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In Tribute to Patrick Quigley
40 years old.   Residence: of Wellesley, Mass.
Passenger of Flight 175

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Dear Sweet Pat. You have so many friends from Willingboro who are miss you so much. Its truly amazing to listen to all the memories they have of growing up with you. Prayers to you and your family till we all meet again in that Beautiful Place above.

*** Posted by Sylvia Stringfellow-Mashaw on 2011-09-11 ***

All of us at Bank One got to know Pat through Patti. It was obvious that they were very much in love and on the move in their careers. I know that I speak for all of my Bank One colleagues when I say how much we are inspired to know that Pat and Patti are true American heroes. Our hearts go out to Patti and the family on this day of reflection and remembrance.
God Bless
Lou Vitale

*** Posted by Lou Vitale on 2011-09-11 ***

Pat shared a house with my brothers and I at the shore in NJ - Sea Isle. We spent several summers together, and had many great times! Pat actually became part of our family during those summers! We drank a lot of beer, but had so many good times - fun times...the Kilaney Brothers, our storys to the girls about joining the Peace Corps, playing the neighbor girls in Pictionary and cheating every game, so many memories. Pat had a great sense of humor, the girls all loved him, he was a great guy and a true friend! To his wife Patty and his children, his sister Ruth, I think if you often. Pat we miss you and you will always be remembered!

Greg Smith and brothers Mike, Jeff, Chris and Dan

*** Posted by Greg Smith on 2011-09-11 ***

To the Quigley Family,
My sincere condolences on this anniversary date of 911. Coming from the same hometown and graduating the same year I feel some connection. My god give you and the family the strength needed to always get you the tough times. May you always feel the arms of his friends embrace you at your weakest times.

Classmate 1978

*** Posted by Christine Byrd on 2011-09-11 ***

We never met Patrick but in 2004, had the pleasure of meeting Patti and Rachel on a vacation in Tanzania. We were 5 families who came together to discover, with our children, the beauty of that amazing country. The group bonded imediately, as if we were old friends who had arranged a holiday together. So much so that the children decided to travel together in one jeep whith the adults in another! Rachel was 8 at the time while our boys were 7 and 9. During a stopover on Amsterdam on our way home, we explored the city with Patti and Rachel.
We often think of Patti, Rachel and Leah, who was too young to travel at the time, and today, on the 10th anniversary of that terrible day, we proudly fly an American flag outside our home in Toronto. We do so in memory of Patrick and everyone else who was touched by the horror that took place.
God bless you, Patti, Rachel and Leah. We think of you often. With much love, Gina, Stewart, Andrew and Graham Burton

*** Posted by Gina, Stewart, Andrew and Graham Burton on 2011-09-11 ***

After all these years, Pat remains in our hearts. His family will always be in my prayers. May God Bless you all.

*** Posted by Vikram Malani on 2011-09-11 ***

I met Pat at PW (later PWC). He was professional, caring, and extremely well liked. His death on 9/11 compounded an already horrific day. When the date of Sept. 11 approaches each year, I remember him and pray for his family.

*** Posted by Joyce on 2011-09-10 ***

Thoughts and prayers with Patti and your family.

*** Posted by Greg Green on 2011-09-10 ***

Thinking of Pat and his family as we near 10 years since the devastation of 9/11. Those of us at PwC were fortunate to have worked with him. I am proud that IBM continues to honor him with an award in his name - that is given to someone with outstanding character and contribution to the community. His family is a tribute to him.

*** Posted by Louise on 2011-09-09 ***

Pat Quigley
On 9/11/01 that was tragic to everyone and when looking through the paper and seeing someone you know...it makes it so much harder...I remember Pat at this time of year always...Met him in Sea Isle City, was his next door neighbor for a few summers and became friends with Pat and the Smith Brothers, we had so much fun with them...Pat was such a great guy and such a gentleman to my friends and I. I can still remember him and Greg waking my friend Gina and I up when they got home from the Springfield and talking to us through the window....Pat had such a great personality too and such charisma. Will always remember him.
My heartfelt sympathy to all of his family.

Lisa (Virgilio) Wingerter

*** Posted by Lisa (Virgilio)Wingerter on 2011-09-09 ***

Dear Pat and the Quigley family. I was a JFK classmate 1978 and just wanted to say I was thinking of Pat and his family coming up on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I remember that Pat was liked by everyone, was smart and a good athlete. I am sure he was a great husband and father as well. My thoughts and prayers are with his immediate and extended family.

Dan Lewbart, JFK 1978

*** Posted by Dan Lewbart on 2011-09-09 ***

To Pat and his family,    9-9-2011 (10 yr anniv)
Every year that passes Pat is remembered. May the Patrioism of our country stay strong so that we continue to fight for those who lost their lives. Colleen H.

*** Posted by Colleen Hurley-Huseby on 2011-09-09 ***

Just like every year for the past 10 years, I think of Pat more often around this time. By luck I found this website and am happy that I can share my thoughts with others that also still remember. I met Pat may years ago when we became summer neighbors renting shore houses next to each other in Sea Isle City, NJ.  During those summers we shared some great times with my friends, and Pat and the Smith Brothers. The thing I remember most about him was his great smile.  Although it had been many years since we had been in touch, my heart broke when I heard the news that Pat had died on 9/11.  To Patti, his children and all of his family my thoughts and prayers are with you now and always.

*** Posted by Gina Fasolini on 2011-09-08 ***

I had the pleasure of being Patrick's next door neighbor when I was a child. I became fast friends with his sister Ruth and had a mad crush on his brother John. His mother and father were truly wonderful people. Though I didn't know Pat in his adult life, I can understand how he became the exceptional man that he apparently did. We have all been blessed to have known him either as a child or as an adult. I am sure he is missed by many every day.

*** Posted by Mary (Berthold) Dionne on 2010-09-14 ***

I was in Pat's graduating class at JFK High School in 1978, along with his sister, Ruth. They were very close to each other. They lived down the street from me while we were in high school. I remember how much of a class act Pat was. He was always very kind and a gentleman. I never heard him say a cross word to anyone. My brother and I are extremely close to each other, and I can't imagine what Ruth must have gone through, as well as his widow, children, and family, on learning of his fate.

Yesterday I listened to the names being read at Ground Zero on CNN, and I waited to hear Pat's name. I believe he is at peace and knows how much he is loved. The fact that after 32 years since graduation and since meeting Pat or Ruth, I still cry when I think of what a wonderful guy died that day. But only his body died. His spirit still lives on. May peace be with you, Pat, and your family.

*** Posted by Judy Leinweber on 2010-09-12 ***

After 9/11, the priest at the local church had a list of all the victims. We each picked a name, we made a promise to keep their families in our prayers. It is 9 years later and I think of Patrick daily, a man I never met and will never forget.

*** Posted by Tara Gallagher on 2010-09-11 ***

It was a pleasure to have known Patrick and worked with him. I will remember him always. The events of that day have a personal face on them for me.

*** Posted by Floyd Parks on 2010-09-11 ***

I only met Patrick once, when he and his family (just Patti and Rachael at the time) were living in Chicago. I had the pleasure of babysitting Rachael a few times, including the night Patrick was to celebrate a substantial promotion. He welcomed me into their home and immediately made me part of their happy time, and taking a real interest in who I was. Upon their return, Pat and Patti even convinced their limo driver to take me home. I was blown away by how laid back and warm this man was, and appreciated that a family that was "on the rise" was so wonderful to all those I saw them interact with. This was ten years ago, soon before they moved to the east coast. Fast forward a few years when I saw Patti and Rachael on CNN, talking about their experience losing Pat. Even then the news of his loss was hard to take. I hope the family is happy and healthy on this difficult anniversary, and know that Pat is still remembered by even those who knew him for even a few brief moment.

*** Posted by Dave Foley on 2010-09-11 ***

I consider it as a privilege to have known and worked for Pat at PwC. Nine years ago this day we were looking forward to seeing him in Los Angeles. But fate took him away from us.
His memories lives on and my prayers go out to his wife Patti and kids.
Will always remember the fun times we had with him at the umpteen dinners and the wonderful time at West BU Data Warehouse meeting in Sonoma.
Rest in peace Pat and know you made a difference in lives of everyone you met!

*** Posted by Vikram Malani on 2010-09-11 ***

I'm not related to Patrick, but have a brother with the same name. If my little brother ever died, I would have no idea what to do with my life. I wanted to say to any siblings, parents, relatives, or close friends that I'm very sorry about your loss. I send you my sympathy and am very sorry.

*** Posted by Michelle Quigley on 2010-04-19 ***

45 Total Comments

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