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In Tribute to Jonathan Eric Briley
43 years old.   Residence: Mount Vernon, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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I am truly at a loss for words. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost Love ones on 9/11. I will pray for the gift of understanding but nothing can be done to bring our loves ones back. It takes a lot of love and prayers to get through the night when you look up and the ones you love are gone. Thank you Holy Father for given us the true gift of LOVE. In times like these we need you more than ever.

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful person with the world. I will never be the same.

God Blessing you and keep you always and forever.

*** Posted by Chainnetta Henderson on 2011-01-24 ***

I am only 15 years old now, and I didn't have the mental capacity on 9-11-01 to comprehend the tragedy that happened on that day. But it is now 2011, and I read about "The Falling Man" over the internet, after becoming interested in 9-11 from school.

And I do not believe that you jumped as an act of sin or an act of stupidity. What you did was very brave and has made a large impact on America. I'm not personally a Christian, but I do hope that your god is with you in heaven and that you are at peace now.

With love,

*** Posted by Kenzie Capitan on 2011-01-06 ***


I don't believe that you jumped to try to end your life, but to try to save it. I believe that you, being a son of a minister, asked God to examine your heart and prayed to God for a way to survive, because you were trying to save your life, not take it. I believe that you prayed to God. "O Lord, someway, somehow, let me survive this fall." I believe that you knew that God is a God of mercy and miracles. I believe that you knew that God has no respect of persons, meaning that the miracles he performed for Moses, Joseph, David, and many others in the Bible and throughout the world, He could perform for you. I also believe that you trusted God to save your life, but you also prayed for HIS WILL to be done. When I saw the picture of you falling, it hurt me, but I believe that Jesus gave you peace that surpasses all understanding because you trusted in the Lord. I believe that you fell into His hands that day, totally trusting in the Lord that His will be done. I believe you are at peace with the Lord in heaven. May God bless you and your family.

*** Posted by a child of God on 2010-12-16 ***

My own will tells me what to do
But that things aren’t yours
Set me apart and fill my heart
I know only you can help me
Cause all these things don’t help me,
They only bring me far from you
There’s a hole within my heart that only you can fill
I struggle with my thoughts
A temptation comes with fear
I’m losing ground under my feet
I know I’m gonna fall
Only you can save me
I’m getting on my knees and praying
I can’t do this alone
I’m looking into the waves every time
And then I sink again
Keep useless pain away from me,
Don’t stop the fire that’s burning in my soul
Give me a little more faith,
So I can stand for a little while longer
Then it will be fine to me.

*** Posted by S. on 2010-11-02 ***

I never thought that death could be seen as a liberation from the chains of the fear of the dying itself. But when I saw the documentary, and I saw the face of Jonathan in his family pictures, I understood that his was not the face of a normal person, but of a singular hero who, accepting death, looks to his final act with spirit, and such an humoristic feels posing into falling as though he were lying on the beach, watching the sunset, and thinking: "Well, it has been a fantastic day." Only that kind of love that he had could betray death itself.

I'll never forget that. Maybe that will be the most dramatic photo of 2000, but I'm sure that it will be the most poetic and intense and faithful that I'll ever see in my life.

Good-bye, dancing bird....

*** Posted by the Siciliano on 2010-10-25 ***

My prayers go out to Jonathan and his family. I truly believe that angels helped him that horrible day. They gave him courage to fly to heaven. What a proud, strong man he must've been! He will live on forever in the minds of everyone in the world who saw his picture or heard or saw his name. He will also live forever in our hearts. I hope he can hear our prayers and see our tears that will continue to go out to him, his loved ones, and those who knew him or now feel like they do. He now can soar in the heavens with all the other angels: No more pain, suffering, or heartbreak. He knows more love and happiness than those of us left on Earth could ever imagine. Rest in peace, Jonathan.

*** Posted by Suzanne B. on 2010-10-15 ***

I remember you again and again.

*** Posted by Dana on 2010-09-13 ***

I watch the falling man documentary... on Youtube and see the picture of him falling.... really gets to me and I think back on that day... r.i.p jonathan...

*** Posted by maurice on 2010-09-12 ***

I woke up this morning realizing that September 11th was the day behind me. Some years I start to feel the anxiety of its arrival, and some years it's too much emotion to embrace, and I move past it. This morning I sat down and decided that I would not let yesterday pass, that I wanted to know more about what happened. I remember seeing "The Falling Man," and I was so distraught that I could not believe all that was being revealed to me over the course of that terrible, awful day when we were attacked, and yet still, nine years later, it's been shoved under the carpet by our government.

My heart goes out to Jonathan Briley's family. May he rest in peace, and may you find comfort someday. Losing my little sister to murder in 2000, I know that the process is personal and that it's an individual journey. Finding the peace and letting go is each person's personal journey. Jonathan Briley sounded like a good person, I believe he's watching over you with love.

*** Posted by Annette on 2010-09-12 ***

When I watched the people jumping, I tried to understand the indomitable courage it took to do so, knowing death was inevitable. Now I know that God, knowing the heart-wrenching prayer he would face that day from Jonathan's faithful father, gave this young man unimaginable peace and went out that window with him. No wonder he looked so peaceful going down. It was his last sacrificial gift of love to his family, asked of him by the gentle Lord so that his brokenhearted father's prayer could be answered. I cannot tell you how deeply I was moved by his choice, as he jumped, and all of those who went out with him that day.

*** Posted by Christine Helrigel on 2010-09-11 ***

Dear Jonathan,

I can't describe what I feel after I saw the picture on 9/12/01. I'll never forget this picture; it was burned into my brain.... I hope you rest in peace. You were so brave, man. I can't describe what I think. I still cry each day I see the picture.... May the lord bless and hold you—I'm sure he caught you.

God bless you and your family,
Stefanie from Germany

*** Posted by Stefanie on 2010-09-07 ***


I truly believe that you are one of the brightest stars shining in the sky, with your giant smile.... I hope where you are, looking down from above, you are happy and at ease.... The image was a haunting one, and all these years on, the image has stuck.... I didn't know you, but through the story, you seemed to be such a loving and caring man.... R.I.P., sweet, sweet man.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-29 ***

R.I.P., Jonathan. xoxo

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-29 ***

What Is Dying?

I am standing on the sea shore.
A ship at my side spreads her
white sails in the morning breeze
and starts for the blue ocean.
She is an object of beauty and I
stand and watch her until at last
she fades on the horizon.
Then someone at my side says
“There, she has gone”-
Gone where?
Gone from my sight – that is all.
She is just as large in the mast,
hull and spars as she was
when she left my side…
The diminished size
and total loss of sight
is in me and not in her,
and just at the moment when
someone by my side says
“She is gone,”
Others take up the glad shout,
“There she comes.”

by Bishop Brent 1862-1929 (Bishop of The Philippines)

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-23 ***

Your memory will forever be etched in the minds of your loved ones and your smile through their photographs of you. You left a legacy of love, honor, and a strong faith in God. Your family has a lot to be proud of. What a brave soul you were! Rest in God's gentle arms. Every time I see a star twinkle, I will think of you.

*** Posted by Betty on 2010-08-23 ***

Estos días he vuelto a ver documentales y fotografías sobre esta gran tragedia, a leer artículos, e incluso, ayer vi la película de Oliver Stone, y no sé cómo explicar lo que siento. Escribo en castellano desde Madrid, para que todos sepan que el mundo los recuerda y que lamentamos lo que ocurrió. El mundo debe caminar hacia la paz, todos somos hermanos y tenemos que vivir como tales. Un gran abrazo y todo mi cariño y solidaridad con las familias de las víctimas del 11/S.

[Ed. - These days I've gone back to watching documentaries, looking at photographs, and reading articles about that great tragedy. Yesterday I even saw the film by Oliver Stone, and I don't know how to explain how I feel. I'm writing in Spanish from Madrid so that everyone knows that the world remembers, and we're sorry for what happened. The world needs to move toward peace; we're all brothers, and we need to live like it. A big hug and all my affection for and solidarity with the families of the victims of 9-11.]

*** Posted by Paula on 2010-08-18 ***

I will never forget, and through you are in a better place, now my prayers will go out for your family.

*** Posted by Cookie on 2010-08-17 ***

You did not jump: you fell, and God caught you—at least the part of you that matters. You may have been robbed of your life, of your time on earth with your family, but your memory—not just a photograph, but the stories told with great love by your family and all who knew you—goes on. May your loved ones feel and know that you watch over them with love and wait for the day you will be happily reunited on the other side. Bless you, brave man, who went on your own terms as best you could. Bless you.  <3  Namaste.

*** Posted by M.Lives on 2010-07-15 ***

I believe he didn't fall; he jumped. I would have done the same thing, rather than burn to death. Nobody should have had to go through what happened.

*** Posted by Kelsey on 2010-07-12 ***

In memory of everyone who lost their lives that day. And after learning a little about some of the names and faces, I phoned my daughter and made plans to meet her. We haven't talked in a long time. Nothing, no words or poems, can come close to realizing sometimes through tragic moments how truly precious life and the ones you love are. I won't forget.

*** Posted by Richard Stanford on 2010-06-14 ***

144 Total Comments

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