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In Tribute to Pendyala Vamsikrishna
30 years old.   Residence: Los Angeles, Calif.
Passenger of Flight 11

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My heart is fully filled with grief today for the loss of many lives

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2012-09-11 ***

My Husband and his cloase freind took his parents to grouns zero, their greif cannot be explanined

*** Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-12 ***

I am deeply saddened with the Loss of this Young India Couple Vamsi and Prasanna. I cried a lot for u guys after seeing this news somewhere online. God bless u

*** Posted by Prashanth R Palvai on 2011-09-11 ***

Vamsi was my fellow student at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. I remember him as a God fearing individual with a pleasing personality and as somebody who was very focussed on his academics. It is extremely tragic that fate took him and his better half away from us.

My thoughts are with his family on his 10th death anniversary. RIP!

*** Posted by Prakash Raman on 2011-09-09 ***

I was 17 years old and was studying in India and this news really hurted me a lot and till this day, I did not forget this beautiful couple lost their lives in the evil attack.
My sincere prayers that the soul of this couple rest in peace.

*** Posted by Uma on 2011-08-25 ***

Vamsi and I went to school together in India. In fact in a way he was responsible for me to research on all my other classmates. I typed his name on google and to my horror found that he was martyred in Sept 11. I also then read that his wife committed suicide later. This is so tragic. May both their souls rest in peace.RIP!

*** Posted by Sachin on 2011-07-25 ***

I have to do research on this couple and 9/11. I chose this couple because they stood out for me. He seemed like a well-raised man, and his wife seemed like a precious young lady. My condolences go out to the family. Well done on raising a very nice gentleman.

*** Posted by tanner on 2011-02-01 ***

Vamsi and I worked at the same consulting organization in Fremont, CA. We shared the same office when we were on the "beach" and had many interesting discussions. I remember his ever-smiling face and the cheerful spirit he had, despite the fact that he was away for extended periods from his wife Prasanna, who was enrolled in a dental school. He would proudly talk about her tests and travails at school and their plans to have kids and settle down in Irvine after she was done with her dental degree. On that fateful day, while Ashish and Vamsi were in Boston, I was in Buffalo, NY at another client site. It was heart-wrenching when I heard from Shrikant Patankar, the possibility that Ashish and Vamsi were probably on the flights from Boston to LAX. I was able to track Ashish down in Chicago at a hotel after the grounding following the attacks, while calls to Vamsi's cell would go to his voice-mail—I probably called him a few dozen times, and it suddenly was difficult to believe that gut-wrenching void, and a tragic reality! Just as Joe mentioned above, from my frequent calls to Prasanna (I never saw her) to keep her cheerful, I was under the impression that she would be able to weather this incalculable tragedy—she seemed determined to finish school and was ever so proud of Vamsi whenever his name was brought up. But alas, they were meant to be together—wherever they are! May god bless them both, Prasanna and Vamsi! We all lost two gifted and wonderful friends who cherished each other's company!

*** Posted by Madhavan Varadarajan on 2010-01-26 ***

I worked with Vamsi in Orange County, California when I was with JDEdwards on a project with DTI. Vamsi and I worked closely together on projects, and I will always remember his graceful happy attitude and the ring in his voice as he gladly, proudly pronounced his full name with a smile: "Pendyala." We were both young, hard-working folks that spent time away from our loved ones. We filled our time with conversations about our backgrounds and family. Vamsi to me was the embodiment of graciousness and hard-working individuals who work tirelessly and thanklessly on technical projects.

He showed me the photos from India when he and Prasanna were married, and they were so beautiful. My condolences to his parents who raised such a wonderful, thoughtful man.

*** Posted by Tracy Rowan-Hogue on 2009-11-02 ***

I didn't know this couple personally, but my heart goes out to the family and friends of this awful tragedy. You are all in my prayers. Hopefully, this couple is comforting each other together.

*** Posted by Teresa Rodgers on 2009-09-12 ***

A very good friend of school days, Vamsi was very well known for the peaceful smile on his face. Brilliant in academics, he was loved by many. It is such a tragic loss for us (his classmates). The irony is that we had to lose this peace-loving person to a barbaric act of terrorism. But it was the loss of Vamsi that brought about nine of us together now after many years. I am sure Vamsi would love to be seeing this. May Vamsi's and Prasanna's souls rest in peace.

*** Posted by Jayashree on 2008-05-28 ***

It was so saddening for the lives of these young and newly married couple to end so abruptly. What have they done to deserve this? Vamsi and Prasanna were made for each other. May God bless their souls.

*** Posted by Sushmita Rao on 2006-11-05 ***

My prayers to vamsi and prasanna be together for ever.

*** Posted by Venkat Rayudu Pendyala on 2006-09-20 ***

My sincere prayers that the souls of Vamsi and Prasanna rest in peace and they be together for ever....

*** Posted by Deepthi Yaddanapudi on 2006-09-14 ***

In Vamsi's memory, five years later:

One of the most chilling memories for me, after learning the basic details on 9/11, was walking into the DTI offices that morning. Irene, the company's lead administrator, told me as I walked in the door, "Joe, we think Vamsi and Ashish were both on Flight 11."

I recall that being such a surreal moment, all I could do was continue walking, without comment and in shock, to my office to deal with the news. In a California-based company of only about 150 people, who could imagine we could be directly affected by events in New York and D.C.? All of the country was in sufficient shock that morning, but that was too hard to imagine at that moment.

As it turned out, Ashish was able to get on an alternate flight to San Jose at the last moment, and he said goodbye to Vamsi at the gate. Since on the day before, the flight to San Jose had been booked full, he had been planning to take the flight to LA, then connect to San Jose. His jet was diverted mid-flight, but being able to get aboard saved his life.

As the day wore on, we were able to confirm Vamsi's death and Ashish's survival.

Vamsi left behind a wife, Prasanna, who was a USC dental student. Both his family and her family flew to the US from India for his burial ceremony. Tragically, shortly after they returned home, Prasanna, left alone, took her own life. It shocked everyone who knew her and Vamsi, since she had given the impression that she was dealing with his loss and was committed to finishing school.

Vamsi was a talented technical software developer and project manager and a very valuable team member at DTI. His contribution was left void, his life was missed. His loss touches everyone who knew him. The additional tragedy of Prasanna's life's end placed sadness upon sadness.

*** Posted by Joe M. Chiaramonte on 2006-09-11 ***

15 Total Comments

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