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In Tribute to Joseph Calandrillo
49 years old.   Residence: Hawley, Pa.
Died in World Trade Center

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32 Total Comments
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Hi, Joey!

Sometimes life just isn't fair. I just realized that mommy already has two presents! I was watching the lighting of the tree on TV. Mommy hadn't ever seen the lighting, so she got to see that, too! Even so, I'm still taking her back there for Christmas, so she can get an up-close look at the tree and see the ice skaters. Mommy is going to make out real good this holiday! I hope she appreciates it.

I'm still thinking about where to take daddy, and I'd like some input from you. We all know the only time to go into Manhattan is on a Sunday when you can park. Remember all those times when daddy wasn't working days, and he would take us into the city and show us all those places that most people don't know about? Remember the Revolutionary War Cemetery? I don't think I ever thought about that place since we were kids.

Ironically, I saw it again behind Trinity Church and knew immediately what it was. Trinity was the church the rescue workers used for dry clothes, food, etc. I never would have thought to look for it there! When I was at the church and decided to wander around, I couldn't believe it when I saw the headstones that daddy showed us almost 50 years ago! What did daddy say when he saw how excited I was to be back there with wonderful memories of us as kids poking around in a cemetery while he pointed out the names and origins of the generals killed in the war?

Wait a minute! It was too soon after your murder, so you couldn't have been there, and daddy was probably busy getting you settled in, so I guess he didn't see it, either.

Daddy always loved taking us "sight seeing" in the city, and he really made a fuss over that place. Should I take him there for Christmas, or would that make him sad? Mommy hasn't ever seen it, and you haven't seen it since we were kids. What do you think? Would you or daddy like to go back there? Mommy can come, too, even though she's getting so many presents this year.

Which subway stop should I get off at? I think the IRT Cortlandt Street station is still closed, but wasn't there a BMT stop nearby? Should I just get off at Brooklyn Bridge and walk south on Broadway? Would all of you please stop laughing! We all know I have a lousy sense of direction, but you don't need to laugh about it! I'm being serious! If you think daddy would like to go to the cemetery, let me know. If he doesn't want to go, just you and I can go unless there's somewhere else you want to go to that you're not telling me about.

Ma, they're giving me at hard time! Will you think of somewhere to take them because I'm out of ideas. Just tell them where to go, and then you can tell me where to take them.

I look forward to hearing from you.


*** Posted by their favorite daughter on 2009-12-12 ***

I'm assuming I'll be on my own for Christmas, so I can do what I want. Hopefully that's the way things go, and here's what we'll do:

I know where mommy's going for Christmas—the tree at Rockefeller Center again. I'll probably stay for mass at St. Pat's again this year. Tell mommy I'm not getting dressed up this year, either. I'd rather be warm and comfortable than stylish.

Actually, mommy got an early Christmas present this year. I purposely watched the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show when it was on television, so she could see it. She always loved the Rockettes, and her favorite was when they were wooden soldiers and got knocked down. She always wondered how they did that, and the TV show actually showed how it was done! I'm sure she enjoyed watching it. I just wish she was here watching it with me.

I really don't know where to take daddy for Christmas, but how does this sound? Remember when daddy took us to see that new, weird, modern church near the UN? He said, "All the tourists want to see St. Patrick's Cathedral, but this church is so much more interesting." And it was! Remember all the statues carved from wood? And it had very high ceilings that came to points in several different places. The pillars, ceilings and walls were all wood. It didn't look like any church we had ever seen! I think daddy would like to go back to that church. He never said anything about how churches looked, but that one really made an impression on him! I'm going to roam around the UN area and see if I can find it, even though I don't even remember the name or denomination. I just realized something! Even if I don't find that church, I'm sure daddy would enjoy being on his old beat. He can look around and notice what stayed the same and what changed. Wait a minute! Do you think that will make him sad? I always wonder what he thinks about when he sees me on Third Avenue in his "old neighborhood." Did you know that everyone in the 17th referred to him as "Third Avenue Joe?" Even the rookies he trained are probably all retired by now, so only we remember "Third Avenue Joe." Oh, maybe not! Do you remember that kid Daddy took an interest in and made sure he stayed out of trouble? When the kid became an adult, he became a cop because he wanted to be just like Officer Joe. He was at the wake, and he wanted to switch his service revolver for daddy's service revolver because he always appreciated what daddy had done all those years, and he wanted something special of daddy's. His father was out of the picture, so he let daddy be the man in his life. I wonder if that switch ever happened. Daddy probably knows. Tell him I'd like a visit, so he can tell me himself.

Well, that's where daddy's going for Christmas, but what about you?! I don't remember if you ever had a special place for Christmas. Why don't you think of somewhere and make a visit so you can tell me in person.

Since none of you ever talked about St. Patrick's or went to mass there, maybe you'd like to come to mass with me. Who knows? Maybe you'll all come with me! Yeah, I'll probably cry again this year, so tell mommy not to worry, no one will know me there.

Poor Joey! You must be getting tired of always having to relay messages from me to mommy and daddy.

I guess you all heard the confusion with re-finance. She called twice, and they had the wrong property ID # for the taxes, which is why the new payment came out so much higher. At least that's done with, but I still feel bad about jumping all over that woman for hitting my car door with hers. What was wrong with me? I knew it was an accident, so why was I yelling like that? Uh oh. Could I have had a mini-seizure that caused the hysteria? Well, it's too late to do anything about it now. As mommy would say, "We can't go back."

I better get going. My ride will be here soon. Was your night-blindness as bad as mine is? Being a control freak, I can't stand having to depend on someone else for rides at night and not being able to come and go as I please. I just saw the time! They'll be here in about 20 minutes. If anything comes up, I'll write before Christmas. But seriously, think about a visit. It's been a long time since I've seen any of you. If you can't come, send mommy or daddy. OK?

I gotta run!


*** Posted by Where should I take you for Christmas? on 2009-12-11 ***

I was talking to you about the old home movies—Wurtsboro and birthdays. Remember Mommy had a cake plate for our birthdays that was actually a spinning platform? I don't remember if it was you or me who had their finger in the icing as it was going around. Check with Mommy, I'm sure she remembers. Daddy probably does, too, since he was always the one taking the "movies," as we called them. The communions and confirmations were in there, too. Remember I had a puss on my face for Communion because I didn't want Daddy taking the "movies" of me since I looked stupid in that dress. And you didn't look too happy, either, with that red gown on for confirmation. Oh, Joey, why didn't you just defy her and stay home that day so we could watch it together? Your problem is that you're too kind and want to keep everybody happy. Daddy set that alarm off for a reason (to keep you from going to work). We both know what a control freak daddy is. I'm surprised he didn't give the bus a flat tire. But I guess there are some things not even he can pull off. (Hard to believe, but I guess he's not the superman I always thought he was.)

I'm sure he loves reading that part! I don't think Mommy is jealous anymore. We spent a lot of time together at the end and we talked about that. I don't know if you were watching when we said, "I didn't like you" and "I didn't like you, either." Joey, what a laugh mommy and I had, and we felt so close to each other. I wish you were here for her passing, but you're with her now, and I'm just being selfish wanting you here with me. It would be so nice to have you here and reminisce about how neurotic mommy is. It's always good to talk to you. Don't forget, come and see me when you can.

I'll probably write prior to Christmas, so I can keep you up to date on how the "plans" are shaping up. Please pray that I get to go to the city on Christmas day. I want to see the tree and know that mommy is there with me. Remember that was her favorite place during the Christmas season? That's why I want to go there. Last year I took daddy to look at the firehouse doors, but they don't do that anymore, so we'll have to find something else to do. Is there anywhere special you would like me to take you for Christmas? Think real hard and let me know!


*** Posted by Trudy on 2009-12-09 ***

I can't believe it! It happened again! I just spent all that time writing, and I hit the wrong button again, and it's all gone! I'll do it again and hope I don't leave anything out.

I know I said I wouldn't write until after Christmas, but I need to talk to you about some things.

Joey, remember the time you got the orange truck instead of the white one? You can even read your lips on the home movies. Mommy made tapes of all the old movies, but I can't find mine. I'm sure you know where your tape is, and we could have a lot of great laughs over those. Wurtsboro is in there, birthdays (Remember the plate that turned with the birthday cake on it?), communions and confirmations, and who knows what else!

Tell mommy she doesn't have to worry about flying, only about a bombing of Grand Central. It looks like California is out. Uncle Joe doesn't want to go. He expects me on the island, so I'll go Christmas eve and come back Christmas night. He wants Buddy there since Deana is going somewhere else, but I don't think Buddy will go.

I got out of the office holiday "party" by making sure I got the eye doctor appointment on the 21st, but I forgot about the holiday lunch that one of the women takes the department to. I didn't go last year since the e-mail didn't require a reply, and no one else in the department mentioned it to me, so I could justify in my own mind that I wasn't really invited, she just put everyone on the list to be "nice." Let me know if anyone even notices or says something about the fact that I'm not there (office and lunch). My money is on "a little of both." While mommy is at Grand Central, take a swing by and let me know if I won the bet. I really don't see the point in going to either since no one will talk to me because they all think I'm mentally challenged. Again, no one will speak with me, only at me. Only if someone asks a question and it is directed at me (and only! me), am I allowed to answer. If I thought going to either of these functions would improve their opinion of me, I would go, but since they have already decided I'm an idiot, I don't see any point in going and possibly making things worse by saying something at a time when I am not allowed to speak.

I'm definitely out of the office "party" but the holiday lunch could get a little tricky. Since she is a "nice" lady and occasionally actually talks "to" me, she might follow up and ask if I'm going. More than likely she won't, but it's going to be tricky getting out of that one if she does say something. I can't use the vegetarian excuse since she's also one, but she does eat fish, and I don't eat that, either, so hopefully she'll pick a fish place, and I can say there's no point paying $20.00 for some vegetable side dishes. I'll figure something out. I really don't want to get in trouble by forgetting my place and talking out of turn. I know! If she does ask about her luncheon, I'll just tell the truth about why I don't want to go, and she shouldn't waste her money on a "body" just sitting there afraid to talk to anyone! I'll probably even say, "Contrary to popular belief ..." How does that sound? I'm so glad I'm talking to all of you. It always helps me to see more clearly.

I guess you already know that I can't get my bags done until March or April, so that's not an excuse for anything. At least daddy doesn't have to worry about my walking around with 2 black eyes in the city on Christmas.

I'm sure I forgot so many things to talk to you about. If I remember I'll write again before Christmas.

Just to recap:
    Office "Party" - got out of that one
    nice lady lunch - tricky, but I'll figure something out
    California - Uncle Joe cancelled
    going to Uncle Joe's  probably
    go to city - it doesn't look like I can pull it off

Everything is taken care of with the exception of Christmas eve and Christmas day. If anything interesting comes up regarding the office "parties," or if anything changes, I'll write before Christmas. In the meantime, keep an eye on everything (especially me). I miss you so very much and, yes, I do love you in spite of all the fights. (And the second letter was so much better than this one, but it will have to do until I remember more.)


*** Posted by Trudy (earlier than expected) on 2009-12-06 ***

"What?!?! No turkey????"

Remember how much daddy loved that cartoon because the turkey said it? Too bad you're not here, so we could talk about it. I don't remember the beginning of the cartoon, just that last line. Do you remember the beginning? Does daddy still remember it?

Was mommy upset that I didn't accept any Thanksgiving dinner invitations? I know how much she got upset when I used to say that the holidays didn't mean anything anymore since you and daddy were gone. I didn't want to go to a family celebration and pretend everything is "normal" because it isn't normal anymore.

When Aunt Annie was still alive, I went there because I didn't want her and Uncle Joe to be alone. With the aides and their kids running around, it didn't feel like a holiday, just a visit. Delores appreciated the fact that I went there for Thanksgiving and Christmas since she couldn't always get in from California. Last year without Annie it was pretty morbid with just Uncle Joe, and since this year he didn't ask if I was coming, I didn't feel I had to go, so I didn't.

Cousin Ella swore me to secrecy, but in case the three of you didn't hear the whole conversation I had with her, I'll repeat it. When Ella called Uncle Joe for Thanksgiving, he said that Stella, the cleaning lady, was there. A house cleaner on Thanksgiving? We speculated on that one for a while, and Ella decided that's why he didn't ask about my going. I don't know.... Maybe you or mommy or daddy can take a swing by there and see what's really going on.

Strange. Ever since I let go of the anger over your murder, I was able to grieve over you, but I never thought that it had such an effect on how badly I still feel over mommy and daddy being gone. I guess mommy was upset when she saw me crying on Thursday. For some reason all of the memories came washing over me. Remember all the fuss over the stuffing because mommy didn't chop the celery, onions, and apples correctly, so daddy took over? He trained me how to do it (rocking motion with the knife), but he still stood over me, supervising. (Did I inherit "control freak" from him?) I'm positive mommy is saying, "She sure did!"

Joey, so many other hilarious things happened around holidays, and I want at least one of you here to laugh about them with me. Are you all laughing about those things and just not letting me hear you?

Is mommy already worried about where I'll be for Christmas? I guess she heard me talking to Delores about going to California to spend it with her, her kids, and her grandchildren. It'll be a hard decision for mommy to make—Trudy alone or Trudy flying. Maybe I'll have my bags done, and then I won't be going anywhere. But then mommy will be worried about the anesthesia. (I'd love to hear what Daddy is saying about all this. Whatever it is, I'm sure mommy isn't happy about it.) What do you think? Knowing you, you're probably saying that whatever I do will be OK.

I didn't write last year for Christmas, but you all know what I did. I think I'd like to do that again this year. Yeah, daddy thinks it maudlin, and mommy's always worried about Grand Central being blown up, but since that's what I want to do, I'll just do it. I've made my decision! Thanks for helping me come to a decision! I'm getting my bags done and going to the city. Tell daddy to knock it off! First of all, no one in the city (except for out-of-towners) notices anything or anyone. Second, I'll bring the dark glasses and the yellow ones (in case it's cloudy that day). Does he feel better now? Oh, as long as we're talking about Christmas, tell mommy that I will send out cards this year. Yeah, Ma, I guess it's time to do something for the holidays. But I still refuse to go to the office holiday "party." When I go to work Monday, I'll see what day it's on and make a doctor's appointment on that day. I don't have any intention of cooking a "dish," and those people don't like me, anyway. As you've seen, I'm only allowed to speak when spoken to, and they all think my IQ is lower than that of a geranium.

No, I'm not going back to the private sector anytime soon. I'm working there because it's reasonably secure, my medical insurance is inexpensive, and it's only 35 hours a week with no travel. Plus, it covers the mortgage and other expenses. I'm old now, and I don't want to take a chance on not having medical insurance.

Well, I guess that's all for now. I'll check in again after Christmas and talk about what I did. Yeah, all of you will already know what I did, but I like to talk to you about it, anyway.


*** Posted by his favorite sister on 2009-11-28 ***


Was that you on Friday night? Remember when the room suddenly looked brighter to me? I asked around to see if someone had turned on additional lights but I was told no, the same lights had been on all night with none added or deleted. The last time I saw you after your murder was when you were still on the "bridge." (That's what I call it.) Was the bright light your way of telling me that you're happy that I've let go of the rage? Or that we can finally talk like brother and sister who really appreciate each other? Or were you showing me the light you walked into as you got off the bridge? Does that mean that you think I'll be OK and you don't need to be here all the time? I know this is selfish of me because I'm sad that you've moved completely into the next life but I know you're still here keeping an eye on everything (just like you always did). Remember when we were very young and mommy would take us shopping with her and I always liked to hide under the clothes on the racks? She was always amazed because just as she would start to panic you would calmly say "she's over there." Hopefully things don't change that much from this life to the next and you still know where I am at all times.

Oh, how I miss you! If the light meant that you've crossed completely over, then you should have more abilities and can visit me for real. No, I won't be afraid. I've had "ghosts" visit me before, and there's a difference between a visit and a dream. The visits leave a strange peace and calm that lasts for days. Dreams of the people from the next life are just like any other dream. I wake up, remember the dream, but don't feel the peace and tranquility that comes with a visit. I think mommy is still on the bridge. Is that why she hasn't visited yet? Please tell her I would love a visit. I miss her so much and she gave me such a wonderful gift by letting me take care of her those last few years. Yes, even though we argued all those years about trivial issues like my haircut or skirt length or my lack of cooking skills, etc., I wish that she were still here with me and that we could continue arguing over all those stupid, inconsequential things. Even though she wasn't capable of much those last few years, I'm sure she was still able to move heaven and earth if either one of us needed her help. Oh, and it's been years since daddy visited. Tell him I still think of him at least once a day and that I'd love to see him. Who knows? Maybe some night all three of you will come to see me at the same time. That would be fun. (Yes, I'm still going crazy wanting to know which cars we drove, and I think daddy's the only one who still remembers.)

I love all of you, and since I don't plan on getting there anytime soon, and I don't have the ability to visit your side, you'll have to come see me. I still miss you!


*** Posted by Trudy on 2009-09-30 ***

I think it's nice that there's a dog and pony show every anniversary in an attempt to get people to remember the mass murder (even though they won't use those words). I didn't watch any of yesterday's spectacle or listen to the talk on the radio, and since I only talked to people who understand what's going on, it was a very pleasant day. But since you already saw all that I won't bore you by rehashing the details.

I'm sure mommy saw me bawling in Grand Central yesterday, but since there wasn't anyone around who knows us, she probably forgives me for "making a mess." Let her know that I was mortified when I was buying the flowers in the station and crying so hard that the flower lady kept trying to hug me. (Maybe she's been right all these years about public displays of emotions.)

Talking to Jack is always great. We spent over an hour talking about the good old days before anyone was married and how much we miss you. No one has to tell me what a great man you are (I already know it), but Jack just couldn't say enough about your friendship and how no one has ever been there for him in the same way you are. We also got to commiserate on the "anniversary" show about the people pretending they care once a year when we live with it every day.

Then we talked about how we wouldn't be subjected to people telling us about their prayers and condolences today, since they would have already forgotten. We were wrong! I don't know how Jack made out today but I ran into a handful of "well wishers" who wanted to get into the prayers, condolences, "my heart goes out to you," etc. And then there are the ones who want to rehash what happened (the crash, collapse, etc.). But you saw how polite I was! Aren't you proud of me? (Well, maybe not proud, but definitely surprised and relieved.) And it'll be another year before those of us with murdered family members and friends will be subjected to well-meaning people who care for 24 hours.

Yeah, I'm still bitter, but a lot better than I've been for years. And thanks for caring enough to worry. I'll try to behave so you and mommy can relax and not have to worry so much (and daddy, too).

Stay in touch.


*** Posted by me again on 2009-09-12 ***

I forgot to ask you how mommy is doing. (Daddy could always take care of himself and everyone else, so I'm sure he's OK.) I know you were the first one mommy looked for when she got there. Is she still mad at me for having the wake she didn't want? At least I told everyone not to wear black, and I didn't cry in front of anyone except Trish and Cory after everyone left. (I did her proud—no public display of emotion.) And she looked great! I never did hold a memorial. I just couldn't bear to do it. I hope she saw that I cried more for her than for Hawkeye. Do you remember when she asked me that one? She must have had a fit when I tried to take her body home with me. Daddy must have had a heck of a time convincing both of you that I would be OK no matter what the outcome was. Trish and Cory eventually stopped me even though I could have gotten away with it. I hope you and she felt better when you saw that. If you were here, you probably would have been horrified, but the next day we would have laughed and laughed. Are you all arguing with each other, just like the old days, or are you waiting for me to get there? Well, I'm not ready to get there just yet, so you'll be waiting a long time. I'm sure Lulu looked for you when she got there. She took your murder pretty bad. She kept saying over and over, "Not him! It never should have happened to him!" Lulu set up a memorial to you in the living room, and Fabio left it exactly as she left it. I always visit it when I'm in Brooklyn. The memorial that "papa's" store set up is still there, and all your friends still bring flowers. Wow, I just had a moment of clarity! Since I'm taking Friday off, I'll go to Brooklyn, and this time I'll remember to bring flowers. How does that sound? I knew it! Stop worrying about my taking the subways when it's not rush hour. If you're so concerned, then come with me. Remember the time mommy was yelling at you for taking the subway home at 1 AM and telling you I had the sense to take a cab? Then I said, "You were probably on the train behind mine," and we were both in trouble?

Oh, Joey, how I miss you. I want you to be here, so I can hear you laughing with me. And I want you to remind me of more of the fun we had and can laugh and laugh about Wurtsboro and mommy always worrying about an animal or a rattlesnake getting hold of one of us. Then we'll be saying, "Remember the time ...?" and "What about that one ...?" Do you remember what you said when I fell out the window? Well, I'm still carrying a resentment over that one. And what about the time I got my leg stuck in the banister, and you panicked and told mommy, and then she panicked and called the Fire Department! Oh, Joey, if you were here, how we would laugh over that one!

Now that we're old and gray, we could sit on the "stoop" and reminisce and laugh and remind each other of this and that and keep on laughing. Maybe we could even "pick up a game." But my "hook shot center court" hasn't had any practice in a long time, so you'll have to get me in shape before we play against another team. Even though you were a terror during practice, you were always kind when I missed a shot during a game.

Joey, I don't know if I'll ever meet anyone as kind or considerate of another person's feelings as you are. You never judge anyone and always give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I don't remember the entire prayer but the end of the prayer card for Annie said, "God took you to prove to us he only takes the best," and that's definitely true in your case.

I miss you so much!


*** Posted by your favorite sister on 2009-09-07 ***

Remember always calling me by that name? Oh, how I hated that! Daddy had to keep reminding me that you had them, too, so I wouldn't feel bad. Or how about the time you pulled out a gray hair while I was eating dinner, and I went after you? Scared you, didn't I? You yelled "Ma!" and ran down the 2 flights of stairs and out of the building. Mommy yelled at me for scaring you, which I didn't think was fair since you started it (you always did). She always liked you better.

I haven't written before because I've been so filled with rage about what happened that I haven't dealt with the grief all these years. Now that the rage has subsided, the sadness has been devastating, and I can finally feel it and have a good cry. Anger is great for keeping feelings at bay. (But you probably heard me talking to Trish about that last night.) I hope you're not upset with me for not writing sooner.

Are you still a worrier? The third day I was back at police headquarters and got hysterical, I was picturing you telling daddy to do something to stop me, and he told you to stop worrying, that I would be OK. He also told you that there were some things you could do from "up here," but getting me to stop screaming wasn't one of them.

Was Daddy proud of me when I told off the moderator of that talk show for trying to criticize the police? I was so sure that, if I got your picture on television, someone in the medical profession would see it and call the phone number and tell Mommy that they had seen you at some hospital. Just like Daddy, I'm a control freak, and I refused to give up until I got the results I wanted.

There are so many times when I think out loud, "I don't remember that, but Joey would." I think the real grief started when I was watching that PBS show about the World's Fair. I remembered a lot of the exhibits shown on TV, but there were some things I wasn't sure of (like which cars we picked at the Ford and GM pavillions to drive). For those particular exibits, I know Daddy would definitely remember. But I know you and Mommy and Daddy remember the Belgian waffles and so many other exhibits at the Fair. The moderator of the show kept talking about sharing the memories with family, and now all the people I would have talked to about it are there and not here. There are so many things we could share memories about, but that's not currently possible.

I don't know why I'm on earth without my family, but I know my family is somewhere nearby, keeping all their eyes on me,
and they, with God, are protecting me.

I used "Telbrace" because this is a private letter, so no one knows who I am or who I'm talking to. Our family never did "public displays of emotion," and I won't embarrass us now by making "a mess," as Mommy would call it. And it's such a pleasure to talk to someone who also refers to "Ma" and "Da" as "Mommy" and "Daddy." Yes, in spite of the fights as kids, I miss you so much, and I love you. And I want someone to play basketball with. You were a tough coach! Remember the time you had me practice "hook shot center court" over and over again until I could make it at least three times in a row alternating arms? I got to be pretty good, but now there's no one to play with. I don't know what happened to your basketballs, but there's no point in buying one, since I'd feel stupid practicing alone, and they don't "pick up a game" in this neck of the woods.

The 11th is on a Friday this year, so I'd better take the day off from work. I'm pretty raw these days, and I'm afraid I'll tell someone off if they mention it and tell me, "I'm thinking of you today." I know they mean well, but they don't care (they're being polite). It's not as if someone they spent a lifetime with was murdered. They don't understand, and they'll never feel what I'm feeling. No, I don't snap at my good friends. They really mean what they say, and they know I'm feeling it, not just on an anniversary but every day.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I probably don't need to be anonymous, since after all this time, I'm sure no one looks at these sites anymore.

Come visit if you can!


*** Posted by Telbrace on 2009-09-06 ***

I am so sorry about your brother.... No words can say how much I mean it.... I hope you are doing better, and you are enjoying your life.... It was a pleasure working with you at Duffy-Mott.

With Love,
Joyce Meyers 

*** Posted by Joyce Meyers on 2007-04-14 ***

God Bless you in Heaven and watch over your family still here on earth.

Your cousin,
Trudy O'Dowd Kowalski

*** Posted by Joseph Calandrillo on 2006-09-11 ***

I met Joe one time but I felt I knew him because he lived in my cousins house as a young boy in brooklyn, I knew his mother. My heart broke when I heard the news and I know my cousin was devistated just as well. Every sept 11 I stop to hear joes name and I say a prayer

*** Posted by Tina P on 2006-08-08 ***

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Share your feelings and memories of grief and sadness concerning the 9-11-2001 attack, or of positive memories.  If you knew this person, help us to build a small 'bio' of the person and share with us something about his/her life:

  • what kind of person he/she was, 
  • what nice points you remember about him/her, 
  • what kind of relationship you had with him/her, 
  • what you two perhaps did together, 
  • what he/she meant to you, 
  • or other things about him/her might be especially encouraging for other people.

This web site is intended solely as a means of allowing all of us to express our grief and sympathy in behalf of the people who lost their lives, and also our love and compassion towards those who lost loved ones and friends in the 9/11/01 tragedy. The site is strictly for memorial mentions of those who passed away in the tragedy, not of other people who have passed away.

Our hearts are very touched with concern in behalf of those people, and it is to them that we dedicate this web site. It is not our intent to venture into the realms of WHO should face judgement, to take responsibility for those terrible events, because we have no way of knowing for sure who all might fall into that category. Therefore, any letters or notes written passing judgment upon any person or group will not be published on this site. We do NOT want this site to be a base for expressions of hatred, but only for expressions of LOVE!

9-11Heroes.us is a personal effort, not a business, nor is the site dedicated to any specific person or persons. We will not post negative comments. Moreover, 9-11Heroes.us reserves the right to choose which comments to post and also to edit the comments for spelling, punctuation, grammar, or edit comments that are unkind or offensive in some manner. We are maintaining this site with our own money and time. We try to keep the advertisements to a minimum and we try to make them as unobtrusive as possible. The revenue goes back to maintaining this site.

Thank you for your understanding in these matters.

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