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In Tribute to Madeline Sweeney
35 years old.   Residence: Acton, Mass.
Crew of Flight 11

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I watched a documentary on the History Channel about Flight 11. When my children came home from school they also watched it. I could see how Amy Sweeney is a true hero. She supplied the seat numbers of the terrorists for the authorities to know. God Bless her children. Amen

*** Posted by Moon on 2009-09-13 ***

Thank you for your friendship, laughter, and smiles on those days when we were flight attendants together. I will never forget when you would tell me on the employee bus that getting out the door saying "good-bye" to your children was the most difficult part of your trip. All my heart and prayers are with you always.

*** Posted by Victoria on 2009-08-25 ***

Amy is a true hero. After reading about her, I was so sad and scared for her, thinking about what her last couple of minutes must have been like, particularly as she realized the intent of the hijackers. She was clearly very brave and held her composure longer than I or anyone I know could have.

*** Posted by Dan on 2009-08-19 ***

amy, you are a hero! god bless you

*** Posted by jiang xao feng on 2009-06-14 ***

She was very brave for what she did during the attack. She is really an inspiration to young people.

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-01 ***

Madeline Sweeney is a hero because, after all these years of study, I have concluded there was no background noise on the jet because, by keeping calm, she made people pass without knowing their fate, even though she knew! HERO, PERIOD.

*** Posted by Alfonso Freda on 2009-04-04 ***


*** Posted by alfonso freda on 2009-04-02 ***

You were a shining example of a true heroine! I never met you, yet you left a trace in my heart! Thanks, Amy, for being so brave!

*** Posted by journalistgirl07 on 2008-10-17 ***

To the family of Amy,

The day she was born, you thought she was a blessing only to you, but God's plan was to have her be a blessing to America, too! Thank you for raising such a beautiful person. My heart is with you and prayers, always till my dying day. America will never forget her bravery on that day. She touched lives here, and she was everything to the passengers of Flight 11. Even though we will never know the words of love, courage, strength, and faith that she spoke to them, one thing is for sure: She was a true blessing to them, and may those blessings be passed on to your hearts and lives.

*** Posted by Michelle White, CA on 2008-09-11 ***

Hi. This is Micheal Woodward. I was the manger of American Airlines airport from 1994 to 2001. On September 11, 2001, a beautiful day for me, I was working in my office. I had heard one of the ladies who was working in the office say very loudly that a flight attendant has been stabbed. Then the call broke off as I heard. Then I went over to her desk and said, "What's happening?" And she said, "There's a hijacking." Then she called again and said, "Yes, this is Madeline Sweeney on board Flight 11. This plane is being hijacked. Two flight attendants have been stabbed." She later went on to say also that a passenger in first class was killed and that the hijackers had mace. I asked her what did she see. She said, "I see water and buildings. We're flying low. We're flying very, very low. We're flying way too low. Oh, my god! OH, MY GOD!" Then the call broke off.

P.S. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Madeline. She is one of many true heroes of 9/11.

*** Posted by micheal woodward on 2008-08-18 ***

to the family of madeline my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of madeline last year on the discovery channel I watched the last hour of flight 11 which was a show about the hijacking and it also talked about madeline sweeney and her fellow flight attendant betty ong they both made phone calls from the phone betty's call was taped but madeline's was not but just last year allso I saw the movie flight 93 in one of the scences they show the call that was done by madeline but in the film she gives the name amy sweeney was amy madeline's nickname please right at my emil at dulcemaria102000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

*** Posted by maria on 2008-08-08 ***

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Madeline. She is a true hero of 9/11.

*** Posted by jonathan on 2008-08-08 ***

to the family of madeline my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of madeline she haded a beautiful smile she is in heaven resting in peace with god my heart go's out to the family thank you

*** Posted by jonathan on 2008-08-07 ***

to the family of amy sweeney my thoughts and prayers go out to you's amy was a hero of flight 11 along with the other flight attendants and passengers even thou they didnt fought back but they are still hero's of that days events amy did the best she could she called american airlines to let them know what was happening her along with fellow flight attendant betty ong did the best they could to stop what was going on but they could'nt god bless the family of amy

*** Posted by jonathan on 2008-08-07 ***

hi my name is jill I am the author of kids books but one of my books were war on america; september 11, 2001. I did that book in 2002 and in one of the chapters of the book I talk about flight 11 and about madeline sweeney and her courage onbord I learn about madeline in a news paper it red a flight attendants courage madeline sweeney I am proud of her that she called american airlines to let them know what had happen I allways say that if it werent for madeline we may never had known what happend onbord american airlines flight 11 p.s my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of madeline to her husband to to her kids blessings to all of you's jill

*** Posted by jill c. wheeler on 2008-08-05 ***

What a wonderful website to honour the life of the late Madeline Sweeney. I didn't know her personally, but I admired her courage, strength and professionalism during the terrible ordeal that she was faced with. My love and thoughts are with her family, and especially her husband, who is obviously still grieving and missing her so much--God bless you.

*** Posted by Gez (United Kingdom) on 2008-07-04 ***

Hi, sweet. It's me, Michael, your husband. I love you every day of my life. Our 2 kids have grown up, and one of them made a poem in your memory. We miss you every day of our lives, but we keep going forward with our lives. We miss you every single day, baby. Last week we went to Doe Castle, the castle of the history of your family, and my how our anut sisters were born and much more, and we talked about you, and you made a plaque for you of rock honoring your memory of how much you meant to us and how much we love you. This one's for you, honey:


*** Posted by jonathan on 2008-02-28 ***

Madline Amy Sweeny is a very brave woman for what she did on 9/11.

*** Posted by Jay on 2007-09-20 ***

Madeline Sweeney, your story left an imprint on my heart. I am also a single parent. I did not know you but I particularly was touched by who you were and what you did. I wish I could have met you or comforted your family somehow. What did end up doing was sending my zeller's points which were converted into cash. I wonder who was helped was it maybe your family or someone else's. I wish I could meet your family because I would give them all hugs and kisses from Victoria, B.C. Canada.

*** Posted by Julie Savard on 2007-09-12 ***

I never knew this woman or anything about her, but I know that on flight 11, she kept her passengers calm and relaxed, and I think this woman was very brave to do what she did for her passengers. She was a true hero in my eyes, and may she live on in our hearts.

*** Posted by Brooke on 2007-09-11 ***

44 Total Comments

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