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In Tribute to Rhonda Rasmussen
44 years old.   Residence: Woodbridge, Va.
Died in Pentagon

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I've thought of Rhonda often over the years. She was a big part of my life in junior high and high school and was a bridesmaid in my wedding. We had a lot of fun together. I know what a special person she was and feel blessed to have had a friendship with her. I know her family will always feel the loss but perhaps now they will find a little peace.

*** Posted by Uldine Richards Bryson on 2011-05-03 ***

Today I'm thinking of you Rhonda.  May you and your loved ones have peace. <3

*** Posted by Patricia Price on 2011-05-02 ***


I was just thinking of you as another anniversary has gone by. While were weren't in Mannheim long, before you all moved, I really enjoyed being your visiting teacher. We have been to your memorial at the Pentagon, and now we are back in Germany. You are not forgotten! I have no doubt your beautiful smile is lighting up heaven.

*** Posted by Emily Garlock on 2010-09-13 ***


Today I am thinking of you and Floyd and the kids. I am remembering watching Airwolf on AFN in Germany with pizza and spagetti! I am laughing at the jokes you always told and that great laugh that was always better than the goofy pun! LOL I loved your laugh and your awesome red hair! I am watching over Bekki the best I can. She is a wonderful young woman and gives thanks to you for your diligence and example as a mother. I don't see the boys that often, but you would also be proud of the men they have become. I miss you, my sister-by-choice.... I really miss you and look forward to the day we will be together again.

*** Posted by Michelle (Earnhart) Wernau on 2010-02-26 ***

Rhonda was a neighbor and fellow church member while we lived in Virginia. Becky is the same age as my daughter, and we used to babysit her and TJ, so I especially think of them on this day. From my family to yours, we remember the Rasmussen family on this day and pray that the intervening years have brought hope, happiness, healing, and a measure of comfort. Life is eternal.

*** Posted by Susan Paulson on 2009-09-11 ***

Floyd - if you read this know that my thoughts are with you today and have been every 9/11 for the past 7 years. Today as they dedicate the Pentagon memorial, my thoughts have been even more with you and your family. I remember Rhonda as always happy and smiling - you can even hear her smile over the phone. I know time heals, but I'm sure your loss is with you daily. Know I'm thinking of your. mfholte@cox.net

*** Posted by Mary Holte on 2008-09-11 ***

Dear family,
Just want you all to know that we are thinking of you today. We miss Aunt Rhonda, and the family get-togethers at Grandmas so much. Hope that you are all well and finding happiness.
Love, Sheri and family

*** Posted by Sheri Ridge Holland on 2008-09-11 ***

Dear Floyd,

Our prayers are with you daily. I was your FHT in the Mannheim ward in Germany just prior to your departure from the country. I have visited your home and received many blessing for doing so. Rhonda and you always made me feel at home. I wanted to express our beloved passion for you and your family, as time pushes us forward. We are grateful to have witnessed the examples that you and Rhonda set in your home. Rhonda was a inspiration to us all; she is truly a Child of God!

dale (dot) l (dot) saucer (at) us (dot) army (dot) mil

*** Posted by Dale and Stephanie Saucer on 2008-09-10 ***

I worked with Rhonda's husband at 2nd Coscom at Neligan, Germany in 1990. I remember Rhonda always smiling and laughing. I was so excited when Becky joined Job's Daughters. I have lost contact with Floyd since his move to California. I'm still residing in VA. With 9/11 approaching, I always think of the Rasmussen family.

*** Posted by Dee Boze on 2008-09-07 ***

I would like to get in contact with our friends who have written about my wife on your site and have wondered where I can. I would like to say thank you for making this web site to honor her. Please tell me how to go about doing this. You may email me or phone me. 360-859-3209 or brendarasmussen03@yahoo.com

Floyd Rasmussen

*** Posted by Floyd Rasmussen on 2008-03-30 ***

I never met her, but I will always remember her. At the time of 9/11 I worked for an information technology company. I processed the "do not mail/contact list" the day after 9/11 for my company. As I was proofreading, I noticed Woodbridge, VA, which is where my stepson lives. I scanned to the right to see the name and saw my own. Already grief-stricken like the rest of America, that really hit home. It made me realize how easily that could have been me or someone I knew. Of course the tears came again. I will never forget Rhonda and the many others that died that horrible day.

*** Posted by Rhonda Rasmussen on 2007-12-18 ***

My husband, Salvy Guidi, worked with her, and she signed his retirement card when he retired in 1993. He spoke of her a number of times and liked her. He can't write, as he passed away five years ago, but he was very upset when he saw the casualty lists after 9-11.

Mrs. Salvy Guidi

*** Posted by Virginia Guidi on 2007-09-10 ***

I had Rhonda and Floyd on my mind today, and I don't know why. If any of the family can get me in touch with Floyd, I would appreciate knowing where he is living now. We have relocated to California and would love to hear from him.

*** Posted by Sandy Olsen (from Frankfurt 5th Corps) on 2007-06-04 ***

We'll always remember.

*** Posted by Judi Frazier on 2006-09-12 ***

I spent quite a bit of time thinking of Rhonda today.... what a truly wonderful woman; I miss her very much and my heart goes out to her family.

*** Posted by gretchen emery on 2006-09-11 ***

grandma.... I miss you so much and I love you

i sit here at work crying

love you

*** Posted by mike rasmussen jr on 2006-08-08 ***

I was friends with Mrs. Rasmussen's kids, Bekki and T.J.  I went to high school with both of them, and played on the same sports team as T.J.  Mrs. Rasmussen was always at all of our meets, cheering us on.  She was a very warm person and it is very saddening that she is gone.

*** Posted by Chelsea Kluge on 2006-05-30 ***

I had the pleasure of working with Rhonda in Mannheim, Germany with the U.S. Army.  She was wonderful, funny red-head, that always had a smile on her face.  I knew her  family, her husband Floyd, daughter Becky and two boysof which she simply adored. She had an "infectious" personality  and in that short time that I new her, she changed the very world in which she lived and worked.  There is a funny, big-hearted red-head up in heaven waiting to see her family and friends again!!!  May the peace of the Lord be with you until we meet again!!!

*** Posted by Dan Gatlin on 2005-09-12 ***

The nation shares in the loss of a great person, keep your family safe from that beautiful place in heaven.

*** Posted by janet on 2005-01-24 ***

19 Total Comments

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