7
But after that I'd have to go back home

You've probably figured out he called me in a dream
But I know he called me from heaven
To tell me he's free
To ask me not to cry when I see him die again on TV

So now I know there really is a heaven,
Where we live forever in the hearts of dreams
Of those we leave behind
And sometimes, only sometimes we get to call them
And ask them to come over
Friday at 7

By Nancy


The 9/11 Reality

Hate-filled hearts,
Had razed to the ground,
Twin towers of concrete and steel;
By forcing planes,
Like huge missiles:
Destruction so complete;

The world had been caught unawares;
Buildings came down in a trice;
And vanished too had plenty of lives: Who never dreamt they'd die- like this!

The World Trade Center that reached the sky
Was soon all rubble, twisted steel;
It seemed as though, two arrows had pierced,
The heart of America!

A proud nation had been shocked, maimed;
Her security now challenged;
But these were acts of terrorists-
Men insane, who kill / get killed;

A sad nation with embittered hearts
Could not lament for long;
The new menace had to be dealt by
People's will, greater resolve.

The world remembers this sad day-
Of chaos and havoc, unheard of;
The fight is now on
To root out terrorism,
From the face of the earth,
Once and for all.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 9-11-2005 By Dr John Celes (Indian Doctor Poet)


In the night so bright
Twim towers you amazed me
With your height
Now you gone and its hard to bear
At frist i was so very scared
Then it made me mad
I flet so very sad

Scared, Sad, Mad
These feeling are hard to share
Go away and dont come back another day
I need to play and bring bac those brighter days

In the night so bright
Twim towers you amazed me with your height
Now your gone and its hard to bear
Its up to the rest of us who are still here
We have to make things better
For the rest of the years

writtin bye, Bianca in 2001 when she was in 3rd grade


September 11 the whole nation cried
The whole nation quitet many grieving, crying and weeping.
Why did it happen? Is yet to be discovered.
But we will not fear any more than we should.

By Julie


Now we sit in sad sorrow like there could be no tommorow
Because we had that one day in September We will always remember
The people doing what's right for their country have now been loved and lost so hopefully we will
come past the great memories of the ones that we lost :(

By Ashley Williams


It's no mystery,
we suffer a great deal of misery;
Continuously struggling everyday with the enemy.
Nonetheless, we are under stress
understand that
Their will be obstacles to overcome.
We must withstand all odds.
Life comes at us fast; We can't let it pass us by.
No one knows how much time we have left to live before we die.
Turn on the television, see how much hell has risen.
Somebody is forever getting shot; The violence never stops.
It's such a cruel world....
There's not much none of us can do without you lord.
I know it's hard for us at times to understand.
What we have to realize is that it's all a part of God's plan
for mankind. Black people going out their mind;
it's instanity. We're even killing our own member's of our family,
For what reason? Haven't we as black people have more than enough grievin...
We have to look within ourselves, and make a change.
Take heed to the signs from heaven.
Lord, bless the families of the victims who died on NINE ELEVEN.


poem by Steven bauld

On a day not like any other day
Many lives where lost
America was estray
but this was our cost
For on this day America became aware
that evil in the world was real
And those with out a care
rushed to help others and feel what they feel
A memorial stands now where gravel and dirt lays
Where a building was tossed
and time and lives strayed away
where tough men eyes glossed
with tears that could never repair
the lose was hard to deal
But as we americans do
We rallied and weren't scared
all of us came through
tempers flared
A memorial was built there
to honor those who cared
That faithful day
When hate was in the air


Poem by Hatvani Máté

For a week time stood still
Then it began moving again
There are two worlds
Before 9-11-2001
And after...

Like two tombstones
The Twin Towers
Funerals begin closure
Closure starts acceptance
Acceptance is emotional healing

BUT! Never Forgetting


My poem is dedicated to the those proud children of the heroes, who have suffered much and have been tested for their endurance and strenght of their faith. May God be with them always.


Quite a few years have passed by...
like a lightening crossing a stormy sky,
but in their grrieving hearts so serene and bold:
there's the sympathy of the entire world!

Look at the children of the heroes...
those who turned tragedy into a test of faith:
remembering their beloved ones,
who selflessly saved endless lives...
while fighting the burning flames;
read their sad thoughts stripped of all hate!

Look at the proud children of the heroes...
whispering their bitter-sweet prayers
to the kind souls that sacrificed much:
so that their dream would continue throught them!

Years will change their faces without grim,
but not the deep love they have for them:
and they are ready to risk it all,
if destiny decides for them to be so!

Copyright 2005 by Andrew Crisci

Every little girl who lost her dad has experienced the trauma of that tragedy.


The pretty girl with blonde hair
loved to call out her daddy's mame by the front door,
and she giggled at her handsome dad in uniform...
full of confidence and ready to perform!

"Daddy, please come home soon...
before the sun leaves my bright room;
I'll be afraid, but I won't cry...
then sing me your new lullaby!"

Flashing a sweet smile...
he turned to her with tenderness,
and said with the kindest voice,
"I will come home soon, sweetheart!"
And while his brave heart pounded inside,
he kept on hearing his daughter's voice aloud!

The grown-up girl pleasantly sleeps...
dreaming of her dream-boy;
and on the top of her bed-frame
hangs the picture of her adorable dad:
to remind her of who he was...
of what he did for humanity!

The pretty girl with blonde hair...
is a woman now, ready to marry
her man and be really happy;
many times she'll fondle her teddy bear
and say,"Daddy,come home soon!"...
wishing that her new-born resembled her dad,too!

Copyright 2005 by Andrew Crisci


I saw a bird, hit a big building of blocks, it fell and crashed to the ground.
Some wooden blocks is uncomparible to the real thing.
Some wooden blocks still matter though.
Some wooden blocks can help us remember....remember the event that changed the world.
Some wooden blocks can be put back together again, but in real life, it cannot happen.
And with some wooden blocks, we must thank and yet curse the bird who knocked it over, who gave us a new perspective on life, who killed many.
But it's only a memory now.
It's only some wooden blocks.

By: Billy Wilson



If flags flew freely, high in the sky,
And loved ones didn't have to cry,
Imagine if they could hold their lost friends and families tight
And give them just one more hug tonite
Just imagine if we had those buildings back
And the world was back on tract
It is hard for us to imagine how such an ordinary day
Would change the world in this horrific way
We ask, could this happen again one day?
Imagine September 11th in your own way.

by Robin Gimson



This uncompromising Sunday
has finally agreed to let us enjoy
what is left of a miserable day...
as we ardently seek the brief presence
of a delightful,bright sunrise!

The fragile lilacs and sleek sunflowers sway,
gladly awaked by the sun's warm kiss...
carefully listening to the ravens' shrills;
fearful ravens that fled from the deserted bay
inundated by an unmerciful storm at sunset,
to find refuge where no one ever wept...
and as they call on a benevolent breeze,
they are frightened by winds that wheeze!

We hear,afar, the retrieving seagulls squeal,
cramped on the decaying church's steeple
to testify oblivion with tawny windows...
tarnished by weather and time,but not by us!

Once it seemed so omnipotent and alive
echoing with the merriest voices...
as throngs of faithful
marched down the illuminated isle,
decorated with fragrant roses,
while savoring their last moment of glory!


They intentionally wounded 
the heart of this spectacular city.
uniqe,rich and pretty...
a rare jewel to be never possessed
by envious eyes wishing to destroy
its beauty by ways of atrocity!

A city rising from the ashes of pain
is more powerful than the one
they have tried to destroy for years;  
our people have acted and spoken,
and their hearts have been
lifted up by a godly faith!

Let no one stand in the victor's way,
because this horrendous tragedy
has thought us to be closer than ever
watching the enemy with dismay;
this great nation will survive
to tell the next generations to come
the day the towers came down...
killing thousands in such a little time!

A city rising from the ashes
will be even more beautiful
in the people's eyes...
even though the losses are many,
and tears turn into painful memories:
it will never be erased
from hearts and minds;
envision what tomorrow 
can do for the strides of today!
and it will never be erased  

by: Andrew Crisci


This poem is dedicated to Lt.,John Crisci and to all those brave fightfighters and police officers who perished to save thousands of lives. Their names will be forever remembered by us, who still grieve their loss, and immensely admire their courage and bravery.


That September morning New York City
was glittering under a new sun,
but soon that bustling energy
sparkling in everyone's eyes stopped to shine...

Airplanes slammed into the North and South towers,
terrifying screams pierced the smokey air;
sirens wailing: the airborne enemy had stricken twice...
to afflict death upon the innocent and frail!

Whenever we go back there, we don't see that empty space:
the earth still violently shakes...
and the sky swiftly turns dark and fierce,
as they reach out for those helping hands of grace!

Those who survived are immensely grateful
to the ones who gave their lives and call;
and those who died will be rewarded by a just God,
who blesses the meek and curses the proud!

Let's all remember what happened on that tragic day,
and if we still shed tears and sorrow persists today...
let's be glad that they paved the way for us:
to make us aware of other imminent dangers!

Copyright 2005 by Andrew Crisci


Remember the day
New york blue up
that was bad and sad



A poem I wrote about how it feels outside the lines...

I Don't Want To Forget

Life goes on and most of the time gets better,
And things are just forgotten,
Or do we try our best not to remember.
We don't want to remember the pain,
We don't want to forget those we loved,
But what about those of us who lost no one,
Are we supposed to not care,
What if we do care?
What can WE do?
Everyone knows what it's like to lose someone special,
And we all know what hurt feels like,
So for those of us who didn't lose anyone,
We wonder why it hurts so much to see someone else's pain,
We wonder if we're supposed to feel anything at all.
How could we just sit along the sidelines
Saying nothing
Doing nothing
But what are we supposed to do?
Those spoken of are those of us who cry when we hear about it,
Those of us who wonder why it happened,
And those of us who wish we could take the pain away.
If only we could steal their pain
Make it so they could smile again.
If all we could do is take away one day of pain,
Would you do that much,
Would you do that little?
I pray to God every morning to help them find comfort,
Along the way I forgot to ask for my own comfort,
But then I find myself asking if I deserve comfort.
Shouldn't they receive that comfort,
Why should God waste it on me?
Of all the people lost and those left behind,
I should be one of the grateful ones,
But how can I feel grateful when I see someone else's pain?
I think of how unfair it is,
That people who would risk their lives for me,
And I never knew them.
Driving down the road I never waved,
In a hurry,
I'd just drive on by without a second thought.
I look now at police departments and fire departments,
I give a second thought now,
But am I too late?
Did I take them for granted before I knew them?
Far too many people lost,
Far too many people taken for granted.
I hold my loved ones closer now,
I tell them 'I love you' when they walk out the door,
Because I still have the chance to.
I don't want to forget,
I never want to forget.
I don't want to be a reminder of a horrible thing,
I just want to be a reminder of those who died so I could live.
Heroes protect our country with such unselfish attitudes,
From Pearle Harbor,
To September 11th,
And all I wanted to say was thank you,
All I wanted to say was I'm sorry,
I just wanted to say I love you




As We Thrive by Tessa

People on every corner,
watching every blow,
while the clouds fill up with blackness,
while the earth screams for help!

People falling from the sky,
kids crying below,
wondering how their loved ones will survive,
though the tragity of what is happening in front of them.

Daddie's or mommie's little one is watching,
watching in shock,
dying in fear of what will happen,
soon to come.

This is the day when death occurs,
when fathers or mothers have to tell there little ones,
to tell them that their mommie or daddie has died,
that s/he died on the 9/11 Tragedy,
but will always stay in their hearts,
but in a beautiful place we call heaven.



Note: A poem dedicated to all the victims of this horrific tragedy and
especially to Mr. Barry Kirschbaum and Mr. Andrew Bailey on the 93rd Floor
of World Trade Center (my boss and my friend).


The opening of elevator doors
Rustling of hurried steps on the carpet
The magnetic click of the office doors
A slow walk to the cubicle
To begin another long, weary day.
The dryness in the mouth quenched by black coffee,
What a satisfying gulp!
A fond, smiling glance exchanged with the picture of his wife and children on the desk,
The first official call of the day
Thank God it's a friend!
Pleasant conversations, thrown backward and forward - interrupted with laughter.

Suddenly a thundering crash shakes the building
Paper and debris flying everywhere
Fire and smoke engulf the floor
People scrambling for the Exit door
Chaos, Panic, Pandemonium and Mayhem.
Packed stairways filled with anxious people
Trapped workers screaming for HELP!
Brave firefighters and policemen rush in to save them.
Intense, unbearable heat and suffocating smoke
People jumping through 90 story windows, without any hope.
Their worst nightmare unfolds in front of them at a snail's pace
The bastard terrorists have attacked their office space.

by Saikat Mondal



Darling Don't You Cry

And when the rains washed on down
What did I see?
But a million tears in the sky.

And what did I leave to you?
A memory
Of a love that would never die.

Darling Don't you cry
Our Love will never die
When I looked in your eyes
I never compromised
Darling Don't you cry
Our Love will never die
And when the smoke went away
What did I see?
But the weight of the world before my eyes
And what should I say to you?
What should I tell?
But the truth o'er a thousand years rushed by.
Darling Don't you Cry
Our Love will nver die
When I looked in your eyes
I never Compromised
Darlin don't you cry
Our Love will never die
And take my heart my love
You know what it can tell
And take my memory forever now
And keep it well.

Written by: Richard Onorato
Copyright: Grown Men Songs 2005


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