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In Tribute to Kevin Wayne Yokum
27 years old.   Residence: Lake Charles, La.
Died in Pentagon

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Thanks Kev for keeping me grounded. You always kept it real with me. A true "No Limit Soldier" Much Love Bro

*** Posted by Timothy McCrary on 2011-09-10 ***

Kevin was a awesome Mentor see in Heaven Big Bro. Love Ya

*** Posted by Thomas King on 2011-09-10 ***

Kevin always had a smile on his face. I am from Lake Charles same home town as kevin. I married his cousin kendric. Kevin was in my wedding he made me laugh alot. I will always remember the good times. Miss you much love stacy.God bless his family.

*** Posted by stacy wilridge on 2011-09-03 ***

You will always be remembered, Kevin. The flag will forever fly half mast for you!
Blessings to the Yokum family.

*** Posted by Ollissia Shaw on 2010-09-10 ***

First, I want to send my condolences to Yokum's family. "Yok" was one of the coolest people I have ever met in my life. He was a very laid back brother with a kind heart. He never had a bad word to say to you. I know brother Yokum's parents and family are very proud of him: He represented his family's name with dignity, respect, and honor. "Yok" was a person that came along once in a lifetime; it was a true pleasure and honor for me to have known him. Kevin Yokum will be truely missed and loved....

YN3 Rowe

*** Posted by Keith Rowe on 2010-04-22 ***

First, I'm sad to see he's gone. We met on my last year on the USS Horne in '93. He was a real cool young guy. He was the best back then.

*** Posted by Craig Spann on 2009-11-06 ***

Kevin was one of the first real friends that I met after I joined the Navy. It was 1995 and we were stationed on the USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62). I was 19, new to San Diego and had never been away from home. Kevin was a few years older than me and really took me under his wing. What I will always remember about Kevin was that he was a caring and compassionate person. We kept in touch up until shortly after he got stationed at the Pentagon. I have no family in NY, DC or Jersey so as I watched the events of 9/11 unfold, the first person I thought of was Kevin. Kevin was a great person and he will never be forgotten. I miss you brother. Your family is always in my prayers and you will always be in my heart. You were a true friend. Gob bless.

*** Posted by Larry S. Hopkins on 2009-09-11 ***

Thanks for touching us with your kindness, Kev. Your friendship lives on in our hearts.

*** Posted by Andrew Herns Jr on 2009-09-11 ***

I can't believe it's going on 8 years without Kevin. We were in the Navy together. Kevin was the nicest person, a good cook, a comedian (in his own way), and friend to everyone. I remember he made me a pineapple cheesecake when I was pregnant. He told me to share with the folks at work and I refused. So as I tried to sneak a piece out of the pan as I walked to my car, it fell to the ground. You know what, Kevin made me another. He was just nice like that. I have so many good memories of Kevin. It hurts to speak of him in the past tense, because his spirit lives on. As I continue my tour in the Navy, and the plans we talked about (him being the Master Chief and me being the Department Head), I WILL NEVER FORGET! As long as I may live. I continually ask God to bless and keep his family. Please know that his death was not in vain. I love you Kevin.

*** Posted by Kema Moore on 2009-09-10 ***

I grew up with Kevin in Lake Charles, La. We went to church together and sang in the choir. Kevin was a sweet and gentle soul. He always made everyone laugh. He made the bass in the choir really step it up. He had the most wonderful smile with dimples that showed he was definitely his mother's son, and his stature showed his father in him. The entire family has always been in my thoughts and prayers. I actually considered joining the Navy years ago before 9/11. He was a huge contributing factor in that thought. Well, it is funny how life takes its twists and turns. I am married to a wonderful husband who is in the US Air Force, but I am a civilian worker in the Navy sector. I have a photo of Kevin ... that I display with pride. I have always been so proud of Kevin.

Rest in peace, my love, in the arms of our God.

Love you,

*** Posted by Natalie Chatman Hamilton on 2009-07-30 ***

Much love, Kevin,

I was just thinking about old times in school. You and I seemed to always be in the same classes. And you were always right behind me for roll call. We were always the last two names to be called. You were probably the nicest person I've met during my lifetime. You were never in conflict with anyone, and you were a very good listener. You were the kind of person that a lot of these youngsters could use as a role model. But I know you're smiling down from heaven. GOD sure has a great person up there. See you when I get there, Kevin, because I know I'm headed there; I'm saved now. GOD bless, and R.I.P., Kevin.

*** Posted by Jerry Wilson (Class of '91) on 2009-01-23 ***

I regret never taking the time to tell you how much I looked up to you. I miss you, bro.

*** Posted by Floyd Nora on 2008-10-09 ***

I never met Kevin, but my son was also in the navy and was taken from me much too soon by colon cancer at the age of 25. I feel a mother's pain every day, and I pray for the Yokum family daily. He's buried on the row right before my son, and as I visit my son's grave, I also pass by Kevin's and thank him for his bravery and courage in giving the ultimate sacrifice of keeping us free. May his spirit rest with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

*** Posted by Sondria Jones on 2008-09-12 ***

I grew up with Kevin in Lake Charles, LA. I had several classes with him at LaGrange High School and always admired him for his brilliance and his compassion for others. We graduated in 1991 together. That was the last time I saw him. As a young adult, I thought that I had all of the time in the world to see him again. Coincidentally, I have moved to Falls Church, VA (only a few miles from the Pentagon) last year and think about what fun we would've had together had we reunited here. Sadly, that was not God's plan because my dear friend was taken far too early as a hero of the United States of America. I say a prayer for him each and every time I pass that building. If any friends or family plan on coming up, I want to welcome you with my home, some good conversation about what an awesome person Kevin was, some old photos of Kevin, and some genuine southern cooking for you and your family. I can be contacted at jenandkk (at) yahoo (dot) com. May Jesus take care of our dear friend and personal hero.

*** Posted by Jodi Odom on 2008-08-26 ***

To the family of Kevin Yokum,
I just finished riding in the 3rd RETURN TO THE WALL MOTORCYCLE FREEDOM RUN. At the start each rider was given a dog tag with a name of someone who has lost thier life so we may be free. I received Kevin's.
I will proudly wear Kevins tag as a constant reminder that Freedom is not Free and his ultimate sacrafice is not forgotten.
Know that I will keep Kevin along with you close to my heart.

Mike Cordes
Batavia, Il

*** Posted by Mike Cordes on 2005-06-18 ***

Kevin, I never met you in person, but we spoke on the phone and immediately I thought to myself how nice of a person you seemed to be.  I just want to thank you for helping Paul when we were going through hard times.  Thanks for being an ear for him and a shoulder to lean on.  I wish your spirit everlasting rest.

*** Posted by Jennifer Moore on 2003-09-26 ***

16 Total Comments

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