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In Tribute to Kevin M. Cosgrove
46 years old.   Residence: West Islip, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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We will never forget. God be with you and your family.

*** Posted by J.Gordon on 2011-09-10 ***

i cried after I watched the video of his phone call. it touch my heart. im only 15 years old and I was to young to fully understand. but iknow now and it really breaks my heart. every 9/11 victim are in my heart. may you r.i.p and rejoice with the lord in heaven for you are home now ;(

*** Posted by keionna savage on 2011-09-10 ***

Kevin, you are a true hero! Kevin, you really inspire me to live life to the fullest and never take it for granted. I was in awe when I heard your recording. It will stick me forever. I just know that you are with God now and I only hope that you truly rest in peace. God bless you Mr. Cosgrove. Josh S

*** Posted by Josh S on 2011-09-10 ***

I didnt know about this recording, untill today, 9/11/2011. My God, how devastating.
God bless you and your family.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-10 ***

Kevin ouvi hoje pela primeira vez suas ultimas palavras e mesmo nao lembrando ( pois eu tinha apenas 7 anos) e nao morando nos estados unidos suas palavras me fizeram parar pra pensar e eu percebi que a vida e muita curta e que nos podemos respirar pela ultima vez a qualquer momento. Sinto muito por tudo o que voce passou. Alexandra, sao paulo, Brazil

*** Posted by Alexandra on 2011-09-10 ***

After hearing the audio of your last words I broke out into tears. Just by listening to your voice I could tell that you were a strong and courageous man. Kevin M. Cosgrove may you Rest In Peace. And to the family I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

*** Posted by Harry on 2011-09-10 ***

Mr. Cosgrove, I wish I could have known you. I have a lot to thank you for. Your story has truly touched me. Words cannot describe the affect that your last minutes have had on me and countless others, and will continue to have on people for generations to come. Though your death was horrific and unjustifiable, it was NOT in vain. Your final moments said everything about you. You fought as hard as you could to get yourself and your colleagues saved. In my eyes, you are a hero.

*** Posted by Jenn on 2011-09-10 ***

Kevin - I am so sorry. You were so brave. Your last minutes brought out the reality of the horrible situation. I am so sorry you were taken from your family. I am so sorry. I will never forget.

*** Posted by Beth on 2011-09-10 ***


*** Posted by patti on 2011-09-10 ***

First and foremost, may he rest in peace. When I saw that video I started crying within the first minute. To tell your wife and kids you are okay to keep them from worrying is so sad. Throughout the video I hoped you And the other two people with you were alright. The end made my heart drop. I could not stop crying. The fear and pain in your voice and I am so sorry you died painfully. May God forbid another attack.

*** Posted by Mida on 2011-09-10 ***

Your forever in my thoughts and heart.

*** Posted by Sarah on 2011-09-10 ***

I listened to your final call just yesterday. It brought me to tears and I tried to erase it from my mind but could not. I have thought about you all day, and have pondered at what kind of man you were. You, your family and friends will forever be in my thoughts. Rest In Peace.

*** Posted by Belle on 2011-09-10 ***

I only met Kevin once. I was in NY with friends of his sister in March of 2011. My friends had arranged to meet Kevin and tour his offices in the Trade Center.  Kevin met us at security, helped us get badges and then gave us a tour of his entire floor. Here was a busy executive taking time to show-off his beloved city from a wonderful view.  He even walked us outside into the courtyard and over to the historic church near-by.

The day the attack occurred, my first thought was - I wonder if Kevin is at work?  To my dismay, I found out on 9/12 of his passing.

Despite only meeting him for an hour or so, Kevin showed himself to be a generous and caring person. I wish I could have known him better. My prayers go out to his family and friends on this 10th anniversay. God Bless you all.

*** Posted by Andrew Carlton on 2011-09-10 ***

Rest in peace Mr. Cosgrove. I keep your family in my prayer tonight. Hopefully you all will be reunited in due time. God Bless you and your family.

*** Posted by Forever In My Thoughts on 2011-09-10 ***

God bless you for what you endured for all americans that day. A day we will never forget and never without tears in our eyes. My prayers have stayed with all those affected on Sept 11 not just on that day but everyday

*** Posted by Robin Schroeder-Hemphill on 2011-09-10 ***

I am in tears. I always knew that it was a tragedy bust actually listening to the 911 tape, I cried. I know that the pain will forever run deep. So many lives lost for no reason. Shaking my head. God Bless the Souls lost and the families of the decease.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-10 ***

:-(. Very sad. RIP

*** Posted by Charles Armstrong on 2011-09-10 ***

Dear Mr. Cosgrove,

My soul aches any time I listen to your last words to this world from the Tartarus of 9/11. Your dying cry Oh, God, God! is the cry of Mankind to God the Saviour I pray with all my heart for your wife and children. If there is a Better World beyond this one, I hope to be able to meet you there after my hour comes and tell you how noble a change you made in millions upon millions of lives.
Be blessed, Kevin! May God bless your children! Rest in peace and light!
Sofia, Bulgaria

*** Posted by Magdalena on 2011-09-10 ***

I just listened to your call for the first time. So sorry your life had to end that way, as did all the others. I know this is not enough but it feels like all I can do. Rest in peace.

*** Posted by meaghan on 2011-09-10 ***

I was just on YouTube listening to some 9/11 horrid things when a video of the 911 call from Kevin Cosgrove. I listened to the whole thing. I feel so terrible for his three children and wife. I am so very sorry.

*** Posted by Taylor S. on 2011-09-10 ***

926 Total Comments

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