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In Tribute to Kevin M. Cosgrove
46 years old.   Residence: West Islip, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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926 Total Comments
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Mr. Cosgrove was not responsible for his death. It's the international politics of the US since the World War II. RIP Kevin Cosgrove, we are all very sorry for this, not only this, but all kinds of wars.

*** Posted by Paul on 2006-09-23 ***

My sincere condolences to all the victims and there families. This atrocious attack on innocent people is the one most terrible thing that I have ever seen in my life of 40 years. The desperation in Mr Cosgroves voice was spine chilling, it almost made me numb. When the end of his life finally came as heard on the audio I was left in a total state of shock. The people, persons who are responsible for this atrocity not only on America itself but on all of the Human race need to be stopped. And if by chance someone who was envolved in this atrocity reads this let it be known to you and your low life kind that Mr Kevin Cosgrove displayed more courage, integrity and out right determination in the face of adversity than you or your cowardly kind could only imagine. What goes around comes around, acts such as this are a blight on your kind for the rest of history they will never be forgotten. You should hope that your childrens children can climb over this huge hurdle you have created for them.

*** Posted by Griffo on 2006-09-23 ***

Having listened to Kevin Cosgrove's final moments reminded me of the gift that is life. He had young kids and a wife at home. He was not ready to die. You could hear that in his voice. Hearing his courage and strength just reminded me that the human spirit is strong and life is precious. Having listened to this tape made me love and respect my husband even more. Every morning when you kiss your loved ones goodbye, you never know if that may be the last time you see them. This made me hug my husband a little tighter, and it also gave me a new perspective on life. Make each day count, because you never know when its going to be your last.

To the family of Kevin Cosgrove,

I am so very sorry for your loss. Your husband/father's courage put a human face on 9/11. His phone call (as well as the others trapped in the tower) should be played every anniversary, so that we never forget this tragedy. The worst reaction that we as Americans can have is apathy. Please never forget this tragic day. May God be with you all.

*** Posted by Michelle on 2006-09-22 ***

I know that no words of mine can comfort or take away the pain for Mr. Cosgrove's family, but I still would like to express my sympathy for them. I never had the priveldge of meeting Mr. Cosgrove, though I would've liked to. To the family I would like to say that, and also that I intend to do all that I can to see that your loved one's death is not something that will be easily forgotten. I am currently serving our great nation as a United States Marine. I serve with 2nd battalion, 7th marine regiment, 1st Marine division as an infantry marine. I just want you to know that when I walk the streets of our enemies I fight not for myself, but for you and those that were lost that day. I am proud to serve in the war on terror and will continue to do so as long as my body and mind allow me. America will conquer our enemies, and they will see that we are not a country to be triffled with. God bless you and your family Mr. Goscrove, to me, you are a hero. This marine fights for you.

Semper Fi,
LCPL Wheeler
0341 Infantry Mortarman, USMC

*** Posted by CJ Wheeler on 2006-09-17 ***

We heard your last phone call tonight for the first time. It touched us so deeply. We want you to know that you will forever embody the 9/11 experience for us. Your voice put a real person and family behind the tragety, which made it cut even deeper. We are so sorry for your children and wife. We can only imagine how very much they miss you.
You will forever be in our thoughts and prayers.

Shannon and son Gaedun who is 6 yrs old.
Bennington Vermont

*** Posted by Shannon and Gaedun Carvajal on 2006-09-15 ***

I cannot imagine hearing my loved one's last moments. This was truly a sad day for America. It made me feel helpless.

*** Posted by Lamont mcdermott on 2006-09-15 ***

i first heard kevins call on ebaums world, it was the only thing I thought about for days

*** Posted by alex gernand on 2006-09-14 ***

Five years later, I'm still angry about what transpired on that horrific day. God Bless you Kevin and your family. My prayers also go out to every family and loved one lost.

*** Posted by Christine on 2006-09-13 ***

I heard and saw the video of Kevin's last moments. It's hard for us to understand or even phantom what these men and women went through. To know that this day started out so beatiful but turned so ugly. I will say a prayer for Kevin and all who lost their lives this fateful day. I will say a prayer for the families who have lost a loved one in this tragedy. I will say a prayer to ask and give us strength to go on with our lives.

May God Bless you and your family.

*** Posted by Donald Varela on 2006-09-13 ***

I just heard the tape on YouTube and the synched video and realized how we all would most likely react the same way that Kevin did. Those who died that day were totally innocent of any wrongdoing to those who sent hatred from so far away and deprived these innocents of their lives and families. I'm so sorry for Kevin's family and all those who lost loved ones that day. Kevin's final exclamation will haunt me in my mind now, every time I see the South tower go down in replay. We must not let anything like this happen ever again, no matter what it takes. Apocalyptic regimes like Iran who want to hasten the return of the Twelfth Imam look at things like this as opportunities and plot how to do it better. Let's make sure that regimes like that don't supply Al-Qaeda and others in the future with nuclear weapons to use instead of jet fuel.

*** Posted by Bill in Utah on 2006-09-13 ***

I just heard this 911 call last night for the first time and words cannot describe how I felt. To hear this man's voice during his last moments on earth made me feel very sad and at the same time angry that this had to happen. That day always effected me from the very beginning but now more than ever. Dearest Kevin, you and all the others who lost your lives that day will always be remembered and you will always be in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you, your friends and your family...and may you find eternal peace in the arms of our heavenly God.

*** Posted by Susan C from New Jersey on 2006-09-13 ***

Lamentablemente muchos seres humanos esculpidos en la ignorancia y haciendo ecos de las diferencias sociales, odiarán vuestro país, olvidarán por medio de ese odio las uniones, los lazos, el sentido de la vida y la verdad que comprende el amor...

Pero por suerte o por desgracia nosotros siempre seguiremos latiendo al ritmo de los corazones de todos aquellos preciosos seres humanos que injustamente sufrieron, sufren o sufrirán las injusticias de aquellos que no han aprendido a amar.

Quisiera; ahora que he madurado, ahora que creo en la vida y ahora que siento el amor del universo; decirle a usted señor Kevin M. Cosgrove (yo se que usted me escucha) que vivirá en nuestras memorias y su sufrimiento jamás será olvidado, quisiera decirle que la muerte dará paso a la vida por toda la eternidad y quisiera pedirle perdón en nombre de todos los que al igual que yo (en algún momento de la vida) hemos confundido victimas con victimarios.

Por último decirle a usted y a todos aquellos que visiten esta página que el terrorismo no vencerá, ellos serán derrotados, incluso en sus victorias serán derrotados, puesto que Dios, el Amor, la Bondad y la Belleza ¡¡¡siempre estarán de parte nuestra!

Muchas gracias

Si yo pudiera...

Si yo pudiera detendría el tiempo un segundo,
besaría tus labios dos segundos por el tiempo de uno.

Respiraría con tu serenidad todas las mañanas,
todas las tardes y todas las noches al menos ese segundo...

Si yo pudiera abogaría por un segundo
como el tiempo más preciado del que disponemos...

Si yo pudiera llenaría el aire de secretos,
de mundanidad y pereza,
de silencios y lágrimas,
de gritos y alegrías,
de vida!

Llenaría el aire de palabras y de letras
apuntaría a lo efímero de nuestro tiempo
y a la maravilla impenetrable
del perfecto milagro

Si yo pudiera repartiría el sol y el agua
entre todos los planetas
para que la vida simplemente floreciera...

Si yo pudiera reconstruiría todas las estructuras
que jamás han sido construidas...

¡Si yo pudiera!

Te contaría y te cantaría sobre el milagro,
sobre el misterio, sobre el secreto de la vida...

¡La vida está plagada de sabios y tremendos argumentos mortales!

Si yo pudiera saldría a caminar por entre los sueños
lloraría todas las lluvias en nombre de tus sueños
y realizaría todas las pisadas de todos los hombres
y de todas las mujeres

Si yo pudiera imitaría en todos a los niños...

Si yo pudiera vestiría mis colores
con las luces de algún arco iris,
regalaría colores, emociones, imágenes,
sonidos, tactos, sabores...

Si yo pudiera bebería toda el agua existente.

Comenzaría por beber la inquietante agua de tus ojos,
y acabaría en las sales que bañan las mareas del universo...

Si yo pudiera transformaría el oxigeno para que lo respires,
lo convertiría en burbujas de esperanza,
en estrellas brillantes,
en auroras... ¡Para que te despiertes!
para que te des cuenta que no estás solo,
para que sepas que no hay motivo para el miedo,
para que te inunde el deseo inmortal
de ser todo aquello
en lo que ¡LA VIDA! te implique.

Si yo pudiera,
sujetaría toda la sangre derramada,
los amores perdidos,
todas las victimas de todas las injusticias,
todos los seres injustamente asesinados; es decir;
todos los asesinados...

Si yo pudiera repasaría todas las noches,
los días y todas las tardes sangrientas,
sujetaría sus muertos y muertas más antiguos
y los más recientes y les devolvería a la vida,
para que disfruten del sagrado milagro de la existencia,
para que realicen todas las necesidades del universo...

Si yo pudiera almacenaría todas las armas del universo
y se las entregaría a la estrella fugaz más remota,
la inalcanzable, la perdida, la desconocida...

Si yo pudiera viviría mi vida como si se tratara de una coincidencia,
pensaría en los millones de años que me han traído hasta esta hoja,
pensaría en todas las coincidencias, en toda la belleza, en toda la historia,
en todas las destrucciones y todas las creaciones que me han traído hasta aquí
y viviría de acuerdo a cada nota desplegada por Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Wagner, Strauss...

Si yo pudiera te explicaría aún más detenidamente lo que intento explicarte,
si yo pudiera te diría que no todo es bueno y que no todo es malo...

Si yo pudiera convertiría mi vida en algo leve, casi inexistente,
abandonaría a los dioses y a los demonios que me habitan,
al igual que a todo aquello que ocupa algunas de mis necesidades
tan innecesarias...

Si yo pudiera crearía una sociedad donde todos fuéramos iguales,
donde la conciencia y la naturaleza prevalecieran sobre las pasiones,
una sociedad donde todos contribuyéramos a la bondad, la verdad
y la belleza...

Si yo pudiera, si todos pudiéramos, repartiríamos todo aquello que tenemos
de una forma racional, pensaríamos en nuestros hermanos, en nuestro vecino,
y a su vez ellos pensarían en nosotros...

Si yo pudiera perdonaría a todo aquel que necesita ser perdonado
y le pediría perdón a todo aquel que merezca una disculpa...

Si yo pudiera nada alteraría de lo que no debe ser alterado
y todo alteraría de lo que debe ser alterado...

Si yo pudiera viviría como delfín, como águila, como león,
como nutria, como abeja, como flor, como piedra, como árbol,
como agua, como ángel, como alma...

Si yo pudiera visitaría todas las márgenes de todos,
todas y cada una de las caras que nos pueblan...

Si yo pudiera te situaría un poquito aquí, otro allí,
un poquito acá, otro más allá...

Te despertaría en medio de la noche y de las sombras
y te dejaría encontrar el día y la luz,
para que de ese modo pudieras tú ayudar a encontrar
lo que deba ser encontrado...

Si yo pudiera robaría el tiempo de este poema
y discurriría como el agua que baja de la montaña
paseándose entre caxoeiras y sonidos interminables
solo para que algunas huellas se encuentren y se enciendan

Si yo pudiera distinguiría de este poema
aquello que puedo hacer y aquello que no puedo hacer

Si yo pudiera simplemente reiría y te invitaría a mis sueños

Porque desde que me he encontrado con LA VIDA
he descubierto la magia que rodea nuestras almas

Porque desde que me he encontrado con EL AMOR
he entendido que somos responsables del universo

Porque desde que me he encontrado con EL TIEMPO
he percibido la pequeñez concebida a mi aliento

Porque desde que admiro la inmensidad de LA MAÑANA
he concebido la existencia de todas las respuestas

Y desde que he comenzado esta carta he sentido mi aliento
mezclado con todos los alientos de todos los seres del universo,
lo he sentido brotar y llegarse infinito ante Dios
y he sentido a Dios sonreír, entonces he sonreído...

Si yo pudiera guardaría todo aquello que no puede ser guardado
y lo regalaría a todos aquellos que nada guardan
y todo lo conservan...

Si yo pudiera no despertaría tarde de esa pesadilla,
en la que me encuentra el final de mi vida
sin haber sido más que nube pasajera...

Si yo pudiera no me daría cuenta tarde de este manjar exquisito
del cual soy comensal de lujo junto a todos mis hermanos y mis hermanas...

Si yo pudiera me abandonaría a toda la fe, la esperanza,
la bondad, la verdad y la belleza de la vida...

¡Si, yo puedo!

Jorgeraf // Barcelona 05/09/06

*** Posted by Jorge Torres on 2006-09-13 ***

I live in California, then what happened 5 years ago I had just turn on the tv like all the mornings just watching the news and lying in bed pregnant with my first baby.... I'm very and truly sorry for your loss, I just heard the voice tape of Kevin's 911 call today and the chill of the tape of how it really happened really put in perspective of what happened that day.... Now to me of all the people I have heard that died that day only one will stay with me forever. I'm truly sorry again. God I know is with all of them and all of us who have lost someone.

*** Posted by Melissa on 2006-09-13 ***

Having enjoyed Kevin's company on many claim audits, he was truly a professional person. My deepest sympathy to his wife and family.

*** Posted by Paul/KemperRe on 2006-09-12 ***

This morning started like every other morning, beautiful sunny spring day in Sydney, as I surfed the net and stumbled onto Kevin Cosgroves final moments at the WTC. Suddenly my morning stopped, my heart ached as tears streamed down my face. Your family should be so proud of you Kevin for staying strong despite staring death in the face. Thank you for reminding me of the importance of life and reflecting on an event that we all wish never happened.

*** Posted by Sam Manuazzi on 2006-09-12 ***

I tried to pretend that yesterday was just a normal day but after hearing Kevin's call I can't do that. I didn't know anyone who died on 9-11 but I am so very sorry for those who did. My prayers go out to the families who lost their loved ones. I'm so sorry Kevin. God bless you.

*** Posted by Nadia on 2006-09-12 ***

Kevin, você ajudará a mudar o mundo, e para melhor. Você contribui para que finalmente tenhamos paz na terra. Fique com Deus e em paz!

*** Posted by Junior/ Brasil on 2006-09-12 ***

I've heard the audio tape as well of Kevin Cosgrove. It was the most chilling thing I've ever heard. God bless you Kevin, rest in peace. My prayers go out to your family, God bless you all.

Paul, The Netherlands

*** Posted by Paul on 2006-09-12 ***

What I will always remember about that unfaithful day, is the fact that 9/11 wasn't about politics, America, terrorism or anything else except the people who were in those buildings and in the planes, people like Kevin.

Let's go on and stop thinking about the people who did it, but about the people who were involved, brave people like Kevin. Let's not think of the past, but the moment when we get to see our loved ones again.

Until then, I will always remember your voice as a touch of hope and courage that will shine through the terrible things that happened on that dreaded day.

God bless you...

*** Posted by Raymon uit de Bulten on 2006-09-12 ***

I first heard the call from a local news here as a tribute to what happened on that fateful day...after hearing that recorded call of Kevin I can't contain my feelings and I just cried so hard and later found myself uttering a silent prayer for this person...It's been five years, but if people like me who even don't know Kevin was greatly affected how much more the people he loved dearly?...To the Cosgrove family,I know words are not enough to console you, but your beloved Kevin will always be in my prayers...and the world will surely never forget him. Kevin is now on a better place and I know that he is happy wherever he is....To the victims of the Sept. 11 attack may you all rest in peace, the whole world will forever remember you....I believe one day will come when God will help us win the battle against terrorism and bring justice to all the victims and show to the whole of humanity that TERRORISM has no place in this world. Our God is good, and there was never a time that evil prevailed...May God bless us all.

*** Posted by M.Y. ~ Philippines on 2006-09-11 ***

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