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In Tribute to Honor Elizabeth Wainio
27 years old.   Residence: Watchung, N.J.
Passenger of Flight 193

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if you don't understand this lenguage plis consult to the diccionary...because I dont speak very well the english... ok?

"cuando vi la pelicula vuelo 93 quede impactada por su contenido y pienso que todos aquellos pasajeros y sus familias ocupan un lugar en mi corazon...en especial honor elizabeth, su conversacion con su madre tocaron mi corazon y me hicieron llorar, por eso admiro su fuerza y le deseo lo mejor del mundo..espero que su madre este conciente de que algun dia podra reencontrarse con su amada hija. nadie es mas fuerte que estas dos mujeres que se merecen todo por su coraje y fuerza.

[Ed. - When I saw the film, "Flight 93," I was struck by its content, and I think that all those passengers and their families have a place in my heart--especially Honor Elizabeth. Her conversation with her mother touched my heart and made me cry. That's why I admire her power and wish her the best in the world. I hope that that her mother realizes that some day she'll be able to meet her beloved daughter again. Nobody is stronger than these two women who deserve everything because of their courage and power.]

*** Posted by daniela muñoz (chilean) on 2006-12-26 ***

The day 9/11 happened that's when I found out that Honor was my cousin. She was much older than me but my family showed us pictures with all of our cousins, and there she was. I don't remember her very well. But Honor, I want to say Thank You for what you did, and our family will never forget you.

*** Posted by Taletha on 2006-12-16 ***

Honor Elizabeth Wainio

I’m a Cambodian people, even thought I am not the American citizen but I feel hurt and broken heart when I was watching the “Flight That Fought Back”. United Airline Flight 93 is the flight that we have never forgotten and always keep in our mind. Elizabeth, I have never knew you before but I really proud what you did, you and all the victims are not afraid to stand up in the face of death to fight back with all the terrorist. “Sept 11, 2001” the day we have never forgotten, the day that we get hurt and we cannot see all of you again and more. But your name, and all passengers, crews in flight 93 and the same all the victims are always in our remembering forever. May god bless all of you and your families…! Best regard.

Thanks to all the passenger and crew of united flight 93
Sieng Rotana
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

*** Posted by Sieng Rotana on 2006-10-10 ***

Flight 93 was aired on the History channel tonight. I've watched it many times. The conversation between Elizabeth and her mother is a painful reminder that horrible things happen to great people. I'm a mother with a strong attachment to my own daughter. Elizabeth's story reminds me that faith is our only hope; Elizabeth showed concern for her mother and how she would go on... what a champion; despite her own jagged emotions... she tried to care for her mother. Elizabeth is an important part of the story for me... I'm challenged by the strength of her mother's care and effort to help her daughter cope. My message is for Elizabeth's mother... Thank you for teaching so many of us... your words to Elizabeth were powerful and I'm sure they calmed her in the terrible moments she faced. Thank you for the courage to share your strength, your sorrow, and your story with us all. It's important.... Elizabeth's story is important. How her mother comforted her and remained strong and present for her is important and precious and the true essence of being all that a mother should be for every child. Elizabeth is remembered.

--Sally Atari, mother of three, the oldest of which is 25 years old and much like Elizabeth

*** Posted by Sally Atari on 2006-10-08 ***

what happed on 9/11/01 will huant us forever when we are old and gray and we have to explain this we will think of people like elizabeth and the other passengers of 93 and ex plain thier bravery. thank you. to her friends and family god bless you and i'm sorry you had to lose a preson like elizabeth

*** Posted by lyn on 2006-10-06 ***

i saw your daughter at the the airport of newwork air port on september 11. 2001

*** Posted by jonathan ortiz on 2006-10-02 ***

I've been speechless for five years, Lizz. The first time I realized you were on that plane was while I was visiting my sister in Chicago and I saw a memorial photo fly up on the t.v. just a week after that tragic day. Every time that day is brought up in conversation I have always mentioned you and your constant smile. I was pleased to see that in the movie United 93, they chose someone to portray you that had that smile. Please know that you are missed. I wish we would have stayed in touch after high school. But the memories of performing in school musicals and serving in student government with you among the many other activities we were involved with... those memories are still very much alive. Like I said, I've been speechless until now. Somehow, I just can't stay silent any more. You are a wonderful person, and it seems that many many many more people have realized that as well. My prayers are for your family as I know they must still miss you so very much. As in George Straight's recent song, "I'll see you on the other side."

*** Posted by Steve Burkowske (CHS 1991) on 2006-09-17 ***

I went to school with Liz, and every year since 9-11, I think about her tragic passing and how helpless I feel that nothing could be done to save her and the others. However, I know that God is looking out for her and has her by His side.

*** Posted by Shonell Bacon on 2006-09-17 ***

Dear Honor Elizabeth,

I have been drawn to the inescapable positive energy emanating from your soul. I can only pray for serenity for you, your family and all of your loved ones. The family you became a part of that infamous day represent the very best of America and indeed of humanity. You are soldiers of peace and love who were victorious.

*** Posted by ccr on 2006-09-14 ***

Hello Elizabeth. I am still very sad and I wish you Gods peace.

From Germany


*** Posted by Thomas Preuss on 2006-09-11 ***

I am sorry about the flight you took. I hope you got lots of flowers. I wish I could also give you flowers.

*** Posted by Geraldine on 2006-09-11 ***

God bless you...

We grew up in the same town, went to same highschool and never knew each other, yet I grieve for you like I did. Your name is suiting... You should be honored

*** Posted by Dana on 2006-09-11 ***

Five years have passed since you left us. Elizabeth, you were so full of life and happiness. I loved working for you. You were so inspiring. I am glad I took the opportunity to tell you that I loved you the day before you passed away. The old gang that worked for you at Discovery Channel still miss you so much. You were simply the best. All of our love,

Lisa Seemon and friends

*** Posted by Lisa Seemon on 2006-09-11 ***

you and the other passengers were all brave... God bless your soul and your family who misses you so much...

*** Posted by kam on 2006-09-07 ***

To dear Elizabeth,

I never knew you, but I feel that I,d had known you all of our lives.I watched FLIGHT 93 the movie on tv. I've only cried like that only once before when my grandson passed away. When your Mom put her arms around you and told you how much she loved you my heart broke. I hug my sweet grandson that very same way. GOD BLESS you sweet Elizabeth and all my brothers and sisters whom left us all on that very horrible day. My arms are holding you all now. GOD BLESS you and our family.

Love to you my dear friend I never had a chance to meet. 

--Kathy S from Michigan

*** Posted by Kathy on 2006-08-24 ***

I wish you Gods peace!

*** Posted by Zeta Moore on 2006-08-22 ***

dearest honor, I just finish watching 'Flight 93' and the scene that hurt me the most was when you were talking to your step-mom on the phone. god bless you.

*** Posted by yasenia on 2006-08-13 ***

An inspiration and a model of courage... Elizabeth, I didn't know you, but like many others all over the world, I am overwhelmed with sadness that your life was cut short through an act of madness. I hope you're in heaven and at peace. May God take care of you and shower you with love forever. Rest in peace. Amen.

*** Posted by Yasir Saeed on 2006-08-12 ***

Elizabeth Wainio  was a good  hearted person. She lived  her life to it full course but on 911  she had it cut short because someone hated America. That's why she said I'm not going  to come home

*** Posted by cory rose on 2006-08-06 ***

I wish I could have known you, but you inspire me to do better, to do the right thing, even when all the odds are against me. The thing I learned from you is to have courage. You are a true hero in the meaning of the word.
You live in the hearts of the people who have known you,and even moved that of a stranger like me
I know that you are still looking down upon your loved ones, and their forever love shall never diminish

Blessed be

*** Posted by Antoine on 2006-07-30 ***

126 Total Comments

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