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In Tribute to Marsha Dianah Ratchford
34 years old.   Residence: Prichard, Alabama
Died in Pentagon

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Marsha was my neighbor at Bolling AFB in DC. But most of all she was my friend. She was a great mom and wife. When we were leaving the area, she came and helped us all night so that we would pass housing inspection. I had just had back surgery, and she was there to help my family. We also all went to Six Flags, and our families had a great time. I dont want to remember how she died, but how she lived. She was an extraordinary woman. God comforts me every year, otherwise it would be unbearable. May God continue to take care of her family. Blessed are that they mourn for they shall be comforted. I love you Marsha.

*** Posted by Lisa Martin on 2012-09-11 ***

R.I.P to this lady who clearly brought up her family well and from what I saw in the "children of 9/11" programme aired last sunday it seemed she would be very proud of them.

*** Posted by Mark (England) on 2011-09-18 ***

I met Marsha when she and Rodney came to Oneonta to get married. My sister-in-law (Etta Ratchford)and I helped her with her wedding. I remember how organized she was and how she had everything planned out and had bought all her wedding materials before she came back to the states. She had a sweet smile and a wonderful personality. I would see Marsha, Rodney and the children from time to time when they would come to Oneonta and visit. She always had that same sweet smile. She is truly missed. My prayers continue for her family. Gracie Starks (September 11, 2011)

*** Posted by Gracie Starks on 2011-09-11 ***

I served with Marsha on the USS Abraham Lincoln, it was my first command in the Navy and she taught me everything I needed to know and do to survive in the military as a very young female in a such a male dominated world. I owe her so much for taking me under her wing. My thoughts and prayers are always with her family.

*** Posted by Amanda on 2011-09-10 ***

Auntie, who would have known that summer I spent with you cross country, would be my last. I see your baby Marshae and it's like looking at you. You know we always joked that she was Rodney's twin. But she has all your qualities. I sure wish you could see that beautiful grandbaby of yours. This has been a rough ten years without you. When I think of how strong you were it helps me push on as a mother. Don't worry about your babies, we will always take care of them. I miss you dearly. Now it's time for your soul to rest.

*** Posted by sophia stallworth on 2011-05-07 ***

Dear Mother, Sunday is Mother's Day and Marquez birthday. I'm so excited. (It's my second mother's day of being a mother). I think about you everyday around this month because it means so much to you. Tomorrow is you and dad's Anniversary and it's always really hard on him. But I'm here for him. I will make him just as happy as you would have. Maranda, she is so big, momma, you wouldn't believe, she was bigger than me> (what did you and dad create) lol. You made me a strong woman and no other person in this world can take your place. Your grandbaby is now 15 months and reminds me so much of you, smart and beautiful. I want to let you know your family is a blessing to me. I love everyone of them dearly. Oh and I graduate on May 27, 2011 cant wait to see you there. Happy early Birthday love you> May 26, 2011

love your oldest daughter Marshae Ratchford
for her friends if you want to contact her family
call me at 205 863 6742

*** Posted by Marshae Ratchford on 2011-05-06 ***

I miss my sister dearly and she can not be replaced.

*** Posted by Cynthia Watts on 2011-05-05 ***


It has been over eight years, and I am still picking up the phone to call and tell you what my grandkids are doing or what mama is doing. I miss you dearly, sis. No one will ever replace you in my heart. Lindsey misses you a lot. He talks about his sister-in-law almost daily. I was the sick one, and you said two weeks before you perished that you would leave this world before me. I didn't like the comment, and I still feel the chills thinking of it today. Sis, you have a granddaughter on the way, and your son will soon be married. How time flies. I love you always, and I know God has you in his bosom.

*** Posted by Angelia Blunt on 2010-01-14 ***

Marsha and I were stationed in Hawaii at COMPATWINGSPAC. She was my best friend. She and her family visited my church, and she got saved. I thank God for Marsha. Our family spent Christmas together, and I still have the pictures. I truly miss her, and now I am able to express my feelings. I remember Marsha every year, and I share with my other friends about how special Marsha was to me. Marsha was a loving mother and wife. She truly cared about her family and people. She was always trying to help, and her heart was pure. I love Rodney and the kids. I was looking forward to seeing Marsha in Virginia, and I thrilled to hear of her new little baby. Marsha will live forever in my heart. God is good, and she loved the Lord. My dear friend, you are not forgotten. I will always remember and continue doing good for our country. I love you.

*** Posted by Angela Langley (Carr) on 2010-01-05 ***

I moved to Arlington, Virginia, in June 2009, and I often walk over to the memorial. Most of the time, I am there by myself. Like Marsha, I was born in 1967. Marsha's memorial is the only one in the 1967 row, so I go there to wonder about how she would have turned 42 this year, like me. I am still here, and she is not. It is a reminder to me never to forget how precious life is, and how precious other people are, and that our fate is unpredictable. Blessings to her family and friends.

*** Posted by Linda on 2009-11-24 ***

A mother lost forever. God bless her kids. Hope they have a good life.

*** Posted by JOHNIE on 2009-08-01 ***

Nanny, I Miss you so much, no words could ever explain. I look in your baby's eyes every day and see the hurt of you not being there. Tomorrow is her fifteenth birthday, and she says she feels incomplete because, ever since she was five, she had this vision of on her fifteenth birthday you would bring her cupcakes and balloons, and ya'll would go get her permit, and she'd go on her first date, and you would be sitting in the back of the theater with uncle Rodney laughing and throwing popcorn @ her and hiding. But at least she knows you're there spiritually. Just know your babies are fine. We have them under our wing until they're ready to fly on their own. I love Nanny always and forever.

*** Posted by Crystal Stallworth on 2008-02-26 ***

I served with Marsha on Guam. She was one special lady. We stood many watches together and spent a lot of time talking. She loved her family, her country, and life. Few will ever know all the sacrifices that she and her family went through for our country. GOD bless.

*** Posted by Julie Bruner on 2007-09-11 ***

I didn't know you personally, but I knew Rodney we grew up in the same city of Oneonta. My heart goes out to you Marsha, and even more for your children that you had to leave behind. Even though it has been 5 years since this happen, my heart still hurts for you and your family, I was watching the news on tv today and all the tears came back as if it just happen today. May God be you and your family.

Mary June Kyle
Oneonta, Alabama
Sept 11, 2006

*** Posted by Mary June Kyle on 2006-09-11 ***

My Aunt Marsha was a very genuine, loving person, that always had a smile on her face. If you ever needed anything, she was always the person that you could rely on to know exactly what to do. I had a great relationship with her, she was not only an Aunt to me, but she was like a SISTER. My Aunt Marsha meant the world to me and I miss her so much, but I can only hold on to and cherish the memories that we had together here on earth, and I can't wait to see her again in heaven. I LOVE HER, and MISS HER DEARLY.

*** Posted by Jessica Hazelrig on 2005-09-12 ***


*** Posted by ANGELIA BLUNT on 2005-01-31 ***

16 Total Comments

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