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In Tribute to Calvin J. Gooding
38 years old.   Residence: Riverside, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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Greetings Calvin:

I thought about you today, Sunday. I paused just for a moment to think about how Larry was stuck on the bridge that fateful day and how he called me and he wanted to get to you as well as others he thought were in danger. I always marveled at the friendship you boys who grew to manhood shared. That friendship was never shaken. Through it all, you all tried to be there for each other.

I am sure your infectious smile and the uncompromising positive attitude that made you a phenomenal individual when you walked among us has transformed you into one of the most beloved angels in heaven.

When I see brilliant sunsets or on those rare occasions when the moon, looming large, warmly tinted seems to brush the earth just a bit, I sometimes think of you and your extraordinary lifetime among us.

*** Posted by The Velasco Family on 2011-09-11 ***

I miss you my childhood friend! Praying for your family.

*** Posted by Pastor David Brunswick on 2011-09-11 ***

I met Calvin during the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management. We all were on a bus heard somewhere and I remember he was the most outgoing person there. His personality was so big and he had something to say that kept us engaged and entertained. I then saw him interact with recruiters and knew that he would be a success. We kept up with each other through mutual friends and whenever I would see him, he was still the same energetic person I first met. Because of Calvin, I will never forget 9/11 and pray for his family at this time each year.

*** Posted by Lisa Andujar-Ray on 2011-09-11 ***

Truly a beautiful soul. I grew up with Calvin and played with him on on my first football team which his father coached. The Springfield Rifles was the team and we enjoyed the game. In recent years we grew up and I had not seen him for years. I saw him briefly at B.Smiths about three weeks prior to 9/11. He was his typical upbeat self, I was with another friend and we felt the positive energy that he always carried. I was so glad to see him and hare some time with him.

I often think of how good it was to see him and how he touched me as he always did. He invited me to join him as he was going to meet with co-workers downtown. I could not as I had plans as well. I remember my friend who was in the financial business stating how well he was doing based on the title noted on the business card he left. I remember feeling so good that he was doing well as he was truly a good person and he had still remained humble.

The world has lost a great person and I wish that I had more time with him.

RIP, Mike Hinds.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-10 ***

Just and all around Good Dude. Rest in Peace my brother

*** Posted by Andre Suite on 2011-09-10 ***

R.I.P * Calvin J. Gooding

*** Posted by Cheyenne Maorah on 2011-09-06 ***

I did not know Calvin, but became friends with his brother many years after the tragedy. God bless him and his entire family.

*** Posted by Dave on 2011-09-01 ***

Calvin was my third cousin and I am very sad that I never met him. But my father, aunts and cousins knew him and oved him very much. May you rest in peace Calvin. You will never be forgotten.

*** Posted by Maria on 2011-08-31 ***

I last saw your smile at BELLO days in 1999, I was with Al Parks and Eric Jones we were walking back to Rochdale when we crossed paths. You greeted us with that smile that we all came to know and love. I then MSGT in the U.S.A.F saw what happened and went to war with your smile and friendship always pushing me forward, I hope that this rifle brother did you proud (p.s.) the N.Y A.N.G. was there too and Gene Carter said it Best for me about you LOVE always Eddie D

*** Posted by Eddie Lee Dowdell Jr on 2011-05-06 ***

I met Calvin when he was the part-time manager of Designer Shoes at Bloomingdales around 1988. I had just moved from California, and he taught me how to ride the subway and the buses and how to get around New York. He had such a great sense of humor. I still have his address that he hand-wrote in my phone book when he lived in Brooklyn. I saw him often after I got married and moved to Rochdale Village. After I lost my job in the Financial District after 9-11, I moved back to San Diego. My son is now in the US Army, and I tell him stories about Calvin. Rest in peace, Calvin.

Your friend,

*** Posted by Carolyn Evans on 2011-01-27 ***

Calvin J Gooding and my son Ed jr. would be the same age. I am now 72 years old. Around the age of Calvin's parents.

I was invited and attended a Sunday church service at my son's place of worship in California in October of 2001. The church elders had placed white business sized cards in a basket in the vestibule of the church. Each card was imprinted with a name of a person who had met death at the hands of the terrorists on that horrible day in September of 2001. I chose a card from the basket and found Calvin J Gooding's name printed on it.
I carry that card in my personal wallet to this day. Not deep inside the folds, but where I see it each time I make a transaction. Of course I never met Calvin, but do think about him and silently read his name every day.

Because of Calvin, I will never forget.

Ed Conti sr.

*** Posted by Ed Conti sr. on 2010-09-12 ***

Calvin was my Justin's Restaurant friend. Many good laughs were shared. He was always a gentleman and had a smile as bright as the sun. It was wonderful knowing you for that short while. My prayers to your wife and your children. God doesn't make mistakes so I am comforted in knowing that He had a greater purpose for you. RIP friend! You are always missed :-)

*** Posted by Keely Respass on 2010-09-11 ***

I knew Calvin from Springfield Gardens while growing up. Calvin was good friends with my best friend at the time, Raymond Smith. We both played on several teams together (basketball and football (Springfield Rifles) at Montibello Park). Raymond and I always hung out together, so I saw Calvin often. Calvin and I were friends also, but we didn't spend much time together outside of Montibello. I lived 3 blocks away from Montibello Park in Springfield Gardens so I saw Calvin often.

I found out that Calvin was a 9-11 victim many months after the tragedy, and I must say that I was deeply saddened. Knowing Calvin while growing up was a pleasure. Calvin had such positive energy every time that I saw him. After reading all the testimonials on Calvin, I know I couldn't expect anything different. All of those testimonials were on point. Calvin was such a fantastic human being. There not enough kind, positive words to describe him. I don't know Calvin's immediate family, but I cannot imagine the immediate family being anything but fantastic. Just like Calvin.

I would like to offer my blessings to the Gooding family and let you know how much I appreciate what a truly wonderful human being Calvin was. May God bless you.

*** Posted by Jesse Perkins on 2010-09-02 ***

I went to Haverford with Calvin, and he is in and out of my thoughts a lot. Last night, I found myself dreaming about him and missing him. Calvin was so alive and kind, and made me feel cared about. I always felt like he would be there for me. We lost touch after college, but he stays in my heart. I know it is many years now, and I wish the best for his family, wife, and daughters.

Lucy (Haverford Alumna)

*** Posted by Lucy on 2010-01-10 ***

One of the nicest brothers I have ever met, he always had a good story and would come by to catch up whenever he could. The last time I saw him was about a month before he died. He came by Justin's just to say hello and crack some jokes. I miss his energy. God bless his family.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-11 ***

This is a very delicate moment for me, remembering such a great, outgoing, and ambitious young man. Sloan St was the street where a lot of great people became known for their athletic abilities by way of Montibellier Park, and Calvin Gooding Jr was definitely amongst them. His character is grade A. I can go on and on. We will always be with you.

Love and peace,
Marty "divine" Phillips - "Bello!"

*** Posted by Marty phillips on 2009-03-26 ***

Calvin was a great guy. I worked with him at Merrill Lynch, and we had a blast working hard and playing hard! I will keep his family in my prayers as they go through life!


*** Posted by Gerard Buchanan on 2008-12-09 ***

I met Calvin at a pre-college summer program for Swarthmore, Haverford, and Bryn Mawr students. I remember how easily Calvin could light up a room and lift everyone's mood. Calvin, a prayer is said for you and your family each September 11th.

*** Posted by Tyrone on 2008-09-13 ***

He was my boyfriend and someone I looked up to. My love goes out to his family and many home boys. Bello Day is not the same without him.

*** Posted by jerome clemmons on 2008-09-11 ***

I met Calvin years ago when I working as a global equity trader in Mid-town, NYC; he was truly a great gentleman, really pleasant to be around. After leaving that Manhattan job, I remember running into Calvin in the World Trade Center on my way to catch the Path train over to New Jersey for my night trading job. Calvin always had time to yell out your name, stop and see how you are doing, and would gave one of those smiles that warmed my heart. I'll always miss my friend. My best wishes and love to his family. j

*** Posted by Janice Morgan Hilsman on 2008-09-10 ***

28 Total Comments

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