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In Tribute to Caleb Arron Dack
39 years old.   Residence: Montclair, N.J.
Died in World Trade Center

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47 Total Comments
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I have a few pictures of us together. It was a great time in our lives--at Round Lake, a lot of fun, no worries--it was a brief time we knew each other, but I think of you often. I think of your mom often, as well, and how she raised such a great guy.... I visited the site where you were on September 11th and read your name. I will always remember you as a fun-loving, sweet guy, and I am sending positive thoughts and love to your mom, wife, and children. I know you are still protecting them.

*** Posted by Karen Ellsworth on 2008-02-22 ***

We think about you a lot, my friend. You may be gone, but never forgotten.

*** Posted by Robin and Olivia on 2008-01-11 ***

Aaron and my husband Chris were good friends from the old Thomson days. The week before September 11, 2001, we had a wonderful message left on our answering machine from Aaron. It was a silly message to Chris and during that first year, we played the message back often. After the second anniversary, we unplugged it and tucked it safely away as something we can't part with. I know we will listen again. Our daughter is the same age as Abby's and Aaron's, and we will often hear her soft whispers, "god bless Aaron Dack and his family," at simple reminders (such as the time on a clock) as to how she recalls September 11th. We will always keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

*** Posted by Dawn on 2007-09-11 ***

God bless you, Arron. God bless you and your family. You are sadly missed.

*** Posted by Darlene A. on 2007-09-11 ***

Today is 9/11/2007, and I went to the WTC this morning to pay my respects. Arron was in my thoughts today as I thought back to that terrible morning. We miss you, Arron, and you are not forgotten.

Paul Judge

*** Posted by Paul Judge on 2007-09-11 ***

This morning was six years. I went to my book shelf and took down Van Norstrads science encyclopedia and opened it to the first page. It was given to you on your 21st birthday with a note that you might get better use out of it. It is such a large book that you did not want drag it around the world with you and the family, when starting out on your adult road. So we made a deal to share that task. Every 4 years the book would pass between us and we would take care of it for the next 4 years then pass it back. We never worked out how we would do this but I am sure we would have worked something out. It would have been one of those arrangements that we would have taken into our old age, with I am sure many Arron moments of humor in the passing on.
The book will always be with me now, you will always be with me as well.
I was at the Pickeral river cabin last weekend and your words are still to be read in the guest book. The humor of Fabo is still out there and the touching of our lives in your brief stay on this planet lives on.

*** Posted by El Russ on 2007-09-11 ***

Brown Public School, Deer Park and Jarvis Collegiate, good times, lots of laughter.... lots of fond memories, smiles. There were 6 of us at our Deer Park Grade 8 Graduation, Limo, Steak and Shirley Temples! Great times and we knew it! We all had big dreams... Aaron enriched so many childhoods without even know it. I read some of these posts and chuckle, cry. I wish peace and compassion to your wife, children and Mum. Please know we all are grateful and blessed to have shared moments with him. Lemonbird, it's nice to read your post.

*** Posted by Danielle Sneyd-Wood on 2007-09-11 ***

I still have this crappy stereo he sold me. Doesn't work; can't throw it out. Somehow I think he knew that would happen. Dear Arron, I'm taking this thing to my grave. But we'll get it to play something for Lemonbird before that happens.

I still can't believe you are gone.

*** Posted by Damo on 2007-09-11 ***

I only met Arron once, while visiting Abby in Toronto before they were married. I remember going into their bathroom and Arron's keyring collection was on display - with quirky key rings from all over the place, mounted to the wall. I also recall there being an Elvis bust in their livingroom and good vibrations all around. It was obvious that they were very much in love and that Arron was a very special person (which was important for me as the friend inspecting the boyfriend for the first time). Sadly, I never got to know him over the years between then and 9/11 - but was deeply saddened when I heard the news about what happened to him...and just how tragic it is for his family. Although my friendship with Abby has faded since those earlier days - geography, shifting directions, time, and children intervening - I have thought of her and her family often since 9/11. I can't even imagine what they have all been through (reinforced even more so now with children of my own) - what depths of strength that have been summoned? what sorrows have been felt? I send along my positive thoughts and blessings to them all.

*** Posted by Nancy in Vancouver, BC on 2006-09-18 ***

Arron worked for me at Capco up until a few months before 9/11. I was late for the conference at Windows on the World that morning, and was just about to head upstairs to it when the first plane hit. I think of him often, and remember what a pleasure he was to know and to have as a colleague. His infectious smile and laugh will remain in my memory always.

*** Posted by David Bartoletti on 2006-09-16 ***

I knew Arron for only a short while in 1995 when we both worked for the same division of Thomson Financial. We had a very difficult boss. Depsite those trying times, Arron always kept his sense of humor. I remember him as being very well-dressed, smart and funny. He did not take himself too seriously as many of the "up and comers" did at Thomson. He loved his family. Arron is the only person that I knew personnally who died on 9/11/01. My heart goes out to his family. Even though I only knew him briefly I knew he was special. I think about him often and keep him in my prayers.

*** Posted by Cindy Slattery on 2006-09-13 ***

Littlefeet, you have inspired me to post something I wrote about the five-year anniversary...

A friend has called this morning at 5:30am, forgetting the time difference. She wishes me reverence. Peace. The morning should be peaceful, but the staccato coughs of Carter mar the silence. The horizon is a long yellow band belted below the dark grey cloud cover. “It must be dawn there!” she apologizes. “Something like that” I think I say, not making sense. I hang up, I am grateful to be up knowing that in a few minutes that exact moment of Arron’s phone call 5 years ago will flash across the clock. A moment silent with a son’s coughing.

Later, I walk the dog and am disturbed by the sound of airplanes flying overhead. Where is the silence? Are they not aware of what this day is? My neighbor is packing her grandchildren into her car. “No flowers this year, but I am thinking of you,” she says matter-of-factly. “Thank you,” I smile as I pick up dog poo. “I appreciate it.”

I don’t know how to feel. Should I feel sad? Angry? All I can do is marvel that five years has passed. I still miss him. I can still feel the shape of his kneecap in my hand, touch his earlobe, slightly fuzzy. I still wonder what the blue dot is on his left buttock, the one I touched often, wondering.

Last night’s moon was buttery, low and not quite full anymore. I wondered if he could see it too. That we still shared beauty.

Today, Carter stays home from school and I must change my planned day. I will write as he sleeps on the couch instead of trying to energize myself with exercise. I am forced to mope. I know people will call, and I dread the calls, but want them too. Just to make sure I am justified in my mope, though I know that I am not. I should be doing something that Arron would sanction. A bike ride, gardening, a long walk. Instead I cry, “weep” as he would call it. I don’t want to weep on this sunny day. I don’t want his memory to be sad. But this is the one day I allow myself. I am allowed to be sad on this day. My tongue touches my tears, tasting their salt. I wonder if I need to speak out loud for him to hear me, or if he can read my thoughts, or my words on this page.

I stare into an antique mirror and squint my eyes, hoping for a glimpse of him. Perhaps I will see him in the altered reality of the mirror, in the blur of my squinting eyes. A wall sconce becomes a blob, which I imagine to be his tousled hair, but I cannot see a face. I want a smile, a clasp of a hand, a hug. I long for the physicality of his presence, a weight the mirror cannot bear. The day aches on and I long for it to be over.

Friends come for dinner and I am busied, happily making carrot soup, aware of the irony. I ate large quantities of carrot soup in those early days, brought eagerly by neighbors happy to be busied just like I am on this day. Carrots require peeling and chopping and boiling. It is busy work, the work of those who know not what to do in crisis. I am glad for the friends I have. Some have come for dinner on a Monday night, bringing a potluck with them. Wine. Chicken stir fry, berries, banana bread. They are glad to distract me, glad perhaps to distract themselves.

Now I must go to bed. I wonder if I should watch the news and see if anything new has transpired. Perhaps I will catch a glimpse of Arron or myself, vindication that five years have truly passed. Five years ago since I clasped Arron’s hand in my own.

*** Posted by lemonbird on 2006-09-12 ***

In Memory of Aaron Dack, after 911
Shine on you crazy diamond....

Dear Aaron,
I don't know if you remember me. But I have often thought of you. We were in Grade four at Brown School in Toronto together.

I had a huge crush on you, you could make me laugh so easily. Your hair was straight and swung across your eyes, in a David Cassidy kind of way.

I remember the field trip to the horse stable. It was sort of stinky and you said "mmmm....the aroma". And everyone laughed. You were so smart, so quick. You were also very kind, I remember you never being mean to anyone.

Somehow, you moved to New York and worked in the Towers. And now you are dead. You left behind a family who I am sure thought the world of you.

I heard about your death soon after the Towers came down. Pregnant with my little one, I was so saddened, I saw your picture. Somewhere. Cannot Remember.

But I want you to know that someone from very long ago remembers you as a beautiful child, filled with laughter and intelligence.

And may I remind everyone with these perfect words from Ghandi:

Be the change you want to see in the world.

*** Posted by Anne Cooper on 2006-09-12 ***

You held a yard sale before leaving Toronto - for Belgium, I think.

My neighborhood association organizes an annual neighborhood yard sale. to raise funds to plant trees.

Now I like trees as much as you did.

And you probably bought them at a yard sale yourself. So that elvis bust and that penguin cooler have seen their last yard sale. They are safe. rest easy.

Besides, their roots run as wide and as deep (for me) as any tree. And run they will. always.

*** Posted by little feat on 2006-09-11 ***

i see your footsteps. now more than ever. Because in a way, in many ways, I follow in your footsteps. But that's about as easy as filling your shoes.

Little feat.

I follow nonetheless. and think of you frequently. Always, really.

42nd street most frequently. Your footsteps here are many. 5th avenue. 6th avenue. park. There are probably more starbucks here now than back then. Which was your preferred? Besides, now Starbucks reminds me of Abby and seattle.

The red neon signs on that building leads me to question: whatever happend to encompys? Could it, did it, survive without you. That sign, the view from your desk, bugs me.

I criss-cross the city alot now. On foot. In your footsteps, maybe. Conde nast. Time life. Travel and leisure. etc., etc.
big ambitions in a big city. I feel small, sometimes. I could use some big pants.

And the armory. The postings are gone now. but I still see he faces. I'll never forget those faces. or the sheer desperation that surrounded and filled that building, that day. I don't want to forget. bu t I don't want to remember, either. now I just avoid lex when I can.

i'm sad because the trail ends. abruptly. prematurely. where does it, did it, lead? where was it taking you? and us?

thank you for pushing me. I gues now, you're really pulling me. us.

thank you.

you are so missed.

*** Posted by little feat on 2006-09-11 ***

I worked with Arron at Thomson Financial. Although work would get tense at times due to system problems or what have you, Arron always kept a sense of humor, which I'll always remember. One time in particular, we had just left a client meeting where we got completely beat up. We were drudging through the slushy snowy streets of Boston and stopped at an intersection. Arron turned and looked at me and said "J.R., man you really need to do something with your hair". Arron always had a way of making you laugh. I enjoyed working with him. He was a great guy who we'll sorely miss. Today I remember Arron and his family. God be with all of you.

*** Posted by John Richards on 2006-09-11 ***

I didn't know Mr. Dack. I have, however, often seen the memorial tree that was planted for him in Toronto, Ontario. I want to express my sincere condolences to his family. God bless you.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-11 ***

I watched a TV program last night on the TV here in England which which was about the dreadful events of 9/11. It focused on groups of people who lost their lives and those who lived to tell the tale. One focus were the group of people attending the conference on floor 106 - which was where Arron lost his life.
It made me dig out a photo I had of him when we were visiting clients in South Africa. We decided to go to a game reserve before leaving and Arron being the type of guy who always wanted to live life to the full, wanted me to take his photo as close to a group of Elephants as possible - so he got out of the jeep (against the advise of our guide!) and stood in front of this group of Elephants at a drinking hole. I quickly took the photo as the Elephants started to charge at him - he just laughed and ran to the jeep. Time passed and we went our separate ways but met up from time to time - somewhere in the world and always laughed about the "day we got chased by a herd of Elephants"! God bless

*** Posted by Brian Jewson on 2006-09-08 ***

Still missing you

*** Posted by El Russ on 2006-07-01 ***

I was at Jarvis Collegiate at the same time as Aaron and we had a few mutual friends. I remember him as a very friendly, decent person who truly enjoyed life. I ran into him again while we were both at U of T; just a chance encounter outside the Sigmund Samuel Building. Aaron told me about the bartending business he was starting up to make money during his undergrad time. He was someone full of ideas and joy. My prayers go to his family as I know they'll carry the best parts of Aaron with them for all their lives.

*** Posted by Richard Klagsbrun on 2006-06-06 ***

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