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In Tribute to Jeffrey Coombs
42 years old.   Residence: Abington, Mass.
Passenger of Flight 11

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I knew Jeffrey though not very well
We played catch a few times
In the street between his and Jimmy’s houses
Maybe just wasted some hours a few times
And it was ‘69 or so, maybe ‘70.
But I do know this, by reading other things
That the fleeting, shallow, squandered time we spent
Was spent while the towers were being built
And they were probably then in the news
As rising spires to our ascendancy
And who would imagine the paths converging?
Who could presume to know events
From so far away in time?
Who knows, maybe we both saw a news clip
Of the very floor going up
Where your comandeered craft would take you
Making its crude and its terrible entry
Making your crude and your terrible exit?
Nothing left of you, but your name still rings
And the chorus still sings
And all the same things go on and go on and go on

RIP, Jeffrey

*** Posted by Mike Monahan on 2012-05-24 ***

I had the pleasure to work with and get to know Jeff at Fidelity for a few years. He had a great sense of humor which drew me to come by his office each day to chat and hear some of his stories. He always spoke about his family and it was obvious how much he loved his wife and children. I work in New York City and often see so many things that remind me of 9/11 and I always think of my friend Jeff. May God bless him and his family.

*** Posted by John Rao on 2011-10-04 ***

I did not know Jeff but I am heartbroken for his wife,his children and his nation.

*** Posted by Dolores Coombs Horn on 2011-09-12 ***

Dear Christie,
I was "one of the lucky people" that really DID get to know Jeff. We were friends all throughout our stay at The University of Arizona. We took classes together, played alot of basketball and shared alot of good times. He had the best sense of humor and had the "Best Boston" accent!

He called me "Bird" and I called him "Coombs". I looked like a major league pitcher back in the late 1970s (Mark "the bird" Fydrich).....He never said my real name. It was always, "Hi Bird!".......

He was a great guy, a best friend, and it was so sad to lose touch with him and a couple of other close friends that I had in college....

I think about Jeff, everyday, and I think that you are so brave. Jeff would, surely, be VERY proud of you....and, I know, he is smiling down on YOU for all that you have done since September 11, 2001....

*** Posted by dan parker on 2011-09-11 ***

I worked with Jeff at Compaq, and was at the LA SE Conference that he was traveling to that day. Though I did not know him personally, I felt a great sense of loss of a colleague that day, along with the other members of the Compaq Team who perished at the Waters Financial Conference they were working in Tower One that day. I continue to mourn them, and simply remember their lives meant something to the ones they loved, and those who loved them...

*** Posted by Tom MacKay on 2011-09-08 ***

Not sure why this connection with the name "Coombs" is continuing but Christie, I saw you on the Channel 5 news this morning. I just happened to be watching and there you were, Christie Coombs, being interviewed. We closed on our house on Coombs Street just yesterday. We will continue to think about you and your family and your future peace and happiness. Hope this website can be continued by someone.

*** Posted by Sonja Brewer on 2011-05-05 ***

Three things happened today: (1) Osama Bin Laden was killed and so the families of the victims of 911 can rest assured that he can do no more harm; (2) We received the closing paperwork from the bank to move to a new address on "Coombs Street" in Middleboro and as I sat wondering for whom our new street was named; (3) I saw the name "Jeff Coombs" roll across the bottom of my TV, a tribute by Channel 5 TV today. So I came to this website to find out more about Jeffrey Coombs. This year when we proudly hang our flag at our new home on Coombs St. in Middleboro on Memorial Day, we will be honoring the memory of Jeffrey Coombs from Abington. I'm sure the original person for whom our street was named won't mind a bit.

*** Posted by Sonja Brewer on 2011-05-02 ***

God bless you, Jeff.

*** Posted by Dennis C Strock on 2011-05-02 ***

For the wonderful, loving, kind, dynamic, fantastic Coombs family — especially you, Jeff — I hope you are all at peace tonight. When I heard the word tonight, all I could do was think of you, your wife, your children, your parents — and especially your Mom. I know that you are still with them — for love lasts forever and transcends all things. God bless and keep you all.

*** Posted by Colleen Kenney Pusateri on 2011-05-02 ***

He was a great man and a terrific family member. He is missed.

*** Posted by Chelsea on 2010-10-05 ***

I didn't know your Jeff, but I am sure that he would be so proud of you and your kids. You have taken a horrible time in America and are continually making positive things happen. I am too am proud of you.

*** Posted by Kim James Thompson on 2010-09-11 ***

You will not be forgotten, Jeff.... There are many people in the USA who will make sure of it.... I am proud to be part of Christie's efforts to turn her own and your children's tragedy into something positive to help others.... That is the legacy that you leave and that your family and friends carry on ... in memory of you.

*** Posted by anonymous on 2010-09-06 ***

When I heard of the tragedy of September 11, I felt loss inside me. I didn't know any of the victims personally, but still I felt sorrow. My thoughts and prayers are ALWAYS with the family of Jeffery Coombs and the others who have been affected by the terrible act. God is with you all, and he's an angel in heaven looking down with a smile.

*** Posted by Jessica Shapiro on 2010-08-23 ***

Dear Jeffery Coombs:

I don't know you or really even your family. I know that you have 3 children and a wife named Christie. I am here on this website for a reason. I have read the articles written about you and your family. I have heard the love that speaks volumes. I have witnessed in these articles your wife who has taken tragedy and spins a thread of gold from it. I watched her yesterday at a mass military heros gathering to honor over 20,000 soldiers. I stood in line waiting for the honor to call out loud to the world my child's name along with 9 other names. I saw your Christie from where I stood. I saw the sadness in her heart that understands loss. It was at that very moment that I wanted to give back something to her. So here I am, Mr Jeffery Coombs. You sure do sound like a wonderful man who adored his family. It was my pleasure, sir, to read about you and who you are, and it is my honor, sir, to call out to the world your name and say, Jeffery Coombs—yes, that's it—Jeffery Coombs, you will never be forgotten. <3

*** Posted by Jodi Cabino Cipriano on 2010-05-28 ***

Best wishes and love from an old friend of Bill's. God bless.

*** Posted by Steve Parks on 2009-02-05 ***

Hi, It's been 5 1/2 years now and I still cant beleive what happend. I'm from Minnesota and don't know anybody involved but your truly in my thoughts and prayers! I'm so sorry for the family of Jeffrey. God Bless!

*** Posted by katie Nelson on 2007-04-01 ***

I did not know you or your family, but apparently you knew mine. For that dreaded night my house got a call from my uncle saying that you were on one of the planes ... and I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

R.I.P. Jeffrey Coombs

*** Posted by Dave Manning on 2007-01-15 ***

17 Total Comments

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