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In Tribute to Michael Kiefer
25 years old.   Residence: Hempstead, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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Thinking of you on this eve ... as I often do on many others. Miss you so much!

*** Posted by Nicole on 2008-09-11 ***

Dear Michael,

I know you're in heaven looking down on us and smiling. Everyone you knew was touched by your kindness and great sense of humor. I remember watching you walk into the Halloween parties dressed up like a firefighter. I know you still have your gear on. I really wasn't deeply affected from the tragedy of 9-11 like so many families were, but I can say this: I had the privilege of knowing the finest person who lost their life that day, and not a day goes by that I don't think about how much better off we would be if you were still here. To his family, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

*** Posted by Andrew Cuomo, Class of 94 on 2008-09-10 ***

My cousin Michael was a fun guy to come visit. Even though I only met him a few times, he is my hero! I love you, Michael.

*** Posted by Hannah on 2008-09-04 ***

I miss you, Mike. You were a great guy.

*** Posted by Patrick Quinn on 2008-09-01 ***

A hero is someone who stands for those who can't. I attended St. Catherine's with Michael, and my mom (Kathy McCluskey) knew Mrs. Kiefer from Christian Mothers. My memory of Michael is of the way he ALWAYS stuck up for his sisters. I have told my children of Michael and have used him as a example to break up sibling fights, letting them know that they must stick together. It was no surprise to me that Michael grew up to become a firefighter: He knew what it meant to "stick together," and that is why he is so missed by his family, friends, and firefighting brothers. But this is also why we will remember him!

Rose Tina McCluskey-Jarrell (Abilene, Texas)

*** Posted by Rose McCluskey-Jarrell on 2008-07-10 ***

To the Kiefer family:

I did not now Michael Kiefer, but his sister Kerri Kiefer I do know, and we are best friends. I would like to say that if I did know Michael K., I would say by the things I heard he's done that he was a one out of a million "American Hero"--and I leave it at that. 

Charles A. Staunton

*** Posted by Charles A. Staunton on 2008-07-02 ***

I received a dollar bill with “FDNY FF Michael Kiefer” with “Remember 9-11-01.” I put it on where is george.com, but I cannot seem to spend it. So today I am going to pass it on and keep track of where it ends up at. My heart and prayers to you and your family. Thanks for doing something so cool!

Linda Bacon (Claxton, GA. 30417)

*** Posted by Linda Bacon on 2008-05-28 ***

Bud and family,

Although I've never met you in person, I've been in contact with you. When I read John Edward's book, I saw that Bud worked for the Corps of Engineers in NY. I work for the Corps in Baltimore, so I looked up Bud on our e-mail and had to write. Through your grief you were still so kind and thoughtful enough to send t-shirts and Michael's memorial book to me, and I can't tell you how much that meant to me. I have shown everyone I know his book and the story behind it. My son and I ran in a memorial race with Michael's picture pinned to our shirts. I think of you all and Michael from time to time, and for some reason he popped into my head today here at work, and I thought I'd google his name to see what came up, and I saw these memorial pages. I am so sorry that you have lost your Michael, but please don't think that the world has forgotten because we haven't. We will always remember him and the others who perished that horrible day and in the days since.

*** Posted by Sue Jones on 2008-04-04 ***

I didn't know Mr. Michael Kiefer, but I do know his sister, Ms. Kerri Kiefer. In honor of the Kiefer family, I give my condolences and express my sympathy. I am grateful that a brave man like him risked his life trying to protect us. So I will remember him forever because heroes like him should be remembered.

Chris Winningham, Jr

*** Posted by Chris Winningham Jr on 2008-04-04 ***

To the family of Michael Kiefer:

I just found a dollar bill with Michael's name branded on it, and it was for very cool to see this. I am Irish, and I have friends in the FDNY here and in Ireland. In short, it's nice to see this dollar, and I see others floating around. God bless, and just remember, he is far better off than any one of us: not a care or worry, and know he is always around you, even when you think he is not.

*** Posted by Murphy on 2008-03-11 ***

I was vacationing this week in Key West. There was an ATM at Fort Zachary State Park (beach). I received a 20-dollar bill with a red stamp that read FDNY FF Michael Kiefer, Remember 9-11-01. I stood for a few minutes to reflect. I then showed my friends and new friends I had just met. It was an incredible experience for all of us. We will never forget. Not sure to keep it or pass it for others to see.

*** Posted by Gary Mcgrath on 2008-01-27 ***

Although I live in England, I have been badly affected by the events of 911. I simply can't believe that people could be treated in such a way. I am a supporter of 911Truth, and we will never stop until all is revealed. Rest in peace, Michael.

*** Posted by James Griffin on 2008-01-14 ***

I was getting money from an ATM today and a bill came out with a memorial to FF Michael Kiefer ... to never forget him. I was so touched that I will keep that bill forever. I am also a FF, and what an honor to have something in memory of such a brave soul. Rest in peace forever, FF Kiefer.

A fellow sister

*** Posted by stacey joll on 2007-11-12 ***

My cousin Michael was (is) the most wonderful and truly genuine man you could ever know. A loving son and brother who was all the good that every man should be. I keep him alive in my children's lives and pray that my little boys, Thomas and Mark (5 and 4), grow up to be the man he is. My little girl, Meghan, who is three, still says she sees "Michael the Firefighter" waiving to her and making funny faces at her from above the ceiling fan. We all love you, Michael. Thanks for helping Donna to remember to "hydrate" when she was expecting, and thanks for making faces at Meggie. I pray for Patty, Bud, Lauren, and Kerry that you somehow bring comfort to them beyond the barrier that separates you only for now.


*** Posted by Mark Heaney on 2007-09-24 ***

Hello to Michael's mother and all else that will read this in the near and far future. I woke up with a sick feeling in my stomach that lasted all day. Then I got paid. The feeling in my stomach still there.

While counting my money, I noticed a red stamp that read: "FDNY FF Michael Kiefer, Remember 9-11-01." The pain left after I came upon this page. Not sure what it was, a stomach? nausea? or plain energy from somewhere telling me to find it?

Whatever it was, it brought me here. My prayers continue for all of those who are mourning over lost, loved ones, as well as for the victims themselves. Michael, you are loved and remembered by many, even if you never met them. Your legacy lives on.

To all those families and friends who lost someone on 9/11/01, my condolences.  @->--

*** Posted by Yasmin on 2007-09-14 ***

Dear Michael,

Today I took my family to place flowers at your sign. I'm glad to see that we were not the only ones to do so. It's been 6 years since you were taken from us, and yet you still seem to touch so many. For my family personally, you answered our prayers, and sent us little Matthew Kiefer Corbett. When people ask us his name, they are not just given an answer, but a little story about how we named him not only after you, but as a tribute to your family. Michael, you will NEVER be forgotten; you will ALWAYS be missed. Thanks for all the good you have done.

*** Posted by Rich Corbett on 2007-09-11 ***

I'm a teller at a credit union in Phillipsburg, NJ. Today, 9/11/07, as I was working, I came across a ten in my drawer
stamped with Michael's name on it.... I got a chill I can't shake off, so I'll say a prayer for Michael and his family, and maybe for some reason Michael is looking down on me. Thank you.

*** Posted by Roseann on 2007-09-11 ***


I live in Navarre, FL, and yesterday 9/1/07 I went to the ATM, and one of the $20.00 bills had printed on it in red "FDNY FF Michael Kiefer Remember 9-11-01." I had to search the web and found this site.

Like when JFK was killed, I remember that day, just as I remember 9/11.

As a former Marine, you guys are my heroes. I never knew you, but thanks. There is no greater love, than a man lay down his life... God bless. You and your brothers will never be forgotten.

*** Posted by David G. Dye on 2007-09-02 ***

Dear Michael,

We never met, but you have met my cousin Pat ... in heaven. I know this through my aunt and your mother. The way they have a connection. The signs are all there. Sometimes I think about my cousin and start to worry about how he is doing up there.... Then I remember he is with a hero--and all my worries go away.

I just wanted to thank you.

You guys have fun now! :-) You always will be missed. xoxox

*** Posted by Tami on 2007-08-22 ***

Hi Mike,

The other night (8/11/07) I met up with Jessica, Karen Lindsay, and Stacy. We found each other on Myspace. It ended up being a mini St. Mary's reunion.... You were a part of the night. We talked about you for a while. You will always and forever be a part of our hearts, especially our 1994 class. I was reading above what your mom wrote. In case she is reading: Mike touched more lives then you can imagine. Even though life goes on, we will never forget him. He was way too amazing to forget. You should write a book on parenting because you guys sure did it right! I would like to have a child one day. What I would give to have one turn out like him!

Always LOVE you Mike,

*** Posted by Desiree Durante-Cruz on 2007-08-17 ***

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