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In Tribute to Lt. Timothy Higgins
43 years old.   Residence: Farmingville, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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This evening I was thinking about all of those who passed away on 9-11, and I found your name. Wow! I thought, knowing you in Freeport High, we all went to school together. I remember you being popular. You are missed by many who love you, and I am truly sorry for the loss of your life. God bless you, and YOU will never be forgotten! Many prayers up above.


*** Posted by Michelle De Gioia Travisano on 2011-01-11 ***

Even though I did not know Lt Timothy Higgins, it is an honor to share his name. My heart goes out to his family and to all the families who lost loved ones. He is truly a HERO and will never be forgotten.

Cpl. Timothy Higgins
Okeechobee Florida Sheriff Department

*** Posted by Cpl. Timothy Higgins on 2010-11-19 ***

Thank you, Timmy, for watching over your sister Maureen on her long drive from Myrtle Beach to Long Island and back.... I was soooo worried about her, but I KNEW that her guardian angel was watching over her....

Even though you're not here in body, Timmy, your spiritual presence is all OVER the place. You truly live on in the people who love you.

I read Chris's words about you.... What an amazing child you raised! You must be so very proud of him.... But you learned from the best.... Your parents are the most wonderfully warm, loving, wise, and accepting people that I have ever met.... I call myself Mo's "sister from another mother" ... and I am so grateful that Ed and Joan have taken me into their hearts....

Anyway, Mo arrived home safely (but you already know that, lol) and is sleeping soundly — with Angel curled up beside her ... your sister is in all her glory :-)

Thank you for getting her home safely ... and rest in peace....

From my heart,

*** Posted by Susanne Bruccoleri on 2010-11-04 ***

Every year since 9/11/01, 343 Firefighters from around the Denver Metro area participate in a memorial stair climb to honor the FDNY firefighters who gave their lives in the Twin Towers. We climb in the Qwest building in downtown Denver, which is 55 stories to the top floor. We climb it twice in full bunkers, on air, with tools and high-rise packs. We each take the picture and name of one of the 343. The firefighter that I carried with me on Saturday was Lt Higgins. I did not know Lt Higgins, but I know he was a hero. I have to tell you that I felt his presence there in the stairwell in Denver. You could feel the spirits of all the 343 firefighters who gave their lives to protect and serve. It was an honor, and I can tell you that as long as I can tell a story ... they will never be forgotten.

Rescue Technician Justin Julian
Aurora Fire Department
Truck 2

*** Posted by Justin Julian on 2010-09-15 ***

Dear Timmy,

I went down there for you. Thank you for giving me the courage, determination, and strength I needed to move forward during my darkest times. Coincidence or G-d driven, I felt your presence on site every day ... guiding me along whatever path presented itself. Thanks for getting me through. I can never forget you. What a wonderful man you must have been.

—Deborah Kahn Schreck, FHS Class of '77

*** Posted by Deborah Kahn Schreck on 2010-09-14 ***

We'll never forget.

*** Posted by Joyce and Carl Majczuk on 2010-09-12 ***

My thoughts and prayers are with your wonderful family on this day. God bless all of you. BONNIE FLEMING

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-11 ***

To our dearest son Tim,
Nine very long years have passed since you left us. You only left in body. We see you and think about you everyday. We talk about you like you are still with us. which you are. We loved you from the moment of birth and have continued to love you. You are forever in our hearts. You were quite unique. You have passed that on to your children. You can be very proud of them. With all our love always, Mom and Dad

*** Posted by Edward & Joan Higgins on 2010-09-10 ***


I always remember you as such a great guy! You seemed so strong. I thought of you as a real family man. You were such a great Dad. You were surely brave. You lived as a hero and left this world as one, too. I know that you are looking down over your family. You are truly missed.


*** Posted by Rita Schuele on 2010-09-09 ***

I can only be listed as honored to have the same name as a true American hero.

*** Posted by David Higgins on 2010-08-03 ***


I have been thinking of you lately. Nine years will be rolling around, and I cannot believe that this much time has passed. What can I say about you that hasn't already been said about the great man you were? I have lately been reading a lot about the tragedy that led to your last day here. There has been much written, but the one book that seems to bring this day to us, those of us that weren't there, is "NEVER FORGET—an oral history of 9/11/01." It presents the reality of what happened as it happened. I remember that day as being one of the most beautiful days (weatherwise) ever: the perfect blue skies, warm, and then, just as the day was beginning, the tragic turn. I prayed that you weren't working the night before ... but you were, and I knew nothing would keep you from doing the job you loved.

I am close to Caren and your wonderful kids ... and they have grown to be wonderful, beautiful adults. You will always be in the hearts of everybody you touched—and it has been an unbelievable number of people, not that that has surprised me, but it seems like anyone you ever met or really knew or just was a passing hello ... you made them feel like they knew you forever. Thats a testament to your very amazing personality. I cherish all the memories and I have video of you and the brothers singing (thanks to Bobby who always had that dumb video camera in his hand), and we will look back and see you and your family, the kids, and all the things we all did as new families, and smile. I know your smiling as well, keeping your watch over us all!

I still miss you, and I'm still thinking about the great person you have always been.

Dee OConnor

*** Posted by Dee OConnor on 2010-06-19 ***

I found this site by pure accident. I have been working on a scrapbook of a trip that my two sisters and I took to ground zero in July 2009. I went in search of profound quotes to add to my book, and I found you. Somehow, Tim, we are related, but we never knew each other. God bless you and your family.

*** Posted by Roberta Higgins-Nichols on 2010-05-08 ***

My son, Michael Love, is six years old and in kindergarten. Their class preformed a play about powerful Americans, and he played the role of Lt. Timothy Higgins, a fire fighter for 23 years who saved lives at the World Trade Center. It touched me so deeply that my six-year-old is learning the importance of the sacrifice he and many others made for our country that day.

*** Posted by Lucinda Love on 2010-02-20 ***

I think of you daily, Timmy, and your picture hangs proudly in my office. Your spirit is eternal, my old friend.

*** Posted by Jonathan Wright on 2009-12-22 ***

I will never forget you, my brother. I can't believe it's been eight years. I still hear your voice and feel your presence every time I listen to CBS 101.1, at times bittersweet. I get choked with emotion, always a tribute to the greatest firefighter that ever lived—something I said long before he died. The greatest days of my life were with you, Mike, Bob, dad, and me fighting fires together in Brooklyn. Your legacy lives forever. I'll pour one out for the brothers that are no longer with us, something you always did.

I love you,
Brother Joe

*** Posted by Joe Higgins on 2009-09-21 ***

Brother Tim ...

I am in the south now, and my flag of heroes flies high.... I will "NEVER LET ANYONE FORGET YOU." YOU, MY DEAR BROTHER, ARE ALWAYS IN MY HEART. I love you every day.

Your sister,

P.S. Until we meet again.

*** Posted by Maureen Higgins-Cerami on 2009-09-18 ***

We, the parents of Lt. Timothy Higgins, want to thank you all for not forgetting him and all the others who died that horrific day. You all seem to know a part of him. He was a great son, husband, father, and friend. He was also funny, and he loved to sing and dance. He was a great mimic, and the kids loved to hear him do their favorite cartoon characters. We called him the pied piper because kids just gravitated to him. We think of him every day, not only with sadness, but also with a lot of laughter. We will love him always.

*** Posted by Joan & Edward Higgins on 2009-09-14 ***

I have not forgotten and today on 9-11-2009 I have on my Lt. Timothy Higgins FDNY bracelet and it is an honor to have this connection. Blessings to the Higgins family.
Susan Fleming, Icking, Germany

*** Posted by Susan Fleming on 2009-09-11 ***

9-11 is here, now 2009, and how vivid the memory of that day still is! I know Timmy's family, and I think of them often. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that your dad is still thought about, and he is never forgotten. He was a true hero on that dreadful day, and he will forever remain in our hearts. God bless and Godspeed, and know that your dad is your guardian angel. He is around you all the time. Rest in peace, Timmy.... You are in our hearts.


*** Posted by Debbie Fields on 2009-09-10 ***

I searched my name on the web and noticed that a great man died in the World Trade trying to save lives. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was in Houston, Texas attending my first year of college when the plane hit. I woke up thinking that it was a T.V. show. Then the second plane hit. I was disgusted by the hatred. I was hurt that somebody could kill so many people and to watch people of other countries dancing in the street clapping. I saw people holding hands and jumping from the top floors of the burning building before the news cut it off. It was a tragedy for all mankind. It makes me proud to be an American as well as proud to be a Higgins. I hope I can live a life as honorable as he did. God bless you, Timothy Higgins. Your memory will remain.

*** Posted by Timothy Higgins on 2009-07-21 ***

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