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In Tribute to Juliana Valentine McCourt
4 years old.   Residence: New London, Conn.
Passenger of Flight 175

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Much love and appreciation to all of those who remember victims such as Juliana and her family. It's so important never to forget.

*** Posted by Amanda Austin on 2010-09-23 ***

I think of Ruth and Julianna often and offer up a little prayer for the entire family — Ruth's mom, her brother who was there, his daughter whose birthday was that day (I think she was turning 11 or 12), and Paige's family (Ruth's best friend) who was on American 11.... I have a 12 year old (soon to be 14). I think that this is why I remember Juliana and Ruth — of course I remember so many more.... I hope people know that many of us have not forgotten and do send love your way frequently.

*** Posted by Annie on 2010-09-19 ***

I heard last night for the first time about Juliana on National Geographic. I imagine her angel face and the strong bond of her parents for her. Today surfing the Internet found this website and my first impulse was to look for Juliana and her mom... God bless Juliana's dad.
My most sincere respect, Gaby.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-12 ***

I didn't know Ruth and Juliana but as the mother of a then 20-month old boy, their story above all the stories stayed with me. I now have a daughter of my own, aged 8, born 9 months later, so they will always be remembered by me. My sincere sympathies today to their families and the families of all affected.

*** Posted by Cathy Dalton on 2010-09-11 ***

It brings tears to my eyes every time I watch a programme or read an article about 9/11. I've seen your face countless times. No doubt you and your mother are looking down from above beside our Lord. As a father I cannot imagine how your father has and still does feel to be robbed of such a beautiful angel. My thoughts are with him and your family.

*** Posted by Damien, Co Derry Ireland on 2010-09-11 ***

Truly one of our bravest, GOD was truly with the passengers of flight 175. My Angel, Juliana V. Mccourt

*** Posted by Anthony Moore on 2010-09-10 ***

A few weeks before 9/11, I had a vivid dream about a mother and little daughter sat hugging and holding hands in a plane just before impact and after. I want you to know I think it was Ruth and Juliana and they felt no pain as it was so quick. Their love for each other protected them and as long as had each other it would be fine. They were so strong. I can't express to you the bond they had, their love for each other was extremely strong. I wish you all the God blesses there is to give. I will never forget you all, you are with me always.

*** Posted by Tami Nicholson on 2010-09-10 ***

The day after the attacks, my entire high school (I attended a small all-girls Catholic high school) gathered in our chapel to honor and remember those we had lost. At the end of our service, we were all given cards with the names of a lost loved one and where they were that day. I received Juliana. While I never met her or her family or really know anything about her personally, I think about her every day. From just thinking about what she would have been doing now, what her favorite things would be, how alike or different we would be ... she's become sort of a guardian angel for me. I tell her about my bad days and my great ones. I feel like she was robbed of doing so much in this life, so I am going to try to do what I can to live them for her.

Dearest Juliana, you are loved and dearly missed. Rest in peace. <3

*** Posted by Ariel Sullivan on 2010-09-10 ***

My niece was four years old on 9/11/01, the same age as Juliana when she died. There aren't words for the anguish at the senseless loss of Juliana. It's a cry of pain that only God can hear. I'll never forget you, Juliana. To those reading this, please go to the educational foundation page created in her honor.

*** Posted by Judy Roth on 2010-09-02 ***

I was recently in NY and went to see the WTC Memorial Site. While inside, I wrote a note expressing my condolences to you and your family. I cannot even begin to imagine what you felt on 9/11/01 and continue to feel today. In honor of your daughter, my husband and I decided to name our first-born daughter after your little Juliana. Our daughter Julianna was born on 9/27/01, shortly after 9/11. Your daughter lives on in all of those who knew her and knew of her. Her story will be told for years to come through just my daughter alone as she shares the story of how she came to be named Julianna. I am not sure why it has taken me almost 9 years to reach out to you ... hopefully you will find comfort in knowing that your daughter and your wife will never be forgotten. God bless.

*** Posted by Heidi English on 2010-07-19 ***

I want to say that I remember seeing Juliana's father being interviewed after some time had passed. He told a story about how Ruth and he had married at the Vatican. He had received a coin from the Vatican to commemorate their marriage, which Ruth had kept in her pocketbook. The recovery team found that coin, which he then had made into a pendant to wear close to his heart. I often pray that he has continued to show this incredible strength with all the loss he has suffered. When I hear about the possible construction of a mosque near this tragic site, I see Juliana and Ruth's smiling faces. I think of how a husband and father only has a coin to hold close because of this senseless terrorism. Although it is not much comfort, there are millions of people who love and miss these precious people.

*** Posted by KJS on 2010-07-16 ***

I have never forgotten the story of beautiful Julianna. I am writing a play that I hope someday will be produced. I hope her memory will always inspire others to cherish the gift of life, every moment of every day.

*** Posted by Kitt on 2010-04-17 ***

I have thought of Juliana every day since that horrible day of 9/11/01. I have a beautiful 12-year-old granddaugher, Ally, who is 12 years old today, which is the age Juliana would be, and I think—Ally ice skates and plays soccer and has friends—all the things that Juliana should be doing and enjoying, and I grieve for the loss of that beautiful little girl. God bless her and her wonderful mother, Ruth, who I know was holding her to her heart during their last moments on this earth, and may we all be blessed and inspired by the wonderful people they were. My granddaughter knows about Juliana, and I want her always to remember her. She was too little on that horrible day to know and understand what happened, but today she understands. I just hope that all Americans realize the importance of protecting our people and our country and not falling into the attitude of "this could never happen again" because it could—and what happened to Juliana and to her Mom and to all the other victims should never, never happen again.

*** Posted by Nancy Crowe on 2009-09-13 ***

Still thinking of you, little Julianna, and I will say a special prayer for your dad and all those who love you and miss you.

*** Posted by Trish and Thomas on 2009-09-12 ***

Our daughter, our blessing, is JULIANA VALENTINE (born 2004), her name a promised remembrance for everyone that died that terrible day. For six years I have visited this website but still can't find the words to say what I feel (or to stop crying long enough to type them). I will leave it with this -- we love and honor you everyday.

*** Posted by SCOTT and JODI on 2009-09-12 ***

I think of both Mrs. McCourt and Juliana on this day. They are always in my heart.

*** Posted by Previn on 2009-09-12 ***

Remembering you, especially this day, and forever. We love you!

*** Posted by Elaine on 2009-09-11 ***

My friend named his daughter in honor of Juliana. Today he is having snow cones with her at her elementary school.

*** Posted by Marie Lewis on 2009-09-11 ***

My heart goes out to her family. R.I.P., little angel.

*** Posted by Dawn on 2009-09-11 ***

I didn't know her, but I always think of her at this time of year, just because we have similar names, and because of her sad passing at such a young age. God bless. My thoughts are with you and your family.

*** Posted by Julie-Anne Moran on 2009-09-08 ***

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