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In Tribute to David Fontana
37 years old.   Residence: New York, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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When I look up in the sky at night I always search for the brightest star. When I find it I know Dave is there. He was a wonderful kind loving person and I can only hope he knew how much I loved and admired him.

*** Posted by E on 2007-01-10 ***

I honor Dave's goodness, his willingness to rush into service for humankind. I only know Dave through A Widow's Walk but will remember him and teach my students about him. I knew little about the lives of firefighters before 9/11 but now better appreciate their enormous efforts to keep their fellow citizens safe. I am grateful. I'll keep Dave's story in my heart. It has transformed my ideas about purpose and meaning in life.

*** Posted by Eleanor Gaffney (Nyack, NY) on 2006-09-17 ***

My family extends our prayers to the entire Fontana family as we remember the anniversary of 9/11. The date will forever be a reminder of those who were lost - and I will also remember the date as Marian and Dave's anniversary. God Bless you, and thank you, Marian, for sharing Dave's story and your family's story - with me. Thank you, Dave, for your heroism and the powerful example of a true hero that you have given to your son, Aidan.

*** Posted by Kim Cushing from IL on 2006-09-12 ***

I have read Marian's book as well. I wanted to pay my respects to Dave today for the sacrifice he and so many others made. While I can never understand what the families of 9/11 victims feel, please know I will never forget what they gave up for the rest of us.

*** Posted by Christa Stroup on 2006-09-11 ***

I was lucky enough to know Dave Fontana - working with him as a lifeguard at Jones Beach. He was one of the finest individuals ever. His family is always in my prayers

*** Posted by Lauren Merkle on 2006-09-11 ***

I came into contact with David years ago while doing research for a book about Marines in WWI who fought on Iwo Jima and Okinawa. David contacted me because he saw my name on a Marine site and wanted to know if I could help him with a history of his firehouse he was compliling. He wanted to remember fireman who fought in WWII. I remember his son, Aidan, was eating lunch and banging on the table singing "It's a Pirates Life for Me" while we talked on the phone. David laughed about the singing and the unusual song choice. My impression of David was a kind man, loving and patient father (how many of us wouldn't get upset with a kid singing while we were talking on the phone?) and proud of the fireman he served with. I think he would've liked that he will be considered a hero along with the fireman that he wanted to help be remembered for their bravery and service to their country. My deepest sympathies go out to his family. dch06@hotmail.com

*** Posted by Dawn Hawkins Johnson on 2006-09-11 ***

I am one of those currently reading the book "A Widow's Walk." I was immediately drawn in by the intimacy of the writing. Rather than a cold, impersonal, journalistic perspective we see post 9/11 life as it was really lived. Marian (and I feel as if I know her, so I use her first name) has shown both dignity and humor in the face of overwhelming sorrow as well as in the writing of this unforgettable memoir. But it's the picture on the cover that really says it all--the obvious love and synchronicity of these two fine people shines through every time you look at it. Finally, the book causes me to stop and once again remember those lost almost five years ago. Traveling mercies to Marian and Aidan as they journey through life and for their beloved husband and father who has already made his, I think of the biblical words "Well done, my good and faithful servant."

*** Posted by Renee Ybarra, North Carolina on 2006-09-03 ***

I am currently reading "A Widow's Walk"..what strength and courage Marian had through a very sad ordeal; I just read her eulogy to Dave... very touching and honest.

Why do the cream of the crop perish during such a horrible event?

One thing the book does is at least show the goodness of human nature during the ordeal... with the exception of Aiden's teacher; I would have wanted to throttle the people at the school who must have been die hard control freaks...! Couldn't believe the bit about not letting him have his blanket.

Anyway, it is a wonderful book and I hope Marian is finding some solace in raising Aiden... children have a way of making one "go on" and "be strong".

God bless them.

*** Posted by Janet Hannsz on 2006-08-13 ***

I have read Marian Fontana's book about 3 times..it is just written so beautifully..I feel as though I know the Fontana's.........MJ mcaltra@yahoo.com

*** Posted by MJ from NJ on 2006-08-08 ***

I am reading Widow's Walk and have been very touched by this book.  If only there more people like David Fontana...the world would be such a better place!  I lost my mother when I was 9 months pregnant with my son, her 10th grandchild.  People often ask me how I got through it.  I just say, "I did what she would want me to do."  Marian, Aidan and family, after reading what I've read, I'm sure David would want you all to be very happy!  God bless you and your family and friends.

*** Posted by Ginger Garcia on 2006-05-30 ***

I did not know Mr. Fontana personally, although I feel as if I know him a little. I am currently reading Mrs. Fontana's, A Widow's Walk. I must say, what a heart wrenching story. I don't think there isn't a night when I lay down to read the story that I do not cry for the Fontana family, and of course all the other's who have suffered. Please know that someone in Alabama keeps you all in their heart.
God Bless, Michelle.

*** Posted by Michelle B. on 2006-04-27 ***

I am also reading your memoir, Marian, a heartbreaking but triumphant tribute to your husband, Dave, and to all his comrades as well.  I am overwhelmed by the beauty and strength of your spirit, the stunning imagery and power of your writing, and the deep, unconditional devotion with which you love and are loved by family and friends.  You have painted an unforgettable portrait of an unforgettable husband, father, son and friend--a man I would love to have known.  You were only briefly gifted with his presence, but you will be forever blessed by his legacy to you, your son Aidan, and by the lingering fragrance of his love for each of you.  May God grant you the faith to believe that you will be forever reunited in the earth made new.

*** Posted by Barb Brooks on 2006-03-13 ***

I didn't know David Fontana. In fact, the only person I know killed on 9/11 was a Port Authority police officer named David Lemagne. However, I just finished reading "Widow's Walk" by Marian Fontana, Dave's wife. I shed tears as I read this book moved tremendously by Marian's words. I have read numerous articles and seen shows by widows and other family members of victims. I was most moved by this book. I couldn't put it down nor the box of tissues I needed as I read. September 11, 2001 was my son's 3rd birthday. I too am a mother to a small boy and being a mom is one of the reason's I cried and felt this story. Because of your strength and love for Dave, Marian......many will know who he is and pray for his soul. That includes me. I will also pray for your family and Aidan.

*** Posted by Adriana Barcia on 2005-11-09 ***

I was one of David's English teachers in high school in the early 1980's -- 1981 I believe.  I remember him as a bright, creative, sensitive, and caring young man.  I was, of course, shocked and deeply saddened when I learned he was one of New York's 343 firefighters lost on September 11th.  From the biographical information I have read about him when he was a "grown-up," I am proud to say "I knew him when" and extremely proud to know what a fine young man he turned out to be, particularly as a father and husband.  I might also mention that David's mother and I knew each other on the high school faculty where David attended school, and I would like her to know that I think of her and of David often.

*** Posted by Dr. Susan J. Fishbein on 2005-08-26 ***

Both of them are gone now but I think you should know Marion that Tom thought David was a really nice guy.  They only met a couple of times but they managed to have lenghty
conversations.  On each occasion Tom mentioned afterward how much he enjoyed speaking with David and that he
thought alot of him. Tom was never given to idle praise so there was no doubt that David caught his attention with the special qualities that were the mark of your dear husband.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2004-03-05 ***

Both of them are gone now but I think you should know, Marian, that Tom thought David was a really nice guy.  They only met a couple of times but they managed to have lenghty
conversations.  On each occasion Tom mentioned afterward how much he enjoyed speaking with David and that he
thought alot of him. Tom was never given to idle praise so there was no doubt that David caught his attention with the special qualities that were the mark of your dear husband.

*** Posted by Mimi Aloia on 2004-03-05 ***

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