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In Tribute to Leroy Homer
36 years old.   Residence: Marlton, N.J.
Crew of Flight 193

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I am an Air Force Academy graduate like Leroy and I know that with all of the physical training we received like boxing, judo and unarmed combat, that although unarmed, he almost certainly would have fought back with everything he had when the terrorists took the cockpit. God bless Leroy and what he did that day.

*** Posted by A Fellow Grad on 2007-07-09 ***

LeRoy made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. His heroism, his values, and the person he was represents the Air Force Academy and our great nation in the best way we could hope for. "Greater love has no man than this, than a man who lay down his life for a friend." John 15:13

*** Posted by B. Brooks on 2007-03-10 ***

its amazing how horrifying no hearted people can do this to people who actually had a live ahead of them. thanks to the horrible acts a child id left without a father and a scar to every one of those families who lost somebody on 9/11. leroy sounded like a wonderful individual and thats why he deserves to people the person I most admire for my high school essay.

*** Posted by xiomara lopez on 2007-01-18 ***

My wife lived right across the street from the church where LeRoy went. I regret that I never got the chance to meet this fellow AF officer, aviator, and SDA. I pray that one day I will get to shake his hand.

*** Posted by JA on 2006-09-11 ***

Thanks, Leroy Homer. Thanks for what you did for all of us, whether we are white, black, Asian or Latino, you died protecting us all. Glad that more and more people are learning who you are. Thanks to your family, too. We will have to be sure you are put in the right place in our history books.

*** Posted by Mary on 2006-06-28 ***

I felt so pathetically uninformed when I got an e-mail from a friend about Mr. LeRoy Homer's memorial.  In my efforts to be well read, I've missed a very important biography. May Heaven keep the doors open that Major LeRoy Homer, Jr. may visit the palce he loved so dearly, the skies above.

*** Posted by Sherri Carr on 2006-06-17 ***

Wow! I am very proud of Leroy Homer. This young man persevered through all of his challenges and rose to the top to achieve an extremely ambitious dream. His life is a shining example of close family, dedication, and fulfillment. I will pray that God will bless his family and friends.

There should be a national day of remembrance for all those who were effected by 9-11. This national holiday could be observed for all those who LOST and GAVE their lives on September 11, 2001.

--Jose Sundiata Harris

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-26 ***

In honor of Leroy Homer, for his dedication and bravery to those who were on United flight 93. And many more lives he helped to save by his unselfish and sacrificial decision. His family should be very proud of him. I pray that his children grow up to know what a loving father they had. May God continue to bless and keep his memory alive.

*** Posted by Laureen on 2006-05-25 ***

I just found out about this site today, & I am blessed to be an African American, I am proud to know my brother died trying to save others. What a shame all the world does not know about the Black Man who gave his life.  We were bombarded about the passenger who said Let's Roll. We heard all about his family & their tears.  But nothing about the man who had the weapon @ his throat!  Once again as usual, we as Black people are left at the curb.  We have to find out on our own.  Be proud of your husband, father, son & brother.  I know I am.  God bless the family!

*** Posted by S. Shamburger on 2006-05-24 ***

I just found out this brave man was an African American. I pointed it out to many others, & they too were amazed. Once again, as always we never get our props or recognition.  Especially when it's for the good of mankind. I am proud to be of my race, proud of this man!  His wife, daughter & family are the legacy of his faith & how brave he faced God @ the hands of evil.  God bless this family.  God bless you.  S. Diane Shamburger Chester Pa

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-24 ***

It is never easy to go thru life after the death of a loved one.  It appears that this pilot was a man who loved  and was loved and because of that, he did not die in vain.  To his daughter, who will carry part of him forever, I pray that God be with you as you develop and grow and that the love your father had will forever be in your life as God sees fit.  My prayer is also that the family of Leroy Homer remember the happy times of his life and cherish them and the opportunity you had to share those times with him.  God bless you.

*** Posted by Lisa Core on 2006-05-19 ***

Thank you for creating this site. Until today May 16, 2006, I never knew this fact that a Black American Hero was one of the piots aboard Flight 93.  I will definetly help to spread the word.  His short live was an outstanding example for other young Black men.  My deepest sympathy and prayers goes out to his widow, his daughter, and his entire family.

*** Posted by Gloria M. on 2006-05-16 ***

How sad it is that we as a people perish for lack of knowledge as the word of God states but victorious through Christ who reveals truths..this knowledge of yet another Black American Hero whispered across the airwaves as others were shouted ...It is May 12,2006...and the name and family of Leroy Homer will remain in my spirit and on my lips ... It is May 12, 2006 !! The very first time I,ve laid eyes on this Handsome, Productive, Unselfish, Humble ,Heroic Young Black Man, I continue to say Black because it needs to be known away from the sports reports and the latest fugitive updates it needs to be known that Leroy Homer a Young, Prosperous, Goal Oriented, Life-Saving Black Man Lived and then Died for a country not willing to give him his proper burial rite of passage into it's American History ...I will pass on HIS-STORY to all I know and I give honor to his memory and to his family......May God and the Love of Christ ever sustain you and keep you humble above all else...

*** Posted by L. Zulli of Pa on 2006-05-12 ***

I never knew until recently that Mr. Leroy Homer Jr. was an African American. I am proud of him, his accomplishments and heroism.  I wish more people knew of him and his heritage.  It needs to be shared with today's youth, especially at risk children who sometimes forget their identities and the people who made it possible for them to be here today.

*** Posted by Vanessa G. on 2006-05-10 ***

I had absolutely no idea that a Black Pilot was a victim of 9/11/01. I did not discover this fact until I watched the A&E Original TV Production of Flight 93. I have been distraught ever since this past Sat.,April 29th,2006. I am in constant prayer for his soul,I know that he is at Eternal Peace. I will continue to be proud of this Brother,for his contribution, and as far as I am concerned,his spirit will always live through his Wife,Daughter, and his other Family Members. Words cannot express the grief that I am feeling, I can only continue to pray to God that his dear soul is at peace. Thank You LeRoy for all of your efforts, and for making the African-American Community proud!I also feel a strong sense of duty to see the Movie,UNITED FLIGHT 93,in the Movie Theatre,simply out of Love and Respect for you LeRoy,it's the very least that I can do as an African-American Woman.
May God continue to Bless your Wife and Daughter, and please know, that someone in Washington, DC will never forget you! You will always live on in my heart,in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen!!!

*** Posted by Margaret-Jill Mortimer on 2006-05-02 ***

Leroy Homer was my friend tiffany's uncle
when she told me the devistating news, i was destroyed and felt terribly for her
i recently watched the a&e special called flight 93 and it brought me to tears
i hope everyone whose family member(s) were killed in 911 are doing better

*** Posted by Felicia on 2006-04-30 ***

I read LeRoy Homer's entry in Wikipedia. He was a US Air Force veteran who served in Gulf War I and achieved the rank of major. He sounds like an all-around great guy, and great American. What a sad ending for a young man on his way up, with a lovely family.

*** Posted by Susan on 2006-04-26 ***

Such a shame no one has added anything to this page
Sorry for such a loss of life for a handsome successful man in the prime of his life with his new marriage and new beautiful baby daughter he won't have a chance of seeing grow up. But he is much better off than continuing to live on in such a hateful society in which something as senseless as 9/11 could occur. May God bless his soul and continue to guide and comfort his family

*** Posted by Sherron on 2006-01-02 ***

38 Total Comments

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