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In Tribute to Harry Ramos
41 years old.   Residence: Newark, N.J.
Died in World Trade Center

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Harry Ramos, I will never forget you. From the moment I first saw you in the bowling alley, when I was a kid, making everybody laugh, I knew you were awesome and loved seeing you every Sunday for years. Thanks for the laughs. And thank you, thank you, thank you, for your giant heart.

*** Posted by Maribel Ibrahim on 2011-09-11 ***

After everything happened that day I read an article that said we should only grieve for one person because to grieve for everyone would be to much. I choose Harry Ramos to grieve for his story touched my heart. Even though I live in Arizona many miles away from the tragedy shedding tears for him brought me Closer to the place it all happened. I think about him often and cry often for them all. God be with thier families.

*** Posted by Kim henagar on 2011-09-10 ***

We miss you harry

*** Posted by Amber on 2011-09-10 ***

Harry what a beautiful, kind and compassionate individual you are. You are a true hero in every respect. I miss you and think about you everytime I pass by. I pray that your family is doing well and know you are watching over them. Heaven needed an angel and off you went from us. I am so blessed having grown up with and knowing you. We will meet again some day........
Love Your Cousin

*** Posted by Anthony Caro on 2011-09-10 ***

Harry you were always an incredibale and loving individual. I think about you everytime I pass by but you already know that. I tell everyone I know about your heroism on Tuesday morning September 11, 2001. You were so kind, comforting and caring to a complete stranger that was in need. Such a beautiful act of compassion. Heaven needed an angel and there you went. How proud we are of you and pray that your family is doing well. Miss you and we will meet up one day.
Love Your Cousin......

*** Posted by Anthony Caro on 2011-09-10 ***

Well Harry Ramos, what can I say! You will always be remembered! You will always be our HERO! RIP Your cousin, Evelyn Rosado

*** Posted by Evelyn Rosado on 2011-09-09 ***

What can I say...you made trading fun. I think of your wife, kids, and family often. The jokes never sounded the same again...thank you Harry.

*** Posted by Anonymous Trader on 2011-09-04 ***

You are an amazing person Harry! A true hero! So amazing! RIP You will never be forgotten!

*** Posted by Kiran G on 2011-08-28 ***

Harry, not a single day goes by without my thinking of you and Micki and the kids. My brother, Paul, considered you his best buddy; I loved how you made me laugh when we bowled together. Especially since I was and still am a terrible bowler. I believe the line from a Star Trek movie: no one is truly dead so long as someone remembers him/her. May you always dance in the presence of the angels. Maris.

*** Posted by Luz D Ramirez-Hernandez on 2011-08-10 ***

Dear Harry!Thank you for your Heroism!If all men were like you, my favorite man would still be alive. Madly sad that you died. The world needs people like you,really needs! Especially the lack of such people exist in our country Russia! Puerto Rico can be pround of you! Strength and patience to your dear wife Magdalia and kiddies. ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU!

*** Posted by Jilia on 2011-08-09 ***

We all know how.
We all know when.

But why was it YOU?
Why was it THEN?

From a heart still broken. Does it ever get any easier? Ten years, almost. And it still feels like yesterday.

*** Posted by Ruth-Elizabeth Page on 2011-07-24 ***

10 years has gone so quick. I have seen countless documentaries on 9/11 and see the story of you and victor. I truly believe you are one of a kind, your kindness shown towards victor leaves me speechless. It brings tears to my eyes to know that that despite the consequences you never left victors side. You are what the word " hero " was made for. Rest in peace harry and victor x

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-24 ***

You are a true inspiration only found out about you from a documentary I caught a few nights ago. To help someone else when your own life was in danger that takes a huge amount of courage. You are a legend and will never be forgotten

*** Posted by Steve Simmo on 2011-06-19 ***

I devoted prayer to Harry at my school 911 rememberance June, 2011

*** Posted by Ross on 2011-06-06 ***

lived on same floor as harrys mom bertha, just heart broken, rest in peace bertha and harry,

*** Posted by thomasina maggio on 2011-05-30 ***

Mr. Ramos,

I just read about your story, and what you did for Victor was incredible. I was in tears reading about what you had done, and clearly you are a hero! I know that now you're in a better place, smiling down on your family from heaven. One day your family will join you in heaven with God, and they will see your smiling face once again. Mr. Ramos, God bless you and your family, and rest in peace.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-05 ***

William Hope played you in a documentary that I saw. I believe you were an excellent man, and Hope played you like he was really you. Now, judging how you had the choice between making it out alive and helping Victor, and choosing death to help a stranger is so amazing. You are my idol, Mr. Ramos. I know your story and Hong's. Hong seemed depressed in the documentary, but I do not believe he should feel like a coward, Mr. Ramos, and you need to forgive him.

Anyway, what you did makes you heroic. If only the tower did not collapse with you on the 33rd floor. You would be the most talked-about hero. You are an amazing man in America's thoughts. May you rest in eternal peace, and may God look after the souls of you and Victor.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-25 ***

ďWe band of brothers, we merry fewĒ is a quote from the book ďBoys of Summer.Ē It is about the Brooklyn Dodgers and how one summer can change your life forever.

I knew Harry in my youth. I have one memory that stands out over all the great times I shared with him. We made a trip to Florida when I had just turned 18. We drove there in that 1976 Dodge Changer that he loved. Harry was like the older brother everyone wished they had. The trip was the time of my life. We partied and laughed for three weeks while we traveled all over the Sunshine State. Just by being around him, I learned so much — such as kindness, generosity, and how to really laugh. In a few years we lost touch with each other, as life often does. Harry was always on my mind. Itís great to finally see him in pictures as a man. I only wish I could see him in person. Itís wonderful to read that he was the same as he always was, kind, generous, and funny. Also, that he was a Head Trader on Wall Street and a great family man. Iím so proud, but Iím not surprised. Harry was always so much more gifted than the rest of us.

I never realized that he worked in the same building as I did. We both worked in the brokerage/banking field. I was there, too, at the Trade Centers on that dreadful day. I survived and am left with some horrible visions. Thatís why itís taken this long to deal with the visions of that day. When I thought things couldnít get any worse, I found out Harry passed away. It makes that day unbearable to deal with. I have very few regrets in my life, but one of them is never telling him how he changed my life and how much he meant to me. I have been a lot in my life — from growing up in the Marlboro Projects, where I met Harry, to a kidney and pancreas transplants in October of 2009 in North Carolina, where I still live. I have lots of friends and lots of memories, but none are as special as that trip to Florida with my boyhood pal Harry.

He passed the way he lived, helping a follow human being. Heaven is a happier place when it got one of their angels back; however, the world is worse, for we are all without my hero and old friend. If I know Harry, he is dancing with Jesus and laughing with Gabriel and the rest of the angels. I know most of all he is watching over his family, friends, and especially his wife and children. Thanks for the memories, brother. You will always be in my heart and soul. In my dreams you will always be that skinny young Puerto Rican brother in your í76 Dodge Charger driving down I-95 heading for the beaches of Florida, singing oldies, dressed to the max, and always dancing happy Harry to me. Gone but never forgotten! I donít drink, but tonight I am going to get a Bacardi and coke and have one for my hero and old friend.

Truly brokenhearted,
Your Italian brother from another mother,
Carl Borriello

*** Posted by Carl Borriello on 2011-03-03 ***

WOW! I knew Harry growing up in Brooklyn, NY. We both lived in the projects. I signed up on Facebook about a week ago, and I was looking for Harry Ramos to see if I could get in contact with him. Never in a million years did I think I would find him here! This hurts!

Harry was one of my best friends growing up. Victor Santacruz, Harry, and I would hang out together, driving around in his Challenger. Harry showed us how to be cool. Before we went out, we would go either to his house or to Victor's house and iron our money! Haha.... Harry said it would make us look cool and as if we had money. We would hit parties late and then dance "the hustle" as all our friends looked on. Harry was so suave.... I thought I spent a lot of time on my DA (hair) ... but Harry took the cake! Haha. He was older than us.

Wow, I still cannot believe this. This hurts! I believe my ex-wife has a silent super-8 movie of Harry and me. We always made believe we were hitting each other. That, too, was a cool thing to do. It was always to poke fun in a nice way. Victor, Harry, and I — I believe we used to call ourselves the Mucharo brothers. Haha.... Hanging out in the projects was great fun. We would ride around in Harry's car, having a blast! I looked up to Harry.... He was a great friend.

I left Brooklyn and the projects in the summer of 1977 when I joined the Air Force. Then I lost track of Harry ... but I finally found him here. I can only say that Harry was an absolute great human being who definitely had a positive effect on me. I love you, man....

Your friend,
Nelson Munoz

*** Posted by Nelson Munoz on 2011-02-26 ***

Hats off to you, sir.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-20 ***

117 Total Comments

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