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The sad events of September 11, 2001 inspired many songwriters to write songs. We list here some 9-11 related songs (with video, mp3, or lyrics), and hope these will help all of us to be reminded of the events and feelings of the 9-11 attack. We also invite you to post your own memorial thoughts.

Songs in Memory of 9/11 Recorded by Well Known Artists

The following links link to songs on Amazon.com and you can hear a sample or purchase the song. These are just the songs we know of that were written by famous bands and recording artists for 9/11. Feel free to contact us and let us know what we missed.

Bruce Springsteen: The Rising - This is Bruce Springsteen's 12th album and quite a few songs on this album were about the 9/11 attacks. The songs include: Into the Fire, Empty Sky, The Rising, and You're Missing.
Paul McCartney: Freedom
Tori Amos: I Can't See New York
Melissa Etheridge: Tuesday Morning
Cranberries: New New York
Leonard Cohen: On That Day
Evanescence: My Last Breath - This song doesn't explicitly mention the attacks but the writers Ben & Amy said in an interview it was inspired by 9/11
Disturbed: Prayer - This song's music video was refused by many media outlets upon release because of the imagery of crumbling buildings.
Everclear: The New York Times (2004 Digital Remaster)
My Chemical Romance: Skylines And Turnstiles

Songs Submitted by Visitors

A Hero

A charity song for children who lost
a firefighter/police parent in the 911 attack.

The morning froze in silence
as the terror filled our hearts
we stared in disbelief at what we saw.
Through the dust we felt so helpless,
wishing that we could have known.
We hold our families close, as we watched them fall.

Some people didn't waiver, they had a job to do.
There was nothing that could keep them away...

Oh, it's a special kind of hero
who would sacrifice themselves - so I could spend another day with you.
And for all the fallen heroes who saved a life that day
your courage unites a nation, and we'll remember you.

So many people crying, walking in a daze
holding pictures of their loved ones
through an empty haze.
Our Heroes didnt falter, they held out a helping hand
remembering their own children, as they rushed inside again.

They didnt waiver, they had a job to do
and some never made it home that day.

Oooh well remember you. We honor you, salute,
respect and cherish you.
Not many people can do the duty that
you knew on that cold September day.

Lyrics by Amy Matthew ASCAP 2008,
music by Karen Mack from KAR Records.

Click here to hear this beautiful song ("A Hero").


Holding On To Your Love

Click to listen or download (mp3 file)

Dedicated to those lost in and still living through the events of 9/11

When the curtain fell for me
the reason for living died.
Deep within the deep I call
get me by.

Get me by before the river runs dry
Get me by, get me by, get me by
Get me by 'cause I can't cry no more
I can't cry no more.

Holding on, holding on to your love,
Holding on, holding on to your love,
Holding on, holding on to your love,
Holding on, holding on to your love.

So I found the reason: not my will
Yours be done as you intended
and I'll be still.
Yours be done as you intended
mine's done, I surrended.
Yours be done as you intended
mine's done, I surrended to you.
I surrended to you.
I surrended to you.

Holding on, holding on to your love,
Holding on, holding on to your love,
I'm holding on, holding on to your love.
Holding on, holding on to your love.

Someone once told me
how to deal with loss.
he said, Wrap it up in a rainbow
and leave it by the cross.
Leave it by the foot of the cross, boy
leave it for me.
Leave it by the foot of the cross, boy
leave it for me.
Just leave it for me.
Leave it for me.
Leave it for me.

Holding on, holding on to your love,
I'm holding on, holding on to your love,
I'm holding on, holding on to your love.
I'm holding on, holding on to your love.

Words & music copyright Rod Woodruff

I am just one English film maker and musician who was so touched by 9/11 that I just want the world to hear this song.

Perhaps there are still so many people in the wake of 9/11 who cannot forgive and who will never forget. I pray that those left behind might just find some comfort in the simple cover of this album and the this song that I dedicate to each and every suffering individual upon that day. May the God of all grace and all understanding be with you all. May all your sorrows be wrapped up in a rainbow and left at the foot of the cross.

More 9-11 memorial songs

I'll Always Remember - a song of reflection and remembrance by Jo Ann Biviano. "My goal is to share this song with the world and that people feel soothed by it, and will reflect on their lives and think about what is important."

Nine Eleven - an original song by Danny Barnes. He created this ballad on the evening of 9-11-2001, and has performed it in the Pittsford Celebrates America festival in Pittsford, NY.

Song for America by Nic Mars.

Roselle is a song about a guide dog who was working for her owner in one of the twin towers on 9-11-01. You can listen to it by choosing it from the playlist shown on the right side of this site. They were 80 floors up, and when everything happened, she did exactly what a guide dog is trained to do: Don't panic, and calmly lead your blind owner to safety. The lyrics are here.

Beyond The Shadows by Dave Koller.

Go Ask the Rain by Mary Kay Aufrance.

911 Tribute Sorrow, an instrumental with a slideshow by Gary Ohlson.

We Love America — a pretty 9-11 song & video by Larry Raymer

Fireman — not exactly a 9-11 song but is about having a father who is a firefighter... by Steve Andrew. He says, "I started it shortly after 9-11... I've always been in awe of the heroism and courage it takes."




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