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In Tribute to Kevin M. Cosgrove
46 years old.   Residence: West Islip, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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When I heard Kevin's last cries for help, I stopped and cried for hours. To his family, I'M SORRY. R.I.P, KEVIN.

*** Posted by courtney on 2008-02-19 ***

I just heard his last words in the 911 call from him with the video playing of the building burning. I did not know this man or his suffering until a few moments ago. I did not know what to really expect but knew it was bad. After hearing his screams in horror, I turned and stared at the ceiling in shock. I had not felt that horrible since the day of 9-11. I relived that day once again. I was so saddened by his suffering and sad with myself for not knowing about him until now. This is a good example of how the Internet can be good for all of us. It has allowed me the chance to know this man's pain and made me aware of him and his horrible death. Thank you for all your efforts to let all know about him and display other postings of sympathy. I have one hopeful thing to say. Many are sad and miss him and wait with tears in their eyes. Good night.

*** Posted by William on 2008-02-09 ***

Kevin, I will have  your family in my prayers. May God bless your family. I will never forget this day. :(

*** Posted by Stephanie on 2008-01-31 ***

My heart goes out to all the family members who lost a loved one, and to Kevin Cosgrove and his family as well. God bless you.

*** Posted by Betsy Stewart on 2008-01-20 ***

I was eleven and was in the middle of technology class when the towers were hit. When our principal announced a mass gathering upstairs, I was left with the prejudice that it was something mundane. To focus hatred and contempt towards individuals like Kevin Cosgrove who was humorous and dynamic until his final moments and objectively innocent is the ugliest human capability humanity has the potential to commit; it resides with incompetent, insensitive, misshapen, perverted beings. This act shattered my innocence and bliss at so young an age when I was faced with realistic contemplations that my own father may not be returning home on the evening of September eleventh. I support the war against terrorism and the annihilation of radicalism and extremism that feeds potential perpetrators of these acts. May we maintain a united consistency, may we not yield, may we resist the temptation to, may we forever use 9/11 as a substantial precedent, and may we never erode it's credibility. God Bless Kevin Cosgrove.

Sincerley, Derek Robert Schnebly, Mamaroneck, New York
17 years of age, voter in the next election.

*** Posted by Derek Schnebly on 2008-01-09 ***

I heard that 9-11 call last night. Didn't know it existed before then. My stomach was in knots the whole time. I can't imagine what he felt that day. Disgusting. Nobody should ever die like that. God rest his soul.

*** Posted by Brian on 2007-12-13 ***

"OH GOD! OH..." Kevin... I played your 9-1-1 call over and over again. YOU were a survivor. I believe that you would have gotten yourself and the people with you out if the circumstances allowed you to. You were not ready to die, nor should you have had to. I will NEVER, EVER forget your conversation ... your determination ... You even had a sense of humor in a horrible predicament. I saw it through your whole phone call. You sound like a person I would have loved to know. Well... we are all so sorry your gone from us now. There are really no words that can express the way that day went. I pray that "Oh God!" was God taking you into his arms with the cool breeze blowing your face ... and lifting you to the Heavens ... no pain any more. Mr. Cosgrove, America will never, ever forget you. God Bless you and your Family.

*** Posted by Tamara (from Naples, Florida) on 2007-12-04 ***

The sounds of Kevin's final words brought me to tears. I remember coming home from school and watching the horrific images on my TV. I always wanted to remember names of the people who sadly had lives taken away from them. I wish I could remember them all, so I could pray for them. Kevin Cosgrove is one of the many names and people I will never forget. My heart goes out to his family and also other families and friends of the heroes of 9/11... GOD BLESS!

xxxx Jessica, age 19, Liverpool, England. xxxx

*** Posted by Jessica on 2007-11-30 ***

I listen to this man over and over, playing back his frantic calls to 9-1-1. I can't even imagine the horror and intense panic that this man and the people that were with him were going through in their final moments. All they could do was just sit up on the 105th floor in some corner of an office and hope that someone would get to them, Kevin probably fully knowing all to well that their time was almost up.... Listening to his final cry out is just to much to bear. It brings me to heartache and tears. And this is a man I did not know, but yet I can feel his pain....

*** Posted by mayfordtom@gmail.com on 2007-11-24 ***

Hearing the audio from Kevin's phone call chilled me. I remember sitting in 3rd period trying to digest what we were watching on the television. The building I had stood in just two weeks prior ... gone. All of the people trapped for whatever reason ... perished. It brings to light something many forgot: That the value of life has no price tag. What has been given can be stolen, and this man fell victim to the thieves flying those planes. May your soul rest with God, Kevin. Those who committed this crime will pay. Maybe not in this life ... but the next.

*** Posted by Glen on 2007-11-12 ***

i saw Kevin's video on youtube, too. it made me feel sick because the phone call was so chilling. Rest in peace, Kevin Cosgrove. xx

*** Posted by Hannah on 2007-11-10 ***

Sou Ademir, tenho 27 anos, Brasileiro, moro hoje em Hagerstown, USA. Fiquei muito abalado com os atentados, quando ocorreram. Somente 6 anos depois vi a gravacao de audio de Kevin. Ele foi uma pessoa muito forte, resistiu firme, mas foi a escolha de Deus, e tenho certeza que ele esta ao seu lado neste momento, em meio a muita paz e alegria. Que Deus o tenha.

[Ed. - I'm Ademir. I'm 27 years old, Brazilian, currently living in Hagerstown, USA. I was very shaken by the murders when they occurred. Only 6 years later I heard Kevin's audio recording. He was a very strong person, resisting firmly, but it was the choice of God, and I am certain that he's on the other side at this moment, on the way to a lot of peace and joy. May God keep him.]

*** Posted by Ademir on 2007-10-24 ***

I am a 38-year-old man. I've seen and endured firsthand many horrors in my short life, including victimhood in the Rodney King Riots, seeing a man decapitate himself by jumping through a window, seeing defenseless people brutalized by police or mutilated by attackers; and of all the things I've seen and heard, I've always said that there are only two sounds that chill me to the bones: the sound of a woman weeping in deep grief, and the sound of a grown man screaming in fear. I did not know what I would hear when I listened to Kevin's phone call. I assumed he would be talking one moment, and then the next the line would just disconnect. But what I heard--when he uttered his last words--was not merely the death of Kevin, but the last vocal breath of THOUSANDS. And through Kevin the whole world heard the collective voices of all who perished in the Twin Tower bombings. It has been three days since I heard Kevin's call. For three days I have not been able to stop shaking. For three days I have not been able to stop crying. For three days I have wondered, "What is yet to come?" And it is my most passionate prayer that Kevin's last words were truly heard in heaven for all of us--"Oh God!"

*** Posted by Rev. Jim Cunningham on 2007-10-07 ***

May God bless Kevin's family! I will never forget the day those terrorists hurt you Kevin! You will always be in my memory! I will never forget you! You are loved and will always be loved! We miss you lots kev! R.I.P. forever! God bless kevin cosgrove! we luv you kev! =) We will meet someday in heaven.

*** Posted by Cynthia on 2007-10-02 ***

May God Bless Kevin's family, friends, and all the victims of 9/11 always and forever. I just saw the video, and it was heart-wrenching at his last moment. I feared for his life, thinking it was not going to happen the way it did. God is a Merciful God, and he was with him and still is. Que Dios los bendiga siempre.

[Ed. - May God bless them always.]

*** Posted by Mario Alvarez on 2007-09-29 ***

Mr. Cosgrove's telephone call haunted me all last night. I knew why, but my reaction has made me happy. I have a 1-year-old son, and I've decided that I never want him to become a victim of or have to witness an event like this in his life. Please do not delete this after you read my next few words. Kevin's beliefs and those of the people who killed him are not that far apart. The terrorists who hijacked flight 93 were shouting "God is great!" as they plunged that plane to the ground. Kevin's last words were him calling out to his God. As I said, their belief in a higher power was similar, what they DID with them was different. Mr. Cosgrove was trying to save the lives of others, not take them. I am now committed to my son to, as I said above, help him to never go through this. HOW I will do it, I don't know, BUT I know that it will involve helping or improving others, not killing them. I will have Kevin Cosgrove in the back of my mind as I do so.

*** Posted by Bob Arndts on 2007-09-28 ***

I heard the call transcript for the first time yesterday in a training class and wept. We hear that so-many-thousand died that day, but when it comes down to one voice on the phone, that of a man who loved his family and wanted to live for them, it is then that the tragedy of this day comes into focus. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in the peace of Jesus.... His family is in my prayers.

*** Posted by Annie from Boston on 2007-09-27 ***

This is the most exceptionally chilling real-life horror I have ever come across. I can't begin to think of the terror Mr Cosgrove must have felt--the smoke blurring his vision, the heat overwhelming him, and then the final vision he must have seen when the building started to collapse around him. That is really some kind of brave to live your final moments in sheer panic, in sheer heartache, in sheer confusion, in sheer desolation. His voice and calm plea for assistance still haunts me. As a human being, I can not comprehend the depth of total barbarity and inhumane acts that transpired that fatal day. I feel so heartbroken for the family of Mr Cosgrove, and for all the other 911 victims--may you all truly now enjoy the paradise we all know that you deserve.

*** Posted by Nicola Wheatley on 2007-09-27 ***

God bless you, Kevin. May you and all those other people who died on September 11th rest in peace.

*** Posted by Neil on 2007-09-26 ***

That phone call was so chilling that I will never ever forget it or how brave Kevin and everyone else was on that horrible day.

*** Posted by Gabi Ayres on 2007-09-21 ***

926 Total Comments

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