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In Tribute to Brian D. Sweeney
38 years old.   Residence: Barnstable, Mass.
Passenger of Flight 175

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I went through AOCS with Brian. He was a great guy always willing to help. He also was one of the best artist I have ever met. I sent a framed AOCS Class 13-89 shirt that Brian drew for our class. It was a very amzing drawing. I sent it to 1408 Mary Dunn Rd, Barnstable Ma. I would like to find out if you have received it. It was sent in Sept.
Brian was a good friend, Naval Officer and Naval Flight Officer. Jugis Servo Caelestis (to continuiously protect us from the heavens)

*** Posted by CDR Jeff Cole on 2011-12-24 ***

Moose, you were such a devoted squadren mate to Lurch and friend to all of us at Miramar that knew you. You even showed great interest in our now 17 year old daughter Haley, even though you were not a parent yet. You were quite entertained. I have never forgotten you, the fun parties at our Goldfish Way house, and the terrible moment that you must have endured on 911. This wighs heavy on my heart. I know you loved your sweet wife Julie, and everyday I pray for the both of you. When I think about what a sweet man you were, and I think of what an "unfair" deal you were given. My self, Ted, Haley, Shauna, and even my mom pray for you everyday. I have asked God to keep you in eternity with love and peace. Heidi Hill

*** Posted by Heidi Hill on 2011-09-26 ***

I cannot say for sure that I ever met LT Sweeney but may have. I worked in the ejection seat shop of his sister squadron during Desert Storm (VF-24). I just wanted to post a thought for Julie. My mother lost my father in Viet Nam when she was pregnant with me. She has told me many times that her children were the only reason she survived the pain of losing him. My understanding from all that I hear is that both of these men died too early and both were extremely fine men that touched every life that they encountered. May the Love and Peace of God be with you and your children all the days of your life.

*** Posted by James Dennis Daniels, Jr. on 2011-09-12 ***

The last time I saw Brian was in the Mitre M cafeteria. He was a very amicable and gregarious person who always had a smile on his face. I think of him often and wished I had known him better. RIP Brian. You are a hero. God Bless.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-11 ***

Being a neighbor on Mary Dunn road, My family will never forget that day. Rest in piece Brian, and all those who lost their lives that day, we will never forget you. Thank you to all that helped and gave all that day. Everyone is a Great American

*** Posted by Don Drew on 2011-09-11 ***

Moose my brother, I just returned home from The Hook in Reno. I met your sister and your buddy there, and we shared great stories of you. We also shared tears for our pain at losing you, but shared a warmth for having known you. Your brothers and sisters raised many glasses in toast for our memories of camraderie with you, and you are still in our thoughts daily. As the 10th anniversary of our loss arrives and passes, I will return to keeping the skies safe in your name. I miss you my brother...

*** Posted by MAVERICK on 2011-09-10 ***

I have a small,commemerative, necklace, with the name Brian Sweeney...I wear it proudly. God Bless him and all the loved ones left behind. We can only hope to remember and use his heroism as an example and inspiration.

*** Posted by Sally Reinke on 2011-09-10 ***

It has been 10 years since Brian and the rest of our Joint Mission Planning System Team were headed out to LA on that fateful day. When I watch the replay of the news I am brought back to thoughts of "Moose" and what he meant to us, both professionally and personally. He loved his wife Julie, his family, his friends, and his country. He had passion for all and he had an awesome vision for the product on which we worked that is now fielded to support most Naval Aviation flight crews. I hope that he would be proud for our having kept his vision alive and for having helped, in some minor way, to bring the evil that caused that day to its knees. We will keep fighting each day to help our military men and women because of the ultimate sacrifices made by Brian and many others over the past decade. God Bless you, Brian (and Julie)... We will never forget!

*** Posted by Randy Amato on 2011-09-10 ***

Brian had an old (nice) Jeep and I had an old Landcruiser that he called "the Jap Jeep". Brian loved to draw almost as much as he loved to fly,I still have a cartoon he drew of me in my FJ-40 in the desert near El Centro Naval Air Station. A very good man and friend.

*** Posted by stephen bayer on 2011-09-09 ***

Continuing to remember you as the 10th anniversary approachs and know you are looking over your family and friends. God Bless You!

*** Posted by Kris Rinear on 2011-09-09 ***

I admire your courage and tenacity and was honored to carry your message. I will never forget.

*** Posted by gloria on 2011-09-09 ***

Brian Sweeney - although a few years older than me in high school, I always remember how nice he was to others and how his amazing eyes seemed to gush kindness. Brian - I wish I had the chance to know you better! My thoughts are with your family and friends this week, as the recent news I'm sure brings up the painful memories of that fateful day! God Bless!

*** Posted by Lisa on 2011-05-05 ***

May you rest in peace.

*** Posted by N. Marcantonio on 2011-05-03 ***

May you rest in peace.

*** Posted by N. Marcantonio on 2011-05-03 ***

Moose my brother! May you continue to rest in peace, and know our thoughts and hearts are with you and Jules. I fly every flight with you as my RIO still.

*** Posted by MAVERICK on 2011-05-02 ***

Brian Sweeney was the first person my sister introduced me to in San Diego. I went to shake his hand, and he said, "Give me a hug. You're family!" He was such a great guy! I miss him and think of him often. I wear a sweatshirt from his favorite bar, Mattakees Wharf, to sleep in. Unfortunately it is now nine years old and looking like it! I decided on the tenth anniversary that I will retire it. Every year on 9-11, I play the Pogues for Sweeney "MOOSE" and have a Captain Morgan with coke in the biggest glass I've got! Miss you, love you, and thinking of you!


*** Posted by Mary Ellen Smith on 2010-11-26 ***

Brian, the folks from Air Force Mission Planning miss the enthusiasm and dedication to the flight crews that you brought to our program. To us, you will always be remembered as "Moose", the fighter pilot who taught us all to understand the needs of the fliers. I think of you often and always get warm feeling from the memory of our "Moose". God Bless you and the others who flew into history on 9/11/2001.

*** Posted by Jim Schmidt on 2010-09-11 ***

Thinking of you, Julie and Brian on this day before. He was such an amazing man.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-10 ***

Brian was a gentleman, a really nice guy. He used to come and watch my brother and me play music in Hennesseys Tavern in PB San Diego. He even sang once or twice. We send our best to Brian's family.

Donal and Gerry O'Brien
The O'Brien Brothers
P.S. We also have a song we wrote just after the event. If you wish to post it on this site, please us know.

*** Posted by Donal O'Brien on 2010-09-10 ***

I knew Brian while I was working at MITRE in the months prior to 9-11. I was watching a documentary on the upcoming anniversary and wanted to say that I remember him fondly and always thought of him as a stand-up guy. I can't help but think that, had he known what was to transpire that day, that flight 175 would have been another flight 93. I can't help but remember Brian. I know I won't ever forget.

*** Posted by Carol Hubbard on 2010-09-09 ***

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