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In Tribute to Norberto Hernandez
42 years old.   Residence: New York, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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God bless you, Norberto, and your whole family.... It's really hard for me to imagine how you felt.... I'll pray for you, Norberto.

*** Posted by Carolin from Poland on 2008-12-02 ***

I just watched the documentary on Youtube. This is an amazing story. To his family: he's still with you. This picture shows that he was peaceful. I'm sure he loves you all so much.

We Will Never Forget 9/11.

*** Posted by Cerena on 2008-12-02 ***

May God rest his soul and help his family.

*** Posted by Angela Ortiz on 2008-11-15 ***

Dear Hernandez family,

I know how it feels to lose a family member. I just watched the video, "9/11 The Falling Man." I had to cry when I watched it. I can feel the pain under my skin and just want to tell you that Norberto was a hero. I believe that his last thought was for his family: his wife, his daughters, and the other members that he left behind. God bless you and your family.


*** Posted by Nilufar on 2008-11-15 ***

My impression: If this was Mr. Hernandez, he wanted his family to know that his pain was quick, and he didn't want his family to live wondering and waiting on some type of news or no news of where he was. He was hoping that they could be with him when he went home to the Lord. He wanted their pain and suffering to be short like his. God rest his soul, and pray for his family now and forever!

*** Posted by Joe Michael on 2008-11-14 ***

I just need you to know that don't hold it against you but hold it with you. You have my prayers from me and my family. He will always be watching over you, and I promise you that you will get to see him again. To my understanding, and I hope it doesn't offend you in any way, you don't have to see a person to tell them you love them. You just have to give them your heart and they'll give their heart. Life's too short. Make it last while you can. God bless you all.


*** Posted by Saleida N. on 2008-11-01 ***

I remember that day like it was yesterday, and I always will. I remember seeing that picture in the newspaper and imagining what those families who lost someone were going through. I couldn't even come close to imagining the amount of pain that they must feel. It wasn't until about 2 years ago that I saw that picture again. I was in one of my classes, and our teacher asked us to find an article and picture that brought back a memory and that we would always remember. I came across the picture of Norberto, and instantly I knew that this was the correct one to use for my assignment. That picture will be in my mind for as long as I live. I've visited ground zero twice, and I will continue to do so, so I can pay my respects. It's the least I can do. My deepest and most sincere prayers go out to the families who lost someone on that day, and especially to the Hernandez family. Norberto was a hero and will never be forgotten. I bet he was an amazing man, and I know his memory will live on forever. R.I.P., Norberto and all those who perished on that day.


*** Posted by jordan on 2008-10-30 ***

God bless those who gave their lives for us and the innocence that these people gave out, too. Their bravery is inspiring, and they will always be in my heart, even though I do not know them. God will watch over their families, and just know that if you need a shoulder to lean on, God is always available. God bless.

*** Posted by chyenne roan on 2008-10-24 ***

Dear Hernandez family,

I just watched a video on youtube "9/11: The Falling Man." I would just like to say to all of the Hernandez family that your father was a hero. He will always be with you. He will be watching over you always.

*** Posted by Andrew on 2008-10-23 ***

Hola. Soy mexicana, y acab de ver el documental The Falling Man y quisiera decirles que en verdad lamento mucho su perdida.

[Ed. - Hi. I'm a Mexican, and I just saw the documentary, "The Falling Man," and I'd like to tell you that I truly am sorry for your loss.]

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-21 ***

I remember being a small girl looking at a newspaper in my village and seeing the picture of Mr Hernandez. It was the most shocking thing I have ever seen. Even in his last moments, Mr Hernandez was a hero. His family should be proud of his memory. That much courage is difficult to find in anyone. My heart goes out to his daughters. Your father was a hero. His death showed the world the truth. Even after he has left this world, he will be with you forever.

Sophie, 14, England

*** Posted by Sophie on 2008-10-21 ***

His bravery stands out in the photo. My love to his kids.

*** Posted by John Curreen on 2008-10-07 ***

I am a Romanian girl. I saw a report on TV about Norberto Hernandez. It was impressive. I am sorry. This is all I can say.

*** Posted by Teodora on 2008-10-05 ***

How lucky we all were to have such a wonderful person on this earth with us.

*** Posted by scott smith on 2008-09-14 ***

God continues to bless him and his family. He blesses each and every one of the people affected by this horrible incident. We must try to seek peace within ourselves and then with each other. Dios les bendiga!

*** Posted by Helen on 2008-09-14 ***

To Norberto:

I really feel sorry with your kids. I felt the same when I was there stuck on the 4th floor of the tower. I jumped out, but I didn't die. I'm paralyzed for life. I only can use my one arm, and my hearing is affected. I wish you were here to be with your children. I love you.

*** Posted by Monet on 2008-09-13 ***

Dear Hernandez family,

My heart goes out to you. May God still guide you through this time. We have now found out it was not your loved one as the jumping man, but as being how religious as I am and your family is as well, we could find it in our hearts and so would God realize that he no other choice. We were not there to experience the horrific things he might have went through. Suicide is not an an option or an answer, but I believe if you have no other solution your loved one should have never been looked down upon. What disturbs me the most is in a matter of desperation people chose to jump, knowing their faith of that leap. That hurts me spiritually more than anything. It wasn't suicide; it was DESPERATION.

*** Posted by Jessica Smith on 2008-09-13 ***

Que Deus os Abençoe! [Ed. - May God bless.]

*** Posted by Miguel Reis on 2008-09-13 ***

I just saw the documentary, "The Falling Man," and I must tell you that my heart aches for your family and those who have lost their loved ones. He was NOT "the falling man" but an "angel" that God sent for--may his soul be resting in peace, and may God continue to bless his family and help them through this difficult time. He did a wonderful job raising his daughters--Jacqueline, I saw you on T.V. at the 9/11 ceremony and just know that all of the wonderful things in your life are a result of your DAD looking down on you. God bless you all!

Diana Altamirano (friend of Awilda, sister-in-law to Norbeto), Brooklyn

*** Posted by Diana Altamirano on 2008-09-12 ***

Estou no Brasil, cidade Porto Alegre, estado do Rio Grande do Sul. Ontem 09/11 vi o documentário sobre o tragico dia e especificamente sobre quem era a pessoa da foto caindo das torres. Nao era Norberto como se viu. Mas deixo aqui minha mensagem a Norberto e sua familia e a todos que naquele dia foram assassinados de forma tão brutal. Trabalhadores das torres do WTC, bombeiros de NY, policiais de NY, medicos e paramedicos e seus familiares. Estive no ground zero agora em junho quando visitei NY, senti um grande mal estar no local. A energia do local não é boa. Eu e minha esposa fizemos orações aos que ali perderam a vida e nos retiramos.

Tenham todos paz. E suas familias se confortem, porque eles nunca serão esquecidos.

[Ed. - I'm from the city of Porto Alegre in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul in Brazil. Yesterday 09/11 I saw a
documentary on that tragic day, and specifically on who the person in the photo falling from the towers was. It was not Norberto, as could be seen. But I leave my message here to Norberto, to his family, and to all those who were murdered so brutally on that day: the workers in the towers of the WTC, NY firemen, NY policemen, doctors, and paramedics and their family members. I was at ground zero in June when I visited NY, and I felt a great evil to be in that place. The energy of the place is not good. My wife and I prayed for those who lost their lives there and we left. May you all have peace. May your families be comforted because they will never be forgotten.]

*** Posted by Hélio P Mazeron filho on 2008-09-12 ***

368 Total Comments

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