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In Tribute to Kevin M. Cosgrove
46 years old.   Residence: West Islip, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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I've heard about Kevin M. Cosgrove only this year, 2009. And it amazes me how one person can impact your life in such a strong way. I first heard this man's last moments on a phone call to 911 on 9/11 and at the end of the call his last bone-chilling words I heard were, "Oh God! ... Oh!"

People take this moment as his last moment in life.... I take it as his last moment before death. But I respect this man, not because of what I heard about him on the news or from pictures. I respect him because, even though I don't know him, I wonder what kind of a man he was. What kind of a husband he was. What kind of a father he was. What kind of a friend he was. I wonder what would have happened to this man and many others if 9/11 never happened.

Maybe we'll never know until we reach those final moments of our lives.

My respect goes out to the family, his wife and children, and his friends. May God bless you.

-Vernisha Crenshaw, 14, New York

P.S. I was six when 9/11 happened, and I lost my uncle on 9/11 also. He was on the 79th floor of Tower One.

*** Posted by Vernisha Crenshaw on 2009-01-15 ***

I'm going to be sixteen on January 14. It amazes me how much us kids, teenagers, and me especially take life for granted. I can tell Mr. Kevin Cosgrove was a very nice man. In my class we take world geography, and 9-11 is our lesson as of right now. Our teacher showed us videos, and to see what happened put me in a state of disbelief. It was horrific to see what happened. I came home and searched for more videos, and I came across Mr. Cosgrove. To hear his conversation and how much he was terrified and then to see the building fall ... I just sat in my seat with a blank look on my face. To every one of the Cosgrove family, I am very sorry for the passing of your loved one. Its hurts me to my soul. MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL.

*** Posted by Alexandria Charles on 2009-01-11 ***

I would just like to say that I, too, was on Youtube and heard this call. I did not know anything about any calls that were made. This really made me realise how real 9/11 was. As I am from Scotland, I can only say, THEY MAY TAKE OUR LIVES BUT THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM. Rest in peace, Kevin! xx

*** Posted by Cali on 2009-01-04 ***

I was unaware until this moment that this man was a hero, and I would just like to send my condolences to his friends and family, the people whom he held dearest.

May you rest in peace.

*** Posted by Sally (Scotland, UK) on 2009-01-02 ***

I was randomly listening to videos on Youtube and "Enya's Only Time" came on from a 9/11 vid. I was only 14 when this happened, so I was not old enough to realise the horror of it. Over the last three days I've seen every video on Youtube you can imagine, from interviews to watching people falling or jumping, and the last one was Kevin's. I'm at the Internet cafe, and I burst into tears. I was not expecting that. I guess I somehow told myself that no one died, that they all got out safe, but seeing it—especially that one man who was holding onto a rope from his office and then slipping. How can human beings do this to each other? I can't even express how sad that makes me. I'm writing this with tears in my eyes years later. Rest in peace, Kevin, the others who went back to their offices, the fire fighters and police officers. If I could change time I would want to redo that day.  ;___;

*** Posted by Elena B. on 2008-12-29 ***

We will NEVER forget! R.I.P.

*** Posted by Kevin Navarro on 2008-12-26 ***

A sad and terrible day in history. We all remember where we were that day when it happened. Rest in peace.

*** Posted by Penny on 2008-12-18 ***

To a dear friend that I never knew. I have not listened to your legacy yet (but I will). Still, I wanted to salute you. God bless the loved ones who remain. REST IN PEACE, KEVIN COSGROVE, and ALL WHO PERISHED.

*** Posted by Funke (UK) on 2008-12-18 ***

No words can describe the feeling from hearing the last words of Kevin Cosgrove. R.I.P., brother.

*** Posted by Rodrigo (in Brazil) on 2008-12-16 ***

Sorry for your loss. :(

*** Posted by Sandra Cedillo on 2008-12-16 ***

I remember that day very well. I was a teacher's assistant and watched it all on the classroom TV. I only wish we could have heard this recording of dear Kevin Cosgrove earlier, so we could all realize what was happening. I do not believe in all the editing out of disturbing events. This is what has made our children hard and disbelieving that humanity has some basic unchangeable values. We all want to live. We all come from the same human family. You can feel that listening to and witnessing Kevin's suffering. If you ever start to forget, listen again. Share this with others so they will never forget. That way Kevin's death will serve humanity forever. The other postings to this site are beautiful. It is wonderful to see how many have deep compassion. We will survive! All my love to my brothers and sisters living and dead. I sing HU, an ancient name for God to help me get through all this. Thank you to all that made Kevin's call available.

*** Posted by Shirley in California on 2008-12-14 ***

My deepest condolences to the Cosgrove family and to all the families affected by this tragedy. I heard his last words, and they were bone chilling. I shed a few tears and sat in silence as I thought about what he and many others must have gone through that day. It's unimaginable. Kevin thought of his wife and kids to the bitter end. Rest in peace.

*** Posted by Sherie on 2008-12-14 ***

I don't know if it's because this was a historical election year, and we're watching the news all the time, or maybe because some of us "Generation X" people are older now and more mature and empathetic. You see, on 9/11/2001, I was 21, and nothing was going to stop me from having the "time of my life" in college. Don't get me wrong: I was sad. I was glued to the TV like everyone else. But I (like seemingly so many others) pushed it down deep. Some people are just NOW being hit hard by the reality of what happened that day. Why seven years later? I don't know. Part of what did it, for me, was a documentary aired recently on the History Channel, a couple of weeks before the election. It was intense. The next day, I started looking at some videos on YouTube and came across Kevin Cosgrove's call from inside one of the towers. I almost didn't finish listening, but for some reason, I did. I cried and gasped wide-eyed with my hand over my mouth. Then I walked around like a zombie the rest of the day and shuddered at the sound and sight of every airplane that flew overhead. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm glad I heard it—because it really affected me. It changed my life completely. It made me sad, but also very angry. Kevin's voice has helped millions all over the world feel what they SHOULD be feeling about 9/11. Hurt, sad, but also very passionate about the war on terror. We, as a united free world, must feel these feelings. We must never, ever let this happen again! I'm so glad that for so many of us, thanks to Kevin Cosgrove, we will NEVER, EVER forget! May God bless his precious wife and children. I will continue to pray for them and the other victims' families. Always.

*** Posted by Casey White from Oklahoma City, OK on 2008-12-05 ***

I listened to Kevin's call to 9-1-1, and at the end his final words before the tower collapsed were, "Oh, God! Oh..!" And that was it. I knew after that moment, he was gone. I hope God will bless the Cosgrove family for their loss of a family member, and I hope Kevin is resting peacefully in heaven. :'(

*** Posted by Jessica Marra on 2008-11-29 ***

Peace be with you, Kevin, and your family.

*** Posted by John on 2008-11-26 ***

Over seven years later, and it still hurts. What a strong man, a strong man who loved his family. My prayers go out to the Cosgrove family.

*** Posted by Ashley on 2008-11-19 ***

I have known for some time that there were 911 calls made from the victims of Sept. 11, but I could never bring myself to listen to them until now. Words cannot express my sadness for Kevin and all the other victims of that fateful day, and my thoughts are with their families and loved ones. I will never forget that call, and I hope no one else does either. Rest in peace, Kevin. Rest in peace.

*** Posted by Sarah on 2008-11-17 ***

My life will never be the same again after hearing Kevin's last words.

Debra (United Kingdom)

*** Posted by Debra Gibbs on 2008-11-17 ***

It's almost impossible to imagine the sheer terror the people in those buildings must have experienced as they felt their buildings beginning to collapse, knowing that any second would be the end. On September the 11th we saw human sickness and depravity at its very worst, and my condolences go out to people like Kevin Cosgrove's family and all the other families of the innocent people who were victimized that day.

*** Posted by Tony on 2008-11-12 ***

I just heard the tape for the first time. Even all the way out here in California, this was something that still affects me very deeply. Even though that is very painful to listen to (I cried), I feel that it is a way to pay tribute to Mr. Cosgrove and the rest of the victims of that horrible day. My heart goes out to Mrs. Cosgrove as well, since she thought he was okay, and then the second plane hit. I heard a brave man on that phone, and the final sounds were bone-chilling to say the least. I thank everyone who makes an effort to keep the victims' memory alive, and never forget 9/11/01. God bless  America.

*** Posted by Ryan Covay on 2008-11-10 ***

926 Total Comments

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