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In Tribute to Christopher S. Epps
29 years old.   Residence: New York, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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46 Total Comments
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It's 6 in the morning, and I've been up all night trying not to cry. But you're all I've been thinking about for almost 10 years. Everyday I wish I could turn back time and tell you what was gonna happen. Everyday it becomes harder and harder for me to live life without you. Since I was 10, I've tried to memorize every detail of your face, the sound of your laugh. The time in August when it was your birthday before you passed when you told me and Mommy, "You completed my Star Wars collection". Everyday I try to remember you so I can never forget. I love you and miss you so much. I wish you were here to wipe these tears from my eyes. You were my world...



*** Posted by Jasmin James on 2011-05-04 ***

Christopher, Christopher, another year trying to fight back all these tears. I can’t forget you because the memory of you gets stronger every year. Like Martin and Malcolm, you’re a part of history now, in a book and on the Internet. Wow! Continue to take your rest, my friend.

*** Posted by Joanne Clayborne on 2010-09-16 ***

I saw Christopher Epps sister's memorial on him this morning on CNN and it made me cry. Christopher is the hope of every mother who has a son and it's a terrible loss that he's no longer here. Even as a person who never knew he existed until the moment that I saw his sister speak about him, I felt his loss keenly and it made me cry. If a stranger who only knows him through the words of a sister who clearly loves him deeply can be affected so deeply, I can't even begin to imagine the loss that his family feels for him. Words can't begin to express the sympathy and empathy that I have for the Epps family.

*** Posted by Jennifer Edmunds on 2010-09-12 ***

Today, my dear brother, your sister spoke of you and shared with the world how wonderful of son, brother, and friend you were. We miss you dearly. My heart still aches for you. Love you forever, your sister chundera

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-11 ***


I am so honored to have had the privilege of working with you in White Plains. I remember you always had that BIG smile on your face and Love to talk B-Ball. I know you are an Angel looking down with that BIG beautiful smile. You will always be remembered. To your family, May God always smile on you.

Love you,


*** Posted by Wahneek Cook on 2010-09-11 ***

I heard the names today honoring the citizens of America who were taken on 9-11. I heard the sister of Chris Epps read her poem about her brother; it was truly beautiful. Please post the poem here so that others can read about your Jedi. He is in heaven now guiding his ship with all those chosen to be taken to make that trip with him on 9/11. They are truly the heroes for our future generations to have a high regard for; they lived for a short time on earth, but they left a mark for all to remember. God bless America!

*** Posted by M. Luisa Fox on 2010-09-11 ***

Dear Christopher,

I was watching the 9/11/10 memorial service on TV when your sister gave the most wonderful speech about you. I will NEVER forget her words and description of you, nor will I ever forget 9/11/01. Thank you, Debra, for sharing your brother's spirit with the rest of the world....

Jill from NJ

*** Posted by Jill Augustine on 2010-09-11 ***


Your smile, your laughter, and how you cracked jokes is how I remember you.... I remember when you graduated from Mercy College, and my mom put on your graduation gown and said that one day she would be a college graduate.... Well, she graduated a few years later from the same college that you graduated from. I remember your grandmother being there.... What a beautiful day.... You were always so kind and so humble ... and it saddens me how this had to happen to you.... Why?!

*** Posted by Iesha Middleton on 2010-09-10 ***

When I first saw your name scroll by on the television on 9/11/09, I could not help but think of how we are related. By all accounts, Chris must have been a very special young man, as the majority of our family are! As I look at the names of the people who knew him, you all have the names of my family members. I did not know Chris, but I view him as family. I pray for you all, and Chris, may you be safe with god!

*** Posted by Kenneth Epps on 2009-12-25 ***


You are truly missed! I can't help but smile when I think about you ... my boyfriend in College ... a true gentleman you were, with a big heart! May you rest in peace....

*** Posted by Ange on 2009-11-07 ***


Here I am again, eight years later. I miss you dearly. There are no words for the pain I feel. I want to acknowledge all the souls that were lost with you. May god ease the pain in all our hearts.

Your sister,

*** Posted by Beverly Epps on 2009-10-09 ***

I did not know Christopher, yet his name was drawn to me on the list that was passed around our mother's group at church. I have chosen his name so I may pray for Christopher's family that was left here on earth. My prayers go out to all his family and the ones that truly loved him. He sounds like a wonderful man! I don't know any of his family, but you will be in my prayers... Praying that God gives you the strength to continue to get through the sorrow and loss. I wouldn't even begin to understand. I know the Lord has or will be using each and everyone of you for what has happened in your lives.

Prayers and well wishes,
Cindy Emms

*** Posted by Cindy Emms on 2009-09-11 ***

This is your baby sister finally writing my thoughts of you. It has been eight years, and it seems like yesterday. As I am sitting here writing this, the tears are falling from my eyes. I miss you so much that I pretend that you are on a long vacation. I think of you all the time and of the good times we shared. My son misses you also. When I think of you, I always see your smiling face, and I can also hear your loud laughter. There are so many memories of you as a baby and as an adult that I don't know where to begin. Your other sister wrote most of the same memories, so I'll write something different. The time you borrowed my car and someone broke the mirror, you were scared to bring it back. I forgave you, anyway, and let you have the car again because I loved you so much that you could not do anything for me not to. There are so many thoughts, and I just keep them close to my heart every day. I miss you so much, and I wish that you were here with us, but I know you are watching from heaven. I just ask that you continue to watch over your family till we meet again.

Your loving sister Chundera and Anthony

*** Posted by Chundera Epps on 2009-02-20 ***

My fondest memory of Chris is when we dated. He was always a respectful classy gentleman. Chris was my first and only true love. My whole family loved and miss him. Christopher Samuel Epps, rest in peace. I LOVE YOU!

*** Posted by Tracey Spate on 2008-10-17 ***

Entenmanns chocolate glazed donuts and a large cup of cold milk, the love of basketball, and, of course, his mother's corn bread (that had to be HOT from the oven before it was served to him). He would give you a smile so big and wide that you could not see the "swint" in his eyes. About 6'6" with a deep dark voice that howled when he laughed. He glided as he walked, but played hard on the courts. He had a joke about drinking at a party, and when everyone else was getting drunk, he would cover up his apple juice with a paper bag to "look" as if he were drinking and told everyone else to "back off his good stuff"(smile). He was a gentleman, a real New York-bred bound gentleman who LOVED HIS MOTHER!(Amen!) He was one who really made it, despite what statistics have said about black men who grew up in the projects. He was the only man that I knew who went to college. For a while my family told me that Chris was one of the victims, and I finally came to terms with seeing his name on the register. We went out with each other 15 years ago back when I lived in the L Morris. A few years after the break up, he told me that he was sorry and apologized for everything, wishing me success in the future. My peace with him was made on that day and beyond, and I am so glad that I met him during his mean time (the dash that is in between his birth day and day of death). I'm encouraged by the fact that God was ready to take this mighty man into the heavens for a reason, and that was to make history. Chistopher S. Epps made history. I pray in confidence and assurance that the blessings of God continue to cover the family in Jesus' name. Thank you for this opportunity to write my wishes about Chris. God bless.

*** Posted by Sherrell Gordon on 2008-02-05 ***

To my brother Christopher,

As I sit here six years later the thought of you not being here is very painful. I miss you very much. No words can express the way I feel. I watched you grow into a fine young man that was smart, intelligent, FUN, LOVING, and silly. I remember the pac-man game we used to play together. You were always the best. When you were a little boy, I remember helping you write your name. I miss you.

Your sister,

*** Posted by Beverly Epps on 2007-09-11 ***

I am soooo incredibly touched by the testimonies of all who knew you so dearly. May you rest in peace.

*** Posted by Sherri Lee on 2007-08-31 ***


The day my mother brought my brother Christopher home, he had five sisters and one brother anxiously waiting for him. As we took turns holding him, it seemed as though a breath of fresh air had swept through the house, leaving behind the most beautiful sunshine. Our house became alive with the smell of baby magic lotion and formula. We were all old enough to take care of him, the youngest being twelve years old. The first one up in the morning would usually get to feed him, wash him up, dress him, and, as he got a little older, take him out to the park (under the very stern no-excuses-accepted instructions of our mother). So you could imagine the mad rush in the Epps household in the mornings and actually throughout the day.

Christopher was a very happy and joyful child, who (if you ever took him outside for a walk you would discover just how much he loved trees) every time we would pass one he would point his little finger at it and say, "Treee! Treee! Oh!" He was the “cutest in the world”. When Chris was about four years old he would pretend he was superman. He would wake up early in the morning, and wake one of us up saying, "Pin me! Pin me!" Meaning to pin his towel around his neck so he could pretend to fly through the house like superman.

Then it was time for Christopher to start school. My mother was determined to send him to private school. Being a very large family, our budget was very tight, but my mother managed somehow to do for her last and youngest child something she would have liked to have done for all of her children. My brother went to private elementary, middle, and high schools, and then on to college. I cannot recall a time when Chris was in trouble in school. He never gave my mom a reason to worry. He made very good grades and made the dean's list in college.

As we watched Chris grow into a very tall handsome and stylish young man who gave of himself so freely to those in need of his help in any way (even when he knew he was or might be taken advantage of). He worked with mentally and physically disabled adults on the weekends. They loved Chris. On the weekend they would say, "Where is Chris?" They could not wait for him to get there to make them pancakes or waffles (one of his specialties and favorite foods).

Chris still found time to care for our mother and attend to her needs as well as indulge in his hobbies like bike riding, bike building, and bodybuilding. He went to the gym in the mornings before going to work. (That is why we thought he was alive somewhere. We did not think he was at his desk at the time the plane hit.) To this day I still believe he got out of the building and went back to help someone. (That’s the kind of person he was. He would never just stand around looking on when someone needed help.) No one, not even the firemen or policemen, thought the building was going to fall. I believe my brother died doing what he loves to do, helping people.

As a young teenager, one of his other hobbies was to do freehand drawing and sketching of his favorite action characters. His drawings were very captivating. Chris loved to play with legos. We found the very first set he assembled in the top drawer of his dresser. He had completely taped off a section of the dresser drawer just to preserve the legos from his childhood. (He was sentimental like that.) Chris also was a "Star Wars" groupie. He and my sister Valerie would go to see the latest "Star Wars" movies. They always saw them together. It was a tradition with them. The last "Star Wars" movie came out after his death. I don’t think my sister Valerie has gone to see it yet. I guess it's not the same without him.

My brother Chris was a comedian. He could make you laugh so hard you would cry from laughter. When we had a gathering, I felt it was never complete until Chris arrived. Number one: To see what latest fashion fad he was wearing. Number two: He was the toast of the party. He had the most beautiful smile, to tell you the truth. When I think of him (as I do so often), I always picture him smiling. His smile would brighten up any room that he was in. We loved him so! He was and always will be the best of us.

I think Christopher took the best characteristics from all of his siblings (being that we all helped raise and coach him). The five girls were like sister-mothers and the one boy was the typical big brother-father. Chris took these characteristics and incorporated then into what would become: CHRISTOPHER SAMUEL EPPS

One of my favorite memories of Chris is his 27th birthday party at my sister Valerie’s house. (She is the oldest sibling.) We had the biggest cake fight ever. Even my mother had cake on her face. Chris was covered with cake from his head to his toes. It just so happens he received an outfit for his birthday that day. He had to take a shower and change his clothes, and we laughed until we cried. We had the best time ever. Thinking about it as I write this puts a smile on my face.

One of my favorite pictures of Chris is the one when he’s about ten months old. We sat him on the kitchen table wearing his pamper and one of his little cute tee shirts. In front of him is a five-layer cake my sister Debra (the third oldest) had made. (She was always experimenting in the kitchen.) Chris, or as we called him “eickey stickeys,” started sticking his fingers in the cake and had smeared cake icing all over his face with his fingers. We all stood around watching him play in the cake and decided to take a picture. It’s the cutest picture you’ve ever seen.

I’m going to miss my beautiful brother. Words would be an understatement to describe the pain. If they only knew what they took from us ... a beautiful bird that had just begun to spread his wings.

JULIA EPPS, 1/3/2004 8:40:51 PM

*** Posted by JULIA EPPS on 2007-08-28 ***

I had a church camp counselor named Chris Epps at Camp Warwick. I don't know if this is the same guy or not, but the possibility still makes me shudder, even after all these years.

*** Posted by Craig Tommola on 2007-08-24 ***

Happy birthday to you, my loving brother Christopher. I love you forever and miss you dearly and think about you daily. Life has not--will not--erase the pain of not having you here with me here on earth. I will never get to see you fulfill your dreams and aspirations, my dear brother. I know in my heart you would have been very successful in whatever you decided to do with your life. Every time I look at your picture, I smile at you smiling back at me. Until next time, take care, and I bid you God's speed.

In loving Memory,
Your sister,
Debra Epps

*** Posted by Debra Juanita Epps on 2007-08-13 ***

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