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In Tribute to Honor Elizabeth Wainio
27 years old.   Residence: Watchung, N.J.
Passenger of Flight 193

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Someday I may be blessed to meet Elizabeth Wainio in heaven.

*** Posted by B.J. on 2006-07-15 ***

Today is July 4th, 2006.  I just finished watching the Documentry of Flight 93 on the History Channel.  And as I sit here waiting upon the arrival of my fiance's return home, from his 3rd tour overseas, I am again reminded why I am so very proud of him.  I am the same age as Elizabeth and I too am very close to my mother and to watch the portrayed scene between the two and final conversation, never have i been so moved.  Thank you for sharing your story with us and many blessing to her family.

*** Posted by Minnesota on 2006-07-04 ***

I saw the  movie Flight 93. I thought the movie was sad. I thought that the crew and passengers were brave in trying to take the plane over. I enjoyed this movie more than the movie i saw in the theaters.

When Elizabeth called her step mother I was in tears the words that came out of her mouth and how she said that she was not coming home I cried. I thought when her step mother saying I have my arms around you. That was beautiful. It made me start crying. All my prayers go out to her family and friends.

From Vancouver Canada

*** Posted by Vickie on 2006-06-16 ***

Dear Elizabeth,

All though I did not know you personally I am saddend to know that a person that is only 10 years older than me may have their life ended in such an abrupt way and so young.

All I can say is it upsets me greatly knowing you are not with us physicaly any more although you will never leave us truely. The film made about your flight showed me some one brave who shoud'nt have been in that situation.Some one who is hopefully still living happily up with the Lord enjoying the life that was tragicly taken from you and so many others that fateful day. To you and your family I wish nothing but the best always and eternally

TO Mary White:
I wish you and your family the best and wish I could give you your daughter back in any way possible. The memory of her will always be with me. I will take it to the end of my days and beyond!!!!!!!!!

*** Posted by Timothy Patterson on 2006-06-13 ***

Comparto el dolor de todas las familias que han sufrido mucho por esta gran tragedia del 9  de septiempre pasado.

Que dios Tenga en su gloria a todas las personas que han sufrido esta tragedia ...  Que dios Los Bendiga...

*** Posted by Jonathan Arevalo on 2006-05-12 ***

Thank you for your gift little Angel. Thank you for shining your light over this world.
You will be an inspiration for generations to come. But selfishly I wish you could have stayed longer among us.

With Love

*** Posted by Herve from Paris on 2006-05-08 ***

Hi Liz-

It's been a long time since we last saw each other and now, we'll never get another opportunity to do so.  So I wanted to say I remember....and I hope I never forget.  We met at Towson and I remember all those mass comm classes we had together.  You were working for Gymboree then I think.  That seems like a lifetime ago now.  I'm married now, own a home, have a dog and two cats, love to garden, and hang out with my husband and family.  I live in the flight path of BWI airport and remember how silent the sky was after 9/11.  I also remember seeing pictures of you on TV and thinking "I should have kept in touch" and "if only..."  But what your courage and your strenght have taught me is to be grateful for every day, every moment, every opporunity to live, to love, and to give back.  To live with no regrets.  And I remember that when I have a bad day, there's always tomorrow.  I hope for you, there is only peace and love.  And I know, that someday, when I see you on the other side, we'll catch up on all those years we missed.  Thank you for all of your courage and bravery.  God Bless you.

*** Posted by Jen Dopkowski Faught on 2006-05-03 ***

Dearest Elizabeth.
So many of us never had the honor of realy knowing you. We were not only attacked by terrorists on 9/11, but were cheated out of our chance of meeting and knowing a beautiful person. May God in Heaven bless you and your family - watch over you each day and provide the strength to carry on. Elizabeth, you have given me hope in a world of hatred. Once in a great while, someone like you comes along and brings meaning to life. The promise of a better tomorrow continues in the love you have shown. May Flight 93 rest in peace and be remembered for all time.

*** Posted by Michael J. Morgan on 2006-04-30 ***

I saw the A&E movie, and I couldn't believe the strength  and courage Elizabeth showed.  How comforting to have her mother tell her that she had her arms around her. She put her fear, and terror behind her, and comforted her daughter.  As a mother of 2 young sons, I can ony hope that I would give the same advice, and do my best to keep my child calm. Elizabeth, I know you are with the Lord.  To your mother, I can only hope that you can live again.  You are a true inspiration of what a Mother should be...you knew your baby was going back to the Lord and you held her till she got there...I can only hope that when it is our time, we have an angel like you to wrap your arms around us.

*** Posted by kristin on 2006-04-28 ***

I never saw you and the other innocent victims of this terrible 9/11. I know all of you only from internet photos. I'm a german aviation security trainer and instructor. I hope, your death will have a sense, so that we will never have such a tragedy in future again.
I am very sad and please be sure, you and the others will stay forever in the hearts and minds of your relatives. And in my heart.
Best regards to the place you are now


*** Posted by Thomas Preuß on 2006-04-15 ***

elizabeth, you are legend. my heart goes out to you for eternity

*** Posted by chris mcintosh on 2006-02-22 ***

Elizabeth, I was strongly moved by your courage and know what a wonderful person you were. I hope you rest peacefully along with the rest of the flight 93 group. You all were courageous and stood up for what was right. You have had a very large impact upon the nation and have made all of us realize that we need to stride for a better tomorrow. Elizabeth, you remind me so much of my younger sister, and she holds a very special place in my heart, as do you. I had to do a report on a martyr, and want you to know that you are one of the most noble martyrs there will ever be. Rest peacefully dear, and know you will always be remembered.

*** Posted by Jordan S on 2006-02-09 ***

I did not know Elizabeth personaly. But after i watched flight 93, the flight that fought back on A&E, I wanted to say thank u to her and all the other crew and passengers. What they did to stop those teroits from doing anymore damage on 9/11 took a lot of courge. She and them have taught me that without courge, u cant do anything in this world. thanks everyone,

*** Posted by Jason on 2006-02-05 ***

we are so sad to here about flight 93 after the movie we just saw about.we were bolling our eyes out and thankful we are still with our family. our mom is a flight attendent and we are so scared that she will be in a plane crash. we will pray for her and for all of the flight attendents and pilots out there.

*** Posted by alexis and rachelle on 2006-02-05 ***

I send my thoughts and prayers in memory of Ms. Wainio. I'm filled with sadness and, at the same time, inspiration having just watched the movie of Flt. 93. God Bless all who perished on 9-11. They shall never be forgotten.

*** Posted by Doug on 2006-02-03 ***

hi my name is nikki and i'm a 16 years old female from brooklyn and i would like to send my prayers to the family, friends, and who worksked with and may Honer Elizabeth Soul Rest In Peace and may God Bless you all

*** Posted by nikki on 2006-02-03 ***

I know you know but they made a movie of you and the other heroes on your flight that day.  My life is forever changed watching you.  I cried so hard for you and what you must have been going through.  Your final call keeps me up at nights.  Your courage and selflessness during your final moments are admired in a way in which you will never know.  As a father of 2 daughters, I can only pray that they grow up and have the same strength that you demonstrated not only on that day but from what I've read; in your life as a whole.  May God bless you Elizabeth and we will never forget you or the others.

*** Posted by Mel - Pittsburgh PA on 2006-02-02 ***

After seeing the A & E movie, I was also very moved. Elizabeth could have been my neighbor, my best friend, or even sister. I was deeply saddened on 9/11, and almost 5 years later the anguish still lives within me. All I can do is to strive to be like Elizabeth, who had great courage in the face of danger. May peace be with her, and the rest of flight 93. We will never forget you.

*** Posted by Stephanie on 2006-02-01 ***

Very very sad.

*** Posted by Mark on 2006-02-01 ***

Even though I did not know Elizabeth, I made a prayer for her and the rest of the passengers (and crew)  of Flight 93.  They all were very brave and saved many lives.  God bless all of you and may you have peace in heaven.

*** Posted by Jason Berger on 2006-01-31 ***

126 Total Comments

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