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In Tribute to Maj. Ronald D. Milam
33 years old.   Residence: Washington, D.C.
Died in Pentagon

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I had the pleasure of meeting Ron through my dad, at the time CMsgt Elmo Gladden in Germany. My dad always had something to do with sports and Ron was playing basketball. He was one of the best on the team. About golf, I got my digs in about him playing golf whenever I could. Ron was my friend. He was a good friend to me. We kept in touch for a bit when he was in El Paso,TX. Then we lost touch. I am truly sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. I am mourning the loss of a friend. His passing is really fresh for me because I found out this morning (16 June 2012). A friend from GE told me. She and I had lost touch. She called me today on a whim to see if my number was the same. She wanted to call 9/11 but could not find my number. I keep asking myself, "How did I miss this about Ron?" I am a flight attendant and 9/11 will FOREVER be in my memory. Any and everything 9/11 I try to keep up with. Yet I missed his passing. Today I am heartbroken for the loss of friend. I have read every article I could find. He was accomplished in his career. So very proud of him. I am so happy to see his beautiful wife and children. Yes, I agree he does look like Ron. For those of us that new him, we were truly Blessed. Just saying goodbye to my friend.

*** Posted by A. Rogers on 2012-06-16 ***

To the Family and Friends of Maj Ronald D Milam,

I did not know Ronald, but did want to share the following. I participate in an annual memorial motorcycle ride called Americas911Ride. On the recent 10th anniversary ride, I was honored to receive Ronald as my assigned "hero". Every participant was given a card with basic information about a person who lost there life on that day. Having read this and other sites to learn about Ronald, I can only say that he sounds like the kind of person I would like to have known.

I grew up a military brat, the son of a career Army officer. Ronald sounds like an excellent mix of dedicated soldier, great family man, fun friend and reliable family member. I hope that his loved ones find peace and remember all the good things about Ronald.

I only wished to let you know that he had an honored place on the memorial ride and will continue to in the future.

*** Posted by Teague on 2011-10-07 ***

I met and worked with Ron in ROTC at Eastern New Mexico University. He left a positive impression on me and gave me some great insight. While at Eastern he was a definite Leader, tremendous Sportsman, and all around great guy.

*** Posted by MAJ SCOTT WEAVER, NMANG on 2011-09-11 ***

My continued prayers go out to the Milam family. May God continue to bless and watch out for his family. Major Ron Milam rest in peace.

*** Posted by David R. Cartwright on 2011-09-11 ***

Ron was my neighbor in Bitburg and Hanua when we were stationed together with 5-7 ADA. We shared many laughs over our 4 years together in Germany. What I liked most about Ron was that he always kept a sense of humor and found enjoyment in life regardless of what we were going through in the military. I think of him often...

*** Posted by Dawn Lovely on 2011-09-11 ***

Many years have passed since we were stationed at Bitburg AB, GE. Ron, we crossed paths on many occassions, shared laughs and enjoyed basketball and football. You all that played on the hardwood were entertaining to watch, but I remember one Fall afternoon, while playing football for Bitburg against Spangdahlem, I remember yourself and others of the basketball team out there on that cool overcast day watching us beat Spang for the "Final Eifel Keg". Your presence inspired us on that day to victory and your memory inspires us all now. Rest in peace Major Milam. Salute!

*** Posted by Jerome Carter on 2011-07-06 ***

It really makes me feel good to read all the kind words and memories of my dear brother. He was everything that all of you have said about him. I miss him sooooo much! Sometimes it's unbearable. When I think about that horrible day of
9-11, it crushes my heart. Ron was a great person and never met a stranger. He had a great love for all of his family members. He had an unselfish heart and loved what he did. He is my HERO and always will be! I'm very thankful to God for blessing me with such a great brother! I know that now he is watching down on us all. The most important thing is that Ron was a born-again Christian and was walking full force in God's path. He finished his earthly work and was ready when God called him home. I love you, brother, and I miss those conference calls that you and I and Steve and momma used to make ... praying for the week ahead of us! You were in prayer on 9/11, and a what great feeling that is for us to know that. I can't wait until I see you again. We need to talk :-). Until then ... rest in peace, my dear brother.

*** Posted by Stephanie Milam on 2010-11-03 ***

MAJ Milam and I were in the same platoon together during ROTC Advanced Camp (Ft. Lewis, WA, 1990). He was a great cadet: A PT stud and a solid leader, he earned the top eval at camp, a 5. That's part of why he was on active duty and part of why he was in the Pentagon on that fateful day. He has a gym named after him at Ft. Bliss, TX. I drove by it in 2004, and that is when I learned that he had been killed in the attack. I had reserve duty this weekend on 9/11, and that made me think of him. Rest in peace, buddy.

*** Posted by MAJ Allan Dollison on 2010-09-13 ***

I meet Ron playing basketball at Bitburg in 92... we had great times. My prayers go out to your family... 9/11 2010

*** Posted by Eric Abraham on 2010-09-11 ***

Wow! Ron was my brother. I miss him every day.... I have nothing but fond memories of Ron. I really miss his wife Jacki and their two kids, too. We will see each other again!

*** Posted by Lynette Wright-House on 2010-08-25 ***

I, too, am a cousin who never got to meet him, and I chant, "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo," in his memory.

*** Posted by Dave Edward Walker on 2008-09-09 ***

I was stationed with Ronald in Germany. He was a lieutenant then, and I had a great time schooling him on the basketball court. This brother is truly missed, and we will never be the same. Brother, I know that you are doing well in God's arms. To the family, please accept my condolences and prayers. Take care, Brother.

Mark Lovelace (816) 918-3393

*** Posted by Mark Lovelace on 2008-04-09 ***

On behalf of our Family, "The Nunleys". I would just like express our love for Ron. He was a nephew and cousin to all of us. We will always miss him. We all grew up as a very close and happy family. He always brought joy to each of us. This day 9/11 will always mark a sad day in our lives... but he will always be a joy in our hearts. I can truly say that on behalf our family we will always miss him.
Jackie, Myjoi and Ron, Jr. we love you and want to always keep you in touch and in our hearts.

Love, The Nunleys

*** Posted by CYNTHIA NUNLEY-LOVE on 2007-09-12 ***

Bless Ron and his family that he left behind. I went to college with Ron at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, NM. Ron came to Eastern my second year. A very kind and humble man and fun to hand and talk to. After the first semester he was there, he figured out what he wanted to do, and that was to join Army ROTC and finish college. He was determined and he did it! :-) I lost contact with him and saw his picture on CBS News after a good mutual college friend called me the week after 9/11. I just remember Ron being a very kind soul in the short time that we'd known each other. God bless your kids and your wife.

Tonya Dunham

*** Posted by Tonya Dunham (NYC) on 2007-09-11 ***

I only found out last year that Maj Milam was a fatality in the awful attack on the Pentagon and it deeply saddened my soul. Maj Milam and I were stationed in Korea together in Suwon when I was a PFC and he was a Captain. During our tour he gave me guidance not only on surviving the military but family issues that I had at home. He was an excellent officer but more importantly an outstanding human being. He is greatly missed.

*** Posted by SGT JoAnne M. Mayo on 2007-03-16 ***

Ron, you are truely missed... thinking about you always..... We all miss you sooooooo much......

*** Posted by Cousin Karliss Preyer on 2006-09-30 ***

Ron was like a big brother in more ways than one. I grew up with him, staying at their house and looking up to him when I was younger. He is and will always be a HERO to me.

*** Posted by Gregory Curl on 2006-09-11 ***

Ron and I were both Interns at the Pentagon. He was on the U.S. Army Staff and I was on the Joint Staff. Ron was an extraordinary person who loved his family. On occassions, we had lunch together at the Pentagon and participated in the Intern trips to the different Military Commands. During those times, he often spoke about making the right financial decisions and investments to ensure his kids get the best education possible. Ron had a good heart, kind spirit and was always very professional. I'll always remember that bright smile and the desire to be great example for his family and his country. A GREAT MAN!

*** Posted by Maj. Melissa Joseph Nelson on 2006-09-11 ***

Ronald was a distance cousin.  I never knew him but his prayers are with me and his family.  I just recently found out that I was related.  Hopefully I will get that chance to meet his family.

*** Posted by Reinaldo Nunley on 2004-04-14 ***

19 Total Comments

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