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In Tribute to Juliana Valentine McCourt
4 years old.   Residence: New London, Conn.
Passenger of Flight 175

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Just another little thing about my best friend and her mother. I remember visiting their home numerous times and being taught to always wait for everyone to finish eating before standing up. To this day, I think of her when I do so.

*** Posted by Anonymous. on 2009-08-14 ***

Juliana was my best friend. She was beautiful person, like her mother, inside and out. Today, nearly eight years later, I still cry every time I think of her on that plane. But to think how brave her family is today makes me proud of them. And to think how brave she and her mother were on that plane makes me even prouder of my best friend. I know we were only five, but who doesn't remember the first person in their life that they could call a best friend.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-14 ***

To the little girl and her mom,

I have no words. I hope they are together and happy. God bless all the victims that day. It's too sad to think about.

*** Posted by joey on 2009-07-21 ***

For Julianna, the CDC Dance Center where you took your dance lessons had their 20th annual concert last night. A dance was done in your memory by the 4-5 year olds. It brought back all the emotions of that year. Your grandmother is having a Faery Tea Party at the Art Museum where you danced. You and your mother are missed and will always be remembered.

*** Posted by Susan Lorinsky on 2009-06-15 ***

Happy birthday, Juliana. You will always be remembered. You will always be loved. R.I.P.

*** Posted by Deborah H on 2009-05-04 ***


What I remember most about that terrible day is you. In the midst of that public tragedy, your dying touched my wife and I in a profoundly personal way.

When I close my eyes and think back, I don't see planes streaking across the New York skyline and crashing into the Twin Towers. I don't see those buildings folding in on themselves, collapsing in turn into piles of rubble. I don't see people running, chased down the street by clouds of ash and debris.

I see your face.

My wife and I watched the TV coverage in a dumbstruck stupor. But when CNN scrolled the names and ages of the passengers on the two planes that terrorists turned into bombs, we saw JULIANA VALENTINE McCORT and both broke down and cried and cried and cried—kinda like I'm doing now, nearly eight years later, as I type this.

That day we made a promise to the universe that, if we were ever blessed with a daughter, we would name her after you. In July, 2004, JULIANA VALENTINE TATUM was born. She'll be five this year. She has yellow hair and blue eyes and is hell-on-wheels. I am sorry you never got to be five. I think the two of you would be best of friends. I am sad you never got the chance.


*** Posted by Scott Tatum on 2009-03-31 ***

Juliana was a friend of mine before she died, or so my mom tells me. I didn't know she died until this year's memorial.

*** Posted by Kristina on 2009-03-08 ***

Its been a long time since I've felt such emptiness and pain in my heart. I see pictures of children who were victims and all I can do is cry. I do not know you. This is the first time I've seen you, but it feels like you are one of my own.

*** Posted by Aneth Gonzalez on 2009-02-24 ***

We still miss you both very much.


*** Posted by Jessica on 2008-12-02 ***

Juliana and Mrs. McCourt:

I never knew either of you, but sometimes I look at the pictures and cry. I think about both of you every time the anniversary approaches. Both of you will always be in my heart.


*** Posted by Previn G on 2008-09-16 ***

We miss you soo much!


*** Posted by Kacie on 2008-09-14 ***

I was in Boston on 9-11, having been at the bottom of the towers just a couple of days before. What I experienced that day and the week following will stay with me for the rest of my life, but forged me a very special bond with America.
Juliana's story touched me from the beginning. So so sad. Oddly one of my best friends is a Juliana, and it was she I called and cried down the phone to on 9-12.
Every year on 9-11 I light a candle before bed and say a prayer, and I always think of her. I can't comprehend how the hijackers could look at her knowing what they were going to do....beggars belief. I can only hope and pray that being so small she had God and two angels holding her hands at the end ready to take her as soon as it was all over. She and her mum are together and safe in a place of peace.
I have just been watching the programme about the Marriott hotel and watching Juliana's Uncle talk about her and her mum. Ruth made me cry all over again - my 9-11 tears came 2 days late this year. It is such a cruel twist of fate that he was in the hotel lobby trying to save someone as he felt the plane hit the tower, which he later learned killed his sister and niece.
I hope they are both in heaven watching over him. He lost loved ones, but Heaven it seems gained angels.
Rest in peace and know you have touched the lives of many.
God bless.
Helen xoxo

*** Posted by Helen Mitchell (South Shields, England) on 2008-09-13 ***

The taking of a life is always a horror; the taking of a child's is even worse, as it is our instinct as adults to protect our young, our vulnerable, our future. This is what makes the taking of Juliana so painful. I take some comfort from the fact that her Mum would have held her close, attempting to protect her. God bless them both and those left to grieve them.
[in Old Irish:] Rath De ar an leanbh agus a mathair.

*** Posted by Orla Wright, Dublin on 2008-09-13 ***

I came to this site today to look for you. I remembered your sweet, angelic little face the day after your life was cruelly snatched away from you. Sleep tight little angel. Forever play xx

*** Posted by Sue on 2008-09-11 ***

Because of your sweet face that graced the television on the night of September 11, 2001 and in my heart ever since, our daughter was born on December 7, 2001 with the name Juliana. Your face, your unfinished life on earth, and grace left me to only want you to live much longer on this earth. Since that is not in my power, giving my daughter a piece of an angel was and is so important to me. Our Juliana is now 6 years old and knows about her little angel in heaven whom she is named after. Thank you for being our little angel.

*** Posted by Karen Holmes on 2008-09-11 ***

Every time I hug my daughter or watch her enjoy a new experience, I think of this little girl and her mother. I pray for peace for their family and friends, and I pray I never take my daughter for granted. God bless you, little one.

*** Posted by Dana on 2008-09-11 ***

Julianna, and your mommy, I always come here on the anniversary of your deaths to tell you how you have affected my world. I have a Julianna also who was only 2 on that horrific day, we were on a playdate. But once I learned of your story and loss, I dedicate this day always to you and your mommy and think you of both as two angels I now need to always pray for. God Bless.

*** Posted by April Almeida on 2008-09-11 ***

I live in the UK, and I have just been watching a programme about the people in the Marriott hotel. One man has made a strong impression. He was Ruth's brother and was talking about little Julianna, his niece. I am a mother of three. I have two little girls, four and three, and a little boy. It breaks my heart to think about what Julianna and her brave mum must have gone through. She was the same age as my little girl, and I can't even imagine what they went through, but I know they are together. I pray to God that they are and that they didn't suffer. I actually can't write any more as I feel so moved, but I send my love and thoughts to their families and all those who have been touched by this terrible day. My prayers are with you. x

*** Posted by mandy on 2008-09-10 ***

My daughter, Julianna, was 6 months old on 9/11/01.... The names of victims from the hijacked planes scrolled across the bottom of the TV screen, and the name Juliana Valentine McCourt grabbed me and never let go. The movie "World Trade Center" was on cable tonight ... my daughter wanted to watch it ... but at age 7, I feel she's too young to decipher this important, touching, but difficult movie right now. I did, however, tell her about Juliana Valentine McCourt and showed her a picture on the internet ... which led me to this site. The beautiful name, the beautiful face, the life lost ... I will never forget this little girl whom I never met in person ... just got to know her as an angel that symbolized the magnitude of love, life, and loss that day.

*** Posted by Catherine on 2008-06-28 ***

I delivered my second little girl on 09-17-2001 and heard Juliana's story just as we were leaving for the hospital to deliver. In her honor, my daughter's middle name is Julianna (I didn't know how to spell it at the hospital). I hope the family does not mind. It was our tribute to the tragedy and this little precious girl. GOD bless you all!

*** Posted by Christina on 2008-04-10 ***

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