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In Tribute to Orio Joseph Palmer
45 years old.   Residence: Valley Stream, N.Y.
Died in World Trade Center

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God keep you safe might brave man. You will never be forgotten. RIP XX

*** Posted by Allison Howells on 2011-08-26 ***

God bless you Orio, you are an inspiration to us all. Your heroism and selflessness are a stark contrast to the tragic and incomprehensible events of that day.

*** Posted by D C on 2011-07-01 ***

God bless you, Orio Palmer. You're a true hero to give your life so selflessly to save the lives of others! Your family must be so proud of you. I know that I am, and I didn't even know you. R.I.P, bud. xx

*** Posted by Stephanie on 2011-01-05 ***

My wife and I visited NY in 2004, and as a volunteer firefighter, I thought it was important to visit both ground zero and the fire museum. But it wasn't until I heard the recording of Orio on TV the other night that it really brought home what the true heroes of 9-11 went through that day, and to the 343 firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice that day, we will remember you always.

*** Posted by Andrew on 2010-09-19 ***


We're from Sydney, Australia, and I watched the show with my 12-year-old son. Orio was so professional as he provided important information to his base. So many experienced fire fighters were lost! They will be sadly missed, but never forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and colleagues.

*** Posted by Kathy on 2010-09-16 ***

Of all the stories from September 11th, 2001, chief Orio's is the most touching for me. Even though many were lost that day, the thought of firemen reaching the impact zone and bringing the people stuck there some hope and the knowledge of a way out gives me an overwhelming feeling of inspiration and pride in the self-sacrificing pursuit of helping others shown by the FDNY, other emergency services, and especially Chief Palmer. May god bless them all, whoever their god may be, and thank you for your contribution and ultimate sacrifice. You were there for others when it mattered the most.

Keeping these heroic stories going will always give a message to the world, more powerful than any actions of war or retaliation, that we will not be defeated by fear and that good will always defeat evil. R.I.P., Chief Orio Palmer. Your spirit lives on, and you will not be forgotten, but remembered for being the hero that you are.

*** Posted by Danny on 2010-09-13 ***

I heard about Orio while watching "102 minutes that changed America." He is not forgotten. God bless.

*** Posted by Andrew Leonardi on 2010-09-12 ***

Orio Joseph Palmer, one of God's greatest gift's.

*** Posted by Patricia on 2010-09-12 ***

From the Netherlands, my sincere prayers for all the victims of this gruesome act. Today all around the world we will remember the heroes of 9/11.

Dear Mr Palmer, your voice will always be heard, and I will always remember your sacrifice.

Hillena from the Netherlands

*** Posted by Hillena Pietersma on 2010-09-11 ***

This man is a hero... thoughts and prayers to Orio's family

*** Posted by Deborah on 2010-09-11 ***

Watching a special about 9/11/01 and I got chills listening to FF Orio Palmer in contact via his radio with his fellow firefighters on the ground as he was on the 78th floor in the South Tower moments before it collapsed! Today, I heard a family member reading names and speak of him at the memorial and I'm in awe of the heroism of this man...
A true American hero, who literally died while trying to save others and maintained a calm manner during the whole thing... What a true inspiration!

*** Posted by Elizabeth on 2010-09-11 ***

It is now Sept 11 2010. Even now, 9 years after the terrible attacks on the World Trade Center, watching the memorial footage on UK TV, the memories of that dreadful day are so raw it is hard to believe so much time has passed. The courage and determination of Police and Firefighters like Orio Palmer to help fellow human beings trapped in such tragic circumstances are all consuming. Orio's family and friends must feel so privileged to have known such a man. What would this ever-changing world be without men and women like Orio who are ready to lay down their lives for others.

*** Posted by dawn campbell on 2010-09-11 ***

It's been 9 years, but we still hold you and your family in our thoughts... I wear your bracelet proudly on this day; we all grew up in the Woodlawn area of the Bronx, and I can still in my memory see you strutting down Martha and Vireo Aves in a white t-shirt and Levis!... I remember seeing you at "French Charlies", along with many of us neighborhood kids of the time... Be assured that you and your family will never be far from our thoughts; we are forever indebted to you for your bravery.

*** Posted by Woodlawn forever on 2010-09-11 ***

I just watched "The Voices of 9-11." I was particularly struck by Orio's heroism and selfless attitude. The man had a job to do and died doing his very best. To Orio's family: Although the man has passed away, he lives inside all of us, and just hearing his story makes me want to be a better person.

*** Posted by Jim ONeill on 2010-04-02 ***

Orio's name has sat firmly in my thoughts, as I remember the heroes who put their lives forward to save others.

Words fail me to express my sympathy to all the families that suffered that day and forever. You must all stay strong and continue to love the one you lost, every white feather that crosses your path ... is from your angel's wings to remind you that they are always there looking over you.

May god now love and protect the families left behind. xxxx

*** Posted by Natalie Parker Lewis (United Kingdom) on 2010-03-25 ***

---Message from Malaysia---

What more can I say that others have not already done? You are a true hero. I will honour your sacrifice to your fellow human beings by being a better person, and I will teach my son to be a good person. R.I.P.

*** Posted by Justin Wong on 2010-02-22 ***

Chief Orio Palmer,

You and your men will never be forgotten. Thank you so much.

*** Posted by Joyce Bell on 2009-12-19 ***


I just wanted to say, what an impact you have had on my life! You were such a great person and so much fun to be around! I was always so proud to babysit your beautiful children. I didn't see your wife and kids much after 9-11 because I just couldn't find the right words. But there is not a day that goes by that I do not say a prayer for you and your family. At the time it seemed like it was months before 9-11 that I saw you, when it had really just been weeks, and I showed up at your house asking if you wanted a kitten. You just laughed and said, "I don't think so, but thanks!" You asked me to sit and have a slice of pizza with you and your wife. I made some lame excuse why I couldn't stay. And looking back you have no idea how much I wish I had stayed and had a slice of pizza and listened to some of your crazy stories! You are missed more than you could ever know. I just wanted to thank you for being a role model for me and a hero for our country. I am honored to be one of the lucky ones to have had you in my life, if even for just a short time.

*** Posted by Margaret (Maggie) Eaton on 2009-12-17 ***


I do not know you personally, but I feel like I do. I have heard so much about you and your bravery during the tragedy that took place on 9/11. I want you to know, as well as your family, that you will always be in my heart and never forgotten. It is people like you, Orio, who make this world go around. You put your life at risk to save others. I wish I could be as brave and as a good a person as you were. Please R.I.P. xXx

*** Posted by Roisin Weaver (age 11) on 2009-11-03 ***

Firechief Orio Palmer's behaviour on 9/11 restores one's faith in human nature. One can only imagine the horror and chaos surrounding him on the 78th floor. I can only say that he behaved like a man and did his duty. Which of us millions alive now can make that proud boast without fear of contradiction? Orio Palmer's family can claim that honour for him.

*** Posted by Con on 2009-10-24 ***

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