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Most all of us have probably met someone who we could call "a hero of daily life" - a person who is unselfishly giving of their time, money, talents, or something of value in benefit of others. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."  This doesn't necessarily mean dying for others but using your life for others, living a life not just for yourself, and having a serving and helping attitude instead of the attitude, "I want this, and I want that."  Remember the origin of the word "hero": someone who protects and watches over.  Protecting and watching over other people means you lay aside your own wishes and wants.

You can show appreciation to the heros of normal everyday life by nominating a hero with the form below.  Share with us WHY this person should be called a hero, WHAT she/he means to you, and HOW he/she is a good example for all of us to follow after.

NOTE: Please do not submit "All victims of 9-11", or "All 9-11 heroes" or "All of you who died in 9-11", nor any of the individual victims of 9-11 (they already have their own pages). On this page, our focus is a little different. Thank you!

ANOTHER NOTE. We appreciate everyone who keeps nominating God and Jesus as heroes! Truly, they are our heroes and we fully acknowledge that fact!! However, we wish not to crowd out the humanly every-day heroes whose lives can also inspire us a lot. Thanks for your understanding!




Hero: Dennis P.Byrne

My son, Dennis P.Byrne, a NYPD Detective was assigned to many assignments in and around Ground Zero and Staten Island. He also was deployed to Afghanistan on three separate occasions. He returned safely and still serves without complaint.

Submitted by: Dennis P Byrne, Sr.

Hero: Kevin Sloane

Kevin Sloane is 15 years old. He risked his life to save that of my 92 year old mother, who was trapped in a fire that engulfed and destroyed her entire apartment. The fire was electrical, and the point of origin was her refrigerator. Within minutes her entire apartment was filled with blinding smoke. This is his story, in his own words, published in his school news blog:

Last Friday, March 25, I was home during the day. I started out for school in the morning, but I wasn’t feeling well. I had a temperature and stayed home. Around 1:30pm there was a burning smell coming into my apartment. When I checked the hall to see if I could smell where it was coming from, I saw smoke. I quickly called 911 and ran through the hallway, trying to alert anyone who might be home that there was a fire on our floor. Some people were home and fled the building. Frantically, I called down to the doorman as well. The smoke was quickly building up and my eyes were burning. I had to get a wet towel to cover them. I knew there was a very elderly lady across the hall, and her door was ajar, yet, I did not think it was open because she fled, she was just peering out to see what was going on. I entered her apartment and told her she had to leave, she could not stay, it wasn't safe because there was a fire. I brought her across to my apartment. I was terrified that I still had no idea where the fire was coming from. It was very deceiving because the smoke was everywhere and at this point we could not leave the floor, so I was very thankful to see that the Fire Department responded so quickly. They could not even enter the building from the inside, they had to ladder up from the outside to get in. When the smoke is that heavy, you cannot see the person in front of you.

As it turned out, the fire started in the woman’s apartment across the hall from me. At least 3 floors of apartments had smoke and water damage and the tenants are still not able to return to living in their apartments. The hallways have large portable fan machines going 24 hours a day until all the smell and water is completely cleared. Then the apartments and hallways can be repaired.

The Red Cross came to my apartment and brought my neighbor self-heating meals and a debit card for necessities.They thanked me, and asked me if I wanted to do community service with them. The people in the building have been very thankful to me as well.

Kevin S

Submitted by: Alayne Skylar

Hero: Debby Borza

Debby is my friend and the mother of my friend Deora (passenger on United Flight 93 on Sept. 11). Debby continues to inspire me and give me strength to move forward. Most importantly, Debby taught me that it's all about celebrating Deora's life. Thus through the power of friends and music, that is exactly what I am doing by putting on Flight 93 Benefit shows here in San Diego. Thank you Debby for being the strong, loving, inspiring and amazing friend you are! xoxox - gdogg

Submitted by: Greg Keiling

Hero: Skyler Jenkins

My 18 year old grandson is my hero, he has lived with me for 3 years and we have had really hard times, I complain but he always calms me down, I have never heard Skyler say a harsh word against anyone or complain about anything, he always looks for good in all people, even his Grandma. When errands need to be ran, he will do them, things need to be fixed he will fix them, he watches over me and that means alot for a 62 year old Grandma. He is in college and hopes to one day be a teacher. I know he will be a good one, he has taught me to be a better person just by his actions. He is loved by all and he is my Hero!

Submitted by: Sharon Easley

Hero: Shlomo Zakheim aka Steve Zakheim

I would like to nominate Mr. Shlomo Zakheim. Mr. Zakheim (aka Steve Zakheim) is a volunteer medic for hatzala. At the time of the 9-11 disaster he worked for MetroCare. At the time of the terrorist attack Shlomo did NOT think twice- he ran to his car, (which got destroyed by the towers) risked his life and ran into the buildings. Shlomo Z that day saved civilians, FDNY, NYPD, and other EMS technicians. I would like to nominate his as my here for always putting others needs ahead of his own.. I would like to mention his heroism and selflessness did not end on 9-11.... Last year with after the disaster in Haiti he sponsored a Rescue mission which he himself went on and helped save countless people there as well!
You can see newspaper clippings in Village Voice, Daily News, NY Post and others about Mr Zakheim Below.

PHOTO SHOWS WTC MIRACLE - Paramedics discover firefighter they aided survived collapse


L.I. teacher grateful to ex-EMT who buried his relatives after Haiti earthquake
NYPD & FDNY Make Surprise Birthday Party For Yuri Benefeld

Submitted by: Rebecca



Submitted by: AUTUMN THRASH

Hero: My Dad F.F. Kelly L. Page

I nominate my dad, Firefighter Kelly L. Page. My Dad was a hero not only to our city, and state, but to me as well.

My dad was a firefighter. He received Firefighter of the year twice for our city and once for the state of Massachusetts.

My dad was also a part time EMT and worked at the local gym. My dad coached all my sports teams and did everything he could to be in our lives.

One day when I was in the 5th grade my dad left for work. Before he left he gave me a big hug and kiss and said see you in the morning. I never knew that I would never see my dad again.

My Dad died that fateful Friday night. It's painful to think I have gone three years without him. This last year has been the hardest and everyday, I know my dad is with me. Now that I am thinking about this, I know my dad can be a hero even if he's not still alive. I miss my dad very much and he was a hero for my city, state, but most importantly me. I cry almost every night because I miss him so much.

Daddy, I love you and I wish you never had to leave. I know all things happen for a reason but all I feel is why did it have to be you.

I miss him and love him. This is why I nominate my father as a hero and even if he doesn't get on this page, he's still a hero in my heart. Always and Forever.

Submitted by: Kaelin P.

Hero: Christopher Abbe

Christopher Abbe a.k.a. Mr. Abbe, is a band director at an IPS school in Indianapolis, Indiana. Like most schools, his school has students of many backgrounds. Some students come from wealthier families, some from middle-class families, some from homes with divorced parents and then some from abused homes. Mr. Abbe has always pushed people to be their best and he's proven to many students that they are capable of so much more than what they think. He's the type of person that will see you at your lowest and pick you back up without thinking twice about it. He's spent many hours talking to me, making sure that I'm making the right decisions in life. He would stay after school just to talk to a student if he felt it would really help them and they wanted to. He never asks for anything in return except hard work and confidence that you can succeed in whatever you choose to do.

Submitted by: Jenn

Hero: Mothers who lost children

There is nothing like a mother. My mother (Mildred Calandrillo) wanted to die because the pain was so unbearable. I am sure the other mothers felt the same way.

My mother stayed because I asked her to. I knew she was in excruciating pain all of her days and nights until God took her to be with her son. Yet she stayed, because I asked her to. She sat up every night and screamed and screamed for years. During the day, when she thought no one could see or hear her, she still screamed in pain for my brother. Yet she always wanted to know what I wanted for dinner and made sure I took lunch with me to work. Despite her excrutiationg pain, she showed me all the love that mothers do, no matter what has happenned in their lives. Even carrying all that pain she was always there for me. She never let her grief interfere with her love for me.

Yes, all the mothers whose children perished on that horrible day in September of 2001 are heroes. Somehow they manage to be there for their other children. I'll never know how they live with that much pain, but I'm so grateful that my mother stayed for me.

Submitted by: Trudy Calandrillo

Hero: People at Koenji Station, Tokyo, 1996

It was maybe one day in 1996. I was standing at a platform at Koenji Station, Tokyo, Japan. I don't know exact reason, faint by hot temperature, fatigue, and I admit I was depressed. I fell on a rail. It was very busy station, so next train might be almost there. and I saw lots of human arm, trying to grab me. I took one arm, and they pull me to the platform before next train would hit me. Thanks of all people who saved my life, even they might be involved.

Submitted by: Kaori

Hero: Khalil Beverly

Robert E. Lee High student Khalil Beverly came to his neighbor's rescue Wednesday night when he spotted and helped put out a fire on his neighbor's property. Malcolm Hall, who lives on Haardt Drive by the Beverlys, said without Khalil's action damage to his home could have been much worse. "I'm thankful," Hall said. "If it hadn't been for him, it would have been drastic."

Hall said Khalil came over about 10 p.m. and told him he saw fire. The two went to the back of the house, where they saw flames. Khalil then helped Hall to douse the area with water while Hall's wife called 911. Hall said when the fire department arrived, the fire was out. He said no injuries were sustained in the fire, but there was damage to two vehicles, the house's aluminum siding and the wall of his storage room. Hall said the flames were on a wall that separates the storage room from the carport.
"He came right over and said, 'Mr. Hall you got a fire.' He wasn't tense or anything, very mature," Hall said. The 15-year-old sophomore is on the track and football teams, which taught him how to act under pressure, his father, Prentice Beverly, said.

"I always try and teach him to stay cool and calm. It's OK to be afraid, but it's how you react," said the elder Beverly, who is an assistant football coach at the high school and has worked with his son on the field.
Beverly said at the time of the incident he was in his bedroom and heard the family dog barking. He instructed his son to go check on the dog. That was when Khalil spotted the flames.

"I smelled smoke. I saw the house was on fire," he said. "I was just trying to warn them so they could get out." Khalil's father said his son didn't even mention to him what all had transpired. Beverly said his son came home and went to bed, and it wasn't until the next morning when he saw the damage that he realized just what his son had done.

"I was thinking it wasn't a big deal," Beverly said. "This morning I saw the damage and I said, 'Good Lord boy, what happened?'" He added he's just thankful everyone is OK, and his son's actions have filled him with pride. "I'm just very proud of him," he said.

See also www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/article/20101015/NEWS01/10150320/1007/rss02

Submitted by: Prentice Beverly

Hero: John McLoughlin

I nominate John McLoughlin because he is an amazing person who tried to help so many people trapped in the World Trade Center on September 11. He along with his partner were trapped in the rubble that ceased to be the Twin Towers. John managed to pull through the situation of being trapped for over 20 hours. Unlike many of the other Port Authority Police that day who were in the buildings when they fell, he survived.

Submitted by: Emily

Hero: Chris Dyer

Chris has served in the US Army for nearly 7 years now. He has done two tours in Iraq, assisted with Hurricane Katrina, and is now serving as a Drill Sgt. He gives himself 100%, whole heartedly, and unselfishly to his job and his country.

Submitted by: Jessica

Hero: Everyone who was there for the ones in need

Firefighters, policemen, doctors, workers, parents, children, and everyone else who was there for the people in need are heroes. Being a hero does not always mean that we saved someone's life. But, it means we have made a change in their life. In this case we all came together to those people who were hurt or in need. The 9-11 heroes should be remembered because they were not selfish to save someone's life and put their life in risk. When they got interviewed, no one dared call themselves a hero. They would have done what anyone else would have done to save someone struggling for help. Being a hero you have to put your life to the risk and face your fears because that person that you help will remember what you have done to them. That is exactly what the 9-11 heroes did.

Submitted by: michelle

Hero: Paul & Alcina Dadurian

Feeds the homeless, helps the needy, talks to people on the phone for endless hours to help them with drug, sex, alcohol addiction or anything else to help them, does whatever needs to be done to help people better their lives. Her and her husband Paul have received the Governor's award in the state of Texas. They have received the Daily Points of live Awards. They have received the Jefferson's Award, they have numerous letters from Presidents thanking them, have been in numerous newspaper articles and so on and on. There is not enough of awards for these two people to receive. They have given out of their pockets for so long that they are now financially in bondage and they still go on helping.

Submitted by: anonymous


My son was in the Air Force, and served his country proudly. Pres. Obama sent me a letter honoring my son. It hangs on the wall under his picture.

Submitted by: Rosemary Perry

Hero: Peter MacDonald

My Grampa trained as a Police Driver about fifty years ago, he's now 71 and has suffered from a stroke. He is still driving and offers other elderly people a lift to the local town everyday without any form of payment. He lives in Drum Na Drochoit, Scotland with my Granny, Maggie. Maggie broke both her wrists a couple of weeks ago so my Grampa is currently doing everything in and around the house. As well as looking after my Granny, he helps two other elderly couples with shopping, gardening and household chores. Furthermore, he is the one who gets up at four o'clock in the morning to clear snow in the Winter.
He is an incredible man, with or without disability, and he is my inspiration and hero.

Submitted by: Kate Matthews

Hero: Jason Amsler

I monica amsler nominate my husband YN3 Jason Amsler. He was in New York just running paper work from Norfolk, Va. At the time he was an ABF in the UNS Navy. He helped with the cleanup of the towers falling. He also did two tours in Iraq on the USS Truman. He has served in the United States Military now going on 11 years. He joined right out of high school in 1999. He was in the operation induring freedom, as well as the operation Iraqi freedom. He came home in 2004. And then got an honoralbe discharge from the Navy. Then he joined the Army National Guard. He was in the Guard for a year. And while in the guard he helped with the floods in Indiana. And that's when him and I got married. A year after we got married he desided to go back into the navy. We just had our frist child June 22, 2010. And I am proud to say I am a Navy wife, a military wife. I'm also a proud mother of a son whose father has fought for him and I to be safe. Jason Amsler is also the only son of an only son. So by the father's clause he shouldn't have been put in harm's way. But he was because he chose to be there on the front lines to fight for us here in the US to be safe and free. He still to this day has flash backs of those days over seas. And that's something that he will never forget or get over. And as a family we work through those hard times. But that is why I nominate my husband YN3 Jason Amsler.

Submitted by: Monica Amsler

Hero: John Woods

A true man among men. Father of Jimmy Woods who passed on 9-11, John is an All American Dad. Raised in New York, worked the trades, a Marine Vet, loving Dad and decorated NYC Firefighter. A hero at the initial WTC bombing and retired leader of the heroic ladder company ladder Company at 9-11. Just a just great guy and someone I will always seek to equal. A true American Hero supported by his great wife Joyce and family.

Submitted by: Jerry Smith

Hero: Gary Stringer, my dad

The person I would like to nominate is my dad. My dad is the most amazing person you could ever meet. He is a police officer and a fantastic one, he retires in 20 months and has been on the force for over 20 years. I'm so proud of my dad and all that he has achieved in his life. Despite having Autheritus all over, he never gives up, and never lets it beat him. I'm so proud dad and a love you xx

Submitted by: Gemma Stringer

Hero: Michael Hill

Michael died whilst fighting a fire in Willesden, London, England. He went back in to the fire as there was a genuine belief at the time that there were workers still in the building - a laundry - at that time. As a result he was crushed by the building and died en route to the hospital. Michael loved the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, American and Canadian cultures, the general rock scene at the time. He was incredibly proud to be British and loved his family to distraction. He was an amazingly gentle but yet brave human being and totally innocent in the ways of the modern world. It always seems to be the truly good that we lose. Michael is testimony to this. He left a wife and toddler who is now a handsome and lovely young man and his wife had managed to regain her lovely jovial personality.

Submitted by: Alison Sweeney

Hero: My dad

My hero is my dad because he is a retired marine and now he is a firefighter and EMT and a manager of a store. He works everyday of his life so that our family can live in a nice house and he makes sure that our family gets what we need. He has stuck with me through thick and thin and no matter what I did he was always there for me and to help me through it.

Submitted by: Eric R

Hero: Emily Elizabeth Douglas

I think you should look into featuring a young woman I know who is a hero to millions.

There is not a woman more committed to doing good in the lives of others than Emily Elizabeth Douglas. For the past 17 years Emily has dedicated herself to growing the organization she founded at the age of eleven. Grandma's Gifts, founded in memory of Emily's Appalachian grandmother, has donated more than $12.5 million in goods and services to individuals of all ages in need in Appalachian Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, New York, and Pennsylvania. While managing to successfully complete dual master's degrees from Ohio State University and positively impacting the lives of children through her career as she provides leadership and strategic consulting to school districts nationwide, Emily has remained engaged in her Grandma's Gifts organization. She is still directly involved in all business aspects of this organization as the Founder and Executive Director, yet she also makes the time to take advantage of every opportunity to help those in need in the Appalachian areas nearest her. Grandma's Gifts is run completely by young professionals and youth who donate their time, allowing 100% of donations to go to the cause! Thus, Emily donates her time to run this fantastic cause.

Emily has been recognized nationally for her work with Grandma's Gifts and has appeared in numerous articles and network shows including Oprah, Hannity's America on FOX, People, and TIME. She continues to grow Grandma's Gifts by expanding programs such as Trick-or-Teeth to include participants throughout the United States. Historically dental care in rural areas is poor and Appalachia is among the worst. Halloween's trick-or-treat inspired Grandma's Gifts Trick-or-Teeth program. Annually every October we work with school groups, scouts, and businesses to collect toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss. Donations are then coordinated and sent to health departments in Appalachia for distribution.
Trick-or-Teeth is another project and it is about changing a life one tooth brush at a time! Another Grandma's Gifts project is the Spring Clean Book Drive. This project began as a simple sharing of books collected from friends and neighbors, as they cleaned out their homes each spring, to those in need in Appalachia.
Currently each spring collection boxes are placed in grocery stores, libraries, community centers, and schools. Through the generosity of thousands collections of books have been placed in Appalachian schools for lending libraries, hospitals, battered family shelters, health clinics, child welfare agencies, and bookmobiles. As word spreads books are regularly dropped off to Grandma's Gifts throughout the year. Each book represents an opportunity for an Appalachian child to grow and learn, and to date more than 650,000 books have been donated!
Emily also takes advantage of every opportunity. After a quick phone call in December 2009, Grandma's Gifts was the recipient of 1520 frozen turkeys from American's Helping Americans. With innovative thinking, exceptional organization, and plenty of volunteers all 1520 turkeys along with toys and gifts for over 600 children were distributed this past Christmas through schools, churches, local police, and by truck.
Emily's dedication to reaching out and helping those in need will drive the growth of this organization. She has spoken to over 2M people nationwide about providing service to others. Her unwavering commitment and dedication to the individuals of Appalachia will always be a source of inspiration to anyone with whom Emily shares her story.

Here are some sources:




Submitted by: Teresa Daulong

Hero: Cheryl Chiaramonte Barrett

My aunt Cheryl is my hero. She is my hero because she fought for her freedom from cancer. In 2005 she was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. In 2008 the cancer was back and had spread to her liver. She had aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatments for stage IV breast cancer and she still would go downtown to work. She participated in a treatment study to help others with this difficult diagnosis. She had hope and plenty of love. She enjoyed life and didn't take it for granted. We had a benefit for her in 2009 and when she thanked everyone she told them how great they were and she is the most thankful person I knew. Sadly, the news had come that there was nothing more to do her request was to be at home. We all visited her although she wasn't with it most of the time I could tell she new we were there. I will always remember her and she is my inspiration and hero. She was 49 and had to children. She was an incredible person she had a smile that if anyone saw they would smile. She was the most caring giving person. I love her and miss her. I pray to her and I would give anything to have her back. Her website is http://touchdownforcheryl.moonfruit.com/

Submitted by: Amanda

Hero: My Friend Sarah

I nominate Sarah because she's a United States Marine and she's across seas fighting for our great country. She chose to defend us with the rest of the US marines and as well the part of the US armed force. So I nominate Sarah because she's my friend and she's like a sister to me and I love her.

Submitted by: Tshaka Bolden

Hero: My Father and Grandpa

My Grandfather s 10 years and MY Father served 40 years in the firefighting family... My Grandfather served with 3 different fire companies in his 10-year career. When my father turned 16, he joined the local fire department where he served 25 years with that department. When he moved from the area he was in, he joined another fire department and served there for the 15 years with that department. Now that he is retired, now the legacy lives on through me (his son). I hope I serve like my grandfather and dad did... with dedication, honor, truth, and courage... Those are my True Heroes to me... d.

Submitted by: Eugene R Weber Jr.

Hero: My Daddy

He's been a firefighter for 30 years and is close to retirement. He goes out and risks his life every two days [thats the way the shifts work].

I'm proud of my daddy, and every firefighter in the world.

Submitted by: Fenix

Hero: Ryan Case

I would like to say that my son, Ryan Case is a hero very day. As a small boy he planned his life very carefully, first he would serve his country and that he did for 8 years in the US Navy aboard the John C. Stennis. Now he countinues to serve and protect as a Trooper in the Texas Highway Patrol. He is also a member of the Talco Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. His life has always been about service for others which makes his dad and I very proud.

Submitted by: Tammie Case

Hero: SSGT. Colon, Emanuel

I nominate my husband Emanuel Colon. My husband is currently serving his second tour in Iraq and we are so proud of him. He has chosen to serve our country and also his family. Because of the sacrifice he has made to miss out on our children's special moments. My husband at the age of 23 purchased our first home. He has given us stability and a better future. He is also an amazing soldier, always looking out for his battle buddies and giving them advice. He deserves the world. He is my husband, my friend and my hero!

Submitted by: Damaressa Quiles

Hero: Mak Hanna

Mak Hanna was with Frank De Martini and Pablo Ortiz when they were rescuing people. Unlike them he lived because they asked him to help an 89-year old man out of the tower. By the time he got the poor man to safety, the tower collapsed killing Frank and Pablo. Since then lots of people have honored his two brave friends but nobody has honored him until now. So Mak, I just wanted to say that you are just as much as a hero to me like your friends Pablo and Frank!

Submitted by: John Haseltine

Hero: Lonnie Dale Hood

Lonnie Hood was working construction at an apartment complex in Indianapolis when a tanker carrying propane wrecked on interstate 465. When he saw the explosion he ran to the scene, he and another man risked their own lives to pull the driver from the ignited cab. Lonnie is a father of four children and also a step daughter. He works everyday to support his large family. He didn't think twice about running to the aid of the driver. Although he wasn't the only hero that day, he is a hero to us every day. He gets up early every single morning rain or shine and works to put food on our table. We live in a two bedroom house and he's trying so hard to earn money to add on rooms for each of our children. He is always helping friends and family in any way he can. He has a tough exterior but inside beats a heart of gold. Those who are very close to him know what kind of man he can be. He is truly an everyday hero in our eyes!

Submitted by: Casey Cummins

Hero: My dad

My Dad is a hero to me because he served in the Air Force for 20 years. I think that its brave of him to risk his life to protect our country.

Submitted by: Michael

Hero: Christopher Strawn

On Sept. 9 my son in law was deployed to Iraq out of Hawaii. My daughter Brenda Strawn is 33 years old, pregnant and a juvenile diabetic. She is insulin dependent and presently expecting her 2nd child. I was away from the house on this past Saturday night. At 3 am my 6 year old grandson woke up to find his mother with a 23 blood sugar low reaction (she is insulin dependent). The 6 year old took his mom's cell phone and called 911... saving his mother's life. Christopher is definitely a hero. This was the first time he was alone with his Mom over the past 6 years that it fell on him to realize what was going on out of a sound sleep. He reacted and recognized she was in trouble and grabbed her cell phone which was a new cell and he figured out how to open it and make that call even though the pad was locked. Amazing! He is my hero.

Submitted by: Barbara Newson

Hero: Nicholas

My father Nick, went down to the scene with only 13 members of their group, and worked hard to help people that are still alive in the wreck, and others.

Submitted by: Nicole

Hero: My parents

I nominate my parents because my dad is a police officer who goes to work everyday to help people in need and my mom who is a firefighter who goes into buildings to save the lives of so many. My parents are my heroes because me and my brother have the courage to follow our dreams and one day be just like them.

Submitted by: Kalie and Kody

Hero: My son, James Lozano

I proudly nominate my son James, who has shown so much compassion and courage for others. He stands up for what is right, and does his part to change a community in dire need of change. James had been mentoring elementary children, speaking to at-risk middle schools and volunteering in the community, but when he built a legacy for other youths to follow I was in awe.

On Feb. 26, 2008 an African-American student was being racially bullied at school by a group of 7 boys. While others watched, they called him names and made monkey noises. James could not bear the look of humiliation on his friend's face, so he yelled for a stop to their racial bulling. Long story short- James was knocked out with a sucker punch then kicked when he was down. He suffered a concussion, a broken orbital socket, and required more than fifty stitches to repair skin around his eye. James, in all his courage, saw this as an opportunity to turn a negative incident into something positive for everyone in the school and community.

After a year of hard work, on May 1st, 2009 James accomplished his goal and led his high school to its first "No Place for Hate" designation from the Anti-Defamation League. To be a designated high school, a coalition of students had to be formed, diversity training completed, and three school wide projects promoting diversity had to be created and completed. James accomplished all this, plus he was able to get 98% of the student body's signatures on a "Resolution of Respect". The Resolution states in part, "One person can make a difference, and that no one person can be an 'innocent' bystander". Other projects included: promoting a city youth diversity summit, and putting together a book that was written by the student body in which they were able to write about their own experiences with discrimination. James has spoken around our state of his experiences, and has taken steps to continue his work in college this fall. I wish I had even half of the courage that my son does.

See also Greeley West Students Embrace Diversity (a PDF file)

Submitted by: Jamie Lozano

Hero: My mother, Carol Stephens

My mother can withstand anything. She's the support beam in my family with my father hacking away at her and all of life's demons with a electric saw, she stands firm. My mother finds a way to give her three children (me and my brother and sister) everything we need and sometimes what we want. She goes through disappointment after disapointment with us, but doesn't abandon us.
My mother deserves better than what she has. She deserves the world, but got a mud pit instead. She deserves to have a king, but got a creature instead. She lives the life she was given, when I would have left it by itself a long time ago.
I'm not saying my mother is a saint, she has her moments too like everyone else. But she has stuck by our little clan, when everyone else passes by.

Submitted by: Aimee Stephens

Hero: Lauren Reinke and Daniel Buhler

The two people that I am nominating are two that I couldn't decide which one to choose, because they have both influenced my life in such amazing ways. For Lauren, I have been best friends with her for over 5 years. She has been with me through IT ALL! When I was going through some of the roughest times in my life, she was always there to lend a shoulder to cry on. For Daniel, I have known and become friends with someone who I can almost guarantee that is going to a friend of mine for a long time! Recently my uncle passed away from a heart attack, and the day I got the news of his passing, I was in school, and I just sat there shocked, no tears, until I saw Daniel walking down the hall towards me, and right then and there, I completely lost it! The tears, the sobbing, the high pitched wails, you name it! But He gave me that one look, and he pulled me in for a hug, and he just stood there hugging me, and rubbing my back as I sat there balling into his chest. He has been there for me, like Lauren has, since I met him in 6th grade! Both of them, both Lauren and Daniel, are true heros in my eyes! ♥♥

Submitted by: K.C. Christensen

Hero: Alexus Stevens

Alexus is my 7-year daughter. She thinks of everyone but herself. For Christmas this year she has asked everyone to give christmas gifts to the kids at Shriners Hospital instead of her. I love her so much and I want her to have the best. She's a hero because she gives herself to help others. Alexus was born on September 11, 2001 and I am grateful that even though that was a tradgic day in American History I received life and the best gift. I love my daughter.

Submitted by: Erica Stevens

Hero: Jim Tuman

What makes Jim A hero? Jim is a hero in my eyes because of his ability to help and want to help people. Jim has always been there for anyone who needs to talk and has saved thousands of lives. Jim has recently began something called "Circle Of Influence Supporting the Inner Child And Or Teen." This program has saved thousands of lives in my community alone and thousands more to be discovered. Jim has been asked to offer his help in seventeen other countries for this program. He has also started other programs that help children. This program is all about looking for at-risk people and behavior and showing them that they are here for a reason and that suicide is not an answer. This program not only looks at the life aspect, but also substance abuse, violence, and pregnancy among peers. You can check his site at www.JimTuman.com.

I think Jim's most significant accomplishment is the Jimmy Kids Program in detroit MI. This a program that started in 1989 with 25 families and is now over 2500 families city-wide Christmas morning. We deliver gifts to the needy families and dress up as santa with around 30 volunteers.

Jim has been on the opera show and also spoken to more than 2 million students nationwide. He has won Michiganian of the year.

Submitted by: Lance Fletcher

Hero: Vincea Runese Lockear

Vincea is a nine year old A student. She is one of the caring people I have ever met. She has had eleven rescue dogs. She is now taking care of three dogs that were found starving beside the road. She is the one person who sees the kindness in everyone and the beauty in everyone. Once she was walking and saw a lady with no legs and arms. She walked up to her and said you are beautiful. Vincea is the child that plays with the child that no one will play with. She loves God. She has a desire to love and treat everyone and everything with respect and compassion. She saved her grandmother's life. She was bleeding and she stopped the bleeding until rescue got to her home. She remained calm and in control. Vincea is an inspiration to all she meet. She volunteers at the local Vet office. And gives toys to needy children at Christmas. She participates with Feed the Children.

Submitted by: Mary Thomas-Locklear

Hero: Tamira Ci Thayne

Founder of Dogs Deserve Better, an award-winning national nonprofit working on behalf of America's chained and penned dogs. DDB is empowers others to work with neighbors building fencing and educating against chaining. She is also the founder of Mother's Against Dog Chaining which logs chained dog attacks on children and puts parents who have had children seriously injured or killed by chained dogs in touch with each others for support. Through humane education she has taught children how to treat dogs and be safe. She has written articles for nationwide publications including American Dog, and has been the subject of articles in magazines such as Bark, Animal Sheltering, The New Barker, and Dog's Life, which won a Genesis Award Honorable Mention.

She has created over 30 animal advocacy art pieces, available for viewing and purchase on littlegirllooking.com, and illustrated Puddles on the Floor for Dogs Deserve Better, a humane education book written by Lorena Estep.

Scream Like Banshee is Thayne's first book.

Submitted by: Dawn Ashby

Hero: Ljiljana Radulovic

I have never been impressed enough with an individual, as I am with her, to take the time to write. She is a psychiatrist and director for the severely mentally disturbed homeless shelter at Fort Washington, on 168th Street. It is the largest men's shelter in New York and you may remember the famous movie with Matt Dillon and Danny Glover, "The Saint of Fort Washington", filmed at that shelter. It used to be a very violent place. Through her caring and tireless efforts she has helped improve the environment greatly. She came here as an adult from Montenegro. Even though she could have abandoned her efforts there in favor of her more lucrative private practice and clinical research, she has maintained her tireless efforts to give back to those who often have nothing and no one. She is the exception, rather than the rule, as she has not become hardened, cynical or bitter from the experience. She refuses to talk-down to the patients and is not condescending or insincere. If you don't find her story inspiring then we must have different values, as I don't see celebrities or sports figures, with a few exceptions, Angelina Jolie and Audrey Hepburn among them, as the heroes some in society look up to. She works in a very tough environment and she is a very kind and humble person. She will always be my hero. She has no idea I wrote this letter.

Submitted by: Richard Moore

Hero: My mom

She has done us a lot, me and my siblings. I just wanted to take this time and thank her for what she has done for us, especially through the time of losing my grandma.

Submitted by: Nondumiso

Hero: All FDNY, NYPD, & EMS

There was no need for so many people to die on 9/11. I know someone who died on september 11. His name was Joseph Cawley and he only joined the FDNY because he wanted to help people. In the NYPD I know Edward Oconnel in precint 34. He is just an amazing person. He too is also in the fire department as first chief responder. Last but not least, EMS. There were so many paramedics who were there on 9/11 and lost their lives. To us all these people are like brothers and sisters to us... I am glad we went to war but am not glad that so many troops are also losing ther lives... GOD BLESS AMERICA

Submitted by: Nick Ferreira

Hero: My son Airman Allgood & Brother Marine Sgt. Major Dougherty

My son recently enlisted in the air force because he belives in America's freedom and what our country stands for. He is willing to make the necassary sacrifices to see that we do not lose our freedoms. My brother - who just returned from Afganistan - a man of honor, dignity and respect. God bless you both!

Submitted by: Tammy Kay Walter

Hero: PFC Mark Burns

He is my hero, he is my friend, he is the love of my life... I am glad he is serving our nation to fight for our freedom, I am proud that he is filled with BRAvery, Courage and Honor... I am proud of my Army Soldier.

Submitted by: Katie Lucchesi

Hero: My son Airman Allgood & Brother Marine Sgt. Major Dougherty

My son recently enlisted in the air force because he belives in America's freedom and what our country stands for. He is willing to make the necassary sacrifices to see that we do not lose our freedoms. My brother - who just returned from Afganistan - a man of honor, dignity and respect. God bless you both!

Submitted by: Tammy Kay Walter

Hero: my husband Kevin Tromp

I would like to nominate my husband Kevin Tromp. Because 3 years ago he saved another soldier's life after an accident. He never got awarded for it and he said he would do it again. America needs more people like that.

Submitted by: Sonja Tromp

Hero: John Jordan

My dad because he is a city firefighter who is willing to do anything for anyone.

Submitted by: Lexi

Hero: Chief Richard Picciotto

He was the highest ranking firefighter to survive 9-11, very brave man, saved many lives.

Submitted by: Ryan Hagan

Hero: My mom

I nominate my mom. The reason I nominate my mom is because she always put others before herself. And if anything bad was happening she would save others before she would save hersel. MOM I LOVE YOU!

Submitted by: Amber

Hero: The crews of all the boats in NY Harbor

You here about the FDNY NYPD and all sorts of other gov org's But... What about the tugboats ferrys coats guard boats and all the other merchant ships that responded. We help over 500,000 people get off the " Island of Manhatten. and when we were done with that we suplied lighting from the tugs so that rescue workers could see. We were given the duties of takeing body bags to Staten Island or to Jersey City. We took injured firemen and police of the Island of Manhatten. When the firemen ran out of air in there SCBA'S we gave them ours. When there was no more fuel to power the firepumps, the tugboats gave them fuel, there was only one place to get it. None of us Merchant Marines want glory many of us were given medals from the Department of transportation myself included. that is not something we need to know what we did. However it would be nice to have the US Merchant Marines in the same list as the FDNY or the NYPD.

Thank you Captain Justin R.Shellington
US. Merchant Mariners

Submitted by: Captain Justin Shellington

Hero: My mom Kim Barnett

I nominate my mother as my hero, she always puts everyone before herself no matter what the situation is. She has been there for me through thick and thin and has been there through all obstacles that life has thrown at me. My mom has stuck by my side through everything, in fact she has been the one person who hasn't given up on me. She believes in me more than anyone I know. When I need advice I can go to her and know that she will always understand and try to give me the best advice she can. My mom works so hard and is under-appreciated and I know that I don't thank her enough for all that she does for me and my family. Without my mom my world would turn upside down. She is not just my mom but also my best friend. I want to thank you mom for everything that you have done for me and maybe one day I can give back to you everything that you have done for me.

Love Heather Marie Barnett

Submitted by: Heather Barnett

Hero: James McEneaney

This entry is moved to Eamon J. McEneaney's page as he is a victim of the 9-11 tragedy.

Submitted by: Joseph Cooney

Hero: Graham Sadler

I would like to nominate my dad as my hero. My mum walked out and left us (my dad, my little brother and me) about 5 weeks ago. My dad has been my rock, he is always there to listen to me, to talk to and to support me in everything I do. I love him more than anything in this world I don't know what I'd do without him and I thank God that I have such a wonderful parent. I love you dad, I know I don't always show it but you mean the world to me. I'm trully thankful for everything you do for me.
Love you always Jemma xxxx

Submitted by: Jemma Sadler

Heroes: Ty Cole and Joel Foster.

My heroes are my friends Ty Cole and Joel Foster. They are both firefighters who risk there lives everyday for the safty of others. I think it is really special what they do. I would like to say thanks to all of thoes who risk there lives like Ty and Joel. So thank you.

Submitted by: Courtney Bryant

Hero: Monica York-White

I would like to nominate my daughter Monica as a hero. She has been in the Navy for 10 years now, and serves her country proudly. In this hard time when so many are against what the military is doing and so many young people her age are afraid to go in, she is making it her career. She has three small children and has had to leave them to go to the middle east. I have questioned Why?, Have been afraid, asked Why? Bush's daughters aren't there, and get the same answer from her. She says she is proud of her country, her president, her commander-in-chief, his decisions, and is honored to be part of the military that is accountable to keep our great country safe. She relates her service back to the heros of 9/11 and their families, and says that they deserve her service. I know that she is not the only daughter or son serving in the military and I know that many have not come home safely as she has, but she is my hero, she is her father's hero, her husband and children's hero, her brother Tommy and his family's hero. And as she is our hero, I know that she would say that her heroes are your children, or your spouses, those who have come home and those who have not.

Submitted by: Joy York

Hero: Lydia Garcia

Lydia Garcia is the kindest, most giving person that I could ever had the pleasure of knowing, I thank GOD everyday for giving me a woman, and a mother that is so kind and gentle that she could be the next Mother Teresa. Lydia Garcia has been ever so kind for as long as I can remember, well 1984, if people want to be exact, and all that she has had to endure, from a child nearly dying, to a divorce from a man that I would not even let my daughter date, to numerous others.

Submitted by: Randolph Peinado

Hero: Thomas Reeves

Thomas Reeves is my uncle. He always gives me good advice. He is a chaplan in the army and is trying to always do the right thing. Last summer he took my family to Hawaii, and we got to see Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head and many other historical sites. He told me that there is a world of opportunities and to pick one wisely, and to think hard, before I choose which ones to take.

Submitted by: Carry Tuttle

Hero: Anna Laverty

Anna was the kindest person I have ever known! A strong, forgiving, kind, classy lady and a wonderful mother! Anna was not just a mother to her own daughter Dee, but a mother to ALL she encountered! I wonder very often how she tolerated some of the people she did! I have never encountered another person who has the ability that Anna did to be so strong and caring! Anyone could learn from her! I can only wish she was here today to say "I'm sorry and thank you" for the care she gave my son! I pray for you EVERY day Anna! I hope you are at peace and thank you for what you did for our Country! You truly are a fallen angel who shall NEVER be forgotten! Much love to you! C.H.

Submitted by: Carol Hartsgrove

Hero: My Grandfather!

My Grandfather, Ronald, is my biggest inspiration. He served in World War II as a member of the U.S. Coast Guard. He has told me many fascinating stories. He has told me that the only thing keeping him alive out there was the fact that he would make a difference. Big or small he said it didn't matter. As long as only a few people or the world were changed. I don't think I could ever tell him enough; he changed my world. I'm sure he changed the whole world.

Submitted by: K

Hero: Amy and Billy Perrett

A few weeks ago I was bleeding badly out of my nose for over an hour... and both my grandchildren stayed calm and delt with the situation in hand. They kept passing fresh rolls of kitchen rolls to me and told me, "You will be alright grandma, the ambulance is on its way". I am so proud of them both.. Amy is 7 and billy is 6, and for the day they were my heros! x x x x love them both dearly.. once at the hospital I was kept in for four days for treatment. THANKYOU MY little BIG HEROS.. X X

Submitted by: Mary Perrett

Hero: PFC. Bryan Canty-Burgess

The person that I would like to nominate is a US Solider of Fort Drum Army Base here in New York. He is currently deployed overseas serving his country and he does it with all his pride he has. He goes out on missions every other day, and goes days without sleep. I have to say he is a dedicated Soldier. And I am proud to call him My Husband, My Soldier, My Hero, My Everything, My Papi..

Submitted by: Liberty Canty-Burgess

Hero: Andrew Zucker

He's people lives and put his in danger. So I thank cause it could have been me!

Submitted by: Cierra Green

Hero: Danielle Hurst

My hero is my daughter Danielle. We had a friend, Becky - 65 years old, bring her grand-daughter Ashley to visit with us for a few days from West Virginia. Becky took the kids to the Virginia Beach oceanfront and Becky was not feeling well, she started vomiting and she could not walk or talk. My daughter Danielle, 12 years old, grabbed Becky's cell phone and called 911. Although people passing by did not assist Danielle, she stayed calm, cool and collective to call for help on the cell phone. She informed the dispatcher of the situation and that they needed help. The dispatcher stayed on the phone until the paramedics arrived telling Danielle what to if Becky passed out. Becky was taken to the emergency room and had to have emergency surgery for her hernia had erupted. Danielle stayed with her little brother and Ashley and kept them calm as they went to the hospital. Everyone was shocked that Danielle knew exactly what to do. She will always be my Hero for saving Becky's life the way she did. Becky was on life support for 3 days and she is currently in the hospital recovering slowly. Danielle is very responsible and a true example of how children can do great things in saving a life spare of the moment. I am extremely proud of Danielle and her quick actions and thinking in a time of emergency.

Submitted by: Jennifer Meyer

Hero: Private Daniel Brundrett

The person I would like to nominate is a U.S Soldier on the Ft. Drum Army Base here in New York. He is so dedicated to what he does. He is always helping out somehwere and loves what he does. He hasn't served over seas yet but, is really looking foward to it. He deserves to be called a hero because, he is dedicated to what he does, and does it proudly with his head held high. There isnt a day that goes by that he isn't doing his part to serve our community and country. He is he kind of guy that everyone loves. It's impossible not to. I am glad to call him my hero, my fiance, and the love of my life.

Submitted by: Leonna

Hero: MY DAD

My dad is unlike any other dad I know. He adopted 5 children from Canada and raised them as his own, he has always been there for us through many ups and downs. My dad is all I have now that my mom passed away last year and every time I talk to him he always puts a smile on my face. My dad has always put us 5 kids before anyone including himself. Even though I am a EMT AND PROUDLY SERVED AT GROUND ZERO MY DAD IS MY HERO AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

Submitted by: Jeff McGroarty

Hero: Jason Muchow

Jason Muchow is my brother in law. He did not run away, he stood by my sister's side when only the age of 17. He did not dissown his baby, he did not dissown my sister. He did not ignore his country. He serves our United State Marines Corps with a huge heart, willing to put down his life for his buddies, his family, and even our country. He is still a young boy, but he knows and has seen more than a 90-year old man would have known or seen. He and his fellow soldiers are never recognized, they never get credit, they do not even one thank you regularly for all they have done. It is least I could do for Jason, I just want to say thank you for laying down your life. Thank you protecting me. Thank you more than my hearts content. Jason, your are America's partriot, forever and ever, you make life in Arizona they way it should be. When you fall, we should hold you up. And we will. Just as you hold me, my sister, and how you have held up all of America.

Submitted by: Ariel Neville

Hero: Sgt. Casey Durst

You were always there for me, even though you lived on the opposite side of the country. You would play with me when everyone else abandoned me. You were always my favorite. You have gotten closer to me over the past 3 years, more than I ever would have thought. You traveled to Iraq and back, twice. And each time you made it home the same way you left, maybe a little older and a little more mature, but still the same Texas boy you always were. You have helped me a lot more than you could know. An alcoholic friend, a sick parent, a few court cases, you have been there to help me through them all. Your Texas drawl and Durst Blue eyes have been imprinted in my brain for the past three years. I think of you as more than just a cousin. You are a brother to me.
Casey is my cousin. He is a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. He is 22 years old and has already been to Iraq and back twice. He left a memorial up for a classmate when she died, even when he got letters saying that the marquee needed to be switched. He is always trying to make the world a better place. I hope that everyone has someone half as good as a person as he is in their life. For if we all looked up to someone like Casey, the world would be a better place. I love my cousin with all my heart, and more..

Submitted by: Uh-Lyss-Ah (Alyssa)

Hero: Raul Tarango

He is a great person who loves to serve his country and risked his life for us to me Americans that is why I nominate him with all my heart and is a strong person too.

Submitted by: His loving son

Hero: My father

My father was a NY FireFighter! He died in the 9/11 attack! He saved so many people! He brought out at least 25 people and they told him to rest right before the 1st building collapsed but he didnt rest he could barely breathe and he ran back in and saves at least 10 more people and then the building fell and he didn't come back out! He is my hero and I hope you will look at him the same way! I love you daddy!

Submitted by: Lindsey

Hero: My family

There always there for me through thick and thin. They've given me a home, a life and everything I could wish for. I wouldn't be able to live without them. Love them all to pieces, and if they all died I'd go with them. Never leave one of them behind.


Submitted by: Michael Holdford

Hero: George Wooster

I nominate my Grandfather. He was a Volunteer Fire fighter for Nokomis Volunteer Fire Department in the late 70's. What he did to help people goes beyond belief and the thought of him being willing to give his life impresses me. Not only did he have a love for the fire department but he shared the love with me which is why I am currently going through fire school where he was a Captain many years ago. He wasnt only a hero to people at the department but also to everyone who knew him, and that is why I nominate him.

Submitted by: Tyler Eaton

Hero: my mum

She feeds street kids, she looks after starving animals, she helps out the community. She has helped troubled kids. She is a great mum and does her best to make the world a better place.

Submitted by: sharna

Hero: Harry

The man I nominate is a man named Harry. I'm a 12th grade student, and for my Psychology Class, we are required to volunteer somewhere, and observe what happens. A friend and me volunteered at Osprey Point, a nursing home. We immediately talked to this one old man, Harry. Harry is a former Marine who fought in World War II, and he is an outgoing person. He brightens everyone's day at Osprey, bringing laughter and joy to a place where its difficult to find it. Thats why Mister Harry is my hero.

Submitted by: Justin S.

Hero: Sonia Choi

I first meet Sonia after she responded to a fight at a local bowling alley on North Shore Rescue Squad Volunteer Ambulance, I was impressed by her 5'3" command of the scene and care of the patient. I had the opportunity from my job to become an EMT. During class she was assisting the Chief Instructor as a victim so the new EMT's can practice their skills. As a student we were asked to join a volunteer squad, which I did. I again meet Sonia as an Officer and went out on crews with. Her attention to teaching and care was unsurpassed, even the Medic/EMT units always said, who's with you on scene and praised her. Since I've know her I have found out she gives almost 1000 hours on the ambulance, volunteers during training classes all for zero dollars. I have recently found out she had a save doing CPR but was never recognized by any one and she never asked why, but I found out and would like her to be thanked for her tireless efforts every day she volunteers.

Thank You, Greg Rodriguez, North Shore Rescue Squad, Staten Island NY 10314

Submitted by: Greg Rodriguez

Hero: My dad, Walt Sumner!

My dad is a Fire Fighter for the Cranesville Fire Department. I nominate my dad, because himself, and the rest of the CVFD has saved a lot of houses, and a lot of people. From EMS Calls to Wrecks to Fires, They've saved a lot, But Mostly my dad, cause he inspired me to Join the Dept too. I'm going to take classes for EMT soon, and thats because of Him. But mostly, I'm just greatful, our town has an amazing fire department like this. Consisting of Great Guys (Dad, Mikey H, Ryan K, Eric S, Will S, Jeremy K, Jim R, Tim C, and the rest of the CVFD.)

Submitted by: Allie Sumner

Hero: Mark Lanier

My brother-in-law is my hero. He served in Iraq, and was able to come home and stay, only after seeing some of his closest friends give their lives to save his. He saw things that I would only see in my imagination. I am proud to say he is my 1st brother-in-law, and we love him! Thank you Mark, and everyone who has served in every war. Especially the war in our streets, right here in our beautiful USA! I can only hope that someday we will be able to live in peace and harmony, as we should!

Submitted by: Angelique Lanier

Hero: Mark Cerney

Mark Cerney is my good friend and my hero. Mark is also a disabled USMC veteran, who has passionately and single handedly led the way to reconnect children, seniors and families globally during daily emergencies or national disasters. Mark is the founder of NOKR the first ever-global emergency contact system that is summed up as read below: The Next Of Kin Registry (NOKR) was established as a FREE tool for daily emergencies and national disasters. NOKR is an emergency contact system to help if you or your family member is missing, injured or deceased. NOKR provides the public a free proactive service to store emergency contacts, next of kin and vital medical information that would be critical to emergency response agencies. Stored information is only accessible via a secure area that is only accessible by emergency public trust agencies that have registered with NOKR. Mark started community by community and now state-by-state. Please see his history here.

Mark is not affluent he's sold his last 3 primary residences, to fund the idea and to grow credibility of the NOKR resource. Mark's passion is to help people were no other entity has filled this significant community void. Many past disaster have called for the NOKR's resource to reconnect families and individuals displaced post many larger scale events. Mark's a humble guy who does not seek attention. Mark has encouraged Governors from nearly every state to get involved with the NOKR as seen here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Next_of_kin) where you will see a list of states and government that now utilize this organization. NOKR is a completely volunteer effort with no paid staff members. NOKR has volunteers in most all us states and 87 plus countries please see http://nokr.org/volunteer_list.htm. The organization flowing Hurricane Katrina reconnected 500 plus families in the first few days. Please see this media page. Reference Kurt the Cyber guy after Katrina. Mark also helped Charity Hospital Louisiana to find many lost patients evacuated from Katrina. Please also call this man who lost his family after Katrina. Randolph Fazande - (985)-537-1435 lost both parents in New Orleans (Alvin Fazande 78, Bernadette Fazande 78).

Mark has been honored by the Riverside, CA Rotary Club, he's also received many letters and phone calls from, The US Secretary of Defense, Senator McCain, Senator Boxer, Senator Feinstein, Senator Barack Obama, Congressman Jesses Jackson Jr. and other political officials. Goolge has been an in-kind supporter to help spread the word globally for volunteers and community preparedness. Mark is now working with Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina to build the first state template for community preparedness using the NOKR resource across the state with the hopes of register 4.5 million individuals into the NOKR resource to prepare for daily emergencies as well as the 2007 hurricane season. NOKR has registered/prepared nearly 14 million people to date. If you ask Mark his greatest accomplishment's with NOKR, it's the people who the organization helps prepare each day and the personal success stories he receives. Mark's on a mission to help people and solve a global issue.

Submitted by: Roger F Castro, Hemet, CA

Heroes: Tammy Gleckler and John Poore

My aunt and uncle has served thier country. That is what a true hero is. Someone who puts their life on the line to save other people! They mean the world to me. God Bless

Submitted by: Kyra Gleckler

Hero: Mr. Macdonald

I am a single mom,and have been for 13 years. I have never met a teacher who puts so much time and effort into his kids like Mr. Mac. He teache's Science, wrestling, and girl's track. Mr. Mac takes time out to talk to the parent's at any given moment, which is what he has done for me, and ecspecally my two son's. I cannot tell you how many times he has been there, but he has. Joe and Devan, (my son's) have always looked up to Mr. Mac. A wonderful role model,and an excellent teacher. Mr. Mac should be "Teacher of th Year". Mr. Mac is a hero in all of our eye's,teacher coach and a father. I could go on about Mr. Mac but I got in what I really wanted to say. Mr. Mac is a hero to the children and the parents, wish we had more like you Mr. Mac. All our Love and Thanks Mama Shack and the Shack Boys.

Submitted by: Carol Knight, Mama Shack

Hero: Darryl T.

Darryl has been there for me since I joined the fire service. He has taught me almost everything I know about fire, Hes been there for me whenever I needed him at the station and out of the station. Hes a great guy and an awesome firefighter.

Submitted by: Andrew C

Hero: Jackie Wayman

My cousin, Jackie Wayman served in the war in Iraq. She started out in the airplanes dropping supplies down to the soldiers. She moved up to being on the battlefields herself. She is my hero forever and always. She came home when she found out she was pregnant after a visit home. She now has a baby boy who is almost 2 years old. He is the cutest thing ever and has suffered from overproductuve tear ducts due to some gases my cousin might've breathed in from Iraq. She is my hero.

Submitted by: Kayla

Hero: PFC. Steven C. Tucker

PFC. Steven Tucker was killed in action protecting our freedom in Afganistan after 9-11 when a road-side bomb when off near his humvee. he found it in his heart as many did to answer the call and protect our freedom from all those who threaten it.

Submitted by: Kaci Wolfe

Hero: Ground Zero ironworkers

To my brothers on the pile. We stood together side by side our other brothers (FDNY). Behind the scenes with no fan fair with just one purpose. We were not there for the media, we were not there to be heroes, we were there because our brothers were in trouble. Rst easy brothers.. recovery by hand... recovery with respect.. at all costs... leave no one behind. From the bottom of the pit to the top of the pile.

Submitted by: ironworker local 7

Hero: Andrew Kidd

Andrew is serving in Iraq for the second time now, and it amazes me. He is fighting what seems to be like a never ending war, but complains not once. He is one of the many soliders over seas fighting for our very freedom. And I wish they all a safe return. May god Bless, <3 Everyone over seas is my hero.

Submitted by: katlin kidd

Hero: My husband Chuck Flickinger

Chuck Flickinger went down to the towers that afternoon and assisted in three rescues. The experience changed him completely. He is now an EMT, a volunteer at our local firehouse and studying to be a nurse. We lost too many good men on 9/11, but it is comforting to know that there are more of that ilk.

Thank you to all of you who selflessly give your time and talent for our safety. Freedom isn't free.

Submitted by: Charlotte Berwind

Hero: My Jacquie and the other Survivors

I'm filled with pride for all our hero's on 9/11 but I'd like to remember those whose lives have forever been changed by the loss of their innnocence. She started working the week of the first bombing in 93 so on 9/11 she knew. She knew she needed to leave as soon as possible no matter what the loud speakers were saying about it being safe and that their tower wasnt affected by what happened in the building so close to them.
A temp worker who was much older and suffers from Asthma needed her help and she walked her down the 42 flights while all hell litterly broke. Bodies were falling, blood, carniage not seen like this in the worse horror films surrounded these people who were in shock. They will have those memories for the rest of their lives. The triage wanted to tag her friend and treat her outside the tower but Jacquie ripped the tag off and pulled the woman away from the building. Well we all know what happened next.
Shes a survivor, forever changed by those memories and that experience. They all deserve our prayers for finding the same peace that existed before that horrible day.

Submitted by: JD


I just want to say that the NYPD the FDNY AND all the paramedics they all deserve credit wether they are alive or resting. Everyone who died in 9/11 will never be forgotten and those who lived will always remember and those who lost loved ones will never forget. The day hurt everyone around the world and those who where very close to the tragedy were effected just as much as anyone else, and I just want to finish up by say "Thoughts are with you all who suffered" NEVER FORGET 9/11 R.I.P NYPD FDNY PARAMEDICS.

Submitted by: Brett Davey

Hero: my dad

After the Tsunami that took place in Indonesia my dad went over there for three weeks to help out the injured. He was a trained EMT. He saw many, many tramatic things and new some of the people he helped would die. He helped bring a young boy and his paralyzed mother back to their village and helped many other hurt people. Even though he could have gotten diseases he still went over there to help. He still has pictures that I look at frequently of people he helped and saved. He's a hero to me, but also to the people he cared for and helped.

Submitted by: Katie Leigh

Hero: Lee Stilwell

Union iron worker who dug out 14 bodies in three days. He is now having symptoms, but does not blame anything or anyone.

Submitted by: Melodie Stilwell

Hero: Stephen Johnson

October 6. 2006 Lcpl Stephen Johnson gave his life for his country. Stephen died doing what he thought was right, he died for the country that he truely loved. Lcpl Johnson died in Iraq, fighting for our freedom.

Submitted by: Leslie

Hero: Mike Oberg

Why is anyone a hero? Heroes are people who inspire and bring meaning to someone's life. I've only met one person like this. His name is Mike Oberg. Mike has been a paramedic for 7 years and an EMT for 16 years. He works over 120 hours per week and still finds plenty of time to spend with his 7 year old Braxton. Braxton has the best role model in the world. Mike cares more for people than anyone I've ever met. He is the kind of man that lights up any room when he enters it. He volunteers his time to teach others first aid and CPR. He volunteers to help collect money for local charities. His life is dedicated to saving the lives of strangers on a daily basis. I've also never met a better father. He inspires me to be a better person. His passion for life almost brings tears to my eyes every day. I feel truly blessed that I know such a special person. I love you Mike


Submitted by: Dana Shery

Hero: Daniel A Welsh

My daddy. He was in the WTC when it was attacked and got out just in time for it to collapse. My father went back and help with recovery and clean up. 5 years later my daddy is suffering greatly b/c of trying to help. He has black lung disease and needs a lung and heart transplant they are telling us. My dad is on 100% O2 and still stay positive. He suffers from PTSD andits hard.... My dad has always put others in front of himself and now it seems that he is paying for it with his life. He is my hero. He is my father. Daniel A Welsh I love you daddy...

Submitted by: Cleo McDonald

Hero: Dominick Pezzulo-Port Authority Police Officer

Dom Is a hero even though he lost his life on September 11th 2001. He was in Tower 1 when it fell, he survived the collapse of the tower, He was trying to free his Sarge and his friend Will Jimeno, when The second toward collapsed he was crushed in between two concrete slabs, but before he died he said to his sarge and to Will, "Remember I tried to save you, I love you guys." He then pulled his fire arm and shot it up towards a hole about 25 feet above their head as if to say "Hey, we're down here and we need some help!" Then he died. He needs to be remembered. He was a hero that died in trying to save his friends.

Submitted by: Tracey Worley

Hero: Hap Ferry

I have met most wonderful man in the world. He has been a firefighter for 14 years now and an EMT-B. He also has raised two lovely childern all on his own. And at the same time has found time to take his Paramedic class. He is my hero for he is only 32 years old and has more courage and determantion then anyone I have ever meet in my life. I love him with all my heart.

Submitted by: Heather Bol

Hero: My Uncle Joe Marcellino

He helped clean up the mess at Ground Zero.

Submitted by: Brittany Morgan

Hero: John W Decyk II

I Nominate this person because of the simple fact of how he puts his life on hold to serve others. I remember nights that he has had Class 1 Automobile Accidents and John has stayed out until the early hours of the morning. To this day he still bears a scar on his left hand from barbwire, he bled all night from his hand and even with the blood pouring still did his job. He has risked his own life on numerous occasions just to save others. It makes me sad to hear the way he talks he says time and time again "the day is going to come where I will go out and not make it back. But I want you to know that because of me someone one else has a second chance".

Submitted by: Brittany

Hero: God

He is ALWAYS there. He comforts us in time of need! There is no explanation for his generousity. God is, and will always be, my...HERO!

Submitted by: Taylor-12 years old

Hero: Jerry Macioce and Tom Foss

With the upcoming anniversary of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, I wanted to acknowledge two of the many heroes that faced and overcame life threatening circumstances the save others. Dr. Gerard "Jerry" Macioce and Mr. Thomas "Tom" Foss are two of those individuals.

Despite fire, smoke, and noxious fumes Jerry and Tom stayed inside the Pentagon after the attack and assisted moving the injured to safety. Despite Jerry's injured back and burns and Tom with an injured arm, both provide first aid for the critically injured until emergency responders arrived.

When the first responders arrived and took over the situation at the impact area, Jerry and Tom left to locate and account for their respective personnel. As they were looking for their teams, these men assisted with ensuring the safety of the children who were in the Pentagon's day care center. As they were relocating the children to Lady Bird Johnson Memorial Park the police and federal agents frantically announced that that another plane was heading directly for them and to quickly run for cover. While many ran for safety, there were those, including Jerry and Tom, who stayed with the children. Each man picked up a child in one arm and together they grabbed a corner of a crib with a baby inside. At that that time you could hear the unmistaken sound of an airplane quickly approaching. Screaming was everywhere and people were running in every direction looking for a place to survive the next plane crash, but Jerry and Tom, thinking their lives were about to end, were committed to ensure that the three children they had were going to be safe or die trying. Fortunately the plane was the first U.S. fighter jet that arrived in response to the disaster.

After knowing the children were safe, Jerry and Tom continued to account for their staff. Shortly they were asked to return into the Pentagon, still on fire, as one of the first individuals to assess the situation for their organization and to begin to restore critical operations.

Submitted by: Theresa



Submitted by: DUSTIN DODGE

Hero: Paramedic Fabio Silva

Husband Fabio Silva, who at the time worked for the NYC-EMS, he risked his life that dreadfull day to rescue others. His courage for going back the next day to search for survivals.

Submitted by: Carolina Silva

Hero: Jesus Christ

When everything seemed lost, he arrived. He knew he had to die for us to be saved. Without hesitation, he left his place in heaven. God's only son. He made a selfless act, and lived a life heroic in all aspects. Knowing that he was going to be humiliated, rejected, spit, blasphemed, insulted, tortured beyond imagination and killed, he came here and cured thousands, lifted the faith of millions, saving our souls from certain death. He suffered as no human could ever suffer, and carried his own cross for as long as his imperfect human body could bear to hold, then he was treasoned by guards, who didn't care to give him water, and died, FOR ALL MANKIND. That's why my hero is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Submitted by: Elisamuel Moya



My hero is Jesus, he has been there for me through the thick and the thin when things seem to get bad he is there, when you need a friend he is there. God is my hero he has saved me and my family I still need one more merical in my life and I know he can do it. my god bless everyone who reads this.

Submitted by: Nikki

Hero: Melissa laforte

melissa is my daughter my friend and the person with the best heart and soul any one can ever know you are truly my inspiration
Love you always dad

Submitted by: Robert laforte

Hero: Jamesc Skaggs

this firefighter goes out of his way to help ours each and everyway that he can, his been a emt/firefighter for 30yrs. he helps out in a split monent without thinking of himself, whenever something happens his there.9-11 he went with his crew and did what comes natural. he is a outstanding man who really goes all out,

Submitted by: sharon burwin

Hero: Sgt. Jason Thomas

He is one of the Marines that located and pulled the Port Authortity Police Officers from the rubble on that dradful day. He was sought after for the past five years for his heroism, and the new movie "World Trade Center" is based off of. This Hero didn't just start to wear his cape then he has a long history.

Submitted by: Sgt. Charles Thomas

Hero: Marc Klaas/John Walsh/Lunsford Family/AG Charlie Crist

I would like to nominate Marc Klaas (Father of Polly Klaas), John Walsh (Father of Adam Walsh), and the Lunsford Family (Parents of Jessica Lunsford), and Attorney General Charlie Crist. Other people who have made a strong effort to protect America's Futures "Our Children" are Dell Harvey from Perverted Justice, Oprah Winfrey who helped changed the laws in making Child Predators register, as well as Chris Hansen from Date-line. The attached art piece have these peoples support and will be forwarded with a message to every member of the Senate and Congress. Enough is enough, Our Children must have the protection of Our US Constitution.

Submitted by: Marc Gagnon



Submitted by: MARC H & MARSHA BRONER

Hero: Vinni Cascone, NY Fire Fighter

Vinni Cascone, a NYC Fire Fighter suffered permanent lung damage on 9/11/01 at the World Trade Center. He is on administrative duty and cannot ever be a Fire Fighter again. He risked his life for the lives of Americans in peril.

Please see attached piece which represents all Fire Fighters for his heroism.

Submitted by: Marc Gagnon

Hero: Aimee Stephens

What is a hero? A hero is someone who inspirers someone else to follow his or her dreams. Someone who loves you for who you are and doesn't judge you by what you wear or what kind of music you listen to. A hero can be any shape or size, color or form it doesn't matter. Young or old, dead or alive, a hero is a hero no matter what! My hero is the exact definition. She is intelligent, pretty, and inspiring.
My hero is a teacher, whose job is to give her best every day and to have faith that her students learn from it. Her job is to have every student enjoy coming to school to learn and also to make them understand that she wants to help. She's fantastic at her job. My hero is involved with extracurricular activities. She puts 210% in every activity she signs up for. She puts her heart in everything she does.
My hero is a cheerleader. She's there to cheer you up when you are down and knows just what to do to make you feel better. Also, she's there to support your dreams. My hero has spirit. She finds ways to support sports teams to show that she cares. Her spirit shouts out louder than anyone else's to me!
My hero is a friend. She is easy to talk to and gets involved when you need her assistance. She helps her students understand what they did wrong and also helps them to find a better solution.
My hero is a hard worker who never gives up. She tries her hardest at everything she does and makes the best of the situation.
Indescribable is what my hero truly is. Words cannot express why my hero is a hero to me. She just has this way, almost like the sparkle in someone famous' eyes. Or that inspiring touch that you get once in your life and is unforgettable. You are immediately attracted to these characteristics.
My hero is kind of like the big sister I've never had. I guess I just admire her so much and wish that I could be like her; these reasons make me respect her ten times more. My hero is all of the above and much, much more!
My hero is Aimee Stephens!

Submitted by: Nicole Smith

Hero: Kenneth George

My father Kenneth George has been working for D.O.T for many years now. On the date of 9-11, he was called down with the rest of his employees to clean up the rubbage and disposals of human body parts. He came home late that night, and was really upset about the things he had to see. I consider my father a hero. From being down at the world trade center for a long period of time and having all those chemicals exposed to him, he got really sick.That summer my father had a heart attach from undergoing toxins and loads of stress from being down there. My father survived but is still very ill, he is seeing many doctors and is still continuing to do the best he can to support my family and I. My father is the nicest person anyone could meet, he is friendly to everyone that comes a long and usually gets screwed in the long run from that. I dont have to prove that my father is a hero cause I know for a fact that he is, and anyone down at the World Trade Center that day, in my eyes is a hero.. but my father is my hero.

I love you dad.. Happy fathers day xox
With love, Gina <3

Submitted by: Gina George

There are many heroes in the world we live in today. Our Father is a HERO because to us he is our idol. My father is my hero because he has always tried to be honest and honorable with everyone. He has done his best to treat others with kindness and respect, and he has stuck by us through everything. My dad is also my hero because of his efforts in 9-11 he suffers from pulmonary disease. My dad still continues to work every single day to support us and give us what we Need and what he did not have growing up.

Submitted by: 3 Kids



Submitted by: GEORGE KUNKEL

Hero: my brother

My brother is a dedicated firefighter and he is real. He's in stanwix heights and he devotes all his time to fire calls and firefighting. He risks his own life everyday there is a call for someone he might not even know, that's why he is a hero.

Submitted by: dakota

Hero: Rusty Westmoreland

To me he is an everyday hero. He was there for me when times were a little bit rough. No words said, just outstretched hands, always willing to help, always a smile on his face with good advice, someone you can always count on, more like a family member than a friend. That's why I call him uncle Wally!

Submitted by: Robert Zach

Hero: My Uncle/brother Stephen

My Uncle Stephen had always been a hero to me, first as a United States Marine then on 911 when the Marine was called again as an Ironworker. I was told how fearless he was, how he worked with cutting torch and sledge hammer day after day till he'd fall asleep in the back of a work truck or at the place where he was cutting. He was every bit the image of my Grandfather, a Boston longshoreman who's large massive hands were shields of comfort to me as a child. I knew Stephen was a comfort to many mothers and many more children as he worked to bring their beloved home from that hell. He passed away in 2004 and as the pastor of Saint Francis DeSales church in Charlestown put it...God called his faithful servant home to do construction work in heaven. Uncle I will be forever proud of you, which is why I wore my Navy uniform for 20 years.

Submitted by: Your Nephew Daniel Rush

Hero: Officer Roach

my hero is a police officer in hampton nhj i had DARE class with him i love him and rerspect him i am very proud of all the armd services

Submitted by: Taylor Baxer

Hero: Tim Thompson

Tim is my brother, he's always been there for me no matter what. Our family has gone through alot of hard times, like losing two of our grandparents at a young age, or our constant struggle with financies. He's been strong through everything, and I know he wants to help my parents with money and he's looking for a job but nobody is hiring. He's on the volunteer fire department here in Rome Wisconsin just inside the Adams County/Wood County border. Recently he had to resuce a truck driver out of a semi/bus accident and he wasn't scared at all. I wish I could do something to let him know how much we all apperciate him because I don't think he hears it enough. Please help me in honoring my big brother.

Submitted by Stephanie Thompson

Hero: My Dad

I have nominated my dad as being a hero because he adopted me at 2 years of age, and loves me more than if i was his own. He puts food on the table and looks after me day by day. When im sad i tell him my problems, he always understands and gives me a huge hug and tells me everythings going to be o.k.! when im in trouble, he puts his foot down and has a go at me. After he makes me realise that i have down wrong, but in a way he makes me feel better because i can be a better person. Every night i stop and think, where would i be if my dad didnt adopt me, who he be able to have kids eventually. At school people to take the micky and say "hey no mum, no dad, "your mum doesnt love you "your dad doesnt love you" on the surface i wanna cry, but deep inside i realise that i was chosen for a reason and that i am so very special to them and makes me feel safe and proud. My dad couldnt have kids but when he got me i am proud to say he held me in his arms and his wish came true at last, and he could be happy. So the man i love to death and trust with my life works and would die for me if need be and onlywants me to be happy. This man is called my dad, and i am so very proud to call him my dad! because you can have a pop star idol or acter/actress who you would call a hero, but look in your heart who loves and looks after you no matter what! they ARE A HERO!!

Submitted by Dan Hodson

Hero: Diane Robertson

My mom is my hero b/c she sacrificed for us daily. My dad left when me and my sister were 13 and 15 and 6 months later my mom's dad died, so she had to take care of her mom with alzheimer's, work 2 jobs and take care of 2 bratty teenage daughters and she never complained. She always stayed upbeat and never let on how bad we were struggling. She is the strongest woman I know. I love her.

Submitted by Deena

Hero: Engine 332/Ladder 175

The reason why i choose my FireDepartment Engine 332/Ladder 175 is because all the firefighters in my engine are all brave souls. And ever since i first introduced myself to that firedepartment we been friends ever since that day. And because if it wasn't for that firedepartment and all the other firedepartments who was in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001 who took their chances knowing some will make it and some wont gave their lives to save other
That is why i choose all the firefighters in Engine 332/ Ladder 175. May all the souls that lost their lives on September 11, 2001 Rest In Peace and May God Bless their families

Submitted by Nikki

Hero: John C. Candela and Phyllis Candela

My father and my mother are my heros. After my brother (John A. Candela) was killed on 9-11 my parents did everything they could possible do to help my sister-in-law and my neice and nephew. They put their own greif aside to comfort my brothers family. They helped get all the necessary papers in order for her and their children.

My parents put their own heartship aside to insure that my sister-in-law and my niece and nephew would be albe to live the kind of life my brother wanted for them.

My dad worked so hard for this that he, five months after my brother was killed on 9-11, had a massive heart attack and died. You see not only did we lose our brother but my dad was also taken from us.

After my dad died a women said to me "oh, your dad was a weak person" Quite the opposite, he was probably one of the most strongest people that I know. To me he is my hero.

As far as my mom, she still wakes up in the morning and counts her blessings. She is greatful for all she has had and all she has. To me she is my hero.

Submitted by Joan Brady

Hero: Tina Cole

The person I would like to nominate is some one who was a hero before she went over sea's in the military. She is a P.E. teacher, a friend, and a sargent. She was assigned to afagaistan after sept. 11 She was my teacher then. But as soon as i found out she became more then a teacher to me she became my hero and my friend. She spent almost 2 years in afagaistan and only came home for 3-4 days in that time. When she came home and was no longer on duity, she was a different person some one that no one really knew. But no one pushed her to talk about it. Tina is my hero. She isnt given enough credit for what she does. No solider is! That's why i am nominateing Tina Cole as a hero!

Submitted by Jennifer Peders

Hero: Earl Phillips

My boyfriend, Lieutenant Earl Phillips, deserves the recognition as a hero because he is my inspiration. He's been a volunteer firefighter for six years now, yet every time tones drop, he races out the door like it's his first call. He has such a passion to help others that he never gets tired of this intense work. He's never afraid to run into a burning building to fight a beastly flame, while everyone else is running out. It's amazing to watch him reassure a patient as he extricates them from an overturned vehicle. For the past year, he's been instructing an Explorer Post, where teens that desire to pursue this career, come to the fire department to learn the ways of the brotherhood. He's always willing to show them what it takes to be a true firefighter. He's compassionate and brave in that he has saved many lives, and felt for the families of those who have been lost. And there is no doubt that every day he will wake up ready to jump on a truck when the citizens in his community call for his aid. Earl is not only a courageous firefighter; he is my hero.

Submitted by Stephanie Chazan

Hero: family

My family is my hero because they been there for me. I love them so much,I bless that I have an family like this.

Submitted by heather

Hero: Mark Kulp

I have never told my husband, Mark, that I think he is a hero,he would probably just laugh and shrug it off. I would like to nominate my wonderful husband,Mark,as a hero. Mark's profession is a Firefighter/EMT. He loves what he does for a living and does not take anything for granted. He lives life like today or tomorrow could be his last, because with his job you never know. He works in a city that has a lot of crime and violence. He always has a positive attitude on life regardless of the things he sees and experiances on the job. It takes a true hero to be able to leave the comfort and safety of your own home to provide total strangers with the same safety and comfort that you just left and not think twice about it. He is and always will be a hero in my eyes,he just doesn't know it.

Submitted by Wanda Kulp

Hero: Daniel Maurice Van Laere

My Friend Daniel Van Laere was truly My "Hero".He passed away on 9-11-01 in 2 World Trade Center.He was working on The 98th Floor for a Company called AON when the plane struck.Dan was the kind of person who would make sure everyone got out of the building safely before him.He would stay behind to help anyone who needed it.Even As a teenager he was A "Hero" on the Glen Rock Fire Department as A volunteer.I know God wanted Dan as well as so many other wonderful people on that Horrible day.They are all "Our Angels in Heaven" waiting for us to join them with God someday.We all Love & Miss You Dan.

Submitted by Michelle Monarque

Hero: Steve Morello

I nominate Steve Morello as a hero. For getting up and going to work every day to provide for his family. For not working when his family needed him to be home. For picking up the phone, or getting out of bed at 3am because one of us (me) was in trouble. For never siding with "The Man" over his son-EVER. For making whatever stupid things we were interested in part of his life, too. For making EVERYONE feel special. For never letting his family know if he was afraid. For helping me (more like making) my school projects with me. For taking it personally when the coach wouldn't play me. For taking me to see the Kinks and coming to my crappy band's shows. For never judging, even when I was being an idiot. For always listening (even though sometimes it seemed like he didn't). For being a constant source of affection. For going up the elevator that day to earn money to fly his grandson and I home. For being a good American. And dying for it....
I nominate Steve Morello as a hero. 03/17/1949-09/11/2001

Submitted by Steven P. Morello Jr.

Hero: Daniel Davis

He is my hero cause he spent 25 years as a firefighter. He trained with N.Y.F.D and lost 27 friend that he trained with on that day and he dealing with it so well

Submitted by Joyce N.Davis

Hero: Michael J Elferis

Mike could always brighten a room with his smile. He was an inspiration to us all who were blessed to have had a chance to know him. And more so now. Mike is the reason why I stopped drinking and doing drugs. He's the reason why I've been in college trying to do something with my life. And for some weird reason I think that Mike sent my husband to me. We met a year after 9/11. Mike meant alot to me and my life. I will forever cheerish the memories I hold within my heart. I long to see that smile again

Submitted by Anonymous visitor

Hero: Tamara (MOM)

Through the 15 years I have lived with her she has been there from the beggining, and I know will be there to the end. My mom has showed me the way inwhich I only could wish to live my life, raising my brother and I as a single parent has been tough. She has been in the army at Fort Knox, was stationed in Operation Dessert Storm, and continues to live the life of a true hero. So to my mom, may she continue to live a true life, I love you! To everybody who is fortunate to have someone they can love, don't take a minute for granite, just as September 11, something someday could happen. Continue to keep those in Iraq and Afghanistan in your prayers, because they do the job that keeps us safe at night. My deepest regards to those who lost someone on September 11, for they will remain heroes forever.

Submitted by Laurena

Hero: My DAD

The reason my dad is my heor is because he has always been their when i needed him to be their and he has halp me thrugh all lot throughtout my life im only 16 but i have been in some pretty bad situations and i would just like to think him for always being their for me and my little sisteri love you dad

Submitted by Shaleena

Hero: My Mom

For me, the bestest hero I have ever known is my mom. She has done so much for me and my two sisters. My parents are divorced, and my mom's the one who takes care of us. She takes me and my sisters to school everyday, making sure that we ate after we leave the house. She always worry about us, and for that, she always shows how much she cares and loves us. She fights for us and always gives us good advices, whenever we need it. That's why I don't need Spiderman, Superman or Batman, because I already got my own superhero.

Submitted by elizabeth johnson

Hero: My Mom

My Mom is a hero to me because she is a single mother and so far has done a great job at raising 14 year old twins... Me and my autistic brother. She always makes sure we have what we need and most of the time what we want. She doesn't have it very easy but through it all shes a fighter...

Also, anybody who serves our country, firefighters, policemen, policegirls, nurses (im planing on going to college for nursing) doctors emts... people in the army, navy, marines, air force, ect... that you all you make us the U.S.

Submitted by Marissa Kay

Hero: The victims

All the families that suffered, and had to give up family. All that fought to save people from the sites. All who came together and prayed and stood up for what is right. Our president. God Bless all who was involved and touch by what happened. The real heroes are the ones it is still touching. That have not forgotten what happened that day. Don't forget, keep all in your prayers and all in your heart. God Bless!!!!

Submitted by Joy

Hero: John Munson

John Munson was a firefighter in New York, who responded to the twin towers. He came out alive he saved many lives on that sad, sad day. All he did way break his ankle

Hero: The Men in my Life

I nominate the men in my life who've become wonderful role models and heroes. I could not honor one without the other. I start with my older brother Jimmy who spent many years serving and protecting in Atlanta, but even as a child had this great ability to make you feel safe. My brother Steven, who, as my husband serves our country, has dedicated many hours to see that my boys and I are looked after, even when he's worked long days. There's never been a time when he has not been there for us. And my husband, who is currently serving our country. I'm most honored to know you; you are the bravest man I know and your strength makes us all better people. My two boys are the youngest heroes in my life beacuse each day they give me new hope that our family is going to be just fine. I live each day for you two and every morning I wake I Thank God for you. I love you all and am proud to have each of you in my life. Thank You for being heroes, even without meaning to. You all put other people first and that's what will carry this great nation on.

Submitted by Peaches

Hero: My brother Matt

I rember when i came home from school that day. my brother matt who is now a firefighter and emt had just got throw fireshcool and wanted to go down and not only then even now .. he has broguth people out of burning buildings and what put anyone b4 him

Submitted by Brittany



Submitted by GEORGE KUNKEL

Hero: All firefighters

I think they are the best. they have saved my life several times and were nice all along. I am glad there are people who care about us that much

Submitted by natasha beck



Submitted by NICK KUNKEL

Hero: my mom

she does so much to me and i just want to say i am thankfull to have her and to all those who lost ur mothers i am so srry and i just want you to know u are in my prayers and thank you

Submitted by emily kieffer

Hero: My parents

They work as hard as they can, sacrificing their own time, doing whatever they can, to help others. They may not be someone who saved a town, but to me and my four brothers, they are concidered heroes to us. My two younger sisters died in a car crash before i was born. We moved, and everything was hard for a while. I just know that my parents are terribly sad about this event, and they are just the best parents anyone kid could have. My dad works from 5am to 8/9pm, my mom stays at home and runs many errons, they both have no time for themselves and are always helping others. If they arent heroes, i dont kno what is. i love my parents and i am proud. I am also very proud of all the people who helped with 911, i am doing a momument about 911, and all the people who helped and sacrificed their lives. i may be young, but i know a hero when i see one. and i see one in my parents and in a lot of people. thank you.

Submitted by Samantha mmw

Hero: Stacey Cronan

Stacey has given so much to others. She was serving in the Air Force during the 9-11 tragedy since then she commits herself to volunteer work at hospitals, nursing homes, and the court system. Last year alone she worked 20 hours a week at a local hospital while volunteering at a local animal rescue. When Stacey was discharged from the military and received her disability check she gave 25% of it to charities mainly those funding 9-11 charities. She has not only done this but when she was in the military she saved an 11 month old toddler's life. She has been a hero in my mind and I know she will be in yours.

Submitted by Heidi Satterlee

Hero: Rodney C. Gillis

Rodney Gillis was an all around fun person to be with. He was a hard worker and very dedicated to his job. Anyone will to risk their life while they have three kids that need them is a hero. If he's not a hero I don't know what is. If we had more people like him the world would be more than a better place.

Submitted by Shannon Whitaker

Hero: Gerard T. Nevins

The person I would like to nominate had been a hero way before September 11th. I can remember that day, I was in fourth period spanish with Mrs. Jhaver when Mr. Onorato declared a code red which meant we had to move the desks into the middle of the room. Once the principle made it to our classrom he told us what had happened, but not in detail I guess so he wouldn't scare us. I thought nothing of it at the time. My dad came and picked me and my sister Ashley up from school at about 11 o'clock. The radio was on in my dad's truck and I will never forget the look on my dad's face when the voice on the radio said "Oh my god tower 2 just collapsed with about 300 firemen inside". My dad's face went pale right then and there he knew he would never see his brother again. My Uncle Gerry was a loving and kind man. Family was always important to him. I will always have my memories of Christmas Eve at his house with the whole family, it was always just a time of joy for the whole family. I watch all of the home videos and it brings me to tears that I will never see him again, he won't be at any more of the Christmas eve parties, then I stop and think to myself "he is in a better place now, and I will see him again in heaven" My Unle died a hero that tragic day along with many other people. He went into the burning tower knowing that something fatal could happen, but none of that mattered to him, he had a job to do and he was going to do it no matter what it took. My Aunt (Marie) and my two cousins (Danny and Andrew) are 3 of the bravest people I know. They have suffered a great loss and they are dealing with it in the best way possible. In times like these family is very important, so it gives me the more reason to be the best family I can be.

Submitted by Maegan

Hero: Yamel Merino

She was the epitomy of a great EMT-D. She exhibited professionalism, compassion, and true grace. The day of the attacks she rescued at least 50 people before giving up her own life doing what she loved... She was a great person who made a great life out of nothing. Everything she had is owed to her alone. She earned this heroism. May God Bless her and her son...

Submitted by Laina Niciu

Hero: Jesus 'Chuy' Calderon

Jesus,Chuy, known by his family and friends, is an unsung hero because he has dedicated his life in serving others. He lives in a small community with a population of 217. He was born and raised here in Valentine, Texas. During his life he has served as a school teacher, volunteer fireman, mayor for the last 29 years, and parish president of his church. Anytime something happens in our community he is the first person people call for help. He gives of his time without complaining and without questioning. He has saved the lives of several people in our community through his quick response to their calls. There are so many things that Chuy has done and so people that he has helped there is no way to list them all. He especially cares for our youth and dedicates a lot of his time and energy to them. Our community consists mainly of eldery folks and all his friends went off to school and made a living in the city, but Chuy saw an opportunity to come back after graduating from college and encourage other kids like him to continue their education and become productive citizens. One would have to know him to respect all that he has done and continues to do not only for our community but for our country.

Submitted by Viola Calderon




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