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In Tribute to Honor Elizabeth Wainio
27 years old.   Residence: Watchung, N.J.
Passenger of Flight 193

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I'm a musician who recently a acquired a new upright bass from Upton Bass in Mystic Connecticut. Shortly before I received the instrument, something happened which prompted me name it.

The first name which came to mind was "Honor Elizabeth Wainio" I had watched both of the movies about UAL Flight 93 (I liked the made-for-TV version, better) and have read "Let's Roll" and "Among the Heroes." I mainly remembered Honor due to her unique name. I wanted to name the bass after someone whose personal sacrifice left the world a better place, someone like Rosa Parks, for example.

But I wanted to recognize someone whom the world has more likely forgotten. I decided that Honor didn't quite qualify, no disrespect intended, because she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I went on to consider other name ideas and brought it closer to home. One of the main candidates was to combine the three middle names of my kids, but nothing really worked. I eventually realized that if it had not been for my grandmother, who recently passed away and left for me and my siblings a large inheritance, I would not have been able to afford the bass. Her first name was Thelma. She never liked the name and it turns out that her own father had named her after a former girlfriend, despite the objections of his wife. This was a man who later walked out on the whole family during the Great Depression. My great-grandmother managed to raise 7 kids all alone in poverty. So I asked about my grandmother's middle name. It was Elizabeth. Coincidently, Elizabeth was also the middle name of close friend's maternal grandmother.

Because this is a special bass with 5 strings instead of the usual 4, I decided to shorten Elizabeth to Eliza; a 5-lettered name for a 5-string bass.

I was later relating to a coworker the story of how I named the bass. Until then, I had almost forgotten that the first name I had thought about was Honor Elizabeth Wainio.
I saw the string of coincidences of her middle name, my kids' middle names, and the two grandmothers... how it all came back to "Elizabeth," and how "Honor" and "Eliza" both have five letters.

So this classical instrument is named "Eliza" in joint memory of Honor Elizabeth Wainio and my grandmother, Thelma Elizabeth Vain.

*** Posted by NeaL Brooks on 2007-09-11 ***

Lizz -

You always have had the kindest heart. My family is so lucky to have been so close with you and share so many good times with you. I can't help thinking back and wishing we'd had more time in Italy. I wish we had more time for everything. I'm so glad you and Michele were always there for each other through everything. Truly, I don't think I've ever seen better friends.

Miss you dearly,

*** Posted by Shannon (Hobeck) Quinby on 2007-09-11 ***

Dear Elizabeth,

Tomorrow we will celebrate the sixt anniversary of your murder. Tomorrow my mission against terrorism in one of those countries will start, which are responsible for that terroristic attack; responsible for the death of so much innocent people; responsible, that you died.
I'll never forget you. All the best and God bless you

*** Posted by Thomas Preuss on 2007-09-10 ***

Dear, sweet, Elizabeth Wainio,

I didn't get a chance to meet you before 911, but I know you from hearing about your honorable story on The Flight that Fought Back and watching the made for TV movie on A and E and United 93. Elizabeth, I love you for your bravery in face of fear to sit quietly while everyone else got ready to storm the cockpit. You are my hero. Rest in peace, Honor Elizabeth Wainio.

*** Posted by cory rose on 2007-09-05 ***

I just want to say that I am really really sorry to all those families who lost a dear one in the 9-11 attack on flight 93.

*** Posted by Simon Mallitt on 2007-08-25 ***

She was portrayed as a very young courageous woman in the movie Flight 93. God bless her family.

*** Posted by Daylon Wear on 2007-07-09 ***

Elizabeth, it is so hard to imagine what you and the other 44 passengers were feeling and experiencing on that tragic day that took a toll on our country at large. While it is so extremely sad and nerve-wrenching to think that there really are people in this world who desire to inflict such harm on another human being, absolutely blows my mind, but it gives me a tremendous amount of faith and courage knowing there are people such as yourself who carry the courage you displayed on that day. I have seen the A&E movie over and over again, and each time it creates this major knot in the pit of my stomach. My thoughts, love, and prayers go out to you, your family, and all the other families members who lost a loved one on that horrific day. May the Lord bless you and keep you. Rest in God's Peace, Elizabeth and members of Flight 93. For you have made this country oh so proud! I love you all!

*** Posted by Timothy Gray on 2007-06-16 ***

you are a great inspiration to the people...i really dont know you but for me you are hero....the crew and all the passengers...i couldnt hide my emotion, my tears when I watch the f-93...god bless you all and may u rest in gods kingdom....

*** Posted by joel on 2007-06-07 ***

It was a hard day on September 11th. I have never in my life seen that happen in my life before. But when flight 93 crashed that was so sad. I was watching the movie on A&E. It was a sad movie to watch.

I feel for everyone who died in the crash. But when Elizabeth called home to say goodbye I broke down and cried. It was a sad moment on the phone to say that she is not coming home. Glade that she got to talk to her stepmom for the last time.

I hope the woman who played Elizabeth got to meet Elizabeth's family and friends. I hope her family reads this. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

*** Posted by Vickie From Vancouver Canada on 2007-05-11 ***

hello elizebeth I didn,t know you at all but on 911 I was deeply sadened for your mother because she was sad yet greatful that became  an american hero not intemedated by death you and you fellow passegers on flight 93 stood up and took the fight to the hijackers and you can rest in peace knowing you have many of your fellow cittezins  honorin your memory  rest in peace liz and i.ll see you in heven god bless you

*** Posted by cory rose on 2007-04-23 ***


*** Posted by LISA HERNANDEZ on 2007-04-03 ***

I'm sorry Lizz it took me this long to finally watch the movie account. I knew that day when I saw the flash on the Discovery Net Work. I think about the, many good and bad times at Blinds To Go. Jack and I always pulled your leg on the sales figures, and made you buy us diner. You were one of the finest people I have ever been lucky enough to work with. You are missed.
To the family of Lizz. I know it years to lake, But I hope you have peace. I was proud to know her.

*** Posted by Bill Gilpin on 2007-03-31 ***

9/11/2001 what a tragic day that was even for Elizabeth Wanio’s mother Mary White sister Sarah and brother Mike and dad Bill when Elizabeth called and said goodbye to her mother  in the movie portraying her doing so my patriotism and sadness shown though because I was in school on 9/11/01 when the attacks occurred and I was angry all that day and as sad my prayers are with every one who lost a loved one on 9/11 /01 god bless them god bless their loved ones now dead and may god bless America

*** Posted by Cory Rose on 2007-03-17 ***

Dear Elizabeth,

I am (and also my students in aviation security) are still thinking on you. We will never forget you and the other victims of 9/11. Today, I believe, is Bin Laden's 50th birthday. You never have had the chance to reach that age. God bless you.


*** Posted by Thomas Preuss on 2007-03-10 ***

I have never felt so inspired by a person I have never met. Ms. Wainio's determination and selflessness are characteristics which I attempt to portray in my everyday life. Our common interests in France, communications, and retail are uncanny. She truly was a hero. My heart goes out to the family on their loss of a remarkable life. May you all be blessed.

*** Posted by Nakia on 2007-03-05 ***

The hardest part to watch of the Flight 93 movie is the scene of Elizabeth Waino and her mother talking and the way they ended. It is just too much for human heart to handle. Also so painful is that she knew that death was imminent and imagined herself already going to different world with loved ones. You are forever remembered, Elizabeth. I wonder if she had a boyfriend.

*** Posted by Danny Nguyen on 2007-02-22 ***

My family and I live in Pgh and travel to the Flight 93 Memorial at least 3 times a year since 2001. Every time we go there, we are touched. But I have to say that Elizabeth's memorial angel sticks with me everytime I leave there. When I saw that someone had put a scarf on it, I wondered what type of sentimental value did that scarf have to Honor. I might not ever know the meaning, but to see something so very personal of hers, on display to others, shows that her family or friends care very much about letting us, the public, share with them their grief and sorrow. I pray for her and her family often. She was a hero in so many ways. God Bless her and her family and friends as well.

*** Posted by Megan Cunningham on 2007-02-14 ***

I am so very sorry to all of Elizabeth's friends and relatives, and I pray that God will bless you the rest of your life.

*** Posted by Anne on 2007-01-31 ***

I watched a rerun of flight 93 tonight and still cried and wished for a different ending to this story. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who lost a loved one on this flight. I just wanted elizabeth's mom to know her story still touches many people, even over 6 years later. God bless you.

*** Posted by karyn mcgivern on 2007-01-09 ***

Love and God bless you always Elizabeth... you are in our hearts forever.

*** Posted by Marcy on 2006-12-29 ***

126 Total Comments

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