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In Tribute to Jessica Sachs
22 years old.   Residence: Billerica, Mass.
Passenger of Flight 11

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I went to the same church as Jessica and usually sat right behind her and her Mom. She obviously loved the Lord. †
The Lord bless you Jessica. We miss you, but we will see you again in our eternal home.

*** Posted by Cheryl on 2012-09-11 ***

Jessica was a sweet and lovely young woman. She loved her family and friends and went out of her way to show kindness to everyone. She is loved and missed...until we meet again, dear girl!

*** Posted by Vona Murrell on 2011-09-12 ***

I knew Jessica from back when we were still listening to New Kids on The Block. (She loved Donnie,and I was more of a Joey fan, as I recall...) I will always remember the way that we would laugh and carry on like the world was our personal playground. You are not forgotten, Jessica. I will always remember the way you believed that if you worked hard enough, you could do anything. You are missed every single day.

*** Posted by Anne (Kosanke) Wyant on 2011-09-12 ***

Ten years, and it feels just like yesterday. My heart and thoughts are with you, Jessica and your loved ones.

*** Posted by Katie Perry on 2011-09-11 ***

Everyday I look at the house where you lived with your family and am thankful that you were are a part of my life.

*** Posted by Diane on 2011-09-09 ***

Still thinking about you Jessica. You are missed....

*** Posted by Linda Gosselin on 2011-09-08 ***

Well its been 10 years Jessica, I still think of you alot. Its so hard to believe someone like you with your kind heart and gentle soul was taken that day. I remember when I joined Flag while we were attending John Marshall, and I was nervous because I had never done anything like that! You welcomed me and helped me and I never have forgotten that, ever. You did not deserve to be taken that day, nobody that day did. I know you are up there welcoming everyone in with open arms, I miss you...

*** Posted by Melissa Bublitz (Burritt) on 2011-09-02 ***

Jessica was an outgoing, friendly and confident young lady. When talking with her I would think she was going to go far with her talents and great personality. And she was the rare babysitter that could handle babysitting my lively son along with his sister and brother. I'm thankful for the gift of knowing Jessica. I remember her always.

*** Posted by April Borrillo on 2011-05-02 ***

Only this week did I learn of Jessica's passing. The Sachs family was a wonderful example of Christian love when I lived in Rochester. I am so saddened by this loss, and I send my heartfelt condolences to the family.

*** Posted by Rose Cushing on 2011-01-18 ***

Jessica and I knew each other from real little. We would have sleepovers and just have a wonderful time. I still cry and mourn her and miss her. She was a wonderful person who has a huge place in my heart. I know she is watching over us.

*** Posted by Rebecca Landry Smith on 2010-09-28 ***


I know you're up there somewhere. I've never had any doubt about that. It's been nine years, and I still cry every time I see your picture or think of your parents. You were such a sensitive and accepting person. I will always cherish your friendship.

*** Posted by Angie on 2010-09-16 ***

I knew Jessica when she was in high school in Rochester Minnesota. She loved life, her friends, and most of all Jesus Christ! When I think of her, I see her greeting me in church with her bright smile and happy conversation. When she moved to the east coast, we lost touch. It was such a shock to find out that she was on flight 11. My heart broke for her parents and the tears flowed. Those of us that know Christ, know that Jessica is in heaven enjoying the presence of her Savior. However, we still miss her and wonder why a person so caring and giving leaves this world so young. Nine years have passed but still we will remember and we will pray for people to come to know Jesus so that they too can enjoy the Eternal Life Jess is enjoying. God's Blessings to the Sach's family.

*** Posted by Roxanne Johnson on 2010-09-11 ***

Jess taught me to give over to God my fears and worries, she taught me about forgiveness and true faithfulness. Although I knew her for just 2 short years in college her death affected me deeply. I still remember the moment I found out she was on the plane clearly even all these years later. I remember feeling my own mortality come to be... I never thought that life could end so suddenly, so cruelly and at such a young age, my age! I remember thinking about how she was choosing which big 5 to go work for and wishing I had pushed the other choice into her mind. Then I realized that in fact Jess was an angel sent here to give her gifts to those in need like myself. I know that 9 years ago she sat next to a person of weak faith on that plane and she carried them home to the heavens with a full heart and a clear conscience. God Bless Jess and her family, know that no matter how many September 11th's I see I will always miss her smile and kind words. You are always in my heart dear friend.

*** Posted by Malissa on 2010-09-11 ***

I remember the day well... beautiful sunny day. Then "They Came" and Jessica was gone! We received an email telling us Jessica was on flight 11; my heart sank and then the tears came. Jessica is with The Lord and Heaven is a lot brighter since that day.

*** Posted by Kathy lee on 2010-09-10 ***

I am currently working on my Masters at CSU University in Australia.

A little background to what I am working on: I became fascinated by various friends’ discussions with me about how their perspectives on life had changed since 9-11. We had all lost a mutual friend, who was a flight attendant on UA175. One friend said:

“For me, in particular, Alicia's death sent me on a trajectory that opened me up to a new way of viewing the world. I see things in a much more beautiful way: I see humans as being much more connected and life as being much more magical. 
But it was a long road to get to 'magic,' and I would not have made the journey without her death—so it's an ugly trade for beauty.”

This has sent me on a journey of looking at different individuals' perspectives of 9-11, their experiences, and how it has or has not changed their approach to life. After a year's background research, I hope to turn the interviews that I do into a verbatim-style theatre piece called, "The Long Walk Home."

I will be in New York from June 8 to 30, and I would be so grateful for the opportunity to speak with you. Please let me know if there is a particular time and place that you would be able to meet with me. The most of your time that I would take up is one hour.

I look forward to hearing from you and am happy to provide you with any further information that you would like on the project.

Yours faithfully,
Colette Keen
ckeen (at) csu (dot) edu (dot) au

*** Posted by Colette F Keen on 2010-04-06 ***


I will remember you and yours in my prayers. God bless you.

*** Posted by louise doherty on 2010-03-07 ***

I knew Jess when I worked at UMass. I would go to the UMASS Five College FCU, and there she'd be. We'd talk about accounting. Being older, I shared that I knew how hard prep could be, and how a twist of fate diverted my career. Anyhow, after 9-11 I was devastated to learn this wonderful young lady was numbered among the victims. I know she's in heaven now, safe in GOD's arms, and I've prayed for her loved ones to be comforted by this as well.

*** Posted by Chuck DeBaise on 2009-11-08 ***

I remember Jessica back in Charleston, WV. She and my sister Andrea would play together, and my brother Martin would play with her brother Eric. She always had a sweet smile and was a good friend to my little sister. I know that one day we will all be together, and the sadness shall pass, and we will have nothing but joy in our hearts for that reunion with the ones we love.

*** Posted by Christopher Hicks on 2009-09-11 ***

Jessica, we miss you. You should see our little girls. You would be so proud. Pattie knows that you've been watching over them with your love. Time is supposed to heal our pain. For some reason I still feel the same hurt. My comfort lies in knowing that you are watching over us. We love you and miss you.

Love Gene, Pattie, Carlee, and Catelyn

The Rich Family

*** Posted by Eugene Rich on 2009-09-11 ***

I felt like leaving a message cuz my younger sister's name is Jessica. All my love and prayers for Jessica Sachs' family.

*** Posted by Jenny on 2008-12-05 ***

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