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In Tribute to Lt. Col. David M. Scales
44 years old.   Residence: Cleveland, Ohio
Died in Pentagon

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I am a Senior at Klein High School in Texas. As a project for English we were told to find someone and make a tribute to them for the 9-11. I chose David Scales becuse he deserves to be known and he deserves this tribute. He will be missed. To his family I am sorry for your loss. To his friends I am sorry for your loss. To anyone else I am sorry for your loss.

*** Posted by Tiffany Gamson on 2012-09-10 ***

Dave was a dear friend and colleague. I first got to know Dave when he worked in Force Programs at OCAR and I was working in the Mil Tech Support Office, AR-PERSCOM, St. Louis. To this day, whenever I see, hear, or read anything about the events of Sept 11, 2001, I always first think of Dave. He was an intelligent, motivated, aspiring officer. I am honored to have served with Dave. His death was a tremendous loss to our Great Nation. RIP my friend.

*** Posted by Wayne Loehring on 2012-02-24 ***

I just met Pat today she is an incredible woman. The stories she can share are very inspiring. Thank God he let her share memories with me.

*** Posted by Scott on 2011-10-07 ***

Another 9-11 passes and I immediately think of Dave. In the building, he always had the great big smile, wore the black jacket and always walked with a purpose. When he played the piano, he was in another world. One can only imagine the music he is playing in heaven. Gone but not forgotten brother. Peace

*** Posted by Will Coleman on 2011-09-13 ***

To the Family of LTC David Scales
Today I visited the Healing Field at the Cannonsburg Ski
Area just northeast of Grand Rapids, MI and as the Adjutant of Cutlerville Post 532, The American Legion sponsored the United States Flag placed in honor of LTC David Scales, U.S. Army. This flag will have a place of honor at our Legion Post as the U.S. Flag of the Post and will be in place for all meetings and function of the Post.
Howard Christiansen, Adjutant, Cutlerville Post 532
The American Legion, Department of Michigan

*** Posted by Howard Christiansen on 2011-09-11 ***

I am also from Cleveland, Ohio and want to pay my respects to a fellow Clevelander. God Bless.

*** Posted by Vrere Bunkley on 2011-09-11 ***

You are remembered.

A fellow Ohioain

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-02 ***

Trish and Ashton,

Although we’ve not met, Dave and I were good friends throughout our years in ROTC at UC. As MS IV cadets, Dave and I were the battalion operations officers and were in the same UC ROTC commissioning class. I remember Dave’s proud dad pinning Dave’s “butter bars” on. And other college memories… Dave trying out his latest composition on us, both of us being hassled by an overbearing 2LT on our MS IV orientation trip to Fort Knox, teaching Dave to drive a stick shift in an empty UC parking lot, Dave waiting until the week before to get ready for a PT test - then confounding us more regular runners by getting a top PT score!, Dave and I garnering first place in the team Orienteering FTX, putting Officer’s Christian Fellowship brochures in the area ROTC day rooms, and on and on.

As happens, we went our separate paths — Dave to an Ohio Reserve unit, as he had some time yet until his graduation, and then to Korea and Colorado, and I right on to four years’ AD with the 1st Infantry Division and then to the USAR. We only kept up sporadically, but in Dave’s generous and caring spirit, he took the time to look me up and stop for a visit when he was going through Louisville, KY in 1995 and left a tape of his “Child’s Garden of Verses” compositions for our baby son.

We simply lost contact over the years until I was shocked to see Dave’s sacrifice mentioned a couple years ago in the UC alumni magazine in a letter to the editor from LTC Tom Stewart, who had been our Asst PMS. I had never thought to scan the Pentagon heroes list for anyone I knew, as I knew that Dave had been stationed at Ft. Monroe (and had told me about you both being the dearest thing in his life). But I had no idea he had been posted to the Pentagon. So I’ve caught up with Dave and the website tributes, and I wanted you to know that Memorial Day and 9/11 anniversaries have taken on and will always have even more special meaning for me and my family. Colonel Scales — my friend Dave — you’ll never be forgotten.

Al Grossniklaus
Indianapolis, IN

*** Posted by MAJ (Ret) Al Grossniklaus on 2011-03-14 ***

I just found out that David Scales passed away during the events of 9/11 at the Pentagon. I knew David from the East Liverpool High School choirs. We were both accompanists for the choirs, although he was not in my class. I interacted with David nearly every day during rehearsal. He was a very good musician, and such a firecracker! He enjoyed entertaining the other students before and after our rehearsal. The favorite request from students was "The Pink Panther," and that is what came to mind when I read about his passing today. I want to express my sorrow in his passing to all of his family and friends. God bless all of you until you meet together again.

*** Posted by Tina Adkins Wang on 2010-09-12 ***

My fellow high school alumni,
My sympathy goes out to your family.
YOU will be greatly missed on earth.

*** Posted by Paulette Davis on 2010-09-12 ***

Remembering you, David, and your family on this 9th anniversary on the day God took you to entertain Heaven's angels. Know that many of your friends/classmates from East Liverpool, OH also remembered you (and your musical gifts) today via Facebook. You remain in our hearts and we'll always have the fondest memories of you and your family.

*** Posted by Mary Martha (Gaston) Gingerella on 2010-09-11 ***

David, I didn't know you, but I do know you must have been a very brave man. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today on the anniversary of your ascent into Heaven! God Bless, David.

*** Posted by Barb Hester on 2010-09-11 ***


I am thinking of you tonight as I plan a 9-11 remembrance for the door of my condo. Like you, I'm also a redhead, and we used to tease each other about it while assigned together at OCAR. You'll be the biggest part of my remembrance tomorrow on 9-11-2010. I salute you.

As always,
LTC(R) Cerie Kimball, fellow redhead.

*** Posted by Cerie Kimball on 2010-09-10 ***

Thinking of you—and knowing you are smiling down on the strength of Trish and Ashton over the past nine years. I feel so honored to have met them. My thoughts are always with them as they miss you so much.

*** Posted by Joanne Galvin on 2010-09-08 ***

David and I were in the same theory class during the CCM Summer Music Institute for high school students in 1974. We also crossed paths briefly as composition majors at CCM. I found him amazingly creative and energetic. I'm not sure how I discovered that he'd become a career officer or got hit on 9/11, but I felt the loss.

Thinking about you on the eve of Memorial Day, David.

*** Posted by Cathi on 2010-05-30 ***

I work behind the USAR Center at Fort Belvoir, Va that was named after LT COL Scales and enter it daily and see the bronze memorial of him.

Ric Martinez
AMSA #91 G/W, 99RSC
Fort Belvoir, Va

*** Posted by Ricardo P. Martinez on 2010-02-07 ***

I remembered you today, and I thought about you, and I think that you did not need to die like that. You are a hero.


*** Posted by Mariah on 2010-01-26 ***

I remembered you today, and I thought about you, and I think that you did not need to die like that.


*** Posted by mariah on 2010-01-26 ***

David Scales was a wonderful, gentle person whom I had the pleasure of writing songs with. I visited with him when he came to Nashville and listened as he told me his plans when he would retire. I was speechless when I heard he had been killed in the Pentagon attack. So, so sad. I'm glad that he has been memorialized with the monument and glad this has brought his family closer together.

*** Posted by Suzanne Ravgiala on 2009-12-01 ***

I didn't know him, but I know he was a really great man.

*** Posted by Remington Gilkey on 2009-11-12 ***

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