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In Tribute to Mohammad Salman Hamdani
23 years old.   Residence: New York, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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Though I did know Salman ... I heard of him through my sister, Mrs. Yasmin Nanji (HOODA). As a Pakistani, I am proud our boy was a Hero. May Allah rest his soul in peace!


*** Posted by Amir A. Hooda on 2008-09-14 ***

Salman, I never knew you that well, but you are very close to my heart. Your mother and father, Talat and Salim, were very close to me. I even went to high school with your mother at St. Lawrence. You were born the same time as my daughter, and may your soul rest in peace.

Yasmin Hooda Nanji

PS. If anyone has any information on a way I can get back in contact with my dear friend Talat or the old friends of ours who were Huma and Rabia, please email me at yasminanji (at) yahoo (dot) ca. Thank you.

*** Posted by Yasmin Hooda Nanji on 2008-09-11 ***

I celebrated the seventh anniversary by visiting the Pentagon and connecting with the victims' families of DC and PA. I shared my pain with them and they embraced me. This is Salman's America: An America which transcends faith, race, religion, ethnicity and color of skin, standing united in the face of adversity, leading the world as a Beacon of Liberty and Justice. There is a yearning for Peace and Happiness. I ask the world to join forces to annihilate terrorism, and embark on the road of Liberty, Justice and Peace.
Love you and miss you, Salman.
God Bless America.

*** Posted by Talat G. Hamdani on 2008-09-11 ***

I have seen a film directed by 11 directors about 9/11. There is one about Salman Hamdan. It was a very interesting film. Peace on your life, héro.

*** Posted by noredine on 2008-07-05 ***

I am a college student, 57 years old, who has just recently learned about Salman by seeing a short film that is part of "11 09 01", a series of short films made by directors across the world. It presents perspectives of people who see 9/11 from within their own reality and not as US citizens. It makes the point that the discourse on 9/11 needs to incorporate divergent truths if we are ever to recognize truth and come together as one world.

I just wanted to say that as a mother of two, one a dearly beloved, wonderful son, I have cried for Salman's family and for the loss of a young man who represents the finest of what Americans should stand for. I also want to say that I am sorry for, and deeply ashamed of, how the Hamdani family was treated. The fact is that had Hamdani been of any other descent and any other religion, our government would not have delayed recognition of him as an American hero. I wish I could say that I believe GW Bush is solely responsible for that, but I cannot. It is we Americans who fear differences, who are suspicious of those not of our color or religion, or from the "wrong" place. Perhaps I should not be surprised each time this happens, but I am. I mourn that we are not better people, that we are not the welcoming melting pot that we have told the world we are. Instead, the world has recognized us for who we are. We have been granted a great opportunity by the world's citizens--the opportunity to change this country, ourselves, and each other. People like Salman can show us the way. His family also has something to teach us. These events could have resulted in the family hating America, or at the least beginning to have sympathy for terrorists. That did not happen. Instead, Talat has embodied all that is still right with our country--the ability to challenge what is wrong, to speak freely, and to work for change. Thank you, Salman and Talat.

*** Posted by Rebecca on 2008-03-23 ***

2008 brings new hope and new ventures. Salman's scholarship has been transfered to Queens College, from where he graduated in 2001. Students of Pakistani heritage will be granted scholarships to pursue their education in the program, "Meeting of the Minds," where the objective is to build bridges between the Jewish and the Islamic communities through their youth. Details are in the work and I will post them soon.

Happy New Year, Salman.


*** Posted by Talat Hamdani on 2008-01-02 ***

Happy Birthday, Salman. You are turning 30 years old in a few minutes. You were born on 12/29/77 at 1:19 A.M., weighing 7.2 pounds and 19 inches long. There was so much jubilation in the Hamdani family because you were the first male grandchild.

I was working on a painting which I completed today. It has stairs covered with roses, leading to a life of Hope and Peace. I will post it also on this website. Mama is living once again; she is a productive, contributing member of society and is smiling once again. Z and Ani are also doing well. We love you very much and miss you. Nani passed away on 2/27/07 and is buried in Karachi. I have gone into real estate and am doing well. I also have a 4-year-old Maltese male dog, Twin. He keeps me busy and is like my child. He sleeps on the bed with me!

My Jedi. See you, if not in this world, then in the next.


*** Posted by Talat Hamdani on 2007-12-28 ***

Mohammad Salman Hmadani
Mohammad Salman Hmadani

It is the sixth anniversary of 911. The day has fallen on a Tuesday again. The memories are as vivid as they were six years ago. It is a very difficult time for us. At home, Adnaan, Zeshan and I don't talk about this day. On the contrary, we pretend everything is normal.

Nano passed away this February. I am blessed God gave me the honor of caring for her in her last six months of life, as she took care of me during the my first six months of life. I have my mom's blessings.

I have painted a tribute to Salman and have closed the chapter of grieving. I will be celebrating his life from this day on.

911 tribute painting
911 tribute painting by Talat Hamdani

I want to thank Sherry, Joe and Yasin for sharing their thoughts with us. I would like to talk to you. I may be reached at tghamdani@aol.com.

I continue speaking at universities and religious institutions. Queens College honored Salman this year. We were invited to the Congress in February when King Abdullah of Jordan addressed the Congress. I am at peace and living once again.


Love you very much.


*** Posted by Talat Hamdani on 2007-09-11 ***

I'm a 54 y.o. mother of two teenagers in Colorado. The death of Salman Hamdani continues to be the September 11th death that affects me the most.

Within days of 9/11 I knew he was missing, that he was a science fiction fan, and that he identified with the noble jedi. All of us on the science fiction boards knew that Salman was either a hero or he was in detention.

My family honors his memory and we speak of him often. He was a selfless beautiful young man. The world is a better place because he was in it.

*** Posted by Sherry Young on 2007-01-23 ***

I knew Sal for 2 months before 9/11/01 and was his mentor and direct supervisor at Rockefeller University. While I knew him a short time, I can share a few things about him for others to know. He was a conscientious, reliable and empathetic person. He loved science and was planning to take additional courses at night to learn more about Proteomics (our field of work). I remember he once came to work late because he stopped to change a flat tire for an old lady who had broken down. I remember he used to ask if he could take lunch at a certain time of day so he could go and pray (I was raised Christian and now am atheist but did understand and respect his desire) and he did. I once mentioned that I lost my brother to cancer in 1999 and he gave me such an understanding, sympathetic and sad look that words cannot describe it. He loved to read and was currently reading Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series for the first time while I was reading for the second time, and I greatly enjoyed discussing those books with him over that summer. I sit at the desk he once used and charge my cell phone is the same place he forgot his on September 10, 2001. When I asked him once about which name he preferred to use, he said "Sal" and joked he used to cruise Bayside with his friends as "Sal Dani" and used to pass for Italian. I grew up in the same area so I understood the humor. I still have his lab notebook which sits amongst pictures of my wife and children, as well as a coconut brought from my honeymoon in Hawai in 1988. After 5 years I still miss him, wish he had shown up to work that day, and think of him most days I commute accross the 59th street bridge to work and see the gap in the NYC skyline. Just wanted to say to his family and friends that at least one person here still remembers him. When my children ask who my hero is or if I know one, I talk about Sal, someone who went into a burning skyscraper to help others even when he was not supposed to.

*** Posted by Joe Fernandez on 2006-12-13 ***

It has been five, long, enduring years for us, Salman. Today is my 55th birthday. I remember you were waiting anxiously to celebrate my 50th birthday in 2001. We have moved into our new home and Nani is with me. I missed you and Abu dearly when cutting the cake. Abu is resting in peace. May God be with you wherever you are. I am into acrylic painting and tonight I started painting The Phoenix... Mama is arising from her ashes once again. We will meet one day, Inshallah.


*** Posted by talat saleem hamdani on 2006-11-03 ***


i m a 16 yr old guy. i recently watched a BBC show about 9-11 where I learnt about salman hamdani. such a guy is no less then a superhero and all praises unto him are unsufficient. he has fulfilled the main aim of islam by doing such a humanitarian act and laying down his life.

i would also like to appreciate mrs hamdani's effort to fight for the rights of all. hats off to you!


*** Posted by yasin on 2006-10-22 ***

I am trying to contact a close relative of Hamadani, we are from a T.V. Station and would like to interview his father or brother. Thanks,

*** Posted by LB on 2006-08-25 ***

its a new year!

*** Posted by tani on 2006-01-09 ***

Salman Hamdani was not only my son, he was, and still is, my strength and my sheild.I raised him but he was guiding me. Life has changed since 9/11/2001. Humble, he was a man of high moral values, compassionate and kind, always feeling the other persons pain. He was an EMT and an NYPD Cadet and went voluntarily to rescue his fellow Americans, irrespective of their race, color, ethnicity or faith, and gave the ultimate sacrifice of life. He is mentioned in the Patriot Act and Commissioner Kelley awarded an NYPD sheild posthoumously.CAIR, AMC,ASNA and Citizens Committee also gave him awards for his valor and courage and bravery. He was Zeshan and Adnaans brother and his dad's best friend. Salman, Abu passed away on July 21, 2004. He just could not overcome your parting and he also left us. I spoke today for you at Columbia University, where you worked during the summer of 2000. On Friday, September 3, 2004, I will speak on your behalf at the Mosque on 96 Street in Manhattan where we had your funeral. I am also speaking at Stonybrook University at a Forum on 911 on September 8, 2004. Abu wanted me to speak on your behalf and that is what my life's mission will be: tell the world about your selfless sacrifice and try to spread love, compassion and kindness, valor, courage and selflessnes, as you did.

*** Posted by talat hamdani on 2004-09-01 ***

Salman- A brother that I never had, a friend that was more. a person who cared and went out of his way to help others. People may have forgotten you, but I have not. You are still there in my dreams, thoughts, and prayers. My heart goes to your family, for them having to lose a person like you is like losing a treasure, to lose a priceless item, or like for many like losing the twin towers. I remember when we used to go out to play sports, games, see movies, or just talking about life it and it would be so fun and educational at the same time. The chemistry that we shared as friends was awesome, we could be in the same room and with a flash of eye contact, speak a whole story and laugh at the end of it, as if we just told a story. We spent many days with our common friends and family, I am glad I still have them, and fond memories of you. You definately have made an impact, and that is what everyone wants at the end of their life, is to make a difference and an impact on people, and you certainly have done that. Til the end, when we shall meet. You meant a lot and still mean a lot to me. I don't know if these words that I write honor the person you were.
Your Brother,
Azhar Naqvi

*** Posted by Azhar on 2004-04-06 ***

we love you salman and miss you.

*** Posted by tani on 2004-03-28 ***

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