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In Tribute to Lt. Timothy Higgins
43 years old.   Residence: Farmingville, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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We will never forget. Christopher, your words pierced my heart with deep emotion. Remembering your Dad and all those who lost their lives on 9/11. Remembering their families, too. I will NEVER forget.

Toni (from Indiana)

*** Posted by Toni H. (Indianapolis) on 2009-03-18 ***

I was doing a search online to find a recording of Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings." The one I found was performed by the BBC orchestra and conducted by Leonard Slatkin—on September 15, 2001. A slide show has been added, and I found Tim's name during the slide show. It is true, "We Will Never Forget." God bless and keep the Higgins family safe and secure, and may they receive His peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with you from Cleveland.

*** Posted by a Cleveland firefighter on 2009-03-10 ***

Higgins family,

Everything I know about 9/11 I learned by watching it unfold on the television. I did not know anyone personally who lost their life in this tragedy. A few weeks ago I was at the bank, and the teller was wearing a silver bangle with the name of someone who passed away on 9/11. I got the website from her and immediately purchased a MercyBand. I asked for the name of a NY firefighter, and was graced with the name, Lt. Timothy Higgins. I assure you I will wear this bangle every day with pride. I did not know him but feel a deep sense of admiration and respect for this man who died doing a very noble thing. My prayers are with his family for their great loss.

*** Posted by patricia ayon on 2008-11-07 ***

In 1969 you wrote "Tim 70" on the side of Royal Farms wall at 21st and ave X. I asked you why you wrote "70" as it was 69." You said: "Because its like I've been here a year longer." Well, here's to you and that spirit of optimism:

        Tim, 09

And I ride on, through the heavens, with angel's escort aboard a screaming red chariot of honor.

*** Posted by Brother Bob on 2008-09-11 ***

Matt was friends "back in the day" with the Higgins family, and we just wanted you all to know that we often think about that dreadful day and that this Saturday 9/6/08 we will be running the Memorial 5k Race here in Alexandria, Virginia in memory of him, as well as all who were lost. May God bless.

*** Posted by Matthew & Petra DeSalvo on 2008-09-04 ***

I knew Timmy as a child. He was my first cousin. I last saw him many years ago before my family moved from NY to CA. He was around 12 years old; I was 15. For years, I carried an image of my cousin as a fair-haired, spirited kid--always on the move and always smiling. It is no surprise to me that he grew to be a man of enormous quality, knowing his family. I regret that I didn't know him as others did. I do, however, take tremendous pride in knowing that my family produced a true hero. Father, brother, son, nephew, cousin, friend--his life meant so much to so many. May his memory live on and on.

Cousin Laura

*** Posted by Laura on 2008-08-23 ***

My message is for Tim's family, which I am honored to be a part of. Tim's brother, Mike, I'm very proud to say, is my brother-in-law. That's my family connection to Tim. I talked with Tim on only a couple of occasions but could tell he was a real gentleman who had strong family ties. I hope he is always remembered by everyone who knew him or who reads the messages on this site. The timing of my message is very unique. I own my very first car, which I purchased in 1967, an SS 396 Chevelle. It will, for the first time ever in 41 years, be entered into a car show, the Orange County 9/11 Memorial Car Show in Orlando, Florida on September 20, 2008. In checking on the car show, I fortunately discovered this site. It gave me the opportunity to express my feelings about Tim and to let his family know that I always have him in my thoughts and prayers. I will have a chance to pay tribute to Tim on Sept. 20th when, after our country's national anthem is played, I will be able to say his name and ring a bell to recognize him as a fallen hero. God bless you, Tim, and God bless your family.

*** Posted by Mike Steiner on 2008-08-07 ***

It's seven years on from that most heart-wrenching day, and the images are still as clear in my mind now as they were when it happened. It truly was a defining moment in mankind's history. On one side, we saw pure evil, hatred, and the slaughter of innocents. But on the other hand, we saw ordinary men and women transformed into heroes overnight because of the way in which they sacrificed their lives to try to save others. God bless America, and in these troubling times we need more heroes like Lt Tim Higgins. R.I.P.

*** Posted by chris cullen on 2008-05-10 ***

Timothy, I just read what your son wrote. What a son you have for writing about you and to everyone. I didnít know you, but I wish I did. Your sonís writing is an inspiration to us all.

Jason W. Higgins (United Kingdom)

*** Posted by Jason W. Higgins on 2008-04-29 ***


It's been a few years since you passed to a better place. I just wanted to tell you that I think of you often and fondly. We had a lot of laughs in high school going to Burger King and Nunley's every day. We did a lot of cruising in muscle cars and handball on any wall we could find. We had great conversations about life in my kitchen and always a blast at Jones Beach. I always looked up to you, as you had a great sense of yourself. I never knew you to be afraid of anything or anyone. I suppose that's why you were such a great fireman, even as a volly in Freeport. See you soon, as this life is just a stopping place.


*** Posted by Glen C fm East Ave on 2007-11-23 ***

Tim, I never knew you. But I know you are very handsome. I feel very sad that you are gone from us. I think there is something in my eye. I think God has taken a special interest in you. You are a hero, just like Superman.

*** Posted by Angel Melanie on 2007-09-28 ***

Even though we never met. We will never forget how you sacrificed your life for our freedom. We know you were special the way your brother John spoke about you. In some strange way we feel that we knew you. You are forever in our hearts, and everytime we light up our model of the twin towers, we think about you and all the heroes that were there for us and our country. You were are our champ!

*** Posted by Mr.& Mrs. Carlos Marchand & Family on 2006-09-11 ***

After reading all these wonderful memorials I'm sure you are such an outstanding man who have touches so many hearts. Thank you for sharing all of your love, life and happiness with so many. You are so missed, keep shining on all of us.     

--Liz Morales, New York

*** Posted by Liz Morales on 2006-09-08 ***

I did not know Timmy personally, but years prior to 9/11 he had a profound affect on my life. As a young firefighter I remember watching an ABC special which profiled Timmy when he was with Rescue 2. He really embodied everything that I wanted to be as a firefighter. Brave, agressive, but most of all, a true brother. A couple of years later, I had the priviledge of riding with the FDNY, and was highly impressed that the character which Timmy displayed on the video was prevalent in many companies. As the 5th anniversary of this tragedy approaches, I am writing to say that we have not forgotten what Timmy and his brothers taught us. Many of us around the nation have been touched by their pride and love, and carry that with us to the job every day. From the depths of this terrible day comes the realization that there are thousands of firefighters around the nation that will never forget Timmy. We honor him by trying to be like him.

*** Posted by DC on 2006-08-15 ***

Its been almost 4 years in about a 4 days just wanted to say hello, I'm sure you know whats going on anyway watching over us. you now have a new little niece who unfortunatly you didnt get to meet although they say babys can see angels and I sware your there when she just breaks out laughing at nothing while staring into the air.Any way just wanted to say hello and I'll see you around. Oh yeah she's back on the court!  T.j

*** Posted by Tj on 2005-09-07 ***

timmy ment a great deal to my family. My cosins, aunts, uncles, they all loved him. i never met him but just seeing what he did in life it showed me that Timmy lived his life the way he wanted to and that he was such a loving and caring person and that he cared about his family and his country with such compassion that he was willing to give up his own life to protect everything that america is. no matter what anyone says about that horrible day, i will remember the angel that saved so many lives at the cost of his own. I think Timmy knew that it was his time to go, thats why he went, thats why he went up into the building that would kill so many. I think that is the bravest thing that a human being could do for another, is to give up there own life to save someone in need. I know that Timmy is in a place where he watches his family, friends, and fellow firemen every day knowing that he did the right thing. Every amn has the time in his life to prove himself to god. I think Timmy proved himself more then he ever really needed to.

*** Posted by eileen on 2005-09-01 ***

I remember thinking immediately on 9/11 that if I knew anyone in the WTC it would be fireman from my old hometown of Freeport because my dad was once a Freeport fireman. Sadly Timmy, Richie Muldowney and David Weiss were there that day and a small piece of my innoncence and childhood died along with them. Timmy was always a fun character and a kind person. I will them all with great fondness.

*** Posted by Deena on 2004-12-03 ***

daddy miss u always-ur my hero

*** Posted by catie higgins on 2004-08-30 ***

Growing up in Freeport, how could you not know Tim Higgins?
Who is that singing doo-wop in the back of Puddles Pub ?
The Higgins brothers, of course.
What I remember about Tim Higgins is what I remember about all the Higgins brothers. Always ready with a song , never at a loss for words, and never afraid to show the world how much they mean to each other.
Obviously taught by their parents to love life & never take it for granted.

*** Posted by Frank Lawless on 2004-05-10 ***

Timmy even though I did not know you too well, you had a big impact on our family and you'll always be missed.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-11 ***

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