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In Tribute to Dana Falkenberg
3 years old.   Residence: of University Park, Md.
Passenger of Flight 77

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I'm just 6 months older than you would be. I visited the Pentagon earlier this summer and saw your bench. You hold a special place in my heart. I really can't figure out why. You are safe now with your family. It doesn't seem right that you lost your life so young. In a few hours you will have been in heaven for 9 years. May you rest in peace forever.

*** Posted by Private on 2010-09-11 ***

Dear little Dana... you were the same age on that terrible day as my granddaughter will be in the next week. Your grandma and grandad mean a great deal to me - and their commitment to peace and love inspires me each and every day. Your brief life continues to influence so many people - even those who never knew you. Life may end, but love goes on. You go on.

*** Posted by Shelley Jackson Denham on 2010-09-10 ***

Happy Birthday, Dana! You would be 12 years old today. Have a wonderful party with Zoe, Mommy, and Daddy. You are all together. Happy birthday, sweetie!  (:

*** Posted by J.T. on 2010-07-21 ***

R.I.P. little Dana. It's not fair that you died so young!  x

*** Posted by Sarah on 2010-07-04 ***

I remember you today. I will share your memory with my children, who were not around the day you died. I will share the stories of what you went through. I will share with them the memorial places that honor that day and of each of you. I promise you that. Peace be with you all on this Memorial Day 2010.

*** Posted by Joyce McCarthy on 2010-05-30 ***

You'd be twelve (thirteen?) now, and that's how old I am. Tonight, I will pray for you and for your sister and for the other six kids who died. God bless you, Dana Falkenburg.

*** Posted by Erin on 2010-05-06 ***


My heart was breaking when I saw that you were only three, but I know that there is a little three-year-old angel in heaven, so remember me in your prayers, darlin'.

*** Posted by louise doherty on 2010-02-25 ***

Dear Dana,

Just thinking about what happened to you has put tears in my eyes. I can feel that you would have grown up and been a powerful girl to be able to move on from the past to the day it is now. I know you never will, but I hurt myself by feeling sorry for people who just pick at that memorial day. I hope you rest in peace right along with Christee who died, too. I hope that you and she are up in heaven just playing with each other and sharing thoughts of your past time, and may you watch over your family forever.

Layla Tompson

*** Posted by layla tompson on 2010-01-14 ***

Dana, sweet angel, may God keep you safe and blessed. You are safe with Zoe, Mom, and Dad. Spread your wings, sweetheart.

*** Posted by J.T. on 2009-09-19 ***

I, too, was touched by the Pentagon Memorial. I visited with my two children, and it was hard to think that Dana Falkenberg would be the same age as my daughter. The loss on that day is tragic. I will never forget.

*** Posted by Valarie Bernstein on 2009-09-14 ***

Many years have passed since that most dreadful day of 9/11, never to be forgotten. You and your family will remain in my prayers always.
I am a grandparent and I pray for your grandparents also-I pray they somehow find peace
My daughter was a pupil of your mother's at Georgetown and often spoke about how important an influence she was to her in her career choice as a graduate student.
When she heard about the crash, and knew your family was on the plane, she immediately went to the National Cathedral and quietly prayed for your family.
God bless you, sweet angel. You and your family will be in our hearts forever.

*** Posted by Nonie Johnson on 2009-09-12 ***

I know God is protecting you in his arms. You're a beautiful angel. :-) Rest in peace.

*** Posted by Tatianna Irizarry on 2009-09-08 ***

I learned of little Dana when I visited the Pentagon 2 years ago. I just opened the page to her name in the memory book.... I took a rubbing of her name from the memorial and send her my prayers. She is not forgotten, even by those of us who weren't able to know her.

*** Posted by Dana Hanks on 2009-02-02 ***

Dana, Angel,

I just learned your name and age this year. You share the same exact birthday as my son, 7/21/98. He's 10 now, playing baseball, going to school, playing with his friends, and finally riding his bike around the neighborhood (just a little!). On 9/11/01 we watched TV together, and he asked plenty of questions. It absolutely breaks my heart to think of the terror, the horror ... at such a tender age. God bless you, Dana, and your family. I pray that not another soul, let alone such a young soul, goes through anything like that again. I will hold my son and love him and be thankful for every second....

*** Posted by anon on 2008-09-20 ***

I just "met" you today. I sit here with tears streaming down my face thinking of everything you will never do and hoping that you were wrapped in the loving arms of your family at the end. No child should never have to know such fear. Please know that your family loved you with all their hearts in life, and thousand of friends you never had the opportunity to meet morn your premature passing. I hope Lambie made it to heaven with you. I truly believe you will still find your prince and have a happily ever after.

*** Posted by Saskatchewan Mommy on 2008-09-12 ***

Miss Dana,

Because of your tender age, the loss of your life is even harder to bear for all of us who were so forever changed by the events of that Tuesday morning, and who have not fully healed as a nation, including those of us who did not know you. You were a beautiful little angel, and I know that you are in peace with your big sister Zoe and your mommy and daddy. On this 7th anniversary, when you would be about ten years old ... God bless you and keep you, sweet girl.

*** Posted by Dana Boyle on 2008-09-11 ***

Today is September 11, 2008. I did not know you Dana, or your family but I cannot help but shed a tear that you are not here. I am a mother, my daughter is 2. I cannot imagine life without her. Although, you are comforted in your mommy and daddy's arms and have your older sister to love you as well. What a senseless act that touched the lives of so many. You will be never be forgotten little one. None of your family will. I can't begin to imagine the pain that the people that did know you and your family are going through. Little lives cut far too short. You are forever in everyone's heart. Every life lost that tragic day is.

*** Posted by S.D.A & A.L.P on 2008-09-11 ***

I have your little name bookmarked on my computer and visit with you once or twice a year. I believe in my heart you and your sister are playing in the fields of Heaven. Bless you and all children whom have had your little lives stolen. May God grant the families of 9/11 peace.

*** Posted by tennessee mom on 2008-09-11 ***

You would have been almost 10 now and looking forward to a new school year. You would have been a few months from Middle School. In fact, you might be in middle school this year. We will never know the joy you would have given or the spirit that surely bubbled from your innocent heart. We who never knew you do miss you, do mourn you, and do feel sorrow for the loss of you. It has been almost 7 years, and yet your absence is still fresh in our hearts, our souls, and our minds. Though your life might have ended on that fateful morning, your spirit lives on, and we will never forget to remember you and mourn you, even if we never knew you.

Rev. Dave May

*** Posted by Dave May on 2008-09-07 ***

I hope you felt no fear. I hope your childhood innocence protected you from the trauma of that day. Because of you and your sister's death I will love my own sons more and be more vigilant in protecting other childrens' lives ... even if it means surrendering my own.

*** Posted by Ramon on 2006-09-14 ***

44 Total Comments

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