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In Tribute to John Patrick Hart
38 years old.   Residence: Danville, Calif.
Died in World Trade Center

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Hey John. Thinking of you... something I will always do on this day. Since you were one of my very first friends, (Bartlett School Morning Kindergarten class '68-69), you could say that you set the bar real high for my standards of camaraderie, early in my life. So many lives you have touched, John. My daughter can't meet you on this earth, but she knows who you are, and what you mean to so many loved ones!

Semper Fidelis, John and Family

Jeff Roach, Vista, CA

*** Posted by Jeff Roach on 2008-09-11 ***

Dear Laurie and kids,

I worked at Franklin Templeton in Rancho Cordova. John was a man you heard about before you ever met him. People wanted to work for John. He had an outstanding reputation as someone who encouraged his employees to excel. I finally met John in early August 2001 when I took a class that John taught. Not only did we learn about project management, we also learned how much John loved his family.

I think you probably already know, but I want you to know that his follow employees knew that he loved his family. He spoke so highly of you that day that there was no doubt that he loved each of you so dearly.

I last saw John on the Friday before Sept 11th. John was in Rancho for meetings. He was in an office by my cubicle. He was very busy. He finished up in the early afternoon, but instead of heading back to the bay area, he stopped by some of his former employees' cubes to see how they were since they had been transferred to another section. John truly cared about people. While I barely knew John, he was someone I was looking up to as a role model.

I wondered if John was a Christian. That was confirmed when the CIO of Franklin sent the Akron paper's article about John to everyone in the IT group. 

Know that John loves you. He touched many lives. While I am no longer at Franklin, I know he is still missed there today. He was highly respected by all.

*** Posted by Tim McPherson on 2008-09-07 ***

John was a wonderful person. I remember him so well as a child. He lived just a few blocks from me and he always had a smile on his face.

The pain of this loss for his family is unimaginable. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Such a very sad, sad anniversary this day is.

*** Posted by Laurie (Wilcox) Roach on 2007-09-12 ***

Every September 11th I think of John and the terrible loss of his life in the South Tower. I also think of the unusually principaled leader that I met and work closely with at Key Bank in Cleveland. In a world of politically driven managers and leaders John stood out and I looked up to him. I will always remember John for his level headedness, kindness and positive attitude.

John was always willing to lend an ear, give guidance and be a friend. I will never forget him. The fact that there are so many hits to this page tells me there are a lot of folks who feel the same way.

*** Posted by Brian Cassidy on 2007-09-11 ***

Our prayers are with you and your family today. Our fond memories of John and his kindness and his devotion to his wife and family. Gerbera Street misses your family. Take care.

Dan and Kim Holland

*** Posted by Dan and Kim Holland on 2007-09-11 ***

Dear Laurie and Kids!

I just met you yesterday, but already you have touched my life. May God continue to bless you and bring the comfort that only He can! I look forward to our kids getting to know each other!


*** Posted by Diana Morris on 2007-09-09 ***

You are one of a kind, John, and we love and miss you.

Christine (sister)

*** Posted by Christine Hart Reichert on 2007-04-30 ***

dad! Our lives have touched since you've been gone for the last four years we all love you and will miss u forever you're loving family Emily age (10) Westin age (13) Amy age (22) Jeff age (24) last but not least mom age(46)
      love you!

*** Posted by emily on 2007-01-27 ***

I as John's wife was not aware of this particular website. Oh my.. when I read the wonderful tributes from all of you.. my heart danced!  I am so very touched and it does my soul such good to know that John's memory is alive and well and that his life has had a lasting impression on many. I was blessed to have been loved by him, and our children are so very proud to call him dad! Thank you again to all of you.. it means so very much..thank you and may God bless each and every one of you! Laurie Hart.. wife of John Patrick.

*** Posted by Laurie Hart on 2007-01-26 ***


Ill never forget the day you and John interviewed me to be your physician. John made it clear to me from the day we met that his family was the most important thing in the world to him. Having only known him for a short time, I have great respect for the man and father John was.

I feel blessed to have touched your lives if only for a brief moment.

My family has grown. Bella (5), West (3), Brooke (2 months). Heidi and I think of you often. God Bless.

Dr. Temkin and family

*** Posted by Temkin Family on 2006-09-12 ***

Dear Mrs. Hart:

I knew John from working with him at KeyBank in the late 90's. I was a contractor working in Albany, New York but worked with John on several projects even though he was based in Cleveland. One day John was in Albany and said he was given a big assignment and asked if I would travel to Cleveland to help him. I liked and respected John so I traveled between Albany and Cleveland weekly for many months. After my contract ended I moved on but I remember John as a kind, intelligent, caring person. John never had a harsh word to say about anyone. He was very much a team builder and looked for the good in people. I remember seeing family pictures on John's desk and asking him about them. John was happy to elaborate and his love for his family showed. He was truly an American hero and I'm blessed to have known him. God bless you and your family.

*** Posted by Rex Andersen on 2006-09-11 ***

Dear Laurie,
Please know that Wendy, Gretchen and I are thinking of you and your family, not just today, but frequently.
I learned many lessons from John and want you to know his presence in my life was much more than that of a co-worker.
May God bless you,
Gregg, Wendy and Gretchen Adams

*** Posted by gregg adams on 2006-09-11 ***

Hi Laurie and Family! I have been wanting to contact you. Today, I came home from dropping my youngest daughter off at Preschool and turned on the tv. The third person I saw reading the victims names of 9/11 was you. It was like a sign that I needed to write to you.

I worked for John at Keybank in Downtown Cleveland. He was such a wonderful person, who thought the world of his family. He was always happy and upbeat. He had a way of rallying everyone together. John treated everyone with respect. When he spoke to you - he made you feel like you were so important -no matter what your job.

My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with You and Your family. John will forever be in the hearts of those that were lucky enough to have the chance of knowing him. He was a great man.

Rest in Peace John
Tracey Woodward

*** Posted by Tracey Woodward on 2006-09-11 ***

John Hart was my husband's 2nd cousin. per my father in law said. and I am so sorry not to be able to meet him in person when I became part of hart family and had our xmas party in eau claire two yrs ago.

God bless you and thankyou for making this to those fallen heroes on 9/11

*** Posted by isabelle hart on 2006-09-11 ***

Dear Laurie,
I never know this web site existed until my husband(Jon) )printed it for me about John. I knew John & his Sister Sandy from Eau Claire. I was in the Sundowners Drum & Bugle Corp with them when we were kids. My sister Kris was part of the Doll & Pet parade with John when they won first prize being the "Beverly Hillbillies". My husband Jon graduated from Memorial High School with Sandy. Sandy married Dr. Shelly who takes great care of my mother Jan. While reading these comments I had to smile at the  remarks about the grilled cheese sandwich being called a "cheese toastwich" because thats what we called it too.
Even though I hadn't seen John in years before 9/11 he was a part of my childhood. Memories you never forget. He was a sincere, good hearted person who had a great smile & personality. He will be forever missed. I wish you & your children/family continued peace. My you know God's healing through other people's actions & words.

*** Posted by Betsy Black Fisher on 2005-10-30 ***

55 Total Comments

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