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In Tribute to Nicholas G. Massa
65 years old.   Residence: New York, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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Dear Nick,  Your Favorite Holiday is approaching!  How you Loved Thanksgiving and how I dread it this year. Yesterday, was just a killer --how I miss you!Love, Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-11-21 ***

How you would have loved this weather! This past weekend we would have def. been  playing golf--either Garden City or up North---or maybe we would have been in San Diego by now....You are with me always, sweet prince.  Much love ,Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan on 2005-11-07 ***

Dear Nick, A beautiful September weekend---thought how we would be out playing golf---Ballyoweon, Garden City or Morefar today--how close you are to me. Much love,always, Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-09-24 ***

Nick, I saw the most beautiful full moon tonight over the ocean--and wondered if you could see it wherever you are? It reminded me of walking on the beach in Puerto Rico--how long ago that was yet how it seems like yesterday. So many wonderful memories--please stay with me,Love, Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-09-17 ***

Nick, Tough day!  I Thought I would be able to go down to the site ---just couldn't do it!  I don't have to  go down there to be reminded of that horrible day---yet, I guess I shouldn't have thought of myself--just  honor to your memory---maybe next year will be easier.  Did not want to think of that day today---would rather think of you alive--and how alive you still are to me every day every moment.  Wherever you are, I will always love you, Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-09-11 ***


*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-09-10 ***

This week  will be a killer as it is the week we always  drove to Saratoga----the week Nick loved so much.  I replayed every golf course we would be playing; thought about each restaurant we  would go to after the track each day----as Nick always, said ---the Best week of the summer and yet he also dreaded it as it also meant the end of summer. Very very lonely week this week thinking about it--yet how happy Nick was when he was there.  This summer just flew by---everything is going too quickly.  I miss you so much, Nick
Love, Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan on 2005-08-21 ***

Tomorrow, July 11 is a very special day--Many memories and a very important week. Nick, if you can help me out with this week, I think I will be ok.  Much love, Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-07-10 ***

Fathers' Day Weekend---Please say a prayer for all of the Fathers who  died that horrible day but esp for Nick  as he was such a good dad and loved his sn and daughter so much and his grandchildren.

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-06-17 ***

Nick, On this Memorial Day you are so remembered!  I love you and miss you  All my love, always, Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-05-30 ***

Memorial Weekend---who better to memorialize? Nick, you are so close to me yet so very far.We would be planning our get away weekend---golf and the track.  I don't want to do either without you-I am so lost without you.  How many lives you effected in such a positive way! You were so good at work---everyone loved you from the mail guys to the clients--do you realize now how loved you were?  I hope you see all and finally know how much you are still loved.  Stay with me, sweet prince, Love Always, Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-05-24 ***

Opening Day at Monmouth today---the start of another Summer! I could not go to Monmouth--somehow this year has been more difficult than last. The way you couldn't Wait to get there----studying the "Form"--running out to the next  box and screaming "yeeeeeeeees" when your grey horses came in first---such wondeful memories.  It seems like yesterday--- I know what you would be wearing, how you would be "studying" --and how much you woukd have loved today---win or lose.  I will try to get down there to hang up your picture---to leave a note to all who go to the box this season, to remember  and toast you---I love you, Nick Always and All ways, Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-05-14 ***

Dear Nick, It is getting  harder instead  of easier. Another May--opening of Monmouth---I don't think I can  open the box without you--memories are too painful to still go there. It seems as if this Spring is harder than last year. Wherever you are---please don't roll your eyes!  All my love, always, Patrice

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-07 ***

Dear Nick,  Today it is so real and I miss you so very much it aches! I know exactly what we would be doing this weekend--how incomplete the world is without you! I saw your Ava today and had to smile---I hope she is with you.  Please watch over Donna and the kids as they travel -I know you love them so very much--please continue to take care of everything--you Always did.  A sign would help, babe!  All my love--always, Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-04-15 ***

Dear Nick,
  First signs of Spring---I can't believe it is now 4 years---4 Spring-times that you have not been here!!! (My brain has just been in a time-warp).  Today you would have been out playing golf--coming home with the first sunburn of the season and first golf-tale --how well or badly you played!  No matter how badly, you would be smiling and laughing--re-living every hole. You would tell me how you couldn't Wait to get out there and play again.  What a happy baby you were! I miss you, Nick, but somehow I feel as if you are still here with me--I love you so much, Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-04-06 ***

Oh, Nick! It was only last month I thought I would get another call --and when it came it just blew me away! I feel as if I have been gutted again---so many emotions--so much harder than I thought possible--it makes it all real once more--yet this time it is final as they won't be calling again. Oh Nick, Your body is so broken yet you are so alive to me--still so beautiful.  I love you so much, Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-03-24 ***

Nick, Our last St Patrick's Day was  celebrated in Sydney, Australia! Today I feel as if I am awakening out of a dream---seems as if  Sydney  just happened!  The fun we had on St Patrick's day  with all of the Aussies singing in the streets and on the bridge---the wonderful dinner at Doyle's;  the laughing all day long and into the night.What a wonderful day and night.  My favorite memory of this day will always be our 2001 St Patrick's day.  I  hear the paraders outside my window now getting ready for the Fifth Avenue parade---how I miss you Love, Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan on 2005-03-17 ***

Dear Nick,  Watching the golf on tv this weekend--not the same as when we watched it together--I miss you so much! It is so hard to believe!!! I feel as if you are just on a long trip--it seems as if it was a week ago that we played golf together and were planning to go to San Diego. You are so close to me still. While everyone else is slipping away, you remain my only constant.  I love you so much. Please stay with me, Nick

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-03-12 ***

Nick, Today they announced the Medical Examiner is done.  Somehow I always thought I would get another call--get another piece of you--So many emotions--- strange that I just think you are with me.  I love you, sweet prince.

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-02-23 ***

Dear Nick,  Tomorrow is your birthdsy.  I often said that perhaps because you were born on Valentine's Day, there was something abut that day that made you more lovable to everyone.  What a unique gift you had!  Everyone who met you loved you--you made everyone feel so special---I don't know how many people have told me that "they  were Nick's Best friend"!  Tomorrow I dread in some ways but hopefully, everytime I see a Valentine heart I will only think how much love you gave to so many while you were here.  Happy Birthday, my love,  I  love you, Patrice

*** Posted by Patrice Regan for Nick Massa on 2005-02-13 ***

104 Total Comments

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