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In Tribute to Charles M. Mills
61 years old.   Residence: Brentwood, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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Chief Mills,
  From a former Schenectady, NY native; I will never forget you!

*** Posted by Lou Colombe on 2012-09-11 ***

As a Marine Corps veteran, firefighter, and retired corrections officer there is an unspoken bond that only that only First responders and the families can really understand. Since that fateful, tragic day I have spent many days reading bios, funny stories, and memorials to many of those that fell that day. I doubt many people realize what an impact each one of these HEROS had on the families, friends and people around them on a daily basis. A few months ago Charles Mills name was brought to my attention and for reason I cant say here I really need to find out more about this man who was a friend and HERO to so many. I live in a small town in NW Penna. and would really like to know more about a man that has touched so many lives.

*** Posted by Michael J. Flinn on 2011-09-12 ***

Rest in Peace, Charles M (Morris) MILLS, Jr. I did not know you. I did not know that any one with the surname of MILLS had perished in this most horrendous tragedy. I decided after seeing your name, to research you. Are you possibly related to my family of MILLS, in some way. I am very proud to know about you and of you. May your family know that JUSTICE will come to all who had a hand on that terrible fateful day. GOD Bless you and the United States of America and the World.

*** Posted by Patricia on 2011-09-11 ***

Just sitting here thinking of you and Aunt Mae and the kids. My only regret is that we didn't leave off on good terms and that's something I'll have to live with for the rest of my life.

Talk to you soon,

*** Posted by billy on 2011-02-20 ***

I still miss you every day, dad.

*** Posted by Alex Mills on 2011-02-04 ***

Another Christmas with our family torn up. A lot has changed over the last 9 years, and my deepest regret is that you didn't get a chance to see the good things happening in my life right now. I am getting married in June and am taking off in my field as an actor. Just this morning I was thinking about going to see you and Aunt Maie as a kid and you always treating me like I was your own kid. I am sure that you are looking down and watching me do my thing, but I still wish you were here to see it nonetheless. I may not have said it enough in person, but I miss you a lot and always will.

Your nephew,

*** Posted by Billy Hind on 2010-12-25 ***

Merry Christmas, Dad. Miss you all the time.

*** Posted by John Mills on 2010-12-22 ***

Never forget. Never take anything for granted. Charlie was the most special person ever.

*** Posted by a dear friend on 2010-03-20 ***

I never knew you, but I love you, no matter what. You are a hero to me!

*** Posted by Carrie Lee on 2010-01-06 ***

Uncle Sonny was my mother's brother. Although I was messed up as a kid, he never gave up on me. I just wish he would have been able to see me living a productive life. You will always be missed and are in my thoughts often.

*** Posted by Billy Hind on 2008-10-29 ***

Charlie was the father of two of my friends, Charlie Jr and Adam. They lived up the block from me in Brentwood all my life. Charlie Jr and I played on the same soccer team as kids. Charlie was a great man, a funny guy and a hero to all of us. RIP, Charlie, thank you.

*** Posted by Tom on 2008-09-12 ***

Charlie was great.... He was responsible for me joining the NYCTPD Steuben Association in 1966.... Thanks, Charlie!

*** Posted by PO CONRAD JUNKERSFELD ( RET. NYCTPD -DIST.1 ) on 2008-02-05 ***

I knew "Uncle" Charlie when he came to Schenectady, New York to become the Police Commissioner. What a grand Commissioner he was and an even better person. He touched many lives when he was here. Charlie and I started the civilian Police Academy to teach civilians about police work. What a joy it was to work with that man. Here's a funny story to share: one day Charlie and I were riding together in an unmarked car, and he was making a left hand turn onto very busy state street. As he was turning I informed him why the guy in the oncoming truck was blaring his horn at him. IT WAS A NO LEFT TURN STREET. Then I said to him, "Wait! You're the Police Commissioner!" Oh, it was great.

Charlie, I miss you a lot. I am just sorry that I did not meet you many years ago, so that I could have said that I knew you for many years. But for the time I did know you, I am grateful.

OOHHH one more funny story: I was the Vice Chair of the DARE program, and each year we had a carnival in Schenectady Central Park, and Charlie was asked to be the first one in the dunking booth, and yours truly was the first one to get a shot at him with three balls (rank has its privileges). Well, I am ashamed to admit it, but I missed each time. But I am not ashamed to admit that I cheated, and I ran up to the booth and hit the plunger and, SPLASH, Charlie went in. He got out and chased me for about a minute, and was I lucky he did not catch me, or for sure I would have been next.

You're the best, Charlie. Your name and picture should be in every dictionary next to what a Police Officer should be. Thank you so much for being you. God Bless You.

*** Posted by Matthew Lyman, P.I. on 2008-01-19 ***

RIP, 6 years. You are a hero, Charlie.

*** Posted by Tom on 2007-09-06 ***

I worked for Charlie Mills in district one as a police officer and later as a sergeant and detective sergeant. Our children attended Albany University together. He was by far a great guy, a great boss and a friend. I was at 9-11 and almost lost my life. I know what a hero he was because he was a great human being, as a cop and as a man. I miss him. I am proud to say he was my friend.

Dennis Bootle, Det/Sgt NYCTPD and NYPD

*** Posted by Dennis Bootle on 2007-07-28 ***

I used to live in Schenectady, NY when Mr. Charlie was the police chief. What a God-send he was for that drug infested city! I worked in one of the hospitals in Schenectady and remember how SAFE I felt just "knowing" that Mr. Charlie was on the job!  He was a genuinely happy, confident, lovely being. Then I heard that he went back to "The City" and felt bad for us, but I knew that we were better off for the short time that he spent in Schenectady. I miss his smiling face. I felt horrible when I heard that he was in the WTC. I also feel that he ushered everyone out possible and stayed behind with the ship. He was truely a HERO. Thank you God for blessing this Earth with Mr. Charlie Mills.  Cheryl--Savannah, GA

*** Posted by Cheryl Orio on 2006-10-15 ***

This is a huge thank you to all who have written so generously and kindly about my husband. Only recently have I searched sites and found these wonderful acholades to my unforgettable husband. Those of us who knew him all have warm and funny memories of his wit and sharp perceptive commentaries.

I would ask that we never forget Charlie, or any of those killed September 11th, 2001. I know he was honoured to die in the good company of so many cherished mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, and friends.

*** Posted by maie mills on 2006-10-10 ***

I am a Junior in Stoneham High School in Stoneham, Massachusetts. On the 5th year anniversary of September 11th, each student was offered a braclet with 3 victims names from September 11th on it. Charles M. Mills was the third name on my bracelet. My History teacher urged us to research the 3 people and find out information about them. from what I am reading Charles M. Mill was a good man and will always be remembered. thank you

*** Posted by Andrew J. Frederick on 2006-09-12 ***

Charlie was a "cops cop". I worked for him when we were in the transit police in the 1970's. We became friends when I became a police chief and Charlie was police commissioner in Schenectady N.Y. Our paths always seemed to cross. We had dinner together many times at police functions, the last being in San Diego at the international police chiefs assc. Our paths crossed again when I retired and took a job on John St.  My office looked out onto the twin towers and I could see Charlies building clearly. On 9/11 our paths crossed for the final time in this life. As I watched with horror the second plane hit the towers I prayed he or anyone else I knew was not there. I did not find out till later that he was indeed there in his office. I have since moved to Florida and became a cop again. The last I had heard was that he was never found. I believe Charlie is with God and wearing God's police uniform, still protecting as he always did in life. If I ever get there I hope we can patrol together again.
Love your friend,

*** Posted by Michael Clinch on 2004-02-24 ***

19 Total Comments

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