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In Tribute to Harry Ramos
41 years old.   Residence: Newark, N.J.
Died in World Trade Center

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As long as Harry lives in our hearts, he is never gone. I hope Micky and his children know this. He is an angel looking over them. I knew Harry from the Olympic Bowling Alley in Belleville, NJ. Harry was a bowler there and had so many friends there. He was the nicest guy one could ever know, funny, very caring, and a great friend. Being a hero is just the way Harry was in real life, willing to help anybody at anytime. God bless his wife and kids. May Harry always watch over them and guide them. Harry is an angel and hero. He could have gotten out if he had left with his friend. He chose to stay and comfort a stranger who was scared. Our Lord will take care of his family. Always thinking of you and your family. 9/11 is my Mom's birthday. She would not celebrate it ever again after 9/11. She is up there in heaven with Harry and the other victims now. They are not gone, but will live in my heart forever. God bless America.

*** Posted by Harriet Cannella on 2008-09-11 ***

Today I am thinking of Harry and his family. I know he is watching over his family just as he did in earth. Rest In Peace Harry. God Bless Mickey and the children.
Angelina Day and Family

*** Posted by Angelina Day on 2008-09-11 ***

Tomorrow is the seven-year anniversary, Harry, ... and I look at your picture on my desk every day, and I thank God that you were part of my everyday life. You were and still are my friend. You made me laugh all the time.... But most of all you are truly my "HERO," and for that I will be forever grateful. I know that your spirit is present, and that's what makes me smile. For those of you who knew Harry, he was a amazing man with an amazing smile, a heart of gold, and MY personal hero! I love you from the bottom of my heart, and tomorrow 9/11/08 when I wake up, you will be in my thoughts, in my prayers, and in every step I make and every breath I take. I miss you, friend.... I love you, my friend, but most of all, I WILL NEVER FORGET!

Love always,
JoJo Capestro and Serenity Marie

*** Posted by Joanne Capestro on 2008-09-10 ***

True heroes are people like Harry. His compassion and giving heart helped a man in fear face his death and know that he was not alone.

*** Posted by Marian on 2008-09-10 ***

I just saw a Discovery special. Mr. Ramos' story made me sad and joyful. Sad because of his death: I kept wishing they would walk out of there alive--he deserved it!--and joyful because, in the midst of such destruction and anger, the flower of kindness was there for all to see. My thoughts go to his family while I stand up and cheer and clap for a beautiful human being. I am sure he was welcomed in heaven in the same manner.

*** Posted by Raul on 2008-09-08 ***

Harry Ramos is an inspiration. He showed kindness, patience, and compassion. Not many people would've stayed behind on those stairs knowing how dangerous it was. I hold Harry as high as those fireman.

*** Posted by Lani on 2008-09-06 ***

R.I.P., Harry....

*** Posted by jen on 2008-09-05 ***

I was watching a documentary on BBC when I saw the story about Harry Ramos. I met this man before he was working at the World Trade Center, truly amazing what he did. I never knew he died that way.

*** Posted by jd chavez on 2008-08-26 ***

Que en paz descances. Se que al reino de dios alcansastes. Por ser el angel de seguridad en el tiempo de un desastre.
Que dios te ilumine la luz que te ganastes! Amen!

[Ed. - May you rest in peace. I know that you've reached the kingdom of God for being an angel of security in time of disaster. May God illuminate you with the light that you've earned!]

*** Posted by JROD on 2008-08-07 ***

i hope you shine like a star in heaven, just like you are now on earth. you are an angel.

*** Posted by sonia on 2008-05-31 ***

Harry could have gotten out of the north tower, but he didn't; he saw a man named Victor Wald, who sadly was struggling to walk. He helped this man to try and get out, but sadly he died. My heart goes out to him. He was a angel. But if I'm honest, everyone was a hero on that day, and I hope that they did not suffer too long. xxx

*** Posted by Cleo on 2008-05-25 ***

Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for being a true hero. You helped Victor Wald when you could have saved yourself. That is what I call a real hero. I hope you didn't suffer too long, and I love you so much for doing that. I hope to meet you one day and talk to you and even hug you or kiss you because you are amazing. You're like an angel. Thank you!

Bethany, age 13

*** Posted by Bethany on 2008-05-25 ***

Harry was a great guy. I saw a show called "Inside the Twin Towers," and I thought it was very nice of him to help Victor Wald. I worked on the 84th floor of the south tower, and I knew Harry. I really miss the towers. I loved the lobby. It was so pretty. I loved the marble floors and the ceilings. I was sorry to hear such a leader died.

*** Posted by will van gelder on 2008-03-24 ***

Hey there, buddy,

Saw some pix we took a long time ago. Can't believe a great guy like you is taken from us. I miss those meetings we had on Fridays. I miss your laughter, your big smile, and your professional charm you shared with everyone, no matter who they were. You touched many lives directly and indirectly. People I work with now, some I worked with before, all knew you off you or wanted to hear how you were. Amazing documentary about you on TV. I know it hurts to say this, but only you would have done something like that. So unselfish. So caring. So much regard for others and instantly forgetting your own safety. I know you belong down here with your wife and kid and our selfish selves would say that each time. But whatever the reason, God asked for you. I am sure there are those up there that are saying what I'm saying, what many have said, and many more will say.... Harry, you are an angel ... sigh! Amazing how time has passed, and I still remember the last thing you told me:  "I could never NOT help someone." I never knew why you said that at that given time. Now I know why. Dude! Wherever you are, you will always have a place in my heart. I still remember when you met my wife. She was pregnant with my son. Each time I see a documentary about that day, it hurts even more 'cause September 12 is my b-day. At first I did not celebrate it. Now I have a toast in your name each time and a moment of silence in your memory. With the deepest respect, admiration, love as a true friend I miss so much. I hope heaven is as happy as you always were with you. Miss you a great deal.

Until next time, Mi Amigo.

*** Posted by eddie Erod rodriguez (NYC) on 2008-03-12 ***

Just adding another flower. You deserve a million more for your heroic actions. May you rest in peace. I know you are watching over your loved ones, and you will always protect them.

*** Posted by Angelina (Ramos) Day on 2007-09-17 ***

My mom and Harry's mom were very good friends when I was growing up. Our families were close. The one thing I most remember about Harry was how he was always a happy child. He was always laughing and playing. When I saw his name with those that had perished on 9/11 I couldn't believe it. What I read about him now makes me feel that he really turned out to be the man I knew he would always be. I feel extreme sadness, even after six years, for the Ramos family. Just know that he is in heaven looking down on all of you.

*** Posted by Carmen Mercado Johnston on 2007-09-12 ***

Dearest cousin

You are missed and loved and always in our thoughts.. May you be at peace wherever you are.....


*** Posted by Desiree on 2007-09-11 ***

As we begin to commemorate 9/11, thoughts of Harry fill my head. On that horrific day many emotions went through me. I was offered a job at Cantor Fitzgerald a week before the attacks. My mother begged me not to go because in New York there's a better chance of terroristic attacks. I laughed at her and told her, "I am starting on September 10th." Harry came to my house that same week with some of my father's friends. Sitting at the kitchen table telling us how he left his bike at the "pinches" (which we laughed at him because it's really pinchos, a Spanish name for barbecue hut). Harry told me not to take the NYC job and accept an offer that was given to me in Jersey City because the commute would be too much for me to handle. A few days after the attack my mother picked me up from my first day at the Jersey City position that I accepted. She told me the news that someone that was just at our house and saved your life was in the Towers. When I saw her face, I knew it was Harry, and it felt like someone punched me hard the stomach. He saved many lives that day, and I will always be grateful. Harry, I love you, and you will never be forgotten. I hope your two boys will grow into the man that you were.

*** Posted by Yazmin Martinez (Newark/Manalapan, NJ) on 2007-08-27 ***

I have just watched "Inside The Twin Towers" and was so moved by Harry's story. He was a true hero and a great person. R.I.P

*** Posted by Becky on 2007-02-23 ***

I just watched "Inside the Twin Towers" and I was truly moved by Harry and Victor's story. My kudos to Harry for making the ultimate sacrifice to try to save another human being. A true hero!

*** Posted by JP on 2007-02-04 ***

117 Total Comments

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