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In Tribute to Lisa Frost
22 years old.   Residence: Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.
Passenger of Flight 175

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Lisa, I never met you, but you sound like a wonderful person. I only ever heard good things about you. I am thinking about you every year, and to your family: My prayers are always with you. We always have a special candle lit each year for Lisa as well as wearing her name on a bracelet on my wrist in memory of her. May God be with you.

*** Posted by Mel on 2009-09-12 ***

In the confusing and sad days just after September 11, 2001, I glanced at the TV screen and saw a beautiful young woman in her red Boston University graduation gown. I learned her name was Lisa Frost. It stunned and moved me, because I had recently attended the BU graduation and watched my own daughter in her red gown in the same ceremony. I realized they had been in the same class at BU. Lisa has been in my mind and heart since then as I have tried to comprehend the vastness of the loss to her family and friends. I can only hope that the thoughts and prayers of strangers can bring some small comfort to them. In reading these memorial notes, I feel that I know more about the wonderful young woman whose life held so much promise. I am grateful for the chance to express my thoughts about her.

*** Posted by Dianne Currie on 2009-09-11 ***

It's amazing how the years can pass quickly, yet some memories are clear and powerful. Not a day goes by in my life without a powerful memory of Lisa. She was a truly beautiful person, valedictorian of her high school, and an amazingly kind, giving soul. She was easily loved by everyone. Thank you for sharing first love with me. Thank you for the beautiful memories, Lisa and family. I will cherish and share them for the rest of my life.

Love Always and Forever,

*** Posted by Ryan Iguchi on 2009-09-11 ***

Dear Lisa,

I was a senior at Trabuco Hills on 9/11 and grew up in RSM. I worked for the local florist and delivered flowers to your house for weeks and weeks from your friends and family. After your house was full of flowers, I kept coming with more, and your sweet father would take the cards and tell me to take them to a neighbor on your street. Your father was extremely polite, but I watched him break down several times as he confronted his loss every time I brought a sympathy arrangement. Also, I was in ASB at Trabuco, and we started a scholarship under your name. I thought of you today and found this site. Your presence is felt today in RSM.


*** Posted by Moranda Goings on 2009-09-11 ***

We will not forget your lovely daughter who perished 8 years ago today. I shed a tear for your tragic loss each time I pass her memorial on the lake.

*** Posted by Carol on 2009-09-11 ***

I'm sorry for your loss she sounded like a great girl.

*** Posted by kate on 2009-09-09 ***

Today I ran with "Frosty," Lisa's dad. He is quite an inspiration. We ran about four tough miles together. Her legacy carries on because of the strength of her father. My 17-mile run became an easy run because I know that there are many out there who are still remembering their loved ones who lost their lives in 9-11. We still won't forget them.

*** Posted by Ginny Story on 2009-09-05 ***

I went to high school with Lisa Frost. We were just acquaintances. I remember having classes with her. May God bless her and her family.

*** Posted by genevieve castillo on 2009-08-02 ***

When I was last in Afghanistan during 2005-2006, I received a camouflaged Beanie Bear embroidered with an American flag on its chest. Attached to it was an "In Loving Memory" memorial button for Lisa Frost with her picture on it. I took that bear with me on every mission. I am currently in Afghanistan again, and that same Lisa Frost bear is with me still.

*** Posted by MAJ Heath on 2009-06-21 ***

may you rest in peace lisa.. u r missed deeply ever from me and I didnt know you. bless you and may u watch over all of us

*** Posted by clayton overmyer on 2009-06-06 ***

I'm so sorry for your family's loss. May God bless the Frost family. Rest in peace, Lisa.

*** Posted by Paolo B. on 2009-04-30 ***

Dear Frost family,

I was aware of your precious daughter's unimaginable passing on September 11, 2001, via numerous news stories. I am so deeply sorry for the endless and consuming pain that you endure. I understand the depth of the swirling and constant grief, which is truly difficult to articulate. I began walking on the lake in RSM several months ago and discovered your beautiful memorial tree dedicated to Lisa. When reading the touching and sentimental engraved marble, I had chills throughout my being. When I came to the last line, the tears were flowing as I read that the tree is dedicated to Lisa and to parents who have children who are with God in heaven. I was walking on the lake in an effort to shake the sadness and depressive feelings that can be overwhelming since the death of my 16-year-old daughter in 2006. I think of your family often and understand the empty ache and continuous pain that you endure. Your thoughtfulness illustrated within your amazing daughter's memorial touched another mother's broken heart profoundly. I wanted to hug you as I walked away whispering, "thank you."

Bless you,
Danielle Helms (Lake Forest, CA)

*** Posted by Danielle Helms on 2009-04-03 ***

I knew Lisa in High School. It is amazing how we are all connected, and an event like this would remind us how small the world really is.... I was serving in the Air Force that sad day, though not in the Pentagon building but a mile outside to hear the shudder of the glass windows of the building I sat inside when the plane hit the Pentagon. I cannot express in words the sorrow that is deeply felt for Lisa's family and friends. It touches my heart even to this day that you were unrightfully taken from those whom you loved and those who will always love you.

Let us never forget that day long ago, originated with malicious intent, but was consumed through the strength of a people, our fellow countrymen and women, who ignited the power of compassion, love, and grace that we did not become nor mimic those who seek to harm and crush the essences of humanity. We still to this day stand together and lift each other up when we fall. We remember the strength of our love that we cannot ever lose sight of the importance of love nor expose our hearts to the deceit of man. Lisa, you and your family are in my prayers. I extend my prayers to those who are in the midst of healing and lift them up to receive nothing but love and eternal peace from GOD and others. Be well, be in peace, be with God. Share the love.


*** Posted by Cheryl Garalde on 2008-09-15 ***

You are very missed. We lived next door to you. Lisa was just a little girl back then. She was good friends with my little sister, Melissa. Our families have stayed in touch since Long Beach. I heard quite often of the wonderful things Lisa was doing in college and with her life. My dad has the most beautiful picture that Lisa drew of a mother and her child, and it saddens me when I see it, and it blesses me, too. It just shows how amazing she was. Lisa will always be in our hearts and in our thoughts. My prayers go to Tom and Melanie.

*** Posted by Jennifer Beri on 2008-09-14 ***

It was so unbelievable that what happened to Lisa Frost's parents happened to me in 1995...my true love- Karen Meers was the same age (22), appearance and talent, and she died tragically too. I've run many marathons with 2 American flags- dedicating some to my true love, Karen, who is gone. Yet in the NYC Marathons I always dedicated those marathons to the servicemen and women who died for us. Since September 11, 2001 and I added 9/11 to my marathon shirt. In the NYC Marathon that will be run with my two American flags I will be attaching three names on my shirt who died that tragic day. So Lisa's name will be on my shirt in the NYC Marathon Nov 2, 2008. I agree with Tom (Lisa's father) to be positive and help someone. Maybe also to be kind to someone who we might not like. Holy Spirit, give us light. Holy Spirit, give us strength. Holy Spirit, give us love. Amen. Lisa is in Heaven now. She is with the stars and is lighting up the world right now.

*** Posted by Michael Wojcio on 2008-09-14 ***

I never met you, but live in RSM. I think of you and pray for you and your family. I walk by your memorial on the lake, and my heart breaks for you and all those affected by this tragedy. I know you are at peace with our Lord. You will never be forgotten, even though we never met. God bless you and your family.

*** Posted by Mary C on 2008-09-12 ***

I never met you or your family. A few years ago my husband and I visited Yosmemite National Park. A tour bus driver told us a story of seeing a couple looking up at the falls and crying. She went over to them and asked if she could help. They told her that they were the parents of a young woman killed in the 911 attack. They said that this was her favorite place and every year they came here to remember and honor her. This story touched me so deeply. As a parent I feel their loss. Lisa and her parents are now in my prayers every day. I tell her story wherever I go as a traveling nurse. She will not be forgotten.

*** Posted by SHARON B. on 2008-09-11 ***

This was my friend. She will be loved, missed and remembered forever...

*** Posted by Stephanie on 2008-09-11 ***

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa at the BC Club, and she was an amazing person and friend. I think of her often. Words are difficult. She is missed. God Bless!

*** Posted by Shaun Hubbard on 2008-09-11 ***

Sean Dowling- Did you ever find Danny? I have been looking to hear from him for years now. Please email me if anyone knows his whereabouts orangecountybratt [at] yahoo.com. I haven't seen him since about 2002 and I would love to find him again.
Lisa- I never met you, but I did see the impact you had on your brother. You made him a better person. Thank you for being such a wonderful girl.


*** Posted by Jessica Wheeler on 2008-09-11 ***

80 Total Comments

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