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In Memory of Lt. Cmdr. Otis Vincent Tolbert

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In Tribute to Lt. Cmdr. Otis Vincent Tolbert
38 years old.   Residence: Lemoore, Calif.
Died in Pentagon

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When it was confirmed with another former shipmate that Vince was lost in the Pentagon that terrible day ten yrs ago, I was deeply saddened. Vince was a junior officer in the wardroom @ a training command in San Diego where I worked with him. He was a humble, upbeat and intelligent young officer; a great team guy and hardworking. I recall how happy he was when he was selected into the naval intelligence program.
I also remember meeting his wife, Shari and little girl Amanda, a couple of times and how proud he was of them.  May you rest in peace, Vince and God watch over your family.  J.E. DeNardo San Diego, CA

*** Posted by J.E.DeNardo, Capt, USN, Retired on 2011-09-12 ***

RIP Otis. You are missed. We went to high school together and you were one if the nicest guys I ever met. My thoughts are with your family on the 10th anniversary of this tragic day.

Kathy Smith
LHS Class of 1981

*** Posted by Kathy Smith on 2011-09-11 ***

I will always remember Vince as a stand-up man and fine Naval officer. I served with him on USS CONSTELLATION. My prayers for the family will continue. We lost many good people, but I personally knew Vince to be one of the best! - LT "Cat" Thompson, LDO LAW, USN (Ret)

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-11 ***

10 years... you are missed... We Will Never Forget.....

*** Posted by Kelly on 2011-09-10 ***

To all the Tolbert family I want to let you know that we in the valley are thinking of you on this sobering of anniversarys. Otis is a true American Hero. Prays and love to all of you.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-10 ***

Ten years later you will be remembered, for the millionth time, in city park on 9.11.11 as the city of Lemoore and the LVFD remember. God bless!

*** Posted by Jim Marvin on 2011-09-10 ***

My dear friend Otis, I remember like it was yesterday my first day of school at LHS and meeting you. I "loved" you instantly! You were so sweet and had such a great sense of humor. I ALWAYS felt safe when you were around, you big ole teddy bear you!

I also will never forget all the great times we had during wrestling season, the bus trips to tournaments and meets. And watching you play football was such a delite, both at LHS and for Fresno State. You were such an amazing athelete and everyone loved to watch you compete!

I was devastated when I saw your name on the Pentagon Victim list, cried for hours at the loss of such a wonderful man! My younger sister, Gayla, called me crying hysterically when she found out the news and we shed tears together.

I am sure our grief was felt throughout Lemoore and the surrounding areas of our tiny little town. But we HONOR you and your service to our Country everyday through your Memorial.

I honor you today and miss you everyday my dear dear friend. Thank you for serving this wonderful Country and protecting all of us.

Rest in Peace Otis. Keep your continual "watch" over us from Heaven.

Paula Gillam-Owen
LUHS Class of 1980

*** Posted by Paula Gillam-Owen on 2011-08-26 ***

I worked with VInce at CENTCOM, a great guy who would always take time to show you something or explain an issue. Our division had a farewell at the Tolbert house and my wife Carol and I had our picture taken there having a great time. I have been working counterterrorism issues for many years now and that photo has sat on my desk everyday since as a reminder of why I do what I do and for who. RIP Vince

*** Posted by Craig A. Thompson on 2011-06-20 ***

There are so many days when I think of Vince, especially Memorial Day and 9/11. I met him in AOCS and became friends over a love of jazz but grew to respect and admire him because of the person his parents raised him to be - honest, caring, moral, highly intelligent, resilient and compassionate. His sense of humor got him through difficulties and I will always remember his smile. I have always regretted losing touch with him when he went to OCS after his knee injury. My thoughts will always be with his family. They bear the worst of the loss of him, but the world is diminished by the loss of him as well. He was that rare person, "one of the good guys".

*** Posted by Andrea Rosser on 2011-06-01 ***

Getting back never amounts to even getting close to getting over your loss. You will never be forgotten.

*** Posted by Bryant Turner on 2011-05-02 ***

I served with then LT Tolbert on USS Constellation. We shared some great memories.

You will be greatly missed by all who knew you!

*** Posted by Anthony E. Fierro on 2011-03-31 ***

My heart is still broken about Vince's tragic death. I am retired US Army, but I had the very distinct pleasure of serving with Vince at the United States Central Command. Vince was a giant, with a heart and a smile to match his physical size. Vince and I worked some very sensitive missions, but regardless of fatigue or stress, Vince always smiled and always made me smile. I just returned from the funeral of another friend's son (1LT Daren Hidalgo) recently lost in Afghanistan. My friend's loss broke my heart and brought back my memories of Vince. My prayers remain with the Hidalgo and Tolbert families and will remain so forever.

*** Posted by Joe Green on 2011-03-04 ***

I think of Vince and his family often, but especially this time of year. Otis was a friend in high school, always smiling and joking. I feel so fortunate that we "caught up" later, when he and my husband were assigned to the USS Constellation together. I'm glad I got to know him as a man and a Naval Officer and that I had the opportunity to get to know Shari and his family. I feel so sad for them, but admire their strength. We will never forget you, Vince and will always keep your family in our prayers.

*** Posted by Lisa (Boyd) Beck on 2010-09-11 ***

I went to Lemoore High School with Otis. We were in band together, and went to lunch downtown frequently. Me, Him, Mark Lingenfelter, Rick Morris, John Crowley, Dale Wiggins, or some variation of this group. He was, in fact, warm, caring, and one of the "good guys". He will be sorely missed. My heart goes out to his widow and kids.

*** Posted by David Spurlock on 2010-09-11 ***

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting "O", I was honored to work along side his wife. From our conversations, he was a warm, and caring man that enjoyed life. His light will never go out as long as we all remember and keep it lit.

My thought are of the Tolbert family as we approach the anniversary of historic day.

*** Posted by Teri Walker on 2010-09-11 ***

I didn't get the chance to know my dad the way my older sister and my mom did. But what I do know and remember is only great things. I miss him very much. I really hope my sister, Amanda Tolbert, follows in his footsteps. He would be so proud of her and my mom for helping her succeed so far. I love you, dad!

*** Posted by Brittany Tolbert on 2010-06-04 ***

As the Illustrator/Draftsman for OZ Division USS Constellation, I worked for (then) Lt. Vince Tolbert. He was my division officer, and one of the best officers I have ever worked for. I found out through a former "Connie" shipmate just last year that he was one of the 911 Pentagon casualties. I am deeply shocked and sorrowed by his untimely passing. GOD BLESS YOU LCDR Otis Vincent Tolbert. May GOD keep you in complete PEACE and COMFORT.

*** Posted by DM1 (SW/AW) Henry A. Magyari on 2010-04-14 ***

I grew up in Lemoore and lived on the base. My dad was in the Navy 33 years ... a pilot, retired Rear Admiral Norman Campbell. I am so proud of him and of all the Armed Forces that keep our nation safe.... Thank-you, Otis ... for your dedication and sacrifice. I will always remember your big smile in school at Lemoore High.... God bless, and see ya in Heaven....

Erin (Class of 1979)

*** Posted by Erin Campbell on 2010-04-11 ***

I lived in an apartment directly over Vince for eight months, from 5/2000 to 1/2001, but unfortunately I never got to know him. I do remember one occasion, probably a year before his death, when I had just finished a 5-mile run outside of the building, and a really nice guy, standing in the parking area, spoke to me and we started a brief conversation. Very sadly, I didn't get his name—so I'll never know for sure if it was Vince, but I think it was, as his description matched the image in my mind a year later. Today, I thought of him, so I did a quick search, and pulled up this site. While I never got to know him and his family, I really wish I had. So for now, the least I can do is let his family know I have not forgotten, and my thoughts and prayers are still with them. And to others who may read this—take the time to meet your neighbors, as you never know when the opportunity may be lost—and it just might have been the opportunity to know ... a REAL HERO.

*** Posted by Darryl Brayman on 2010-02-12 ***

I remember the Tolberts from Lemoore and went to LHS w/Dan and his brother. They were always very sweet. It was extremely devastating to hear about Mr. Tolbert. May God bless this family and the sacrifice they made for their country. May God grant them peace and lessen their pain. Thank you Tolbert Family! Always know that you are in our prayers! God Bless You!

*** Posted by Michelle R. (Altamirano)Martin on 2009-09-11 ***

41 Total Comments

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