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In Tribute to Juliana Valentine McCourt
4 years old.   Residence: New London, Conn.
Passenger of Flight 175

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So sad. you have captured the heart of so many, Rest in peac sweety. xx

*** Posted by Amanda from England on 2006-08-29 ***

i feel for her but i no that she is in a better place now. i cant belive that this has happend. i didnt know her. i cannot even think about what fear went through her heart at that moment. as i said i did not know her but i will allways remeber her. i will remeber her on memorial day. when i hear the dj sammy song. God Bless and R.I.P

*** Posted by Ben on 2006-07-22 ***

i like ur song a lot can u give me it my dad die as well i miss him to so plz

*** Posted by molly marsland on 2006-06-17 ***

One week after 9/11, british magazine 'Hello' did a piece about those who were missing. Juliana was featured heavily in the article, and although I did not know her, her story and her face are with me still. Although it is heartbreaking to think of a child being taken, we must only hope she is in a better place. God bless.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-09 ***

I will be honoring her memory in a special post at my blog this Sept 11th.
I am so saddened that her precious life was taken.
My blog address is:
Anyone interested in reading my tribute to Juliana, please stop by on 9-11-06. 
I am a part of a group of people who is taking one person who was killed that day and remembering them.
They will not be forgotten.

*** Posted by Jamie Dawn on 2006-06-06 ***

I don't see why someone so small and innocent has to be pulled off of this earth.
Maybe Juliana rest in peace, and forever live in peace and happiness

*** Posted by Maggie on 2006-03-22 ***

i did not know Julianna, but i think of others like her who died because of the 9/11. ive got the dj sammy song on my phone, and am listening to it at the moment. all the times i listen to it i end up crying. my heart breaks that this has happened to julianna and others like her. my question is why???

*** Posted by Michaela Foster on 2006-03-01 ***

Nestled in the arms of Jeus...what a lovely place to be. Your memory lives in the hearts of others.

*** Posted by Mary on 2006-02-11 ***

I just listen to the dj sammy 9/11 remix and it had me crying, i am welsh and i went to new york this year and went to ground zero and that was sad but that was more sad, it isnt very often that a song like that makes me cry thank you.

*** Posted by Luke Parfitt on 2006-01-22 ***

Julianna and Ruth,
Your pictures on our national tv station (RTE) brought the devastion and personal loss caused by these attacks home to Ireland. Any time any Irish person thinks of these attacks, your faces will come to us. God bless, from all in Dublin

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-14 ***

God bless you, little angel.

*** Posted by Gail on 2005-09-13 ***

I can't imagine the fear that this little girl felt on that fateful day. Even though I didn't know Juliana, my heart still aches for her and all of the others that lost their lives that day. She is in a better place now and I know that I'll never forget her.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2005-09-12 ***

I wear a mercy bracelett with your name on it and carry your photo (along with your mom's) with me.  I share your story with all who are near.  Today, I told your story to my 5th Grade Sunday School class.  You are remembered and prayed for.  I made a promise that tragic day to adopt you as my part of remembering 9/11; and today, children of my church heard your story and your memory once again carried on. Blessings to you sweet child of God.

*** Posted by Sandi on 2005-09-11 ***

Juliana and ruth were our neighbors not to mention she was my brothers best friend all in know is that she is in a better place now

*** Posted by Jaimee on 2005-09-11 ***

iv heard all the songs about this incodent and the one that makes me cry most is DJ Sammy 911 ramix with the little girl and iv read all these comments and theyve made me cry aswell

*** Posted by Charlie on 2005-06-29 ***

I flew with my four year old daughter from Florida to New York on September 10, 2001, back from Disneyworld.  We made it.  Juliana and her mom didn't, and I weep for them every year, remembering, always remembering.  I change places with them every year in my mind and I think about how I would have held my Emily and told her we'd be ok, even up to the time that I suspected that it would not be ok. (Close your eyes, baby and hold mommy tight.  I love you.)  May they both be at peace in the arms of God now.

*** Posted by Marianne Sherow on 2004-10-25 ***

In the 3 years since this tragdey occurred, I have constantly prayed for and thought of you and your mommy/family. You see, I have a Julianna also, who was 2 at the time of the tragedy, and when I read about your loss, I cried like I have never cried in my life. I pray for you and your mommy and family so often, and I wonder why you and your family remain in my thoughts. I have not even seen what you looked like, or your family, and I live miles from where you did, in an entirely different country, Canada. But, your loss has broken my own heart as though I lost my own child. I do have a child in heaven also, a baby never born, and I know he/she is with you and your family happy and safe. I can't put into words the horror and sadness I feel when I even try to imagine the fear and pain your mommy endured knowing you all would not make it alive....I now have a new baby as well as my Julianna and I have found peace knowing I am meant to keep you and your family in my hearts and prayers for the rest of my life. May God bless you and keep you as I know He is, May Jesus hold onto you and keep your family together as I know He has... and may you fly with baby angels forever in a better place that this horrid one you sadly left behind. I pray for you always, and my tears flow for you often.

*** Posted by April Almeida on 2004-09-12 ***

Juliana - You were such a beautiful little girl. Now you are a beautiful angel forever with your mommy. Watch over your daddy and sleep peacefully with the knowledge that you will see him again some day. You will never be forgotten little one.

*** Posted by Debbie on 2004-08-24 ***

I have a 5 year old girl and I would be devastated if I lost her. All I know is that Juliana is in a better and safe place with the lord.

*** Posted by JCL on 2004-06-19 ***

Out of all of the horror of 9/11, the face that struck me was the incredibly beautiful visage of Juliana McCourt.  You see, I also had a 4-yr old daughter at the time, and I could so easily see my Quinn in Juliana's place.  That precious child was surely held and comforted by her loving mother throughout all the fracas on the plane, and never had a clue what was coming....only that she was safe in her mother's arms.  We should all be that lucky at the last.  Juliana and Ruth are safe with the Lord now, but I still grieve for that precious life unlived, and value twice as much the daily life of my own child.  My prayers are with the father and husband whose life was ripped apart by this nightmare.  My heart breaks for him, even now...nearly two years later.  I pray that he has found some surcease from his anguish.  The Lord be with him, and all of those bereaved on that terrible day.  Amen.

*** Posted by Debbie Bodie on 2004-05-22 ***

122 Total Comments

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